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The Support Ronaldo Received Is Now Sickening

Steven Gerrard, who missed one of the penalties that saw England knocked out of the last World Cup, deflected any possible negative attention away from himself and in the direction of Ronaldo instead.

“If it was one of my team-mates, I’d be absolutely disgusted in him because there’s no need for that,” said Gerrard. “I’ve seen Ronaldo going over giving the card and I think he’s bang out of order. I think that sums him up as a person. If I was playing against my team-mates from Liverpool and they were involved in a situation like that, I’d never try and get them sent off.”

Gerrard’s opinion summed up the opinion of England. It was quickly forgotten than Liverpool men Carragher and Gerrard, as well as Chelsea’s Frank Lampard, missed their penalties in the shootout, and all blame landed on the shoulders of United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. No mention was given to the fact Ronaldo was one of five Portuguese players surrounding the ref.

Gerrard might claim he wouldn’t behave in the same way if it was his team mate, but I am curious as to what the English reaction would have been if this is true.

Imagine he thought a Portuguese player who also played for Liverpool stamped on the bollocks of John Terry. Had Gerrard stayed away, despite being right next to the incident, whilst his English team mates reacted furiously, what would that have said about his commitment to England? Surely him putting his club team mate ahead of his country, when playing for England in the World Cup, would have been despicable.

Whilst the country was ready to have Ronaldo hung, drawn and quartered, Manchester United supported him entirely.

In the weeks that followed, United rallied behind England’s scapegoat, publicly supporting him time and again.

Wayne Rooney

“I bear no ill feeling to Cristiano but am disappointed that he chose to get involved,” he said. “I suppose I do though have to remember that on that particular occasion we were not team-mates.”

Going above and beyond what anyone could have expected from Rooney, he went on to say that he felt for Ronaldo missing out on a Player of the Tournament award.

“The thing that disappointed me is that Ronaldo should have won the Young Player of the Tournament, but I think that with all the criticism he got he had it taken away from him,” he added. “I was disappointed and everyone at the club was disappointed for him. He had a good tournament and I don’t think he should have had it taken away because of that.”

Sir Alex Ferguson

“David Beckham came back after the World Cup in 1998 and had it, while Eric Cantona had it all the time – everywhere he went,” he said. “They can only boo for so long, and if you’re playing well and winning, it quietens them down. There will be no problem with Cristiano and it certainly didn’t affect him when he was booed at the World Cup. He reacted positively and played well. He’s got a fantastic attitude and he’s a really strong character.”

Gary Neville

“You know, I saw the incident after the game with Portugal and I saw exactly what happened with what Wayne did and I saw exactly what Cristiano’s reaction was,” he said. “I don’t have a problem with Cristiano for that, I went and swapped shirts with him after that. The English will always come up with excuses and scapegoats for why they haven’t won and this time it was Cristiano. The reason we lost the game was because Wayne got sent off, which he knows about, we didn’t score the penalties and we didn’t get the goal. It was nothing to do with Cristiano why we didn’t win that tournament. We always protect our own, right the way back to David Beckham coming back from a tournament, my brother in 2000, it has always been the case where United will protect its own players. It happened again this summer with Cristiano and Wayne, but he is at the right place and he’ll be protected by the manager, who is brilliant at doing that. The players will never have any problem. What happens in an international game has got nothing to do with what happens at Manchester United.”

Sir Bobby Charlton

“He is only a young lad,” he said. “He is inexperienced and doesn’t know a lot about the game. But he will come back better because of this. It is going to be tricky for him at the beginning but he is a great player and that is what people should focus on. He wants to be successful. The more he thinks about it, the more he will realise he is in the right place.”

Ryan Giggs

“All it proves is that you are a good player,” he said. “The opposition fans are trying to put you off your game because they realise you are a danger. That is what will happen to Cristiano. But he is a strong character and a talented player. All he can do is keep putting in the performances on the pitch and hope it all settles down after a while. We are used to things like these. David Beckham had it and Eric Cantona had it. The players get around it by having a joke to make the person concerned feel a bit more relaxed about it. That is all you can do really.”

