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The Sun Have It Wrong On Zaha

The Sun have today published a story claiming that Wilf Zaha tweeted “Looks like I’m on my way to the top of the Premier League” on Saturday night. A screenshot of this tweet quickly did the rounds on the internet but when you looked at Zaha’s timeline, there was no such tweet.

Zaha later tweeted that he had no idea where the tweet had come from. The Sun have concluded that Zaha must have deleted the tweet.

However, anyone paying attention at the time would have seen that the image being passed around was an obvious Photoshop. For one thing, the number of Zaha’s tweets on the image were the same as on his account, which wouldn’t have been the case if he had written it and then deleted it.

The journalist who was conned by this obvious fake is Charlie Wyett. His name may ring a bell because at the beginning of the season he claimed that Robin van Persie wouldn’t even get in to double figures for United this season.

Zaha may well be on his way to Manchester United but he certainly didn’t put it on Twitter.

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  1. bRed says:

    Absolutely love it when pot-shot journalists get it so spectacularly wrong.

  2. coco_bware says:

    hmmm i think we have enough firepower upfront….anything for the midfield and defend?

  3. markyboy says:

    Monday ain’t so bad when united have beaten the scousers.

  4. iced earth says:

    hello every one i think we have agreed a deal with palace to sign him but he will join in the summer just like chris any news about vida and young hope they are ok

  5. Brooka says:

    The Guardian’s Daniel Taylor writes: “The number-crunchers at Opta say the Premier League is 20% faster than five years ago. It’s fast, frenetic and doesn’t let up, and it takes a special player to see the right pass at this level and have the ability, almost every time, to play it with the perfect weight.”

    Who’s he talking about? Michael Carrick of course! One day he’ll be truly appreciated by all Reds.

    Quick observations from yesterday:

    Howard Webb did his best to prove beyond doubt that he is not a Utd fan. The man needs to stop reading the gutter press before games.

    The OT pitch is really suffering at the moment. It’s rutted and patchy and I’m amazed that Utd played so well on it (for 60 odd minutes any way).

    I keep saying to the lads around me that we never make it easy for ourselves but why is this always the case? We looked solid until they scored and didn’t look like conceding. I’m thinking this season that no matter how well we play ir defend, we’ll still end up conceding two goals from two shots etc:

    We’ve done it before this season when we seem to retreat into our shells when faced with holding onto a lead. I’m not sure whether this is deliberate from Fergie or the players own fear. However, Fergie does seem to reluctant to change things when the oposition gets on top, preferring to wait 5-10 minutes. The crowd could see Liverpool taking control yet Fergie chose to close ranks and leave RvP ploughing a lone furrow up front. I’d rather us re-assert our play on them and go for another goal. We don’t do sitting on leads very well.

    Overall we deserved the win and it’s encouraging how we’re beating all our traditional rivals this season. I’ve got a funny feeling that, once again, the derby in April will prove pivotal.

    P.S: I have written to the club regarding their policy of charging ticket season holders full price for the cup replay, an extra game that should not be applicable to the frankly scandalous automatic cup scheme. I won’t be attending as I ‘m working and it simply is unfair to make fans spend such large sums so close after Christmas, particularly with another potential home game to come in the next round and Real Madrid on the horizon. The attendance will still suggest a sell out against the Hammers and the club wont care because they’ll have an extra pay day, but surely this is exploiting fan loyalty to the extreme?

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Good analysis Scott. I was wondering about this yesterday as there were a mountain of reports on it. But Zaha came right out and denied it, so you had to suspect skulduggery.
    It is remarkable how easy it is for people to alter twitter feeds. Another case of consumer beware.

    In any event, any move for Zaha won’t be release to public until the summer. Palace have said he won’t leave until then and I think they would be crazy to do it. CP seem much more sensible then say Newcastle who regularly shoot themselves in the foot by selling their top scorers and then struggling for goals.

    Think more will be revealed in June. Would be very surprised if we needed Zaha. Can’t see it if Danny, Javier and Rooney all have long term futures at the club. Will Keane will also start coming in to it I feel. If any of the current forwards are maneuvering for the exit, then lads like Zaha (already with an England cap as well) will start to look very interesting.

    With respect to that England cap, that is probably the only reason I give any credence to the rumor at all. If he had opted for the Ivory Coast, I feel we have had much less interest. History being my guide on that. In any case, a good call by Zaha and his agent.

  7. dazbomber says:

    I hope its true the lad is class,he had a great game against us .With our wingers with indifferent form i would love us to get him now he would give us something else.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Brooka, Saw your comment on the OT pitch. The club have noted the problem and the entire surface will be replaced over the summer. The current pitch is 6 years old from one report I saw. Cheers

  9. dazbomber says:

    On Twitter Vedic out for the season ? Any one heard anything

  10. Norm187 says:


    I saw an article claiming fergie said after the game it will be relayed very soon, as in its current state darren fletcherinho cant play on it with his condition.

    dont know if this is true or not???

