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Tickets Prices: The facts MUST will be presenting today

In 1960 you could pay 12p on the gate to get in to Old Trafford and purchase a programme for 2p. Those were the days, the old fellas at the pub will tell you, when you could show up on the day and squeeze yourself in to one of the stands.

Things have changed considerably since then, obviously, with all-seater stadiums, foreign ownership, and football ‘brands’.

Had people told fans in 1960 that the ticket prices would be increasing massively up and down the country, that thousands of empty spaces would be seen around the grouds on a weekly basis, that clubs could force you in to buying tickets for all cup games, that large sections of the stadium would be filled with people spending £100s per head for their seats and fancy meal that came with it, that applications for away tickets would be denied unless every single ticket had been paid for, league, cups and all, those fans would have laughed. “They’ll never get away with that!”

But slowly, gradually, year by year, the clubs have eaten away at our expectations, forced us in to finding the money making element of football entirely acceptable, and now we’re in deeper than ever before. Someone has got to make a stand against this before the game becomes entirely unrecognisable. We support a team whose fans are prepared to make that stand, with MUST meeting the Office of Fair Trading today, following on from the complaint launched last month.

I have argued on here plenty of times before that all tickets prices are increasing in this league and that our increases aren’t as much as a lot of other teams.

Cheapest match day ticket: £33 (B), £38 (A) +£12
Most expensive match day ticket: £66 (B), £94 (A) +£50
Kids: £13.50 (B), £18.50 (A) +£8.50
Cheapest season ticket: £925 +£464
Most expensive season ticket: £1,825 +£913

Cheapest match day ticket: £45 +£19
Most expensive match day ticket: £65 +£17
Kids: £17.50-£22.50 (depending on location) +£12.50
Cheapest season ticket: £650 +£189
Most expensive season ticket: £1,150 +£238
Kids: £330-£430 (depending on location) +£240

Tottenham Hotspur
Cheapest match day ticket: £28 (C), £33 (B), £43 (A) +£17
Most expensive match day ticket: £43 (C), £53 (B), £75 (A) +£27
Kids: £15-£25 +£15

West Ham
Cheapest match day ticket: £35 (for a Category B match), £45 (Category A) +£19
Most expensive match day ticket: £51 (B), £63 (A) +£15
Kids: Up to £23 (B), up to £34.50 (A) +£24.50
Cheapest season ticket: £615 +£121
Most expensive season ticket: £885 -£27
Kids: £215-£265

Cheapest match day ticket: £32 (B), £34 (A) +£8
Most expensive match day ticket: £34 (B), £36 (A) -£12
Cheapest season ticket: £700 +£206
Most expensive season ticket: £750 -£162
Kids: £345 +£155

Manchester United
Cheapest match day ticket: £26
Most expensive match day ticket: £48
Kids: £10
Cheapest season ticket: £494
Most expensive season ticket: £912
Kids: £190

Manchester City
Cheapest match day ticket: £23 (B), £36 (A) +£10
Most expensive match day ticket: £30 (B), £44 (A) -£8
Kids: £10 £0
Cheapest season ticket: £461 -£33
Most expensive season ticket: £582 -£330
Kids: £95 -£95

Cheapest match day ticket: £26 £0
Most expensive match day ticket: £37 -£11
Kids: £17 +£7
Cheapest season ticket: £361 -£133
Most expensive season ticket: £509 -£403
Kids: £88 -£102

So, Premiership teams across the board rip off their fans because they know they can, they know that fans will keep paying to see their team because they live for Saturday at 3 o’clock (or Sunday 5.15pm). Does that mean that we should sit back and allow United to jump on this bandwagon? Should we fork out an arm and leg because that’s what supporting Premiership football entails?

I’ve quoted the ticket prices, which show City as charging £10 more than us for their cheapest ticket compared to our cheapest ticket and Liverpool’s coming at £8 more. These comparisons are good to see, considering these are both North West clubs, and despite being worse off on the field than us, charge more than us.

