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The Suarez Report Broken Down

Here are the most interesting and important points from the 115 page document which explains why the decision was made to charge Luis Suarez with racially abusing Patrice Evra. (Or just scroll to the bottom where the key points from the report are summarised).

- The FA and Evra watched some video footage of the match. Evra pointed out to the FA, by reference to the video footage, when it was during the match that Suarez made the comments about which Evra had complained. This information enabled the FA to ask broadcasters to provide video footage. It contained material which was not broadcast, including footage of the exchanges in the penalty area in the 63rd minute taken from a number of different camera angles.

- The FA arranged to meet Suarez to obtain his account of what had taken place Suarez was accompanied by an interpreter from the Club . An independent professional interpreter was also present. On the same day, the FA also interviewed Kenny Dalglish, Damien Comolli, Ray Haughan (the Liverpool Team Administration Manager) and Kuyt. The interviews were recorded and transcripts were produced.

- The FA obtained signed witness statements from the following individuals: Evra, Marriner (the referee), Phil Dowd (the fourth official at the match), Sir Alex Ferguson, Ryan Giggs, Valencia, Hernandez, Nani, and Anderson. In the case of each of the Manchester United players who provided a witness statement, except for Mr Giggs, the statement was provided in the player’s native language and also in English, using the services of a professional translator.

- The FA instructed two experts, Dr Scorer and Professor Wade. The experts were instructed to prepare a written report on the linguistic and cultural interpretations of the words “negro” and “negros” in Rioplatense Spanish. The FA provided the experts with relevant materials, including 12 video clips of the match, the witness statement of Evra and the transcript of the interview with Suarez.

- Material which the FA had gathered or considered in the course of its investigation but on which it did not intend to rely was given to Suarez. The purpose of providing it to Suarez was to enable him and his advisers to examine the unused material to see whether, in their view, it was relevant and helpful to Suarez in defending the Charge. For example, the contents of a document amongst the unused material might be thought by Suarez and his advisers to be directly helpful in itself or to set them on a train of enquiry which might lead to their acquiring helpful evidence. The disclosure to Suarez of unused material is intended to achieve fairness and transparency in the process.

Suarez’s defence
If Suarez did not intend his words or behaviour to be abusive or insulting, then he did not breach the Rule. Suarez would breach the Rule, according to his defence, only if he intended his words or behaviour to be abusive or insulting, or was aware that they may be abusive or insulting.

Thoughts of the commission
- The question is simply whether the words or behaviour are abusive or insulting. This is a matter for the Commission to decide, having regard to all the relevant facts and circumstances of the case. It is not necessary that the alleged offender intends his words or behaviour to be abusive or insulting in order for him to breach the Rule.

- The FA accepts that the Charge against Suarez is serious, as do we. It is for this reason that we have reminded ourselves that a greater burden of evidence is required to prove the Charge against Suarez.

What actually happened? – The goalmouth
- Evra said that he is not exactly fluent in Spanish but that he can easily converse in Spanish. Evra told us that he began the conversation by saying “Concha de tu hermana”. Evra’s evidence was that this is a phrase used in Spanish like when you say “fucking hell” in English.

- Evra claims that when he asked “Why did you kick me?”, Suarez replied “Porque tu eres negro”. Evra said that at the time Suarez made that comment, he (Evra) understood it to mean “Because you are a nigger”. He now says that he believes the words used by Mr Suarez mean “Because you are black”.

- Suarez said that he replied to Mr Evra’s question “Why did you kick me?” by saying “que habia sido una falta normal”, meaning “it was just a normal foul”. He said he shrugged his shoulders and put his arms out in a gesture to say that there was nothing serious about it. At this point on the video footage, Mr Suarez’s face is obscured, but he does appear to shrug his shoulders.

- Evra said that he followed up Suarez’s reply “Because you are black” by saying “Habla otra vez asi, te voy a dar una porrada”, which means “Say it to me again, I’m going to punch you”. Suarez replied by saying “No hablo con los negros”. Evra said that, at the time, he understood this to mean “I don’t speak to niggers”, although he now says it means “I don’t speak to blacks”.

- Suarez’s evidence was that Evra replied to the comment “it was just a normal foul” by saying “Ok, you kicked me, I’m going to kick you”. Suarez said in his witness statement that his response was “Le dije que se callara e hice un gesto breve con mi mano izquierda parecido a la mocion de un “pato cuando hace cuac” para indicarle que hablaba mucho y deberia callarse”, which was translated as “I told him to shut up and made a brief gesture with my left hand like a “quacking” motion as if to say he was talking too much and should be quiet”.

- Evra said that after Suarez said “I don’t speak to blacks”, he (Evra) said “Ahora te voy a dar realmente una porrada”, which means “Okay, now I think I’m going to punch you”. To this he says that Suarez replied “Dale, negro…negro…negro”. At the time, Evra understood this to mean “Okay, nigger, nigger, nigger”. He now says it means “Okay, blackie, blackie, blackie”. The expert witnesses stated that the phrase “Dale, negro” can be
understood as “Bring it on, blackie” or “do it, blackie” or “go ahead, blackie”. Evra said that as Suarez was speaking he reached out to touch Evra’s arm, gesturing at his skin. Evra said that Suarez was drawing attention to the colour of Evra’s skin. This gesture is clearly shown on the video footage, just as Kuyt comes
between them. It seemed to us that Suarez reached out and pinched Evra’s left forearm. In cross-examination, Evra said that at the time he did not realise that Suarez had pinched his arm. He was more focussed on his lips and what he was saying.

- Suarez said that at no point did he use the word “negro” during the exchange with Evra in the goalmouth.

- Evra’s evidence is that up to this point Mr Suarez had used the word “negro” or “negros” five times in the goalmouth: “Because you are black”, “I don’t speak to blacks” and “Okay, blackie, blackie, blackie”.

- When the referee blew his whistle to stop play, Evra and Suarez were standing close to each other, having just run and challenged for the corner. The referee called them over to him. Suarez said something to Evra, then started to walk away. There is a clear reaction by Evra to Suarez’s comment. This is apparent in two
ways. First, there is a facial reaction by Evra, akin to a look of surprise. Secondly, whilst looking at the referee, Evra points to Suarez. Evra walks towards the referee and says something while pointing back at Suarez. Evra’s evidence was that while he was walking towards the referee he said “ref, ref, he
just called me a fucking black”. He said that he did not know whether the referee heard his comment. The referee said something like “Calm down, Patrice, the game has been brilliant, stop the pushing between you and Suarez, the game is going well.”

- Suarez’s evidence was that simultaneously with the blowing of the whistle, Evra said to him “Don’t touch me, South American”. Suarez took this to be a reference to his touching Evra’s arm on the goal-line a few moments earlier. Suarez said that he turned to Evra and said “Por que, negro?”. He said that he used the word “negro” at this point in the way that he did when he was growing up in Uruguay, that is as a friendly
form of address to people seen as black or brown-skinned or even just black-haired. He said that he used it in the same way that he did when he spoke to Glen Johnson, the black Liverpool player. He said in no way was the use of the word “negro” intended to be offensive or to be racially offensive. It was intended as an attempt at conciliation.

