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Thursday Nights…

It’s that day of the week when Manchester United fans don’t have a lot to do. Given that we’re in the Champions League, and have been every single season since 1994, our midweek football is out of the way by Wednesday at the latest.

So, with not much else to talk about, we’ll cast an eye over football played in the lesser European competition, the Europa League.

After losing their last two league games on the bounce, Manchester City were hoping for a change of fortune against Lech Poznań. The Polish side are currently 14th out of 16 in the poor Polish league, having lost half the games they’ve played this season.

Roberto Mancini (who is currently two points worse off than Mark Hughes was this time last season, 7 matches before the club sacked him) decided to play a weaker side away in Europe, although, you would have to argue every player on City’s team was better than every player for their opponents. On paper.

Shay Given (£5.9m), Micah Richards, Wayne Bridge (£10m), Pablo Zabaleta (£6.45m), Joleon Lescott (£24m), Dedryck Boyata, James Milner (£26 million), Shaun Wright-Phillips (£8.5m), Adam Johnson (£6m), Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Adebayor (£25m) were in the starting team, with Vincent Kompany (£6m) and David Silva (£25m) coming off the bench, at a total cost of £143m.

Still, that didn’t stop them from slumping to a 3-1 defeat.

With a difficult trip to West Brom to come this week, you have to wonder what shape they will be in by derby day…

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  1. CedarsDevil says:

    @ Costas

    Thanks for that update. Mind you I did have the game on tele but I never even bothered switching to it, I was enjoying a good movie instead. Now I get the comments about stevie holding his finger to his mouth towards the away fans LOL. Given the circumstances I guess it will be the same when chelsea are in town at the week end, I am sure stevie and co will ‘do’ their best to get a result

  2. Costas says:

    @bryanrobson’s my hereo

    Sorry. Yeah that’s pretty much it. His ego is bigger than Benithez’s weight…

  3. bryanrobson's my hereo says:

    thanks- United4eva.

    in scouseland there are no shortage of immense tossers. so for him to stand out as a prize tosser…

  4. Costas says:


    I didn’t catch the entire game either. But Napoli fans were very vocal. Shame their team fell apart in the end. I don’t know what I can expect from them this Sunday. Given our next two away games, it would be nice if Liverpool made themselves useful and stopped Chelsea in their tracks.

    @Moscow is my heaven

    And who can forget the “Gary Neville or Chelsea” banner. Didn’t exactly hide their preference…

  5. MG says:

    Before I go what the fuck was FSW on about the other day talking about milk?

    I thought Mourinho was weird once upon a time – but Agent B is taking the fucking piss…

  6. United4eva says:


    If we beat City next Wednesday Mancini is gone. To the world that would show that all this talk about blue moon rising was a lot of b.s. and a red dawn is on the horizon and I don’t think the Sheikh’s could take the embarassment.

  7. CedarsDevil says:

    @ MG

    How are you mate? regarding the FSW, actually it was Sir Alex who drove him absolutely mental, the guy is beyond repair and should be institutionalised

  8. parryheid says:

    I cant get on the Bluemoonrising site anybody else getting in I know they shut it down sometimes after a bad result,maybe that’s it.

  9. Costas says:

    I have been thinking about Mankini and what it would take for the Arabs to fire him. I think their main goal is a top 4 finish and as long as he is there(and given Spurs and Pool’s woes, they have a good chance of finishing 4th), his job is safe.

    However, if they do end up firing him, I hope that they announce it just before a game and then have his successor watch from the sidelines…

  10. CedarsDevil says:

    @ Costas

    Good points, going to WBA will not be easy for them, as for mankini (Love the name btw) I would rather he is fired after we beat them…. As for forth, seems a tough ask, I think Spurs will pip them to it again, well at least I hope so ;-)

  11. xol says:

    I wonder what the odds are on their next manager being in the same boat as Mankini this time next year…

    Regarding that other tosser Benitez, I think you might be spot on about SAF driving him mental, he reminds me of Herbert Lom as Clouseau’s boss in the Pink Panther.

  12. Dave Malaysia says:

    We need to win our game this weekend, then hope West Brom to win against city this weekend,
    we need liverpool to win against chelsea and newcastle to surprise arsenal.

    But we must win ours first. If all goes as planned we cover a lot of ground quickly.
    Then hopefully Fletcher and Nani will be back for the midweek game,we must win .

    Ok magazine in thier interview with Colleen and her eecentric husband mentioned his new 110k a week salary.Interesting.

    few facts: Manutd follow strict financial rules,the key to our success ,from the on field success.
    We have paid very few players in the 100k range. beckham,rio,ronaldo,ruud as examples
    we do not go beyond 50% of revenue on salaries.usually keep the figure at 40 to 45%.
    last accounts say its 46%.
    The best United would have offered rooney is 100 to maybe 180 k. 100k from united revenue and the rest from sponsorship revenue. The news reports of 250k is rubbish. Gary earns bout 50 k a week , and O’Shea wud probaly get in that region or maybe 60k. Lots of the media reports r crap.United would not danger thier financial structure for anyone.No one is bigger than the club. They will also look at the overall future when they do this. If the four pillars like VDS ,Gary,Scholes,Ryan retire there will be at least 200k a week saved in salaries.Reinvested back into other players.