Chelsea’s cheapest ticket is almost £20 more than ours, highlighting Sir Alex Ferguson’s dismissive point, telling us to go and support them if we have a problem. But is that the solution? We should feel grateful we’re not being ripped off as much as others?

The ticket prices above show single tickets, but MUST are arguing the point that even though we have cheap tickets on offer, and even though our most expensive ticket is £50 cheaper than Arsenal’s most expensive, our average season ticket prices are rising massively, particularly since the Glazer takeover.

The chances of the OFT investigating this are apparently high, which is already something very positive, considering a lot of complaints are swept aside. Former OFT advisers and well respected government advisers helped MUST to put the complaint together, which has lead to OFT coming to a meeting MUST are having with MPs in Westminster. They have also asked specifically to meet with MUST and their lawyers, which is highly unusual.

Fingers crossed for today! Oh, and join MUST!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Jonny says:

    cheapest ticket might not even tell the whole story, because since OT seats so many more people than say West Ham, it makes sense that our most undesirable seats are cheaper that West Ham’s, because the West Ham’s ones would still be closer to the action that the ones at OT.

    just something to ponder

  2. marno says:

    MUST should fuck off and follow those non league muppets that they love so much.

  3. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Marno, is your second name Glazer by any chance?

  4. in moscow we made it three says:

    The only thing i dont agree with really is the cup scheme, it is wrong and should be stamped out before all other clubs start doing it and it is viewed as acceptible. The ticket prices going up are just something that happens, the players demand more money to play so as a result we must pay more to watch them. Ticket prices will be high for as long as we are watching the best players in the world in the premiership, i should imagine that when its italy’s or spain’s (turn to be the best league in the world again) that the ticket prices will change. Either that or the econimic situation will mean more empty seats and the owners of all the prem clubs will have to drop prices. I think its good we arent the most expensive because we are watching a team that is outstanding and there is a huge demand to watch them, im sure something will get sorted out soon. But in the meantime thecup scheme needs to be stopped

  5. Sam says:

    i’ve no problems with players earning the money they do especially at united- if someone like defoe can earn £60 grand then our top players deserve the money they do. The problem is being able to match europe in terms of wages, look at the 70′s/80′s when english players went abroad for better money. Although you would think that with the amounts of tv revenue the premiership makes that clubs could afford to knock tickets down to £20-30.

  6. Red-Manc says:

    Im no good at maths and i dont know all the facts on this subject but all i have to say on this is the cup scheme is a joke and a Season ticket/a ticket shouldnt be something people have to save up for or are left skint after buying it im lucky enough to have been going to Old Trafford since i was about 5 and had a season ticket ever since, but EVERYONE should be able to afford a ticket at the club they love and unfortunatly that isnt the case with United.

  7. Whatever says:

    Marno, MUST has nothing to do with FC United you plank!

    You telling me that you don’t want someone to try and get lower ticket prices for us? You like paying £40 to watch the reserves play Blackburn?

    Well done MUST. Keep up the good work.

  8. averio68 says:

    can anyone say – Capitalism

  9. Patrik says:

    The thing is, as lon as people are paying, why wouldn’t they have high prices. And if everyone should afford a ticket at Old Trafford, then every United supporter would get a game per season at most since we are so many. I understand what MUST want to achieve, and it is in a way a good thing, but I don’t think the club has done anything wrong, except for the cup thing which is just stupid.

  10. Gooner77 says:

    Given what players earn and the debts that most clubs have, it’s impossible not to have high ticket prices. The prices at London clubs are more expensive, but then London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.
    Whether it is a case of clubs ripping their fans off I don’t know. Certainly greed is involved but that surely came with the territory when the Premiership deal was done with Sky, and I have to say the standard of football is now far higher than it was in the 80s/early 90s. However it does come at a price and fans feel divorced from the players hence the type of booing that Eboue got at Emirates last week. One good thing on ticketing for Arsenal CC games is that because the first team never plays, tickets are sold at a tenner, generally though it is far too expensive.