- Marriner, the referee, was shown the footage of this incident at the hearing. Marriner said that he could not recall what was being said to him. He explained that he wanted to take control of the situation, that the game had gone “swimmingly” up until that point with no confrontation between any players, and he just wanted to get his point across to the players. He said that he told the players to get on with it, and calm down. That is why he took charge of the situation and really did not take on board what was being said to him. We found Mr Marriner’s account to be plausible and credible. The fact that Mr Marriner did not hear what Mr Evra said is not inconsistent with Mr Evra’s evidence.

What actually happened? – Evra is booked

- As the players moved upfield, there was an exchange between Evra and Kuyt. The referee called Evra over and gave him a yellow card. Giggs spoke to the referee about the caution and then spoke to Evra.

- Evra described the booking in the following way. Kuyt told him to stop diving so Evra pushed him away. The referee called Evra over to book him. Evra asked the referee why he was booking him and the referee said it was because he had pushed Kuyt. When he was being booked, Mr Evra told the referee again that he had been called black. Evra added that after booking him, the referee spoke to Ryan Giggs. Giggs then asked Evra what was wrong and Evra told him that he had been called black. Giggs told Evra to calm down and not get sent off.

- Giggs gave evidence before us. He said that he was reasonably close to the referee and after he had shown Evra the yellow card, Giggs approached the referee and asked him why he had booked Evra. The referee said to Giggs “just calm Patrice down”. It was obvious to Giggs from looking at Evra that he was upset. Giggs said to Evra “what’s happened?”. Evra replied “he called me black”. Giggs said to Evra “did the ref hear it?”, to which Mr Evra replied “I don’t think so”. Giggs then told Evra to calm down and not get himself sent off.

- Kuyt gave a slightly different version from Marriner, Evra and Giggs. He said that after the goal kick he was close to Evra and said “Come on, let’s move on, let’s keep going with the game” and touched Evra just on the arm. According to Kuyt, Evra reacted aggressively and smashed his arm away and at that point, the referee
having seen the incident, called Evra to him and booked him. Kuyt said he was “absolutely certain” that he heard Evra say that the referee was only booking him because he was black.

- We found the evidence of Marriner on this point to be credible and plausible. He recalled Evra telling him that he was being called black. This is consistent with Evra’s evidence of what he told Marriner at that time, and also with Giggs’ evidence of what Evra said to him shortly afterwards. In light of this, we reject Kuyt’s evidence that Evra said that the referee was only booking him because he was black. It would make no sense in the circumstances for Evra to accuse the referee of only booking him because he was black. Not only had Evra pushed Kuyt away, which he is likely to have realised had led to his booking, but his concern at that stage was that he had been called black (bearing in mind that, at the very least, Suarez admits having called Evra “negro” by this stage of the game).

What actually happened? – After the final whistle
- As the players went into the dressing room at the end of the game, Evra was really angry and upset. Valencia said he could see it. He explained that Evra is not normally angry after games. Evra said that he was angry because Suarez had insulted him. “I cannot remember exactly the words Evra used but he said that Suarez had said that he wouldn’t speak to him because he was black. I think the words Evra used
were words similar to “Negro, no hablas conmigo”.”

- Hernandez: “Although I was stood with the medical staff, I could clearly hear Evra as he was speaking loudly. He said that during the game, Suarez said to him words similar to “No voy a platicar contigo porque eres negro”. I understood from what Evra said that Suarez had been racially abusive towards him and that he had told Evra that he would not speak to him because he was black.”

- Nani: “He said that Suarez had said that he wouldn’t talk to him because he was black. When he said this in English I think he used the word “nigger” but in Spanish/Portuguese he used the word “negro” or “preto”, I cannot remember exactly which. Evra was also angry that Suarez had not been booked for saying what he did. Evra said something like, “This is a joke. How is it possible that the referee does nothing when he knows what happened?” Evra said that he had told the referee what Suarez said to him.”

- Anderson: “I cannot remember all the exact words Evra used but he told us that Suarez had said to him on the pitch that he wouldn’t speak to Evra because he was black. I think he used words similar to “no hablo con negro”.”

- Valencia and Anderson told Mr Evra that he must tell the manager and go and see the referee because this was serious. When Sir Alex Ferguson and Evra left the dressing room to go and speak to the referee, Valencia and Anderson followed them. They wanted to support Evra but they were not allowed into the referee’s room, only Evra and Sir Alex Ferguson went in.

- Evra said that he told the referee that Suarez had called him a nigger. According to Evra, the referee said to him “Oh, that is why you were talking about being called black”, referring back to what Evra had said to the referee on the pitch. Evra said “Yes.”

What actually happened? – When LFC found out about the accusation
- Ray Haughan is the Team Administration Manager at Liverpool FC. He gave a witness statement on behalf of Suarez. While he was standing outside the dressing rooms after the end of the game, he saw Sir Alex Ferguson and Evra go into the referee’s room. Sir Alex knocked on the door, which was not closed, and went in. Haughan told us that he heard Sir Alex say “I want to make a complaint because Suarez has called him (meaning Evra) a nigger five times.” Haughan thought that the Liverpool management should be aware of what was happening. He went to see the management, Kenny Dalglish, Damien Comolli and Steve Clarke.

- Comolli spoke to Suarez in Spanish. Dalglish said that, having spoken to Suarez, Mr Comolli explained to Dalglish that Suarez had said that Evra had called him South American and that Suarez had replied “Tu eres negro” which is “you are black”. Comolli reported the Spanish words to Dalglish, that is he told him that Suarez had said “Tu eres negro”, and then Comolli told Dalglish that this meant “you are black”. Suarez was still in the room when Comolli told Dalglish that Suarez had said “Tu eres negro” to Evra.

- Dalglish went to see Marriner and Dowd without Suarez. Marriner explained to Dalglish what had been reported to him by Sir Alex and Evra. Marriner said in his witness statement that Evra had told him that Suarez had said to him “I don’t talk to you because you niggers”, although Dalglish told us that he did not remember the referee saying that to him. Since Suarez accepted Marriner’s witness statement, we accept Marriner’s evidence that he said this to Dalglish.

- Dalglish said, “hasn’t he done this before?”. This was the evidence to us of Dowd. Dowd remembered this as it caused him to consciously stop and think whether he was aware of any previous allegation involving Evra.

What actually happened? – Canal+
- Comolli made reference to Mr Evra’s Canal+ interview. He said that a few hours after the game, he received telephone calls from Canal+ who said that Evra had been to see them in the tunnel after the game and said “I want to talk on TV. I want to report my record because I’ve been abused racially by Suarez ten times”.