John O’Shea

“There have been no problems between Wayne and Ronaldo,” he said. “It’s actually been quite funny at times the circus that has gone on. Obviously, they weren’t team-mates at the time, they were trying to do their best for their countries. But they’re back now, they’re team-mates again and they are looking forward to the season starting. Look at the way he (Ronaldo) has come back into training, and with some of the goals he has scored already in pre-season. It’s just been fantastic to see him back in action and I feel he is going to be a big player for us this season, a major threat. I know he has been vilified, but so have other players over the years. The club are used to dealing with it.”

Louis Saha

“We expect some players like Cristiano are going to get some stick,” he said. “The only thing he can do is show his quality. At least the United fans supported him on Tuesday, so that is good.”

Mikael Silvestre

“I am sure Cristiano will continue to have great support,” he said. “The fans have always got behind players who have had a hard time and I am sure it will be the same with him.”

Ronaldo started the season brilliantly, and before the start of the next year, had scored 12 goals. United went on to win the league and Ronaldo was crowned the PFA and Footballer Writers Player of the Year.

Clearly the support Ronaldo received, from the club and fans alike, had a massive impact on the player. In the September of that season, Ronaldo spoke fondly of the club.

“It is true that before returning to Manchester after the World Cup I said in an interview that I might leave,” Ronaldo said. “But then I realised this was a club that had given me a lot of support, where I had won a lot of things, and I analysed the situation once again. I spoke to my agent and then Sir Alex Ferguson and I took a calm decision and decided to stay. I want the fans to remember me with affection, to say I was one of the club’s great players. The problems of the past have long gone. I am very happy at this club and I want to stay here.”

Sadly, it appears as though Ronaldo has a short memory, and could be willing to pack in his United career after they have aided him in becoming the best in the World.

Whether Ronaldo leaves this summer or not, it is sickening to think of how well he has been treated by the club, and how little he appreciates that now. To allow the press to play this ‘will he won’t he’ game is totally disrespectful to United and our fans.

Imagine the same situation had ensued with Ronaldo as a Real Madrid player, and it was Raul who was given his marching orders. He’d be on the first plane out of Madrid, paid for eagerly by the club.

If only Ronaldo could see what he could be losing…

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. MO PT SENTI says:

    cristiano ronaldo TU ES UN FILS DE PUTE


  2. joe says:

    who needs to learn how to pass the ball if they scored 42 goals in a season?

  3. Gary says:

    Steven Gerrard is the biggest hypocrite in English football. I seem to remember very clearly Gerrard convincing Mark Clattenburg to send Tony Hibbert off in the Merseyside derby this season, even tho Clatenburg was clearly going for a yellow card Gerrard then sprant up to Clatenburg demanding it was red. The same Gerrard who also slammed Ronaldo for diving should take a look at himself. He done 2 awfull dives against Blackburn recently and I remember him doing possibly the worse dive I have ever seen for England against Andora in which he tried to win a penalty.

  4. Craig Mc says:

    Ronaldo has his own interests at heart. He believes the club owe him, for the last two seasons of winning PL and CL trophies. He feels that alone should be enough for the club to release him to Madrid. I get the impression that CR7′s attitude is also, that the adoration the United faithful gave him, was only what was due to him, and so we should not feel he owes us fans anything either. I think if he stays, he is in for a rude awakening, and will see what it is like to maybe experience a songless, and adoration – less season.

  5. denton davey says:

    Please, give it a rest.

    Right now, we are all in the dark about the relationship between Ronaldo and UTD/Fergy.

    It “might be” the case that Ronaldo has been behind the stories but, equally, it “might be” the case that this is a tempest-in-a-teacup orchestrated by Real Madrid.

    The fact-of-the-matter is that RIGHT NOW we have not heard anything driectly from Ronaldo’s mouth.

    If you’re going to get all hysterical about this, wait until you have an iron-clad reason to do so.

    Otherwise, I’d rather read another articale comparing the relative value of, say, Roque Santa Cruz/Dimitar Berbatov/Karim Benzema to my club.

    What’s been really striking about this kerfuffle has been the almost-complete silence from SAF. What do you think that the old codger knows that you don’t ?

  6. Scott the Red says:

    Davey – the issue is nothing to do with whether Ronaldo actually ends up staying or leaving.

    The fact is he was supported 100% by our club, players and fans, as highlighted in the article, and is now taking the piss.

    You hit the nail on the head. You’ve not heard anything directly from Ronaldo’s mouth. Why the fuck hasn’t he come out saying he’s definitely staying at United? That is where my frustration lies. This all could have been put to bed weeks ago, but he chose to leave us hanging.

