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The RoM 2014 World Cup preview

WC Cover

Following the huge success of the RoM 2013-2014 season review, raising over £1500 for charity, another downloadable PDF is on offer for Manchester United fans.

With a minimum payment of £4 required, you will be presented with close to 30 pages of United related content, focussing on our players who will be featuring in the World Cup this summer.

Football writers with expertise in the countries our players represent have written detailed articles looking at what role our players have for their nation’s teams. Looking at the history of their international careers, as well as how they are rated by fans from their country, you will get a view of our players that you probably haven’t seen before.

Why does Roy Hodgson love Chris Smalling? What do the French think of Patrice Evra? What chant inspired the Mexican team? Why is Nani rated so highly in the Portuguese team? What can Mata add to the Spanish side and will he get a game? What chances do Japan have of progressing with Kagawa and Honda leading the way? Why is Rooney even more special than England fans realise? What’s Valencia’s nickname in Ecuador? Why didn’t Rafael stand a chance of getting in Brazil’s squad? What role should Januzaj and Fellaini expect to play for Belgium?

Several top journalists have taken part, such as Sid Lowe (The Guardian), Sam Wallace (The Independent), Martin Lipton (The Mirror), Dominic Fifield (The Guardian) and Graham Hunter (Sky Sports, ESPN, BBC).

Paulo Freitas – Sky Sports correspondent and Brazil’s Head Researcher for Football Manager. @cynegeticus
Spain – Juan Mata and David de Gea
Tom Parfitt has written about football for The Independent, FourFourTwo, When Saturday Comes and World Soccer. @tparf
Richard Martin is based in Barcelona and writes primarily for the Press Association and The Telegraph. @rich9908
England – Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling
Sam Peoples runs The Peoples Person, an independent Manchester United site covering all the latest news and gossip. @peoplesperson
Ecuador – Antonio Valencia
Nick Dorrington is a freelance football writer who specializes in football in South America. His articles have been published by ESPN, The Score, When Saturday Comes and XI Quarterly. @chewingthecoca
France – Patrice Evra
Tom Coast is a regular contributor and France specialist for Sport Witness and writes about Manchester United at CanTheyScore. @sardinetrawler
Mexico – Javier Hernandez
Tom Marshall is a Mexico-based journalist covering the Liga MX and Mexico national team for ESPN FC and @mexicoworldcup
Joel Aceves and Wiso Vazquez cover the Mexican National team for and form part of the Mexican Soccer Show Video podcast. @joelacevez @wisovazquez
Cesar Hernandez writes about the Mexican national team and the Liga MX at ESPN FC and The Big Verde. @cesarh1030
Portugal – Nani
Tom Kundert lives in Lisbon and is the creator and editor-in-chief of and co-author of the book “A Journey Through Portuguese Football”. He writes for World Soccer Magazine, FourFourTwo and The Mirror. @portu_goal
Jan Fredrik Hagen writes for Sport Witness and has contributed to the official FIFA World Cup magazines. @portuball
Belgium – Adnan Januzaj and Marouane Fellaini
Didrik Ottesen is a Norwegian freelance journalist and football analyst covering Belgium for the London based statistical modelling and analysis company Football Radar. He has written for The Telegraph, FourFourTwo, Bleacher Report, FIFA’s Official World Cup Magazine and others. @didrikottesen
Bjorn De Cock is the co-founder of and has a passion for writing about Belgian football. @thebelgpatriot
Holland – Robin van Persie
Michiel Jongsma is one of the editors of, a blog specialized in Dutch and Belgian football. He has contributed to Just Football and The Sabotage Times among others and has appeared on Football Weekly. @jongsmajongsma
Japan – Shinji Kagawa
Greg Double is a lifelong Reading fan who works in Sports PR. He has written for, Sabotage Times, Topman Magazine and The Tilehurst End. @dubstep1988
Dave Brooks contributes to the blog @fortressnozuta

WC collage1

About Scott

Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Xyth X says:

    United >> England or any other country!

  2. Fletch™ says:

    ROM Pay per view is it? P*ss off! AGAIN @&$??? $$*@?!?! etc

  3. Fletch™ says:

    Andy Mitten: “Hummels is who Manchester United feels they are closest to signing”

    Proper CB is Hummels. We’ll see.
    Worrying the Mitten doesn’t have Luke Shaw in 1st spot? Naaaahhh! :roll:

  4. Tommy says:

    Im looking forward to readin this,


    Judging by the way Jones and Smallng played tonight then we can do with a coupld of cenre halfs, I prefer Garey self, I am a hugh fan of his.