- Evra served a supplemental witness statement to clarify the circumstances surrounding the interview he gave to Canal+. He said that as he is the only French player in the Manchester United team, Canal+ ask him to do an interview with them after every game. He usually agrees to the interviews and would probably agree to 25 out of every 30 requests. After the match, Canal+ asked Mr Evra for an interview as usual and he agreed. He said that he knew the Canal+ staff well and they could see that he was upset by something. He told them what had happened between Suarez and him during the game. Evra denied saying what Mr Comolli said he was told, namely that he wanted to talk on TV and report his record because he had been abused racially by Suarez ten times. He said that he specifically asked Canal+ not to ask him about the incident with Suarez during the interview. However, the interviewer did ask him about why he was upset with Suarez during the game. Evra decided to answer the question but was careful not to say exactly the words that had been used. He told us that he would have preferred for the interviewer not to ask him about the incident but journalists always ask whatever they like.

- The FA obtained from the Canal+ interviewer his account of what had happened. Stephane Guy, the interviewer, said that Evra answered the interviewer’s request for an interview. He said that as Evra is the only French-speaking player at Man United, the interviewer asks him each time that he covers the team’s matches. Noticing that he was very distressed coming out of the changing room, Guy first questioned Mr Evra off the record. It was then that Evra revealed what Guy described as “what has become the Suarez case”. According to Guy, it was his duty as a journalist to ask Evra the same question again on the record even if he was not spontaneously in agreement to talk about it.

- Evra added that when he answered the question, he mentioned that a word had been said to him ten times. He told us that he did not mean this in the literal sense, it was just a way of talking. It was just a figure of speech.

The language experts
- The experts who were instructed are Professor Peter Wade and Dr James Scorer. Wade is a specialist in race and ethnicity in Latin America, with particular emphasis on black populations, genetics and sexuality; he has also worked on the ties between Colombian national identity, popular music and race. He learnt his Spanish mainly in Colombia, has been a fluent speaker for nearly 30 years, and has experience of Spanish usage mainly in Colombia, Mexico and Spain. James Scorer works in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies. His research focuses on Latin American cities, particularly urban politics and cultures in Buenos Aires, as well as on national and regional identities in Latin American cinema, including that of Uruguay. He learnt his Spanish predominantly in Buenos Aires, and has been a fluent speaker of Castellano for nearly 10 years.

- The word “negro” can have pejorative connotations, as it may be associated with low class status, ugliness, vulgar behaviour, noisiness, violence, dishonesty, sexual promiscuity etc. The word can be employed with the intent to offend and to offend in racial terms; often the word would be appended with further insult, as in the example “negro de mierda” [shitty black]. The word “negro” is by no means, however, always used offensively. The term can also be used as a friendly form of address to someone seen as somewhat brown-skinned or even just black-haired. It may be used affectionately between man and wife, or girlfriend/boyfriend, it may be used as a nickname in everyday speech, it may be used to identify in neutral and descriptive fashion someone of dark skin. Though these terms are often used between friends or relatives, they are not used exclusively so; thus, an individual might call out to a passer-by “ay, negro, querés jugar con nosotros?” [hey, blackie, do you want to play with us?]; in all cases, however, when the word is used in this way it implies a sense of rapport or the attempt to create such rapport; naturally, if the term were used with a sneer, then it might carry negative connotations.

- Evra stated that the goalmouth incident started when he addressed Suarez, beginning with the phrase “Concha de tu hermana”. According to the experts, the literal translation is “your sister’s cunt” and it can be taken as a general swear word expressing anger, although the word “concha” is not as taboo as the English word “cunt”. It is thus equivalent to “fucking hell” or “fuck me”.

- Assuming Suarez responded with “Porque tu eres negro”, this would be interpreted in Uruguay and other regions of Latin America as racially offensive. When the noun is used in the way described by Evra, it is not a friendly form of address, but is used in an insulting way: it is given as the rationale for an act of physical aggression (the foul), as if the person deserved such an attack since they are black.

- The sentence attributed to Suarez, “No hablo con los negros”, falls into the same category of racist usage. It assumes that the individual did not merit being talked to as he belongs to a whole category of people classed as black.

- If Suarez used the words “negro” and “negros” as described by Evra, this would be understood as offensive and offensive in racial terms in Uruguay and Spanish-speaking America more generally. The physical gesture of touching Mr Evra’s arm would also, in the context of the phrases used, be interpreted as racist.

- If Suarez used the word “negro” as described by Suarez, this would not be interpreted as either
offensive or offensive in racial terms in Uruguay.

- There are some black people in Uruguay and other areas of Latin America who object to the use of the word “negro” as a term of address, as they say it highlights skin colour when this should be irrelevant. This is the use of the word “negro” (ie as a term of address) which Suarez contended before us is acceptable, yet his view appears to be contentious with some in Uruguay and Latin America. Also, the use of the word “negro” can be seen as offensive or inoffensive in Uruguay and Latin America. It appears to depend, largely, on the context. It might be seen by some as inoffensive when used to address relatives, friends or passers-by. However, we note the experts’ comment that in all cases when the word is used in this way it implies a sense of rapport or the attempt to create such rapport; naturally, if the term were used with a sneer, then it might carry negative connotations. It is important to examine closely the context in which it is used, and the way in which it is used, in order to decide whether it is being used offensively and offensively in racial terms.

How to make a decision
This case is not simply about one person’s word against another. Whilst there were conflicting accounts of what happened which were presented to us by Evra and Suarez, there was other relevant evidence which we were able to take into account in reaching our decision. This other evidence included:
* video footage of the match
* the evidence of others as to what happened during or immediately after the match
* documentation in the form of the referee’s report which was based on conversations he had immediately after the match
* transcripts of interviews with the main protagonists and other witnesses conducted in the course of the FA’s investigation before witness statements were prepared for the purpose of this hearing
* the evidence given to us by other witnesses quite apart from Evra and Suarez, including expert witnesses on Spanish language.
We reached our decision on the basis of a consideration of the totality of the evidence attaching such weight as we considered appropriate to the different elements of it.

- It was accepted by both Mr Greaney (FA’s representative) and Mr McCormick (Suarez’s representative) in closing submissions that this is not simply a case of one person’s word against another.

- We found Mr Evra to be an impressive witness. He gave his evidence to us in a calm, composed and clear manner. Evra also demonstrated a measure of balance in his evidence and he was prepared to make a number of concessions before us. In giving his account of their exchanges in the goalmouth, Evra described how he started the conversation with the offensive phrase, “Concha de tu hermana”. He said this in his first interview with the FA on 20 October, and included it in his witness statement placed before us, even though it reflected badly on him.

- Suarez was not as impressive a witness as Evra. His answers were not always clear or directly addressed to the question. Whether this was due to language difficulties or evasiveness was not entirely clear and so, whenever we could, we gave Mr Suarez the benefit of the doubt. We were certainly more concerned by the substance of his evidence than by the manner in which he gave it.

Suarez and Dalglish’s inconsistencies
- The footage was not of any real direct assistance in terms of what was said by Suarez in the goalmouth. It was not possible to try and lip-read what Suarez said largely because his face was obscured at the crucial moments. However, the video footage did shed considerable light on the sequence of events and the way in
which Evra and Suarez acted towards each other.