  7. Craig Mc says:

    Scott the Red, your dead right mate, but some people can’t see the patently bloody obvious. But hey, everyone has their own right and take on the CR7 non talking stance, but I agree with your take on it!.

  8. denton davey says:

    Scott: you are quite right in saying that Ronaldo could have been definite in saying that he is in love with Manchester, Manchester United, and all that goes along with playing for our team. AND, he didn’t. However, my “take” on this is that there is rather more here than meets the eye – and, if you press me to say what that is, here goes:

    I think that Ronaldo wants to be paid more and feels that he deserves more. But, also, he has this “dream” of movng to Madrid to play for the fascists.

    OK, there’s nothing new there BUT I also think that he has made both points to the UTD hierarchy which has put them in a quandry which makes one wonder how the Glazers and Fergy/Gill have responded.

    One element in UTD’s thinking has been the rumoured link up with Nike to produce a CR7 line of clothing and accessories which would meet his demand for better compensation (waaaay beyond what Madrid has suggested) and,

    second, I think that after being burned a few times by Real Madrid, the UTD hierarchy has played a little diversionary ruse by setting a trap for Madrid to envision that Ronaldo just might be for sale.

    SO, far from unsettling the kid, what has happened is that Real Madrid themselves have been unsettled and bitten hook, line, and sinker.

    The upshot has been lots of media “leaks” through AS, Marca, godfathers, and others. Calderon and the coach have also been widely quoted about their own dream of securing Ronaldo for RM.

    BUT ALSO, the initial suggestin that they would pay whatever CR7 wants and then the more recent “news” from Calderon that no one can be paid more than Raul and that RM would not pay “an astronomical transfer fee for one one player”.

    The result has been that Ronaldo has learned a lesson – Madrid bargain in bad faith.

    Of course, I have nothing to back up this “conspriacy theory” but it does seem to me to be a way to connect the various bits-and-pieces of information (and mis-information) that has been a media focus for the past month.

    Ronaldo’s role in this little ruse has been a passive one – sure, he’s winked, but nothing more. He was most likely instructed not to put the matter “to bed” because it was in everyone’s interest to “leave us hanging” while giving Madrid plenty of rope with which to hang themselves.

    I also expect that we are going to see an announcement in the next few weeks that Ronaldo has signed a new, improved contract with UTD and Nike which will make him the best-paid footie-player in the world.

    AND, if that’s the case, I am really, really looking forward to seeing Calderon and the rest of the Madridistas eat shite.

  9. Kings says:

    Scott the Red: Great article. The whole thing smacks of complete disrespect. What is there for him to think about? he either wants to stay or he doesn’t. All he had to do was say he wanted to stay from the beginning, then that would of been the end of the matter. The fact that he wanted to concentrate on the Finals first before deciding on his future is a strong indication that he is looking to sever ties with the club. Madrid are cunts for tapping him up, and Platini is an even bigger cunt for endorsing Madrids illegal approach to a player contracted to the club for 4 years. Wonder what he would have to say if we was making illegal approaches for Benzema?

  10. Tom F says:

    For a player to think he deserves the chance to leave for another European rival for his peformances in our last 2 campaigns say’ss a lot for a man who, in every post-match interview says it’s all about the team and how he is happy to help and be part of the team.

    He is acting like he is the be all and end all.

    He should havebeen straight all along but maybe the way this boy has been torn and spoiled has made him a very confused man indeed.

    It’s a sad, sad story.

    From We’ve Got Ronaldo to Viva Ronaldo, it was an amazing show

    Yet, That Boy Ronaldo must go.

  11. stretford.ender says:

    I really cant see the point in posting this article, its gone its history and should remain there. We all know gerrards a tw*t and can dive and sway refs with the best of them ….thing is he dont wiin any medals either where as Ronaldo does nuff said.

  12. Duncan says:

    This article is completely blind to the fact that Ronaldo might actually want to move on to new things as a footballer. I think he’s more than repaid any kind of ‘debt’ for united’s support by scoring a hell of a lot of goals and leading us to the double, and every united fan should be fully appreciative of this. No doubt that Fergie has made him the player he is today, but some birds are too beautiful to be caged.

    Even from all the media distortion of this saga, I have not noticed Ronaldo once being disrespectful to United. If he wants to go, then it was right for him to stay silent (as he did) by leaving it until he could sit down and talk to Fergie.

