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The Tide Turns: Real Madrid Bad News For World Football

Of all people, the Bayern Munich chairman has stood up for United today, claiming Real Madrid’s behaviour is unacceptable and bad news for all clubs.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson is not a man to be messed with, and that if he doesn’t want to sell a player, he won’t be forced in to selling anyone.

Before today, United had received little support from outside the club, particularly following FIFA’s decision to reject our complaint.

Now, at least, it appears as though the tide is turning.

“I am not worried about the case because the rules are clear and Manchester United has a very strong contract with the player for the next four years,” Rummenigge said. “Besides, I know enough about (Sir) Alex Ferguson to know that if he says no, then that means no. Anyway, this is not a question of money for Manchester United. The player and Real Madrid can say what they want, United have the last word and if they say it is not happening then that is that. Teams will always have players in their squad that see incredible offers come in for them and contracts put forward that could see them earn a lot more money than they do with your club. That is the world that we currently live in, but luckily people can still say no. No is a very good word. In fact it is one of my favourites.”

Rummenigge believes that the Real Madrid tactic of talking to the press on a daily basis is one that shouldn’t be allowed in World football, slamming the behaviour of the club. “I cannot believe that a club like Real Madrid can force a player like Cristiano Ronaldo to cause such tension, because the price that they will have to pay is too high for everyone,” he continued. “I think that this is dangerous for world football. Each club has to find its own way of dealing with things in these cases. This is a situation that only concerns Manchester United, but I would like to see Ronaldo stay at the club for the benefit of everyone.”

Manchester United, whilst doing it entirely for themselves, are fighting a World football fight at the moment. If we cave and sell the player, it means Real Madrid have won, and will continue to sign players in this way.

Whilst most big clubs in Europe could be found guilty of ‘tapping up’ in this sense, with managers in our league as much as any other stating to the media their transfer targets, nothing is comparable to the behaviour of Real Madrid. They speak to the press daily, chipping away at their final goal, hoping United weaken and the player becomes too flattered to consider rejecting them.

If United stand up to Real Madrid and keep Ronaldo, it will be a warning to the Spanish club, as well as inspiration to other clubs to do the same.

Are you bothered about United winning this battle for World football?

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  1. Franco Mizzi says:

    All I know is that this battle has to be won for our sakes first and formost. Yes the rest of the world is watching and even on the Italian National TV station, RAI Uno (1), one of their leading sports analyst went as far as saying that Real Madrid are ‘inellegante’ translation to English is – Not elegant at all in their persuit of Cristiano Ronaldo. That FIFA did not take action is not a big deal as they acknowledged that something wrong was going on but no tangable proof. But the big question is do we as fans really want Ronaldo to play for us next season? I for one have always defended CR in the past, yes even after the Wayne Rooney affair, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to sing his name this coming season and the only reason I would like SAF and the rest not to give in to Real and CR is on a matter of principal and to show Real that they can not mess around with us.

  2. raymond says:

    anyway as far as i know is that this situation is all about football, alot of players have been bought by teams this same way, ronaldo instigated the whole saga, real is the best and every player wants to play fo us. so let every one shut up. the player doesnt want to play for man utd so wats the fuss about it, do u want do deny someone his desire and dream let man utd keep him and see wat would happen

  3. Margaret says:

    Though not personally concerned about keeping Ronaldo (why want someone who doesn’t want us?), I am concerned that Real Madrid shouldn’t get their own way in this saga. They have unashamedly used the media to chip away at both player and club (including a couple of our own daily’s) and fully expect to succeed. They will continue to use these tactics in the future to grab any player they fancy unless SAF makes a stand. Some might say that United have been guilty of similar tactics but never on this sort of level. I almost feel sorry for Ronaldo – too many expectations if he goes to RM and a lot of hostility if he appears at OT on the first day of the season. Maybe as he says, a couple of good goals will shut them up – arrogant or what?