- Evra started the encounter in the goalmouth, albeit Evra was in shock (as he put it) and responding to Mr Suarez having fouled him five minutes previously. Evra opened the conversation with the offensive phrase, although Mr Suarez did not hear the words he used at the time. Evra was the initiator of this confrontation. He was clearly angry with Mr Suarez. Suarez responded in kind. His facial expression was hostile towards Evra, he was speaking forcefully to him, he looked Evra up and down and then reached out and pinched Evra’s bare left forearm. This was an unpleasant and petty gesture which appeared designed to aggravate Evra, and was likely to have that effect.

- The referee spoke to both players. They listened and then walked away. As they did, Suarez put his hand on the back of Evra’s head. There are, of course, many ways of touching an opposing player with the hand. Some are obvious attempts at conciliation such as a handshake or sometimes a pat on the back. Others are intended to further aggravate the opposing player whilst, perhaps, being made to appear like an attempt at
conciliation. In our judgment, Suarez placing his hand on the back of Evra’s head fell into the latter category. It appeared calculated to wind him up and had that effect, which is shown by Evra forcefully pushing Suarez’s arm away.

- Having said in his witness statement that he was trying to defuse the situation when he touched Evra’s left arm in a “pinching type movement”, Suarez eventually answered, after persistent questioning, that he was not trying to calm down the situation by doing so. It was plain to us that Suarez’s pinching of Evra’s arm was not an attempt to defuse the situation. It could not conceivably be described in that way. In our judgment, the pinching was calculated to have the opposite effect, namely to aggravate Evra and to inflame the situation.

- Whilst Suarez had, in his interview with the FA, said that he had used the word “negro” towards Evra in a “friendly and affectionate” way, the first time that he used the words “conciliation” and “conciliatory” was in his witness statement. This was signed after Suarez had received the experts’ report which referred to the possibility that Suarez’s use of the term was intended as an attempt at conciliation. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Suarez used the words conciliation and conciliatory to describe his use of the word “negro” because the experts had used those terms to describe the circumstances in which the word would not generally be offensive in Uruguay.

- What is more significant, in our judgment, is the substance of Suarez’s evidence that his use of the word “negro” with Evra “was intended as an attempt at conciliation” and “was meant in a conciliatory and friendly way”. The whole episode in the match starting with Suarez’s foul on Evra, and continuing with their encounter in the penalty area was confrontational and hostile. In the goalmouth, Evra fired the first verbal assault and Suarez responded in a hostile fashion judged by his demeanour as shown on the video footage and his pinching of Evra’s skin. When the referee blew his whistle to stop play, it was less than 10 seconds after the pinching in the goalmouth. This is when Suarez claimed to have used the word “negro” for the one and only time. The players’ demeanour, as shown in the video footage, showed that the exchanges continued to be confrontational. This was followed, after the referee had spoken to the players, by
Suarez putting his hand on the back of Evra’s head in a way which, in our judgment, was intended to aggravate Evra. The whole tenor of the players’ exchanges during this episode was one of animosity. They behaved in a confrontational and argumentative way. Whilst Mr Evra is partly to blame for starting the confrontation at that moment, Suarez’s attitude and actions were the very antithesis of the conciliation and friendliness that he would have us believe.

- Suarez’s use of the term was not intended as an attempt at conciliation or to establish rapport; neither was it meant in a conciliatory and friendly way. It was not explained by any feeling on Mr Suarez’s part that a linguistic or cultural relationship had been established between them or that the context was one of informal
social relations. The video footage, when viewed in detail and when looked at as a whole, shows that the players continued their animosity throughout this incident. Their hostility is shown in their actions and demeanour before, at the moment of, and after Suarez’s admitted use of the word.

- Suarez spoke in Spanish to Comolli soon after the game about this serious allegation. Suarez also spoke in Dutch to Kuyt. Both Comolli and Kuyt understood Suarez to have told them that when he spoke to Evra he said words which translate into English as, “Because you are black”. According to Suarez, Comolli misheard what Suarez said in Spanish, and Kuyt misheard what Suarez said in Dutch.

- Dalglish told the referee that Suarez responded with “you are black” having first been taunted with “you are South American”. Comolli is not recorded as using the word “taunted”, but said that Evra said “you are South American” to Suarez who responded with “Tues negro” which translates “you are Black”. There is no suggestion here that Evra had said “Don’t touch me”, yet this seems now to be an essential part of Suarez’s evidence. We were not given any explanation as to why the referee was not told that Evra had said “Don’t touch me, South American”, as opposed to “you are South American”. Secondly, at least as expressly reported by Dalglish, Suarez’s remark was a riposte to being taunted by Evra. If that is correct, it would suggest that Dalglish understood Mr Suarez’s comment to be in the nature of retaliation for having been called “South American”. But that would suggest that the riposte “You are black” was used in a derogatory sense, which is contrary to Suarez’s case. In fact, Suarez told us that he did not consider being described as South American to be derogatory, so it is difficult to understand why this was referred to as a “taunt”.

-The discrepancies between what Dalglish and Comolli reported to the referee on the one hand, and Suarez’s evidence as to what he said on the other hand, have not been satisfactorily explained.

- The impression created by these inconsistencies was that Suarez’s evidence was not, on the whole, reliable. He had put forward an interpretation of events which was inconsistent with the contemporaneous video evidence. He had changed his account in a number of important respects without satisfactory explanation. As a result, we were hesitant about accepting Suarez’s account of events where it was disputed by other credible witnesses unless there was solid evidence to support it.

Key points summarised
- Kenny Dalglish trying to sway Marriner and Dowd from the start by saying “hasn’t he done this before?”. Patrice Evra has never made claims of racism against someone, unfounded or otherwise.

- To add further weight to Dalglish’s point, Dirk Kuyt falsely claimed that Evra was telling people he had only been booked by the referee because he was black. The commission found this to be entirely untrue.

- Dalglish claimed that Suarez had been “taunted” by Evra, suggesting that Suarez’s response of “you are black” was following Evra saying “you are South American.” If this was true, Suarez wasn’t using the word “negro” in a friendly way at all, rather as an insult. Regardless, Suarez confirmed that being called “South American” was not an insult.

- Comoli stressed he knew how serious the allegations were so being fluent in Spanish wanted to make sure they had their story straight on what Suarez had said. After speaking to Suarez, he then went to tell Marriner and Dowd Suarez’s version. There was no mention of Suarez calling Evra “negro” in response to Evra telling him not to touch him though, which is what his defence later hinged on. They initially claimed Suarez said “you are black” then in the next set of interviews, Suarez claimed he said “why not, black?” after Evra told him not to touch him.

- Suarez claimed that he did not call Evra a negro when they were in the goal mouth, rather after the referee had called them over to speak to them and he then touched Evra. However, his version of events contradicts the testimony of Evra and referee. Evra says that as soon as the referee called them over, Evra reported the racial abuse he had just received, and the referee confirmed this.

- Suarez initially claimed that he pinched Evra on the arm to “defuse the situation”. When he was cross examined, he admitted this was not true.

