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Ticket Prices To Turn Manchester Blue…?

Manchester United beat Newcastle in the League Cup yesterday in front of a crowd of just 46,358. The League Cup is the last priority for United, so it’s no surprise there’s less interest, but couldn’t the Glazers be doing more to allow more fans to go to the game?

Arsenal charged £10 for adults for their League Cup game this week (£20 in the upper tier), City charged £22.50 and Chelsea charged £25.

Our cheapest ticket last night was £30, our most expensive was £52, and the average price was £40. The vast majority of the players selected were those on the fringe of the first team or from the Reserves. To charge these kind of prices for that is ridiculous. When you add to that the fact other clubs, particularly those that usually charge huge amounts like Arsenal and Chelsea, have such reduced prices, it just shows how badly the Glazers are taking the piss out of the fans.

46,358 x £40 = £1.85m.

75,800 x £25 = £1.9m.

When you compare our League Cup ticket prices with City, not just the adult prices, but the other tickets, it gets worse. Kids at City are charged just £5 (as they were at the Emirates) whilst kids at United are charged £12, which works out at an increase of 140%. For 16 to 21-year-olds, there’s a difference of almost 50%, with their £15 to our £22.

If there are young kids kicking about in Manchester who don’t have a football allegiance and fancy going to a game, which club do you think they’re going to pay to watch?

As it stands, we don’t have much to worry about. Even with their much cheaper tickets, City’s attendance was just 28,015 for their game against Aston Villa, but who knows what the future holds if the Glazers continue to bleed fans dry.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tobbs says:


  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    You would think with all the financial brains on offer by our owners, they could do more to develop the fan base.

    Completely agree with Scott.

    The entire top tier should be available for a song. Club will make their money at the shop and through concession sales. I have always said their should be a return to the pricing in the 90′s were youngsters got in for silly money for any seats still available on game day.

    Bums on seats. Club has to rebuild the atmosphere that we had 20 years ago.

  3. kanchelskis says:

    100% agree. I can’t for the life of me fathom why they price fans out of midweek league cup games. It’s bonkers.

  4. Tim2theg says:

    They were selling cheap tickets down the students unions

  5. Singing Section says:

    This is something we will bring up when we resume talkson the Singing section.
    The issue of reduced prices in the league cup was raised by fans at the last fans forum and basically dismissed by United officials.
    A couple of years back, united had a policy of reduced prics in the league cup, this policy has now been scrapped.
    With more and more games going on open sale, especially those in the Champions league group stages; the appeal of taking kids to these games and the appeal to the floating fan has now reduced. These fans/kids can now easily pick up tickets for games where they are guaranteed a first team, rather then the reserve players that the league cup often throws up.

    Even the appeal to visiting fans is no longer there. Premier league clubs fans have visited Old trafford, so the novelty has worn off. Most these clubs dont even take the full allocation in the Premier League, let alone for cup games (Poor Newcastle away following last night).
    The away support is only swelled by lower league clubs who havent played at old trafford before, however the apeal to the floating United fan is then diminished by the opposition on offer.

    All home league cup games are a bonus and bonus revenue. If the club was drawn away, as it was last season at Aldershot, then the share of revenue that MUFC receive is minimal.
    Last nights game was also on the TV, so the club receive the TV fee for the game as well.

    Ticket prices should be £5 kids and no more than £15 adults.
    Last nights game should also have had a pay on the gate cash option. Not all local kids have access to a credit card that is required to book tickets at Old Trafford.

    I am sure the players would rather play in front of a full old Trafford, than looking up to see empty stands.

  6. Brooka says:

    The automatic cup scheme automatically adds all home European and F.A Cup games onto the cost of my season ticket, so I have no choice really but to opt out of the League Cup at the start of the season.

    The Glazers are of the opinion that If I don’t go, someone else will want my ticket. This isn’t always the case. It’s all very well banking on the loyalty of our support but one day the fans will have to make a stand.

    Precluding fans from applying for away tickets or final tickets because they have the audacity to not buy a ticket for a third round home league cp tie, is not the way to treat fans who plough upwards of £1,000 a season per ticket into the club.

    I love td and will have my season ticket for as long as I can afford, but as Scott says, it’s time for the club to stop taking the piss.

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Singing Section: Great comments and perspective. Agree with your suggestions as well.

    I wonder if part of the concern from the club is the lack of controls on youngsters just showing up with cash.
    I have suggested that youngsters might sign up yearly for club membership. Say a 50quid fee for the card with a photo. The club could sell marketing to specifically to bolster revenue from that group. An the card would entitle the holder to a cut price cash at the gate rate for same day available seats.

    If the kids misbehaved, stewards could confiscate the card, thus club gets bums on seats, an boost in advertising income, and new young fans.

  8. kanchelskis says:


    50 quid?! Adult membership is only £32…

  9. brett1985 says:

    I don’t think it is anything to do with the ticket price. It’s a midweek game, in a nothing competition.