  11. jigpig says:

    Not heard about Vidic but here is the physio room for the Premier League.

  12. Marq says:

    If Vidic is out for so long again, there must be serious doubts on him ever recovering fully. Time for Smalling to nail his place. Evans & Smalling is the future, and maybe the future is here already, unless Jones have something to say about it

  13. iced earth says:

    if they are injured for long spell it will be a huge blow

  14. kanchelskis says:

    If Youngy’s out for a while, it could be a big opportunity for Nani to re-establish himself.

    That said, three fit proper wingers would nice for the fixture pileup to come.

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Norm187. Think it will be this summer. Takes minimum of 14days in spring like weather.

    Independent has your quote, but says the summer. Cheers

  16. Costas says:

    Surely no one else can be as silly over twitter as Hazard was…

    As for the injuries, lets wait and see. To be honest, knowing Vida”s serious injury from last year, I don’t have many expectations from him. But we need Young and Evans back as soon as possible. Evans should be ok for Spurs, but Young was a weird one. His knee bent badly in that fall but he played on for 20 minutes.

  17. Marq says:

    Talking about Hazard, he should thank Torres for taking the brunt of the attention. For all the money Chelsea paid for him, he has been poor except in his first month when he was still an unknown package

  18. wayne says:

    I’m getting bored with Zaha rumors read this morning the fee has gone up to 15mill + add ons and Palace want him back on loan,City supposedly are getting involved probably the reason the fee has spiked
    Getting worried about Vidic Utd have brought him on slowly and he’s still breaking down,anyone know if it’s the same knee.Let’s hope he came off as a precaution and it’s nothing serious,Young has had fair share of injuries since joining,last few years fucked up the amount of injuries Utd have had

  19. Red Robin says:

    Why do we need Zaha?

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Can United achieve 100 pts in the EPL?

    Only 3scenarios get us 100:
    W16 (103pts)
    W15 + D1 (101)
    W15 + L1 (100).

    All other outcomes finish below 100pts

    100 points is highly unlikely, and might put other competitions at risk. It would be a nice statement about the quality of this squad.

    Right now 97points is all we need to seal the title.
    City could only achieve 96 point if they win all their remaining matches.

    98 is achieved by dropping no more than 6points.
    You can and subtract 1 point from that for every point City drop from here to the end of the season.

    Mark my words. Points will be dropped. Just a matter of how many.

  21. Ash says:

    I have to agree with Sir alex that there is no value in the Market especially in english market. Come onn Zaha for 15 millions is crazy. What has he done. Yeah he might be a hot prospect but he has not done something amazing to be worth 15 millions or even for more than 10 millions.

    I have never seen a young unknown Italian or spanish or even a german player cost so much. And I remember Papers were saying welbeck could be off for 10 millions. Fucking Joke. Welbeck atleast has played top flight football. Its called hypocrisy

  22. wayne says:

    Red Robin because he’s 20 and considered the best player in the championship.When Peterborough played QPR Zaha was unplayable and Fergie jr was raving about him,he’s a rare talent and English

  23. tomDAbomb says:

    can ticket names be changed on european away tickets does anyone know?

  24. kanchelskis says:


    Bear in mind that City winning all their remaining games automatically takes 3 points of us as we have to play them.

    Incidentally, accruing points at the current ratio (2.5 per game) would put us on 95 at the end of the season.

  25. kanchelskis says:

    Which means, of course, that if we continue to accrue points at our current rate, the only way City can win the title is by winning all their games…

  26. Diego says:

    The English premium that has to be paid is ridiculous. He has not played a minute of premier league football and who knows how he will cope with the pressure? Palace will milk every single £ out of this one and I’d really wish we wouldn’t be the one overpaying for some hyped up championship player. If we want a winger then put in a cheeky bid for Isco first. Malaga are cash strapped and can’t play in Europe next season.

  27. kanchelskis says:

    Which means, of course, that if we are able to accrue points at our current rate, AND beat City at Old Trafford as part of that …

    … it’s ours.

    Makes it sound so simple!

  28. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Kanchelskis Spon on. But no way either team get full points out of remaining games. Never has happened and won’t this year. They won’t win all and we won’t either.

    That said, we have 7 points free advantage now. Dont really see us loosing more than 2 but injuries could be important. Obviously the derby at OT will be huge game.

  29. King Eric says:

    Yeah Charlie Wyett the ONLY journo when asked in a paper yesterday who said NO , United won’t win the title. Fuck off Charlie you clown.

  30. King Eric says:

    Brooka – Spot on mate. Carrick at least now IS being finally appreciated. I have always been a massive fan. Ran the first half yesterday again. Webb was a fucking joke and like you say did his utmost to shaft United and prove to the ABU’s he doesn’t favour United.

