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Thiago: United didn’t want me

Thiago was United’s first transfer saga of the summer, with reports linking him with a move to the club. David Moyes always tried to distance himself from talk about Thiago, claiming he wasn’t a priority, and then when Bayern Munich’s interest became public it seemed obvious where the player would go. The German and European champions were managed by his former mentor when he was in the youth ranks at Barcelona, Pep Guardiola, so why wouldn’t Thiago pick them?

However, Thiago has claimed today that he never even spoke to United about joining us.

“The truth is that in no moment did United come to us and talk to us. It came from the press, it was always a lie,” he said. “It’s unfair to say I wasn’t patient. The club knew my situation. I waited for them, especially before the European Championships, but they never contacted me. I didn’t feel valued. I wanted to compete. The club knew that I wanted to leave and they didn’t do much to change that. Everyone looks out for their interests, I wanted to feel valued and I wanted to compete so I decided to leave the club and join Bayern. I was waiting and waiting all summer, there was a point when I had to decide. All a footballer wants is to play football and I wanted to play, they [Barcelona] didn’t do much for me to stay, so here I am.”

However, this directly contradicts what his dad, Mazinho, claimed a couple of days earlier.

“Thiago was very close to signing with Manchester United. They had talks. But they couldn’t find an agreement.”


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  1. slim says:



  2. denton davey says:

    AlphaRS @ 00:06: “Whether people want to admit it or not United missed a trick with Alcantara.”

    You mean the guy Pep slapped when he was defensively careless ? You mean the guy who lost the ball in midfield that led directly to Dortmund’s fourth goal ? see, video in: ?

    There’s waaaaay too much hype associated with these flavour-of-the-moment guys like Thiago and before him Lucas Moura and Eden Hazard and Oscar and so on and on and on. It’s one thing to have fantastic skills/talent and quite another to be able to use those skills/talent in a productive way on a footie pitch at the highest level – what about Nani ! Nani has more skills/talent than any of those guys but his career has been stop/start for years – in Portugal’s last match, he was not even a starter for his national team in a must-win match.

    Wakey @ 11:50: “Are Modric, Gundogan, De Rossi, Kroos, Marchisio, Vidal at Cesc’s level though or for that matter Fellanis?”

    Without a shadow of a doubt, Ilkay Gundogan and Daniele De Rossi are BETTER than Cesc. Marco Reus -who isn’t on your short-list is better, too; Luka Modric isn’t. I can’t comment on Kroos, Marchisio or Vidal because I’ve not seen enough of them to form an opinion.

  3. AlphaRS says:

    Yes mate I saw it on youtube. Pep caught him well across the face. Had to laugh. I’m glad Dortmund won though. I think they had a few decisions go against them in the final against Bayern. Ribery with his elbow, Alaba with his high tackle for the penalty.

    In theory you can say that about any player though?
    Alcantara would have offered something different and he would have also been on the cheap. If United can afford Bebe then they could afford to give Alcanara a go. But as it is Moyes didn’t even put a bid in for the boy.

    I think Nani is top class and I think that is more the type of player United should be looking to put in the first team. Quick and tecnically good. His style of play is frustrating when his tricks don’t come off but when they do he looks class. All he needs is an arm around the shoulder to build that confidence up.

    I think their is a real chance that between now and the 31st August 2013 Moyes will not sign anyone. He has already come out and said if we don’t land our transfer targets then we have a strong enough team. All he has to say now is no value in the market. Ha. No point chasing after Fabregas, Bale, and Ronaldo. Those players are never going to come to United. Deep down we must all know that.

  4. AlphaRS says:

    Oh and Reus ripped Bayern a new one on Friday.

  5. AlphaRS says:

    Or Saturday even.

  6. pgkhairule says:

    Moyes wont slap his player. 3-0 manutd leading

  7. wayne says:

    Wakey i was under the impression the Tories had slashed the taxation for the rich and were going after cuts that mainly effects OAP,working class and poor if i’m wrong about that my bad.

  8. AlphaRS says:

    Serve the rich and smash the poor.

  9. Wakey says:

    Only in their own leagues are they better. We need a CM who is capable of being a consistent first team player. Being a top player abroad doesn’t mean you are going to slot in with ease, its a new country, new league and new style to adapt to. Veron was one of the best players in the world and he was unable to fit in, its telling that Verons best games came in Europe where we played differently and we were playing against teams that played differently.

    That’s way too simplistic, Yes there have been some tax cuts for the rich but actually that’s not the bad thing that its so often made out to be. As the rich contribute most of the taxation collected its important to keep them paying tax in the UK and to attract other high earners to these shores. When top level and business tax is cut the total amount collected actually increases rather than reduces so actually helps the economy and provides more money for services

    To bring it back to football just look at Spain. When their high end tax rate was low players flocked to that league. Now its increased they are moving elsewhere where the tax rates are better.

    Ideally the tax rate should be a flat low figure rather than a sliding scale to encourage more rich and more business to base themselves in the UK. Sadly as those ‘poor’ outnumber the rich its too easy to victimise the rich for easy votes even if it means that the total pot is lower by taxing the rich more thus damaging services further

  10. stpercival says:

    That was not a playful slap. He should have kicked his shoe at him, ala Fergie. lol.
    1. I could have won more with the amount of resources Maureen has had at Chel$ki, Madrid, and Inter.
    2. Felliani would only add to improve our squad. Those that disagree are spoiled little rich girls that want a big name signing. Besides Felliani won me lots of point in my fantasy team. lol. hahahahahahaaa

  11. Scoreboard paddock says:

    The opinion of a lot of EFC fans i have spoken to is that Felliani is not consistant enough , whilst putting in a decent performance against top teams he would go missing against the rest and fail to influence games, against lower teams… sure Moyes is well aware of that.


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