- The first time Suarez claimed that his use of the word “negro” was “conciliatory” was after the reports from the language experts were made available, where they claimed if the word “negro” was used in a “conciliatory” way, it wouldn’t be regarded as racist in Uruguay.

- Suarez’s defence claim that Evra made up Suarez saying he kicked him because he was black and that he didn’t talk to blacks. They claim that because Suarez had kicked Evra in the knee, Evra wanted revenge, so fabricated the whole story. This means they are suggesting that Evra feigned outrage after his exchange with Suarez and lied to the referee, that he lied to Giggs on the pitch when he asked him what was the matter, and that he lied to Valencia, Chichartio, Nani, Anderson and Sir Alex Ferguson in the dressing room immediately after the game. The commission rejected the defence’s suggestion that the accusations were just an elaborate plot for Evra to get revenge on Suarez for being kicked.

- Comolli claimed that after the game Evra went to Canal+ and demanded that he was allowed to report the racial abuse he had just received. The journalist who interviewed Evra confirmed this opposite of this was true, and that Evra knew the journalist well and he could tell that he was upset. Evra told the journalist off the record what had happened, but the journalist confirmed he asked the question when Evra was being filmed regardless.

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  1. smartalex says:

    As our kebab-munching Red from near Knossos oft opines: You don’t want to anger MG!

    I am not unhappy with any monkey-like characteristics that may have filtered through my
    gene-pool, for the results are spectacular! I am tempted to rise to the racist bait, but also
    know that those energies are currently reserved for Suarez ad his backers.

    No need to go ape-shit when we all just want to monkey around while living United.

  2. YorYor says:

    Let him waste his own time, and not ours. Just ignore him and he’ll take his tantrums elsewhere.

  3. smartalex says:

    typo ^

    “No need ‘for me’ to go ape-shit when we all just want to monkey around while living United.

  4. CedarsDevil says:

    A giant has been awakened……. Some fools have angered the wrong RED

    Fuck em all

  5. RedRobot says:

    King Kenny’s Klan. Shame on them all,Comolli, Dalglish, Kyut and Suarez. Total disgrace. Like in the past when they dirtied their hands…..its never their fault. Lets see how much of a ‘moral man’ John Henry really is now!

  6. James21 says:

    I’m not overly sure Phil Jones has been sugarcoated. He made a mistake, all players make mistakes. But then I’m sure Yakubu would muscle any player off the ball the guy is a man mountain. Only becomes aparent when you see him in the flesh, on the pitch with the other 21 players.
    Re DDG he just needs to learn, 9 times out of 10 Blackburns 3rd goal would have been judged a foul. In Spain and Italy 10 times out of 10, he’ll learn its a totally different game here.

    Lets get the Geordies beat now and see if the Scousers can hold or even beat Shitty.

  7. jim says:

    Haha..MG on fire!! Go get them pal.

  8. Viva MG! says:

    Half an hour gone

    Still waiting

    God how hard can it be to persuade one fool aithin many fools to make an appearance?

    Oh you are all coming at once or are you thinking about how are you going to play me?

    Can’t play the guy who fucking invented the game assholes

  9. jim says:

    We will already know the result city get when we play newcastle, so it could work both ways..we should just concentrate on our match.

  10. Paul Parker says:

    Re: Suarez Report

    - The French news channel published Evra’s off-hand comment WITHOUT his permission.
    - It doesn’t matter that Suarez DIDN’T say “Negro” 10 times, as it was actually FIVE times.
    - To make matters worse, Suarez pitched Evra’s skin as he made offensive reference to it.
    - Evra is a saint and true professional for NOT punching that cunt square in the face

    Where are all the LFC cunts now? All I seem to hear from them is Evra should be charged too which is bollocks. Scousers moonlighting as legal experts should all understand the potential relevance of provocation. More to the point South America has the world’s biggest African diaspora outside of Africa and many of theses “Sudacas” immigrate to Europe where they receive demonstrably worse treatment than the inbred-looking likes of Poyet and Suarez. Thus said, the FA could never find Evra guilty of breaching their rules as Evra’s broad reference to South America didn’t specifically insult the race or nationality of Suarez. Talk about Political Correctness gone mad, why should Evra be charged for referencing a continent anyway? Would Suarez be charged if he only called our Frenchman a European? Course not, its the blatant racism that got him an eight game ban, and nothing else.

    The FA had to act, that goofy cunt was bang to rights just like the England captain, and for anybody who disagrees you go down Penny Lane (or Coldhabour Lane) and randomly call somebody “Blackie, Blackie, Blackie” or just a plain ole “Black Cunt”. We all know there would be fucking murders if it happened in the street so why should Evra have to suffer racist abuse just because he’s inside Anfield? He wouldn’t be expected to tolerate that abuse if he was out shopping so all you cunts thinking he should “accept it” should get BNP stickers on your cars so you can be more readily identified by the majority of the British population. BNP members love to go to court to keep their beliefs a secret while they continue to teach, judge and police. LFC have aligned themselves with the right and even have the support of Britain’s organised racists.

    Their Club will won’t recover from this any time soon, what a bunch of pagans.

  11. smartalex=liar says:

    Smartalex apologies or else face the consequences

  12. Costas says:

    As ECW fans used to chant, same old shit…

    If someone can’t overcome their obsession, I am afraid that smartalex’s suggestion about a ban is the only way to go.

  13. James21 says:

    Yes mate. I should have wrote it the other way round. I only care about Utd’s results but its always nice for Shitty to taste defeat weather they’re top or bottom.

  14. James21 says:

    Macheda is on the QPR bench for their game against Norwich.

  15. gaurav12931 says:

    @ king eric
    im aware of the fact that obertan in in newcastle,what i meant was we have a newcastle match next followed by the arsenal match in a couple of weeks time,hence the comparision.

    sorry for the late reply.I’m having exams so don’t get much time to be online.

  16. James21 says:

    Yawn Yawn Yawn. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. jim says:

    Ofcourse its brilliant if city drop points, and i think the whole ROM will be rooting for pool on tommorow.

  18. jim says:

    Best of luck for your exams pal, will be interesting to see if Henry gets playing time at Arsenal.

  19. James21 says:

    Yeh with a taste of bitterness, would love a draw there. :)

  20. Sandeep1878 says:

    Hi James21,

    How are u pal? Happy new year..

    then u better try the Bangalore curry :)

    we have MUFCM – MUFC Mumbai supporters club,

    apart from that i doubt if we have any..

    it would be great if we can roll out ROM – INDIA with the help from STR, and fellow Indian Red Devil ROM bloggers and i really hope the number will increase in the coming months..letsee how it goes on…

    Good evening lovely Red Devils around the world,

  21. Mikekelly12 says:

    Paul Parker
    A couple of quality posts there pal, I’m in full agreement. We had plenty of scousers on here after the ban was announced. We had an official bullshit statement which further dragged our players name through the mud, while they sat behind the “we’ll wait for the reasons for the ban to be published” excuse for not condemning their idol!! Now I don’t know if they’re having trouble with the big words in the report, but if they were so steadfastly behind Suarez, and those t-shirts suggest they were, then it shouldnt take them too long to find the section which supports their verment argument for Suarez’ innocence and Evra’s guilt!! Their delay could be down to the fact that the section they hoped would show the world that Suarez is innocent and Evra is a villain further depicts Liverpool as a lying, despicable excuse of a club as both Dirk Kuyt and Dalglish changed their stories due to “misunderstandings”. So come on Liverpool, what you waiting for? Bring it on you cunts!