  5. Eric Nesh says:

    Anyone else worried by our lack of signings to date….thot we atleast would have a Toni kroos and luke shaw before the world cup! woodward good work getting the manager but thats not enough!

  6. United24 says:

    I cant be bothered by this World Cup. For a team that needs a minimum of 4 world class players, our lack of any movement is very worrying. I know it’s blasphemy but a part of me wishes David Moyes was in charge at least temporarily….at least we will be following up on our interests in fab regard and Kroos. It’s going to be a very long and stressful summer for me.

  7. SebaLaBrujita says:

    On our lack of signings thus far. Totally agreed, very worrying and we’re acting like an insignificant provincial club. That the chavs are now seen as a more desirable destination for a lot of oversees top talent is a fucking joke. We’ve taken our eye off the proverbial for far too long thinking that our name alone ensures we will remain at the top of the game, domestically and internationally able to attract players on the cheap every fucking time. WRONG. Our situation is going to get a lot worse and we need to prepare for life in the wilderness.

    We fucked about and floundered all of last summer trying to woo Fabregas. We’re barely into June and Chelsea appear to have clinched his signature. All this talk of us being the a massive club is making us look like complete nobs. We need to redraw our aspirations and the level of player to match the level of ambition and intent this club has been showing for a number of season now.

    Face it, we’re in the shit….

  8. kingshadieofafrica says:

    Finally, i am able to make comments on this blog. i hav been following u guys for about a year now but haven’t been able to go crack the facebook/twitter/google thing on this blog. turns out all i had to do was to try a different browser. anyway, its gud to be here.

    my opinion on everything related to man united are as follows:

    -i believe there timing of fergie’s retirement was wrong to be polite. though i will be forever grateful for the service he rendered to the club, i still think he should have stay one more year and overseen the sale of rooney, vidic and rio, the promotion of phil jone and chris smalling to regular center backs along with evans, the signing of another winger who am pretty sure fergie would have brought in last summer, as a replacement for rooney and nani. anyhoo thats old story.

    - i believe the appointment of david moyes was the right one at the time, he had my full support at the time, all he had to do was to win the loyalty of the players but he failed miserably there by talking them down before the season even started. at the end of the day he is still a very gud coach who just failed at man united.

    -the appointment of his own backroom staff by david moyes had nothing to do with his failure, that is a very flawed arguement.

    -rooney should never have played for man united last season

    -the signing of mata for me would remain one of football biggest mystery. who brokered the deal, who was the third party, was moyes involved, was woody involved, and most importantly what on earth was mourinho smoking at the time.

    - moyes should have been sacked the morning after we got knocked out of the league cup by sunderland, not because we lost on penalties but because we could not score atleast two goals in ninety minutes. the team scored one and seemed happy to drag the match into extra time. that match epitomised everything about david moyes’ regime. unimaginative, unambitious, lethargic, and so on.

    - cleverly should not be sold but loaned out if he wont be happy with the amount of football he will get under LVG cos midfielders are coming in for sure, it a matter of when. one or two might flop and if in that time cleverly discover his mojo somewhere else, he would be most welcome to return and we wont spend a dime replacing another flop.

    -welbeck will get regular playing time in his fovoured CF position next season and here is why. there is only one system that can effectively accomodate rooney, mata and rvp and that is the 3-4-1-2 formation and its variations. in this system rooney and rvp gets to play upfront as proper strikers, that way welbeck will get loads of games as cover for either of them, we also get to play mata and kagawa as proper no.10s, as well as two central midfielder to protect the backline and support the forwards. two defensive wingers right and left, am guessing thats why we kept evra, luke shaw also seems to be on his way, am forseeing a gareth bale 2.0 here if shaw comes into this setup. we will need two more center backs as well. lvg just started using this setup with holland and i dont think its just a coincidence.

    -we should be moving heaven and earth to sign that carvalho kid from lisbon. yes, he is that good. as konoplyanka wont be a bad deal as well. i have not seen much of jordy clasie so i would reserve my opinion of him for now.

    - finally for united to succeed next season, our centerbacks and wingers would have to be in the form of their lives.
    once again it s nice to meet u all.

  9. GONZYxpress says:

    The world cup fever has geared in, simply can’t wait for june the 12th!!!!!

  10. trevor knightsmith says:

    I see Fabrigas has signed for the chavs.

    Out transfer silence is unnerving me !

  11. Jackie Spain says:

    Scott, can’t you remove this thread now? No one’s going to buy this now, surely?

  12. BelfastRed says:

    S.s.n. reporting herera has bought out his buyout clause to play 4 us.

  13. BelfastRed says:

    Its official. Hes a red. Bout fuckin time!


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