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There’s Only One Ronaldo… Isn’t There?

It wasn’t long in to Cristiano Ronaldo’s career at United that the chant, “there’s only one Ronaldo!” started to do the rounds. It was 2003, our Ronaldo was a skinny, spotty teenager, a bit of a one-trick pony, but had bags of potential.

The year before, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, or, the real Ronaldo as he was known back then, had been crowned the FIFA World Player of the Year for the third time, as well as the European Player of the Year for the second time.

We sang there was only one Ronaldo because we were taking the piss but five years pass and our Ronaldo is the best player in the World and Europe, whilst the real Ronaldo, or the fat Ronaldo, was being released by AC Milan.

Now at Corinthians, it appears as though his Brazilian fans are none too happy about our six-year old ‘there’s only one Ronaldo chant’, the irony of it clearly passing them by, and have produced a t-shirt to explain why they’re not impressed.

Ooooooh touchy!

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  1. Pedro says:

    Just a reminder to those who are comparing careers: CR7 is 23 years old. You’ll have to wait 12 more years before comparing that.
    Ronaldo (fenómeno) was in fact a great player, no doubts about that, Cristiano Ronaldo can become one of the best ever, if he keeps his head in place. Here in Portugal we fear he will not.

  2. Zuwayed says:

    Ronaldo Nazario De Lima.

    The greatest player the game has ever seen. I’m not a big fan of Cristiano, I’ll admit. But saying the Cristiano will ever come close to the man that dribbled through entire teams and won the World Cup after 2 years away from football? That’s a bit of a joke, mates. Kaka and Messi are both much more capable and intelligent than Cristiano. They just had too many injuries in 2008. Face it: Cristiano’s lucky streak is over.

  3. Something I says:

    ronaldo’s the best player by far I think, through the videos at Jtube I seen.

    At’s real football…

  4. ronaldo99999 says:

    we can compared ronaldo 9 white pele or maradona or soqrates but,no white cr7 because it’s not impossible,ronaldo 9 when he was 24 years old he won 2 world fifa player and 1 best player in europe and 1 world cup ect … RC7 is 24 years old never injured ,just won 1 best player in europe and 1 fifa player not ather .the brizilian is the god of football the best in all times.good bye everybody

  5. Brunno says:

    there’s only one RONALDO , the others are CRISTIANO….

  6. Brunno says:

    I’m brazillian, i’ve got to say ronaldo from manchester is really good .. he’s really famous here in brazil, but i have to remember the tings that ronaldo done..

  7. FJD says:

    - Aged 20 years old, Ronaldo held 2x FIFA WORLD PLAYER OF THE YEAR awards.

    - Cristiano is 23 now, and only has 1x FIFA WORLD PLAYER OF THE YEAR

    - Age 23, Ronaldo is injured and told it is “unlikely” he will play football again.

    - Age 25, after 18months of recovery he returns and WINS WC2002. Scoring BOTH goals in the final against Germany as well as being the top scorer 8 goals at that World Cup Tournament.

    - Then he wins 3x FIFA WORLD PLAYER OF THE YEAR, age 25.

    NONE of this even takes into account his sensational speed/dribbling and ability to make the best players on the pitch look completely stupid.

    Cristiano is an excellent player, but RECGONISE and ACCEPT those who are superior, and in this case Ronaldo at his peak was untouchable.

  8. fenixd4sc says:

    Well said FJD. Those are real fact and saying that CR7 is better than R9 at his peak is moronic.

  9. Yosq says:

    The Brazilian Ronaldo is uncomparable to anyone else, guys! He is untouchable, unstopable, undefeatable! He is the best soccer player ever, the real phenomenon, even to be compared to Zidane. He is still better. need evidences? Watch all data, statistics and his videos. CR7? He is also excellent, but not the most one. Ronaldo is the most, to whatever term or nickname you are imagining to add to someone the best in the world of football. Viva Luis Nazario RONALDO, my best player ever.

  10. Yosq says:

    The brazilian Ronaldo is the best ever, uncomparable, untouchable, unstoppable, the real phenomenon.

  11. hitman7 says:

    Shut your mouth united fans, only one real Ronaldo, el phenomeno…..

    Best 5 players in history that will never change:

    1. Ronaldo el Phenomeno
    2. Maradona
    3. Pele
    4. Zidane
    5. George Best.

  12. RonaldoAppreantice says:

    I find it hilarious that, despite Ronaldo’s huge list of accamplishments, you find the hatrick against Man united the first in that list LOL

    Anyways, I find it even funnier that you’re comparing those two players. I’m not a brazillian to side with Ronaldo, and I’m a Real Madrid fan, yet I’m not siding with Gaystiano. But seriously, Ronaldo owns defenders, scores absuloutely crushing goals and gets crazy injuries. Gaystiano owns himself, he does a trick 3482734893 times infront one defenders in a poor attempt to get past him, but he falls down and embarresses himself. Seriously, go to Youtube and watch any Ronaldo vid you want, even the new ones in Corinthians. and compare it to any Gaystiano vid, I’m 100% sure that 99% of the vid you’ll watch is just plain stupid tricks or missed chances.

    Gaystiano also thinks he’s the best, dives a lot and let’s just say that’s he’s not really the ideal athelte. If you guys dislike Ronaldo because he, unintentionally, took two shemales to his room then kicked them out as soon as he realised they were shemales, then you guys shoud, HONESTLY, stop comparing Ronaldo to this shemale and just remember his hatrick at OT.

    Oh and I’m not saying Ronaldo is the best nowadays, Ronaldo is the best player ever touched a ball IMO but now, he’s old and players like Kaka, Messi, Rooney and Aguero are better… but Gaystiano? LOL

  13. Dina says:

    Ronaldo the original make it to the top 3 of the all time greats…..cristiano also not bad he might made it to the top 100 greats of all time. Ronaldo the original is the michael jordan of football. Stop comparing.


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