  11. Red-Manc says:

    Gooner i actually for once have sympathy for people in london because if its dear up here in the north christ i dont even want to know how dear it is down south, Football was once a working class game its a shame thats all changed now for all clubs.


  12. Gooner77 says:

    You know that Red!!! Actually given the current economic situation clubs should be looking at ways of making things a little easier for fans. Genuine civil unrest, like that going on in Greece as we speak, could be seen over here in the coming year and football crowds could actually play a big part in that. I wonder if the players, with their pay packets, have any idea of what is going on in the wider world at the moment.

  13. invertedquestionmark says:

    The current economic situation means that tickets would become more expensive, not less. Anyway, as Jonny noted, comparisons between two different clubs don’t mean much. Do the maths with concert or cinema ticket prices in the 60s and today, this could prove a point.

    Actually, for me the serious issue is that to make sure there are is no hooligan behaviour, the clubs are keeping the passionate fans on a shorted leash.

  14. Red-Manc says:


    i actually miss the whole hooligan behaviour football used to have, i dont want innocent people to be killed like what happens in serbia turkey etc but the passion has gone missing in the stands because of the crack down on firms and stuff like that. bring back standing and lower the prices working class fans with a true passion would be right back in and thats how it should be, its never going to happen but thats what would make the atmosphere better but the FA and club owners dont want passion they want money.

    Serbian/Greek/Turkish/Polish fans all their clubs have fantastic support and Red Star fans are the loudest ive ever heard and they put on crazy displays, would be interesting to know how much tickets cost in countries like that.

  15. Gooner77 says:

    Possibly, but if you consider that the interest rates have been slashed to such a low rate and that could mean a club’s debt repayments are significantly lower(obviously depending on whether they have interest only repayments), which could in theory be passed onto the fans. The recession will affect football at some stage, maybe it already is, but people across the country will be thinking more about forking out for expensive tickets.
    The hooligan element? I don’t miss that I’m afraid not that we ever had much of a firm. Was it ever to do with football or more like football being a suitable arena for that type of violence to breed in? Don’t Serbian football hooligans inflict the ultimate humiliation on their rivals by fucking them up the arse?

  16. Red-Manc says:

    I can only answer for the hooliganism when it comes to fighting with city and liverpool, i think that was very much football realated due to liverpool being sucessfull in the past and the fact they got us banned from europe and had standing taken away, but also just a chance to act a thug basically with city it was who got bragging rights of Manchester and with liverpool, i cant express to you how much i hate scousers i hate the self pity city that is liverpool and same goes for leeds and yorkshire. Derby day aggro comes about for all teams its about who runs the city your from really, even today there’s always fights even with arsenal vs spurs even if you dont notice it firms are still about its just more on the low and to a less extent than it used to be, but with other teams i wouldnt have the hatred to fight them, its not the fights i miss its the atmosphere that there used to be.

    and are you being serious about the serbian hooligans?! Red star Belgrade if you havent ever seen their fans just look them up on youtube, loudest set of fans ive seen maybe the most gay aswell if your serious about what you said lol.

  17. Gooner77 says:

    Yeah I know the Serbs are passionate, I remember reading it somewhere about that the top boy in a firm would humiliate either the equivalant in a rival firm by ass fucking him!!!! If true that’s pretty fucked up eh?
    Yeah I know the firms still exist, last Arsenal Spurs I went to there was a strong Spurs firm up and down the Holloway road and fights all over the place. I’ve never been one for violence but I can see how people get addicted to the adrenaline of it. Also have known a few hooligans in my time and on a day to day level they have been pretty placid, nice guys, but come the weekend they are a different animal.
    The ICF used to be pretty influential down here and were actually behind a lot of the acid house raves that went on. As for atmosphere, I reckon standing room being reintroduced would help. Sitting down doesn’t encourage people singing in my opinion. So did you have a few rows back in the day then?