  22. YorYor says:

    James21, could only find one Sopcast stream showing the QPR match, so hopefully he gets a run out later and scores a goal on his QPR debut. Considering QPR only managed 18 goals at home so far, Macheda should get a decent amount of games.
    We’ll all have a better idea of how he benefits (or not) from a run of games. Some supporters think that everyone’s a Solskjaer.

  23. James21 says:

    I believe Bangalore curry is volcanic. Love a hot curry, vindaloo is probably the limit tho.Happy New year mate

  24. Mikekelly12 says:

    New thread.

  25. jim says:

    Forget the curry mate, i just love the dosa and sambhar!! Much better than in Mumbai anyways.

  26. James21 says:

    Yeh just heard he was on the bench on SSN. Some players develop early like Owen, Rooney and Fowler to name a couple. Most develop later in life so we’ll just wait and see how Macheda works out.

  27. Viva MG! says:

    I love smartalex

    He’s my friend

    He’s honest

    He’s passionate

    And like a lot of us here he will die supporting Manchester United

    Let me bring it back

    Do you motherfucker call yourself a Manchester United fan?

    Do you?

    You have no fucking idea what it means to be a Manchester United fan

    Manchester United is a beacon

    A light

    A towering remembrance that through pain through tragedy through the torn and the broken and the shattering of what this world brings

    Manchester United is more than a football club – it’s a family it teaches those that follow it to watch out for another to respect to share

    You motherfucker laugh at rape at racism at destruction – you laugh at everything that the United flag flies for – to disrespect this club you son of a bitch and you think that your fucking pathetic comedy show means anything to me?

    You think cheap shit fucking scum of the earth one liners mean anything to me

    You are the fraud – you fucking act like the biggest fucking asshole around – there are people who support other clubs that are more honest and respectful than you could be

    You just came here for a reason and I have got you where I want

    Keep on coming out of your fucking guter you fucking useless bastard

    Fuck yourself your bullshit means nothing to me – It will not break me it will not fucking even touch me – in your response I love my friends dearly – I will stick up for them fight for them protect them when I see fit

    They will do the same for me in fact they have done the same for me

    You write your lines of fucking pathetic allness
    I’ll throw the fucking kitchen sink at you

    And look no sweat off my brow bitch you are in my domain – my territory if you can out write me then come the fuck on

    19 to your fucking nothng

  28. Viva MG! says:

    Education has got fuck all to do with who is better than the next person

    Sir Alex Ferguson’s education was next to the common man

    Motherfucker you don’t need education to be better than the rest – you need hard work respect dedication

    All things which you do not possess and well my education has got me where it has today that is somewhere where you will never attain and get to

    We don’t talk about shit like you do we keep our mouths closed and do it

    Go fuck yourself

  29. Viva MG! says:

    A person cannot make 5-6 id’s you idiot?

    Er fucking different email differences you motherfucking cunt thick fucking bastard of a useless fucking maggot

    Something which you pointed out but of course would deny yourself


  30. gaurav12931 says:

    qpr scored a goal,i hope they kiko on atkest in the second half

  31. Paul Parker says:

    Regarding this non-football related RoM saga – I’ll put this here as there is a new thread/

    This post isn’t just to smartalex its to everybody who reads it. Im not having a go, im just saying this is what I meant about not feeding into this Troll bollocks. Fair enough defend yourself if you feel the need but you wouldn’t go around punching offensive people in wheelchairs, would you? Pick your battles ffs, its boring to come on RoM and find every other post going on about something non-United related. When the non-football posts are humorous fair enough but this shit isn’t even funny is it? I think its fucking sad to be honest, I mean, on a thread like THIS over half the comments are about a fella named Sachu ffs, as if people around the world are logging on to read this BOLLOCKS. Come on lads, sort it out. There was all this big talk from posters on here about Evra and Suarez before the report came out, but when United supporters, or the Ogdens and Wilsons of this world, come onto RoM today 50% of what they’ll read is immature irrelevant tosh.

    To be blunt, nobody in the world gives a flying fuck about this sachu episode except for a very small minority on here, and I repeat thats not a dig. Im here assuming you lot are all sane people leading productive lives but if you come across JUST AS mentality disturbed as the person trolling this site then your part of the fucking problem aren’t you? All im saying is don’t be.

    If you’re sane, stop talking to the ABU nutters all day long! Who stands there and argues with the deranged anyway? If your on here for United but you litter threads with more posts about trolls than your Club then you should take a long look in the mirror. If these fake posters are as sick/sad/lonely as you say they are why the fuck are you on here every day keeping them company by arguing with them? To the objective that raises questions in itself. Bottom line, the regulars on here can’t allow the appearance of Trolls to throw every thread off balance.

    I’ll just add, when I joined RoM about 2 seasons ago EVERY PAGE was on topic and if it wasn’t it was still United related. Loads more people used to contribute and there were much less non-United related topics being discussed because so many people posted. BEFORE anybody says it Im not asking for a return to the good old days, and I already visit RoM less because theres fuck all worth reading half the time thank you very much – but if all its taken is one or two nutjobs to fuck up the whole site then you have to ask is all this passionate back and forth-ing winning any battles? Fuck No imo, and to be honest if Sachu and whoever else PLANNED to fuck up the site then you’d have to admit the current score is


    Sorry fellas, YOU ARE DELUDED if you think you can chase internet Trolls off with insults, if anything the Trolls WANT TO BE INSULTED so I’ll say it again for 2012 – could you lot please stop fucking feeding them so much? First its inconsiderate/boring for those of us NOT engaged in your struggle with the trolls, and secondly, speaking for myself, I want predominantly United content on here fellas, this is a United fansite first and foremost. I personally don’t mind the banter between bloggers but letting a few trolls dictate a whole board enjoyed by thousands is fucking stupidity, and some of you seem very clued up so you know exactly what im saying. Some United supporters actually reckon the media are deflecting attention from the Suarez report… but if thats the case this little Sachu fella must be some kind of fucking genius! He’s clearly anti United so he’s making all the “true reds” who bother to constantly engage him look dumb. Fair enough these Trolls never target me but if they did I wouldn’t be going back and forth with them every day and thats probably why they don’t bother. Ignore them lads, and try and keep it United related, as from my objective perspective they are making you look daft by showing them so much attention, and as a consequence it makes us all look daft. Take it how you want fellas, but thats how I see it.


  32. King Eric says:

    Paul Parker. Hello mate. Some top posts fella.