    We should be appreciating all that we have seen Ronaldo do for this club, not slating him if he decides to move on. If it’s his dream then it’s his dream and nobody should stand in the way of a boy with that much talent.

  13. Weller says:

    Guy’s we need to get real. He is going to leave and wants to. Anyone who thinks otherwise are kidding themselves. He is and always has had no soul. A genius on the field but his attitude and lack of respect for team mates and fellow professionals has always been an issue for me and the sole reason he will never go down as a true Utd great. I’m sure Fergie already had decided what to do with him. Get him out, he’s making a mackery of the club by not speaking out.

  14. Craig Mc says:

    Duncan, if you really read carefully what Scott the Red is saying in the article, he is not insisting at all that CR7 should stay. His main issue of the article, is that Ronnie has been RESPECTED and catered too by loyal United fans and club alike, especially in the face of all that was coming against him throughout the country over the Rooney incident. What Scott seems to be saying in his article, to what I can see anyway, is Ronnie’s behaviour in the way he has let this ‘will he, wont he’ saga run on for so long. Scott sees that as disrespectful to those who have supported him through thick and thin. Scott is not saying I believe, that Ronnie should stay out of loyalty etc.

    With regards to a boy with that much talent, and not standing in his way!. What makes you think that his talent is not better enhanced by staying at Old Trafford, rather than Madrid?. And I speak this as someone who wants to see Ronaldo leave, so I could hardly be called biased. He has had two good seasons, mainly because players like Rooney, Tev and Nani etc have done the donkey work to give him his glory goals. If you really believe that he will get the players at Madrid to sacrifice their own egotistical ambitions to further Ronaldo’s cause, then you only had to see Portugal in the recent euro’s. Sousa and Deco wouldn’t allow him to take the free kicks, or penalty’s if they had won any I suspect. CR7 has a lot to prove that he is the world’s best. He missed penalties against Barca and CL Chelsea game, and did nothing to prove himself for Portugal in the euros. So please, beautiful bird being caged, you are joking right?.

  15. Nev says:

    For f*cks sake how quick United fans are to turn their backs on a player and assume the worst!
    There has been nothing but media speculation, you can’t blame Ronaldo for keeping quiet and seeing where it goes as he does want to join Madrid eventually, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still want to play for us, and he certainly hasn’t demanded a move or disrespected us by coming out and saying too much.

    If you have a wonderful job in england earning sh*t loads and someone comes along and offers you the chance to earn twice as much in a country with nicer weather you are going to at least think about it, and dont deny it!

    Ronaldo will be back, but eventually he may leave and if he does you fickle prawns will no doubt turn on him again. Makes me sick. The abu press will be loving your reaction. Would love to see some of YOUR comments after the Rooney incident.

    From a TRUE United supporter.

  16. stretford.ender says:

    If it turns out his hearts in Madrid then cash in now while the goings good……imagine if he takes a dip in form if he stays at OT (hard to imagine but could happen) imagine he only scores 20 goals next season…will he still be rated as good? (20 would do me BTW) If he wants to go then theres no option but to let him, just be thankful scolari isnt buying him at Chelsea :) … in while the goings good *) 80 mill should do it.

  17. Duncan says:

    Scott: “Why the fuck hasn’t he come out saying he’s definitely staying at United?”

    Maybe because he’s not DEFINITELY staying at united, maybe because he’s DEFINITELY not leaving, maybe because he want to leave it until he’s sat down with the Fergie and discussed his future. It’s laughable to see some of the hypocracy on this board, where you hate the whole ‘will he won’t he’ saga which is completely drummed up by the media and then let yourselves get sucked into the whole issue by believing every story the tabloids churn out. The fact is, there is no ‘will he won’t he’ saga going on, it’s just you no patience to wait for a decision. Give the guy a break. He’s probably hardly had any real time to think about the whole thing properly let alone seriously discuss it with anyone.

    CraigMC. I suppose you still had this idea that CR7 isn’t one of the world’s greatest players when he was banging in 42 goals for us. I don’t care who you’ve got as supporting strikers, 42 goals at the highest level is pretty fucking impressive. Funny how you only seem to point out the penalty kick miss and not the awesome header that got us the shootout in the first place. Nobody can deny he doesn’t deserve to be classed as one of if not the greatest player of the year. It’s great that utd supported him after the world cup but then i would expect that kind of support for any of our players under the circumstances. This shouldn’t mean that he owes it to utd to stay with them, and isn’t allowed to want to leave. He’s achieved everything he probably wanted to acheive here, knows he’s at his prime to try new challenges, and probably fancies a bit of sun and misses the mediterranean. Fair play is say, thank you for the good times, and no hard feelings or disrespect felt.