  4. fergie's gonna get u says:

    fifa choosing not to act against real set a dangerous precedent that must have concerned other clubs like bayern munich. it’s good that rummenigge voiced his concern. it means that we are not alone in our cause against those fascist bastards. hopefully, more clubs will follow in voicing their support for united.

    this also ought to silence those morons who keep saying that we did the same to hargreaves a couple of years ago.

  5. Jonny F says:

    raymond – Real are the best are they? I’d disagree, what with us being European champions and all that, and you guys getting beat last season by Roma, who we’ve dicked a couple of times in the last 2 years, maybe you should try watching football then you wouldn’t make such a tit of yourself….

  6. Tom F says:

    “No is a very good word. In fact it is one of my favourites.”

    haha.. quality quote there!

    My only opinion on our domination of world football is that our club continues to run in the same way and avoids all politics at all costs.

    We Will Never Die!

  7. Gary says:

    Raymond how exactly are Real Madrid the best club in Europe when you were taken apart home and away by a Roma side that United dispatched off with ease in the past 2 seasons? The Bernabeu is half empty most the time. United have an estimated 330 million fans world wide, thats 5 per cent of the worlds population, 1 in 20 people are a United fan. We dwarf you in terms of fan base. Were reigning European champions and back to back champions of England, which is by far a stronger league then La Liga at this moment. Your chatting shit, so keep your opinions to yourself because there not welcome here.

  8. Chris says:

    Great words Gary! Raymond you’re a dick! Real are a team of the past… The Liverpool of Spain! Man Utd – Malta.

  9. Craig Mc says:

    Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, what a class bloke!. Hope more clubs come out in support of United’s stance on CR7.

    You know what, I have been as angry as the next person over the whole CR7 debacle, but I got to thinking yesterday, when Carlos (another top bloke) Quiroz told the press that Ronaldo is at a club that surrounds him with all the love and affection he craves. CR7 seems to be one of those people who needs to be adored, and although we toughies may snort at that, we maybe might need to understand a little about the CR7′s of this world. Don’t all jump on me please, but maybe instead of this tough stance against him, perhaps all we needed to do is fight for him with the same tenacity as dastardly Real Madrid are doing. Perhaps Fergie in saying CR7 could rot in the stands, needed to take a softer line than usual with this particular player. Though I know Fergie/Glaziers stance is aimed only at Madrid to make a point about their strong arm tactics. Quiroz seems to be taking the softer route, reminding Ronnie of the affection and love he has at United. Maybe we should have fought Madrid’s sweetness and light to Ronnie with the same benevolence???. Ok, I got my crash helmet on, so fire away in response lol!.

    Gary – haha – That’s putting Raymond straight mate. 330 million fans worldwide, and they are only those we officially know about..

  10. jJoseph duca says:

    The comment by raymond is arrogant as Real Madrid are in this Ronaldo saga.
    How can you tell everybody to shut up.
    Not every player wants to play RM, but only those looking after money. Because money isn`t a problem for R.M. When they are in debt they sell their training grounds and the spanish goverment provide them with a piece of new land, like they did in the past.

  11. Whiteside10 says:

    It’s as I have said before on this blog – what Ronnie does is down to United… Calderon can talk, Madrid players can talk, That Rag Marca can print what it likes and even little Raymond can have his say but Ronnie will be going nowhere unless Ferguson agrees to it. End of. Good to see Rummenigge stating this and the implications ot could have on World Football… I should add that this has been partly driven by Ronaldo’s perceived wish to play for Madrid, but something that hasn’t been said much is that the only people Ronaldo has heard from during this is from those with their own agenda (Scolari, maybe Mendes – his agent, Madrid players, etc).. once he gets back to Manchester and talks to people with United’s interest at heart, as well as his own interest, he may be talked round… which it seems as if he is most worried about… Ronaldo doesn’t come across as someone who wants to leave under a cloud (his reaction to scoring in Lisbon in the CL group stage told a story), and his best excuse for leaving so far is that “there won’t be another opportunity to join Madrid if he turns this one down..” which is bollocks. And deep down he knows it.