    Now I have said few times in here this season will decide many careers at United.Carrick is back on track,Nani is on fire, Gabriel is starting to shine, looking good,still feel only few new signings will happen,andmabe young players too.

    Feeling good,Hoping the week will smooth out as we desire.

  13. redpete says:

    looks like somebody’s gonna get the sack soon…

  14. SmartAlex says:

    Chief Inspector Dreyfus!
    I hope to always think of him when I see fsw.
    Smokin’ xol!

  15. the scottish wonder says:

    im happy for jagillenio bazzilak they are really doing well..

  16. Dave Mack says:

    Thursday night …. chanel 5…. Thursday night ….channel 5

    One of my favourite chants from last seasons dippers game.

  17. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Form goes flying out of the window on derby days though. We have to just keep focus and be alert. I quite liked out performance against spurs, it’s the sort which we need against the better sides. It’s remarkable, our unbeaten run, though it seems nicer to hear on the back of victories instead of a string of draws!
    I love this team to bits and whatever some may say Im hoping Mr Ambition gets sold. I can’t see him in our team- it’s disgusting. I’m sounding like a broken tape record, but I’m utterly disgusted thinking that a disrepectful idiot would pull on our shirt again. Life without Mr Ambition isn’t going too bad is it? I’m personally delighted with Nani. More like ecstatic. The boy’s had a total change and deserves a big pat on the back.

    Here’s betting that Stevie me would do another backpass for drogba to score. Brilliant.

  18. kk says:

    @ sayyid :Hope they dont lose to West Brom as we would inevitably lose the derby. ………
    Do you think we are inferior to City? We are United, we can mix it with the best and the poor and I for one expects to win each match no matter who is making our starting 11 or who we are playing against. For you to think that coz City wont want t lose to us and if they get a bad result then we are in a fix is selling us short.
    If we lose, God forbid, you will be among the fans slating the team. Search yourself man and know how big your club is and it doesnt matter who we face and in what form they are in.

  19. Rob(son) says:

    Well, with no footy on there’s always the comedy channel (5). Citeh, comedy gold.

  20. KRAC says:

    As shitty continue to be.. the only thing that can keep mancini happy is tevez…. and vice versa ..
    or maybe the arab sheikh can drop in for a 3some LOL XD

  21. Costas says:


    Good point about the form. I can remember quite a few times where City were being well…Shity and were going on losing runs, only for them to pick up their game against us. It’s still their cup final…

  22. madmike91 says:

    Brilliant, im gonna give a certain someone a lot of stick today at work.

    £143 million!!! What a joke.

  23. North Stand, Tier 3, Back Row says:

    That team placed 4th in the Polish league, Legia Warsaw – now there’s a blast from the past. I remember listening to BBC Radio 5 after school back in 1991 as Fergie outfoxed them in the Cup Winners Cup semi final first leg over in Poland and put the tie to bed. They were good days.

  24. Gel boy says:

    Don’t know if it’s already been mentioned but there’s a slight error there Scott. We didn’t qualify for the Champion’s League in 95 – 96. After surrendering the title to Blackburn on the final day of the season we went on to be knocked out of the UEFA cup on the away goals rule despite a cracking injury time strike from Peter Schmeichel to maintain our longstanding European unbeaten record at Old trafford at the time.

  25. shebangsthedrums says:

    I agree with willierednut, we shouldn’t gloat just yet, I’ve a feeling they’ll turn up for the derby and wouldn’t be surprised if they beat us. I hope not of course, but I’ll reserve my gloating for when we have beaten them in the league twice.

  26. Whiteside Curler says:

    What about their other sub last night? Left back, Kolarov or some such, 19.5 Million. Team Bridge!

    Thursday night is comedy night.

  27. Collyhurst Red says:

    Have you heard what Man-kini has been saying after their great result…..

    “Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has called on his side to remain united after slumping to a third straight loss with defeat by Lech Poznan.”

    Fuck off, we’re United, get your own name!

  28. Gorse Hill Red says:

    North Stand, Tier 3, Back Row; I was thinking the same myself when I saw them at fourth. They wore these green kits with a white square infront of the sponser for some reason. The days of Blackmore. Webb and Sharpe!! They were good days indeed!

  29. Costas says:

    Almost 80 comments and no “tick tock nonsense? What happened to our noisy neighbours?

    I don’t remember United playing Legia, but I remember us playing Widzew Lodz in the qualifying rounds of the Ch.League in 98. On the road to a certain night in Barcelona. :D

  30. TheLastBaron16 says:

    There just a one man team. Without Tevez they just crumble
    Money can’t buy you love… or success!

  31. Busby says:

    We all know that form goes out the window on derby day. However, that only applies to when you have players that are actually interested in playing for your club! We lost to teams containing Dickov, Goater, Wright Phillips because, crap as those players were, at least they bought into the idea of respresenting City.


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