    I don’t like to say it, but for all the amazing united supporters, there are a fair few whingey, spoilt, haters who have to find something to complain about. Chill out.

  18. Duncan says:

    # Comment by Nev on July 1, 2008 14:08

    For f*cks sake how quick United fans are to turn their backs on a player and assume the worst!
    There has been nothing but media speculation, you can’t blame Ronaldo for keeping quiet and seeing where it goes as he does want to join Madrid eventually, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still want to play for us, and he certainly hasn’t demanded a move or disrespected us by coming out and saying too much.

    If you have a wonderful job in england earning sh*t loads and someone comes along and offers you the chance to earn twice as much in a country with nicer weather you are going to at least think about it, and dont deny it!

    Ronaldo will be back, but eventually he may leave and if he does you fickle prawns will no doubt turn on him again. Makes me sick. The abu press will be loving your reaction. Would love to see some of YOUR comments after the Rooney incident.

    From a TRUE United supporter.


    Ex-fucking-actly! Re-assuring to know that there are some people with a bit of sanity and independent thinking.

  19. Tom F says:


    I don’t think a TRUE Manchester United Supporter like yourself has any stronger word than say Scott or Craig. It’s an obvious fact that because somebody thinks the way Ronaldo has let himself be looked upon, certain areas of our support base are not going to share your view of “Re-assuring to know that there are some people with a bit of sanity and independent thinking.”

    Did you never sit and look back at what this whole post is about? Ronaldo has recieved continuous, strong support from United fans home and away since the World Cup. Not to mention the hundreds of forums, world wide supporters and supporters that may not attend matches for a number of valid reasons.

    He has had 100% attention and has been backed every day for the 5 years he has been here, obviously he was nowhere near the threat when he arrived.

    The thing is, you lose patience with people in life. There is only so much you can give, I have wanted Manchester United to be Ronaldo’s first choice Club, but despite this it’s clear for myself that it is not so.

    There’s also the fact that since Ronaldo has been here we’ve known that Real Madrid has been a dream destination of his and we have always talked about the subject with an open mind. We have always been understanding of the desire he has.

    What none of us expected was to see the self-centred, money grabbing side of a man who was being talked about as the next United Legend. I think it’s fair to say that it is not the case. He has not said certain things and then said some when he should have kept his mouth shut.

    Media pressure is a factor when it comes to who to blame but whether Ronaldo stay’s or goes, United’s support will act accordingly. Maybe we’ve got another Steve Gerrard on our hands. Maybe he doesn’t have a choice where to go.

    The effort and that goes into sites like this and the input from other regular commenters says a lot about who is a True supporter or not. I am a person who’s favourite players include Wes Brown and Darren Fletcher. I did not write off Brown when he was stalling on a contract because he deserves a better one. I never write off Fletch because he hardly plays, but he is always a reliable player. ” great examples of loyal, team workers.

    If preferring Loyalty and consistancy over a money grabbing show man, who acts like he’s a hollywood star makes me a ‘FAKE?’ Supporter then so be it.

  20. Duncan says:

    Your talking long winded jibberish, Tom, and make sure you read who actually stated they were TRUE fans before you try to elegantly argue with them. I haven’t questioned who is FAKE and who is TRUE at all, just that there are a few ppl who are easily misled by what they read in the paper that they feel they need to write such a hate ridden article as this, without realising the facts of the ‘saga’. Just look at the title of this piece. Is there really the need to say that his support is now “sickening”. Doesn’t even make sense. Just another attention grabbing title like rest of the tabloid bandwagon.

  21. Tom F says:

    Ok, I take the point that you quoted Nev, though what you also did was agree with it 100%. I should have quoted you as an “AMAZING” supporter shouldn’t I?

    “don’t like to say it, but for all the amazing united supporters, there are a fair few whingey, spoilt, haters who have to find something to complain about. Chill out.”

    that summed up your own comment, it also sums up yourself. Obviously you are entitled to your own opinion and I agree with the undoubted fact that Ronaldo has been top quality on the pitch but for any of us on here to think Ronaldo is acting like a spoilt little tosser must be “whingey, spoilt, haters”.