  31. King Eric says:

    Oh and don’t even get me started on the FA Cup. 46 quid it’s cost me for Wednesday but can’t make it. I was told yesterday by the lad who runs our Supporters Club that Fulham are charging United 54 quid for the game at the Cottage. Wigan paid FOURTEEN quid. Piss take.

  32. kanchelskis says:


    I think we could well keep our 2.5-points-per-game ratio up though, especially if we go out to Madrid and can keep the squad fresh for the league.

    We’ve visited Anfield, Etihad, Goodison and the Bridge. Next weekend is huge as it’s our last big away test (I don’t count Emirates any more – they’re shithouses, as proved yesterday). If we can take 3 points from The Lane, I’ll start to believe…

  33. King Eric says:

    Marq – Alright pal. Yes but the cockney loving media would have us believe Hazard has been World Class. Fucking dogshit player the fat little cunt. One of the embarrassingly named “3 Amigo’s” . Pathetic.

  34. King Eric says:

    Heard this morning that Falcao is interested in a move to PSG. He “likes the project and would love to go to Paris” . Fuck all to do with the coin you greedy cunt. Fucking PSG. Who the fuck are they? Malaga, City etc all make me fucking puke.

  35. King Eric says:

    This may sound a bit daft but in a way I am glad we arent ten in front of City as I think a gap THAT big could lead to complacency. No I will settle for a 7 point gap, this way United know they need to keep on winning which I am sure they are well aware of!

  36. Sparkz says:

    Vidic being injured puts a bit of pressure on us at the back…..coz it means Rio will probably have to play Wednesday and Sunday. 3 games in 7 days, not often he does that.

    Of course we could just rest him this Wednesday and play Smalling and Jones….but I’d like us to have a good crack at the FA Cup tbh.

    Hopefully Nani, Anderson and Rooney all get a run out as well, get some minutes under their belt. Would play Welbeck up front with Rooney too, rest RVP on the bench and reward Danny for his performance yesterday.

  37. fergie is the boss says:

    King Eric – rich owners seem to love to buy small clubs like Chelsea shitty and PSG

  38. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Is vida’s injury confirmed though? Still holding out hope that he’s had a bang to the knee and he’ll shrug it off. Started to look back to his best yesterday, hoping he will be fine.

  39. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Zaha is a fantastic talent though, not your typical run of the mill english workman like winger, he’s got that guile and flair you would find in continental players. I can’t see him moving fir a ridiculous straight 15mill, it would be less added with performance related bonuses. He’s got a lot of potential, a fergie type signing.

  40. wayne says:

    Spending mega millions to dominate the French league wtf is that about

  41. fergie is the boss says:

    also back to that heated debate about fergie terrible at tactics, that he was never the same since 2008, lets look at 2009 2010 2011 2012

    2009 – outsmarted mourinho, destroyed arsenal, got past porto through great workman like spirit

    2010 – if it was not for rooney’s injury, I think united may have won the CL

    2011 – got to the final, took apart chelsea,solid performences against marselle, and an easy win over Schalke 04

    2012 – was the only season since 2005 where we were poor in europe

    and if it was not for barcelona really coming together, and key injury’s fucking uniteds season up, fergie could have picked up 4 CL wins in 5 years, as 2009 2010 and 2011 we could have won the CL in those seasons. Heck if we were on form, we could have given a good account of the CL in 2012, even winning it again

  42. evisu says:

    Overpriced as usual and IF he is going to United we will pay way too much.

  43. Tom says:

    Winning in 2012???? …v guys r true fans but this is takin it to a ridiculous level mate …Schalke in semis ?? V just got lucky buddy

  44. Cadelin says:

    Ash, regarding your comment on not seeing foreign players go for “huge sums”as there is no value …
    CR7 for £12.5M a number of years ago ???

    Not suggesting for a second that this Zaha kid is the second coming but there are occassional exceptions to the rule.

    I trust SAF’s judgement, whatever happens on this one.

  45. Ante Perkovic says:

    Zaha is not overrated. Young, talented & playing for England. Price is ok but SAF knows best if is he for ManUtd.

  46. BayoRed says:

    Why do we worry about how much United will pay. I havent seen much of the lad to believe the hype but if we think Zaha is worth his salt buy him, rather we take the risk than the 12 Million is coverted to the Glazers’ use. His stock is likely to rise if he joins us anyway especially since he is young and English. Ultimately I think this will come down to whether or Not SAF thinks he has what it takes(Not whether or not we can pay 12m) and in SAF I trust.

  47. United Till I Die says:

    Who knows whats going on, but the recent trend is having loads of back up for each position and letting the players fight it out. Sounds good to me. Personally, I think if Wayne Rooney was questioning the quality of the Squad this season, with the lads we’ve got, he’d probably be shown the door for an astronomical amount.

    Haven’t seen enough of Zaha, but everybody is rating him very, very highly and I can’t think of another 2nd tier player to EVER do that.

  48. Corea says:

    12.5 mln a problem ? What had Jones done when we signed him for 16m ?


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