  10. Mr peco says:

    With u on that I saw us play fulham in PL about 3 years ago, midweek cost me £48 for the ticket, plus 88 train ticket, 20 B&B then x amount on food and beer!!! Expensive night for 90 mins

  11. mara says:

    These Glazers are jerks like no other…

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Kanchelskis, OK 15quid, I was just painting with a big brush. The issue is having a card would be cool for the kids and provide security that the club might appreciate.

    Never dawned on me that the club wouldn’t take cash on the day. That seems very odd.

  13. matt says:

    we all knew the glazers are cunts

  14. redarmypaul says:

    Cheaper tickets for kids & adults had worked before. It’s time for the glazers to get with the programme!

  15. Stenis says:

    I really think the club should look into the ticket prices for these games. Even though it might be financially beneficial, there are other perks of selling out a stadium such as creating an atmosphere for the players. It also looks good to always have a packed stadium if you’re looking for promoting the brand.

  16. Little Red Ant says:

    For this, Milk / Littlewoods / Rumbelows / Coke / Worthington / Carling / Capital One Cup they should have cheaper tickets – more supporters = more noise for the lads

  17. DreadedRed says:

    Excellent reveal Scott the Red.

    I guess that the Glazer’s accountant has some complex reason for setting price structures that also don’t allow full houses in the League Cup. This shows their heartless, selfish ignorance of the simple fact that United only play a limited number of minutes in our lifetime. Consider that our Club claims to have upward of ½ a billion fans, divide that by 75,800 seats and then by 30 games per year. If the years tickets were limited to 1 per ‘customer’, only 1 in 220 fans would get to watch 1 game each year. Only 1 in in 5 fans would see 1 game in their lifetime, the other 4 fans would see none.

    The future heart of our support is surely the born-and-bred Mancunian youth. Ticket prices should always ensure that every seat in the stadium contains a bouncing Red.

  18. Voice of Reason says:

    They are from the Ken Bates school – fleece the fans you have first – ironically it was the best football we have played this season by a country mile

  19. vt5060 says:

    Greedy twat’s doesn’t even scratch the surface for the parasites. If you look at it another way, though, Harrods has always been more expensive than Aldi :)

  20. Northwalesred says:

    It’s a short sighted policy by the Glazers and their stoolie Gill. Cheaper gate prices fills the ground and the megastore with regulars and daytrippers, ie more merchandising/car parking/programme sales/pies/beer etc.
    Sponsors of the club also want to see bums on seats to increase the exposure of their businesses.Simple really, but doesn’t dovetail with Glazernomics (the art of screwing your own fans at every opportunity). LUHG

  21. belfast red. says:

    I try and get over to oldtrafford 8 – 10 times a season as thats al i can afford. After flights hotel and drink its a dear day/nite but worth every penny. In saying that if the tickets were dropped for the leaguecup games it would be very welcomed by me because every penny helps tbh.

  22. Mikael says:

    Many interesting posts and as stated, full house has so much more benefits then just the ticket-income but also food, drinks, merch, NOISE and looks great for all sponsors.

    We need kids to come as they are the future noise-makers and will keep the stadium filled when they get older and, hopefully, bring their kids. But I guess long term investment isn’t interesting for the yanks as they know they’ll jump ship when things gets tough.

  23. LoneStarRed says:

    STR, Thank you for bringing this to light. A full stadium should be the goal for every match and prices should reflect the occasion. As many have said, more fans equals more money spent across the board. That should motivate Gill to reexamine pricing policy.

  24. Eric L'edieu says:

    Its totally crazy.
    A few years ago the tickets were cheaper, until obviously the gimps saw another way to ‘maximize income’.
    As you point out though, they are far from doing this in reality. Plus there would be extra revenue from programmes , food & drinks etc.
    At the end of the day, trying to convince people to see the odd first teamer & the reserves, normally against lower league opposition, the same as you would for a league game against the bitters, dippers or rentboys is crazy, & just another example of what fools they take the support base for.

  25. unitedunitedunitedunited says:

    They know that our fan also consists of tourists, so they are hoping that a lot of the tickets goes out to them, these are considered cheap to the touristy fans.

  26. LA Red says:

    Sorry, but just have to point this out:

    With respect Scott, weren’t you making fun of the fact that last year City had dropped their prices and still had empty seats? I agree that prices should be made more affordable and hopefully more would seats would be filled. Perhaps this is just a symptom of it being early in the competition? I’d like to think that as the team progresses, those seats would be filled up.

  27. Paul H says:

    And yet ironically, the team that walked out on Wednesday gave arguably our most convincing / entertaining performance so far of the season…

  28. rijah says:

    This won’t be a big issue after our next game as we will not be beating Chelsea if we play like what we played against Newcastle. So, no big worry for me though.

  29. AlphaRS says:

    But The Glazers are brilliant. Ask SAF.

  30. evisu says:

    Won’t happen the only thing Glazers see is $$$ in their pocket..

  31. Scott the Red says:

    LA Red – Yes, I was making fun of them. They were selling tickets off for £10 and still couldn’t sell out. That’s funny. Not sure why you think that contradicts anything in this article though? It’s great that City bring their ticket prices down, I wish we would do the same. And unlike City, if our tickets were £10, we would sell out.


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