    Guarav. Oh sorry mate. My mistake regarding obertan. Good luck with the exams pal.

    Denise. IS Ogden a scouse fan? What I do know is he either needs a good fucking meal inside him or a hit of smack.

  33. TonyBee Watson says:

    Dammit…looks like a missed an entertaining afternoon on RoM

    MG Holmes in de house …….

  34. smartalex says:

    Paul Parker – Good day sir! Good year, in fact. I hope that 2013 is your best year yet!
    I think it’s very clear that since you joined RoM your posts have only attracted positive attention from me, whether I have agreed or not. It does help that I tend to agree completely with most of your views, but actually it is your fair-minded, logical and decent approach that has always earned my respect.

    Were you to waste time by reading the entire sachu saga, you would find that despite being the subject of a vile and ceaseless smear campaign, I have kept it tidy. Very tidy, considering the racist “monkey” taunts I am being subjected to. In the last week more than 100 comments have been submitted under my username, it is far more frustrating for me than it is for you. This campaign has been going on for more than a year.

    Perhaps you are frustrated by those that have expressed their anger to sachu, and perhaps you wish that this smear campaign was not in progress, and perhaps you guess that I might deserve these years of abuse. By addressing your lengthy complaint to me you wittingly or otherwise have made a mockery of my remarkably honourable response to the torrent of abuse I am forced to suffer. Perhaps you should rather have expressed your appreciation for the fact that I am performing in the way you wish. I am clearly riding the storm quietly and considerately, putting RoM and United first, instead of defending myself.

    For lack of a better parallel, sachu and his mates are behaving like Suarez and Liverpool,
    and I have responded like Evra, by remaining calm while following accepted channels.

    I remain yours faithfully, and appreciate any and all feedback, even if I disagree. Thank you for your time, but much more than that; thank you for being such a valuable, level-headed and perceptive anchor on RoM.

  35. smartalex says:

    ^ At 5:38, make that “I hope that 2012 and 2013 are your best years yet!”

    Getting ahead of myself!

  36. Paul Parker says:

    @smartalex – I’ll be honest I didn’t even know you was called a monkey on here. I don’t read into the rants or arguments on here too much when its non-football related. I enjoy the well thought out posts and the genuine rants about the season. I didn’t doubt that you had a real gripe with sachu tho, hence on this page I did say he was indeed the troll.

    So when I asked for trolls to be ignored, I wasn’t saying don’t defend yourself. In fact I said if you feel the need to do so go right ahead. All I was asking for is common sense, meaning, don’t slap your own face trying to swat a fly. “Sachu” related posts were taking over the thread whether it was him, VOV or people replying to him and it was getting annoying.

    However im not a racist – so no – you in the heart of Africa being called a monkey is not on. I would’ve reacted differently if I knew he said that, so maybe it says something about how the message was put across? I wonder how many on here actually knew what happened between you and Sachu at the time? The whole thing was fucking confusing tbh.

    Granted some read and re-read every post but many of us don’t and to me at least the whole thing was too long winded to follow. Username theft was the main allegation going round and to be honest that doesn’t keep me awake at night, hence my lack of interest for what I once called “Inspector Gadget Shit”. I didn’t know sachu was also being racist however.

    Certainly, if it was made obvious he was a racist (end of) it would’ve been easier to follow for those of us who don’t give a fuck about the non-football related stuff. I ignored all the fake username intrigue as I thought it was petty and didn’t want to give it oxygen, but having said that I do hold my hand up for not knowing you were called a monkey. Im not a racist, and if I knew thats what sachu said I would have said something myself. Wouldn’t of lost my mind like MG mind, but I would of said something.

  37. Paul Parker says:

    …and happy 2013 to you too, know something we don’t aye? ;)

  38. smartalex says:

    Paul Parker – when reading a post it is normal to first read the name of the user that submitted it. As sachu was posting countless comments under the username ‘smartalex’ it was impossible to defend myself. Almost anyone reading my comment would see it as one of ‘my’ many rude comments submitted on a topic that did not interest them. On some threads, where ‘smartalex’ posted over 20 comments, NONE of them were mine. I mentioned my malaise, but not many took notice.

    Some regulars realized that it was not me posting, and a few of them tried to help me. The abuse however continued unabated through the festive season, as it has done in patches previously. Eventually MG exposed sachu and voice of voiceless to StR, who immediately outed ‘them’.

    You declare his effective rant as ‘losing his mind’. Actually, he saw through sachu and voice of voiceless, something you failed to do. You claim ignorance as you don’t read all the posts. You chatted to sachu and voice, enabling their deception and oblivious to their hate campaign, and I never for a moment thought less of you. MG however, protected RoM effectively and efficiently. Several hundred comments from numerous Reds posted prior to his rant had failed to alert moderators to the duplicity that was destroying every thread. At great cost to himself MG quickly and determinedly granted every RoM Red’s wish for the sachu saga to end.

    As you chose to remain ignorant to the key facts in this situation, your unfortunate stance should have remained unspoken. You could easily have asked RoM for an accurate picture, but chose instead to retain the bliss of ignorance while attempting to educate.

    You grabbed the wrong end of the stick, but you are still the same respected Red that we all know. A conciliatory gesture to MG is a great idea! Agreement is unnecessary, but you both must reach some neutral ground, or better yet, fall in love and elope!

  39. Paul Parker says:

    @ smartalex – now now, steady on. Im not here to wipe your arse or defend you, and im not here to read about problems between posters . I couldn’t give a monkeys about all that. If somebody used your username to that extent then yeah its unfortunate but its not gonna distract me from what I come on RoM to do – which is read good content relevant to my Club – if I wanted to read any old gash I’d just pick up a Sun newspaper wouldn’t I? Im not on RoM for the dramas, unlike quite a few who seem to love it.

    Must say, you sound quite judgemental in that post like im SUPPOSED to give a fuck what sachu was doing to you? Or like its my RoM Duty to follow every conversation or something. I don’t read all the posts on here anymore, including most of yours, and im not about to start now considering how much random off topic bollocks is on here. But RACISM is different however, and if I had noticed sachu calling you a monkey I’d stick up for you, i’d do that for anyone. But beyond that im not gonna lose sleep about usernames being nicked, who gives a fuck? Ultimately thats STR’s responsibility to handle it and once it became an issue – he dealt with it. Im not RoM admin im a humble poster thats only here for United, so the trials and tribulations of name-theft and inter-poster warfare don’t concern me one jot. Can’t say it any clearer than that.

    As for me saying MG lost his mind, read what im saying VERY carefully. Im not judging his defence of you, im judging MG for his rants directed against me. Him putting on a cape to save you doesn’t give him carte blanche to talk shit to me. Full Stop. He’s sitting there safely behind his computer calling me every name under the sun, swearing and carrying on and telling me I don’t want to fuck with him like he’s some kinda threat to my safety?