  12. JB says:

    Good point, Joseph! Real don’t need to bother being fiscally responsible when the government will bail them out whenever they need it. Do they even bother with a youth program or do they just keep buying Galacticos?

  13. Messiah says:

    NOW teams should start doing it? Bah, I still feel things should have been done ages ago, so many players have been unsettled, Madrid are bad for football, it’s one thing saying you’re after a player but harassing a team for a player is beyond a joke and Fifa chose to do nothing, at least the Spanish FA have said they’re gonna keep an eye on things.

  14. jimmy Bob says:

    fook madrid fook calderon and fook the dodgy spanish press

    untd hold all the aces here £100m cash up front or ronaldo goes no where

    how long will el presidente be in a job if he messes this 1 up

  15. george says:

    you all go on about your 300 million fans, but how many of them are actual fans. about only .1% of them have probably been to old trafford. we all know you’re chmpions of europe(congrats) but you seem to all consider yourselves bigger then real when you’re not even the biggest club in the british isles. the red scousers, celtic, and rangers all trump you in that aspect. real are acting arrogant as usual, but they have earned that right as the biggest club in the world. don’t blame real for all your problems. but hey whatt do i know, i’m just a blackburn fan who isn’t usd to sucess

  16. sittingbison says:

    Sell him, make a profit, move on. The team is more important.

  17. michael ogwang says:

    Read Madrid should give as respect we are not academy to groom the players,we buy players like Cristiano Ronardo, Calos Tevez and so on to win the tropes not to sell.Real Madrid am just give you some advice tried to go to Arsenal are the one who groom players to sell

    michael ogwang from uganda-kampala
    man u supporter

  18. Siraj Saidi says:

    Ever heard of the prodigal son? Thats CR7, he’ll come good when father SAF talks some sense into him. Blame it on “Big Phil” he’s so scared of United that he can not imagine CR7 running at him!!! We are Man U and no player is bigger than us. So just get used to the sibling rivalry between us and those Bernebue mafias and nobody will get hurt. put champaigne on ice for the 4th “Holy Grail”. and oh! donot forget your tuxedos for the next fifa player of the year gala. romour has it that United will dorminate!!!

  19. Craig Mc says:

    George – Blackburn fan asked in his post – but what do I know, I’m just a blackburn fan?. I would say you don’t know a lot George, if you believe as you say you do, that the Red scousers, Celtic and Rangers are bigger than United. But then, what’s a B’Burn fan doing on a United blog I ask myself, is there nobody to chat to on the B’Burn blog George?.

  20. Barrington says:

    There is a reason Real Madrid goes after players developed by OTHER teams that have a BRAND name … they NEED TO!

    The BRAND Real Madrid cannot carry itself alone, this is whay they are always so aggressive in their pursuit of BRAND NAME players … again, they NEED THEM.

    Name ONE player Real has developed, not purchased, into a superstar that OTHER teams aggressively pursue?

    See my point?


    WAKE UP or soon they won’t be Real Madrid, they’ll be the Fake Madrid … a shadow of their past greatness.

  21. Lukenestler says:

    Barrington – ever heard of a chap called Raúl?

  22. raymond says:

    let some one answer this question, if real is a team of the past how comes they have the most cups from 2000 to 2008. and also can some one tell me if man utd have never bought a player under contract. about debts, as of now man utd has far more debts than real. go to forbes or deloitte and check it out. would u compare real who has 31 league titles, 9 champs league cups, 17 copa del rey cups to man utd hu has 17 premier league cups, 3 champs league cups and 11 fa cups, judge them. success is speaking for its self. can any of u guys tell me that u will work forsomeone payin u less money. to be rich is everyone’s aim in this world so dont blame real

  23. raymond says:

    ok check out on forbes the debt man utd has and real and calculate the richest, y cant man utd chellange real in the transfer market


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