  18. Red-Manc says:

    very fucked up, Well ive learnt something new about the serbs then!
    I wouldnt ever consider myself to be a proper member of the firm i was only into it all in the late 80s/ 90′s so i missed out on the proper riots that used to go on. I was/still am a bit of a part time hooligan really it was only the likes of city,liverpool leeds and newcastle. And i can see what you mean about the hools being nice guys because a few of the lads down at the pub were i go pre-match would consider themselves as more ‘hardcore’ hools and there generally sound guys but when it comes to football they just flipped and you see a different side to them. I think it just depends what you want to get out of football, some go purely for football others go for the banter and rivalrys.

    I dont ever really remember any Manchester firms influencing anything around town but i wasnt really in the know, i remember something kicking off in the hacienda one night but cant say i know much more it was always kicking off in the hacienda anyway it was a mad house :) .

    I still wear the casual all black to matches though, fucking dangerous ;)

  19. invertedquestionmark says:

    I guess yYou all remember what Keane said about the fans back in 2000, and what Fergie said last year… I’m not supporting football riots at all, I just think that the problem could be solved in another way.

  20. Gooner77 says:

    I don’t support the violence but I have to say the extra edge generated but a hardcore support between two sets of fans is more of a buzz when you go to a game. I mean the difference between going to Arsenal Spurs or against Wigan for example is massive and I’m sure its the same with you lot against City, Leeds or Liverpool.
    Quick question Red, would your hatred of the sides you mentioned prevent you from having any kind of friendship with a non hooligan fan from any of those sides?

  21. Red-Manc says:

    yeh it would, I hate ALL liverpool and leeds fans doesnt matter to me if their a hooligan or not i generally hate them all due to the amount of munich chants they sing and the rivalrys of the citys, i know its stupid to generalise a whole set of people over chants etc but i have to say even outside of football any scousers or yorkshire folk ive ever seen have been scum, i just dont like any of them.

    city fans though it depends some are alright but others give it the whole munich shit, but i tend to get on with a few Mancunian city fans being a Manc myself but soon as derby day comes around thats out of the window aswell ;) but i know my views are quite small minded because its like ive had arguements with arsenal fans on this site yet you seem a decent fella (im just assuming you are a fella so if not im sorry) and we’ve had a civilised conversation, but when it comes to liverpool/leeds fans i dont ever make any attempt at a friendship.

  22. Gooner77 says:

    Fair enuff mate and yeah I’m a bloke :)
    Do you ever get Manc Gooners or Chelsea fans up there? In London, as I’m sure you know, there are loads of people who were born here yet support Liverpool or United, I even know one United season ticket holder who drives up from London for the home games!!!I find that strange!!! Do Manc United fans accept Southern fans or does it piss you off?

  23. invertedquestionmark says:

    There’s much more migration from the North to London. :)

  24. suhayl says:

    Blimey a love in between redmanc and gooner..hmmmmmm

    And gooner..blimey you dont half hang around republik these days…esp even on non arsenal related stories

  25. Red-Manc says:

    jelous suhayl? haha

    and on southern United fans if they love the club no matter what and sing when they come to Old Trafford i dont mind at all, in a ideal world i’d like it to be just Mancunians but ive met loads of top reds from that are irish and a few blackpool reds who are top blokes aswell so i dont really mind because ALL clubs have out of town supporters, but i dont like the posh southern idiots who turn up with there camera’s and are all ‘ i love ronaldo and watch man u glory glory’ and all that shit. I dont really see any arsenal fans up north to be honest i see a very small amount of chelsea shirts but its only ever been young kids wearing them so maybe they’ll grow out of it. its United mostly and then city and liverpool are the clubs that people support round here.


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