    Again, I disagree with you in your attempt to carefully dismantle this article. It is an opinion, written by somebody who loves Manchester United as much as anyone and who puts in a lot for fellow supporters, it’s aimed at United supporters and not the general public. If you find it too upsetting to read maybe you could stick to reading bbc ceefax, I am sure it’s all PC on there.

    Some of our supporters are in love with Manchester United for different reasons and our sucess over Fergies years have been down to team-spirit and when somebody threatens that, they are more dangerous than they are worth the trouble of having.

    in MY opinion.

  22. Nev says:

    Duncan you have basically summed it up nicely…’a few ppl who are easily misled by what they read in the paper’..this is what it comes down to, he hasn’t said f*ck all, but the press have been saying all sorts of rubbish with no proof whatsoever, and mugs like Tom have fallen for it all. I cannot believe how many of our fans have fallen for it, and you can guarantee our rivals up and down the country, all those ABU scumbags are laughing their asses off at us. So thanks all of you for giving them that opportunity.


    ‘I have wanted Manchester United to be Ronaldo’s first choice Club, but despite this it’s clear for myself that it is not so.’

    Are you kidding me? You were hoping he would change his mind were you?! HA! He was honest from the start, Spain was where his heart lay, you have to respect him for at least showing us that honesty, and of course Im sure you were one of those ‘fans’ who said that was ok, you’d enjoy it whilst it lasted and then understand when he wanted to head for Spain….of course you were, our club is full of these prawns these days, half of them are at FC United now, but when the day comes he wants to leave he’s a traitor! If Ronnie had come out and demanded to leave publicly I’d have been really disappointed, but he’s kept his mouth shut waiting to see what Fergie says and whether Real even make a realistic move. We dont know SH*T whats been going on, and neither do the press, so why dont you put a cork in it, give him the benefit of the doubt and save the crowing until all is revealed, because YOU are going to look a complete mug like all the other corporate FAKES at OT when he starts bagging them in again next season. I’ll be singing Viva Ronaldo on the stretford end as always.

    Want proof you’re a fake?

    ‘preferring Loyalty and consistancy over a money grabbing show man’

    Money grabbing? Have you ANY evidence of this? NO. Rio and Brown though, thats different….

    And your showman comment, I f*cking LOVE how flamboyant he is, just like besty was, but now he wants to leave its suddenly a negative thing used against him. I am ashamed to see my club associated with people like this nowadays.

  23. Craig Mc says:

    Nev, what do you know about Tom F, that you feel qualified to call him a ‘prawn’?. I can’t see from his posts that he is a corporate supporter, and to be honest neither can you!. What you think your the only one who stands in the Strettie end week in and week out?. Or supports the team through thick and thin, from the terraces home and away, come hail, rain or shine. There are quite a few Strettie enders I know from the Salford fans, tattie pie eaters and cuppa tea guys, who wouldn’t know a corporate from a chav, who feel similarly to Tom and say so over a few pints down the pub. So not every one who has a different take to you on Ronaldo is a member of the prawn eating brigade. Anyway, you can’t lump all Corporate fans as fakes. Some of them are as fanatical as the rest of us, they just stand in a different area of the ground that’s all. You and Dunc don’t hold the protocol on being TRUE fans you know. Maybe everybody don’t see Ronnie the way that you do, or like the way he has behaved in the whole ‘will he, won’t he debacle.’ You need to understand that you are not the only ones with an opinion, and lambasting those who don’t have an opinion that’s the same as yours, is intolerance to the utmost mate. Scott the Red has every right to express an opinion, and we may not always agree with him, but that doesn’t make him a prawn, fake, or corporate nobody. From another true United fan, who can’t stand other United fans who think their opinions are the only ones that matter, and try to belittle others who see things differently to them – get real!.

  24. Duncan says:

    Why don’t you stop arguing who’s fake and who’s not and concentrate on the real issue that we’re raising which is that those of you who are showing so much hostility towards Ronnie are doing so based on unfounded claims presented to you by tabloid lies. For supporters you’re not showing much support, but rather you’re gullibility of the press. I can completely appreciate that the author of this article has a right to state his opinion, just as I can appreciate that any idiot has the right to state a completely dumbfounded and poorly backed up opinion.


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