    Ask me he’s a cunt – because if sanchu called you the MONKEY why was MG using the same tone with me like I was the one calling you a fucking monkey? That weirdo can go fuck himself. And your right, maybe I could of asked RoM what was going on in the world of sachu and smartalex, but I didn’t, because for the hundredth time I couldn’t give a toss about it. All I asked from MG was that he didn’t bring up the sachu debate on the new thread about the FA REPORT. He, or anyone of you for that matter, could’ve explained to me right there and then that sachu was a racist and THAT was the reason for all the drama carrying on. I would of said, “okay MG, fair enough”, but instead I got a series of long, rambling and offensive posts from him, then the cunt got giddy and asked me what I do personally to fight racism, as if he has any fucking idea about me or my private life. MG is either an excitable foreign chap or a arrogant little bastard. Either way HE was out of order for his over the top threats but I guess since he’s wiped your arse for you regarding sachu your reluctant to say as much? No worries pal, I unlike some on here can sort myself out thank you very fucking much. I don’t expect anyone on here to “defend” me, its not that bloody serious imo – its a blog. But to each his own.

    Don’t get me wrong , I do feel sorry for you that you were called a monkey and all, but seeing as I didn’t read it im not going to lose any sleep for not “defending” you like MG. As for any idea you’ve got about a “conciliatory gesture”, you can fuck right off mate. Your sat there calling his rant to me effective and im supposed to listen to your starry eyed bollocks? Not fucking happening, and thats all I’ve got to say, this is beyond boring and theres a big match on tonight. Me and you clearly agree to disagree on this one, so nothing personal and no grudges. And CERTAINLY no apologies from me to MG, you must be out your fucking mind on that one. Just as well we agree to disagree then. Keep it United.

  40. smartalex says:

    Paul Parker – I guess it’s true to say that each person experiences their own part in life.

    You became involved when you chose to, which was at the end of a long saga. You’re not here to read about problems between posters. You couldn’t give a monkeys about all that, but when you finally did give a monkeys, you certainly weren’t shy to weigh in. Fair enough, it’s your life. You claim that you’re not here to wipe my arse or defend me, as if I need or asked you to.

    Your last post was much more emotional than usual, and topic aside, it adds good flavour to your rant. Flavour was needed, for your tasteless approach was somewhat rude considering my balanced, calm and polite reply. Never mind.

    You seem very preoccupied with getting your point across, and have become focussed on MG’s anger at your comment. Your itsy little problem that initiated the drama between you and MG somehow pales when I have just experienced a sustained period where I log on to find dozens of rude comments made in my name. I didn’t ask for your help, I didn’t expect it or even consider it for a moment.

    What MG did benefitted me, but that is not why he did it or why I’m pleased. Nearly every RoM thread for over a week had been flooded with bile in a deliberate ploy that was ruining it for everyone, except possibly you. He ended it quickly, which prompted you to give a monkeys.

    It does appear to me that you are not reading my comments in the spirit that they were written.

    You say I “sound quite judgemental in that post like im SUPPOSED to give a fuck what sachu was doing to you?” which is rather sad because I had just said to you “You chatted to sachu and voice, enabling their deception and oblivious to their hate campaign, and I never for a moment thought less of you”. If you cannot accept that I speak the truth to you, there seems nothing left to say except, keep it United.

  41. WillieRedNut says:

    You’ve made some valid points Paul Parker. You too smartalex. I only tried to defuse a potential back and fourth personal insult, between PP and MG. I wasn’t taking sides. I respect both. But, this has went on too far now. I implore everyone to get back to United related content. As and when, the wums and trolls turn up. We’ll deal with them, as we’ve always done. Lets not take pot shots at each other. I would encourage all of us, to try and understand each others views. This is coming from someone who used hit out, and ask questions later. I grew up though. If we allow a situation to progress, to where we’re at loggerheads with each other, then the wums and trolls have won. I don’t want them to win, ever. The lads who I respect on here, don’t let this happen. 19

  42. smartalex says:


    It’s a bit strange for me, because I responded to being targeted by NOT attacking anyone. Not even sachu and VoV, despite the torrent of abuse they aimed directly at me. I also did not allow the blight to stop me posting my usual comments, and I believe I remained upbeat, humble, and put peace on RoM first.

    Having endured a hate campaign the likes of probably not seen on RoM before, I guess I can handle a few more undeserved taunts without getting my nickers in a twist.

    There’s no doubt that sachu’s hatred extended far beyond me, and he is definitely an old anti-Clique-activist, with the malevolent desire to ruin RoM despite having nothing to gain. He will read all these comments, so I’m with WillieRedNut:

    When we are at loggerheads with each other, then the wums and trolls have won. We don’t want them to win, ever. We won’t let this happen. 19

  43. Paul Parker says:

    Cheers Willierednut.

    Smartalex, you know what? I told MG to knock the anti username theft campaign on the head at the start of the Scouse Journo thread, and him, gallantly defending your non-simian honour, starting F-ing and blinding at me for not fighting racism. So, I can see where it all kicked off unintentionally, and im not one to hold grudges anyway as I speak my mind in the first place.

    Theres no hard feelings from me towards anybody on the blog pal. Besides, we don’t have to pretend to agree on everything as we Genuinely agree on enough, right? Individuals rarely agree all the time anyway, but we can agree on 3 points tomorrow. Thats what we’re all here for at the end of the day.

  44. Lenand says:

    Having read the long report, I cannot help but worry about Glen Johnson. Is it really worth it to be insulted in such a manner i.e. used in evidence by a racist, and be photographed with a shirt supporting this racist pig? Luis Suarez is a talented player, but like many talented players, he is getting his talent get into his head. In South Africa, he helped eliminate Ghana by what he termed “hand of god” At the time, he denied the penalty, and looked surprise when the referee gave him his marching orders. He then celebrated wildly when the penalty was missed. At the end of the day, it was a football incident and it is easy to accept, though it does demonstrate a cheat of the worst order. I heard how LFC rubbished the report and I am delighted the FA published the report. That Liverpool have failed to lodge an appeal does indeed show they have been shown as liars. Kenny Dalglish and more specially Glen Johnson should hang their heads in shame. Dalglish was vocal in support and that is understandable, but his insults aimed at Evra and his lies as a witness has made me lose respect of this man. Dirk Kuyt too has been proven as liars and by not appealing, Liverpool are indeed confirming they have at least 3 liars in their midst i.e. Dalglish, Suarez and Kuyt. This whole things should not have gone further after the game, if Suarez had gone to apologise to Evra, as soon as they reliased that Man U were reporting the matter to the referee.

  45. smartalex says:

    Paul Parker

    In response, I’d like to make 3 points. All of them tonight against Newcastle!

  46. Red Devil says:

    Paul Parker’ comment on JANUARY 2, 2012 AT 15:43

    Fantastic post mate….Top Quality…..

  47. Mike V says:

    Suarez jus indicated to the FA of England that they are stupid to suspend him. He refused to shake hands before the start of the game. I think that he should be suspended for life or the English FA abolish the shaking of hands before a game. This is not the 40′s or 50′s where England had a hold over Asia where they created a caste and class where they went. Cheers


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