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Time For Foster To Prove Himself

Edwin Van der Sar has broken two bones in his left hand, meaning he will be out for around eight weeks. Our keeper has already undergone surgery for the breaks which he sustained in saving Danijel Pranjic’s penalty in the Audi Cup last week.

Edwin will likely miss our games against Arsenal and City but should be back in time to face Liverpool in October.

This mean that Ben Foster, who has been unlucky with injuries himself, is being presented with a perfect opportunity to make himself our number one ahead of the World Cup this summer. Whilst this is a fairly nervy situation to find ourselves in at the start of the season, I think we should try and see it in a positive light. Van der Sar couldn’t go on for ever so what better way to test Foster’s credentials than for him to have a solid period where he is starting every game.

If Foster isn’t good enough, then better to find out now so we can start the search for Edwin’s replacement. If he is good enough, then brilliant, we’ll have two quality goalkeepers for next season.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Rafa says:

    Seriously… I think that Kuszczak is way better than Foster. He is more confident in the goal and he better reflex… But we’ll see… Foster is very average and mind my words, he may be England’s 1st keeper, but he’ll never be top class.

  2. pawaka21 says:

    definitely time to foster, not to mention tomasz who should worry about his place in united. use this chance to show what they really capable of.8 weeks is a long time and lots of games will be played along that time. for me personally, both of them had their strength and weaknesses. for me kusczak is better in dealing with crosses and long shots, but fairly poor in dealing with one on one situation. meanwhile foster much dependable in one on one situation but quite nervy in dealing with crosses and long shots, just in sunderland games last season. in terms of kicking, i prefer foster than kusczak as what we had seen before..

  3. five says:

    Kuzczack is a fantastic shot stopper but Foster has the presence of a big goalkeeper. A presence you need to keep the defense confident and on their toes

    Kuszak was great against Bayern, Foster has been a bit sketchy this pre-season but impressed last term particularly in the CC Final so lets see who SAF throws into the fray

  4. Mic says:

    Hey Scott you should start a fantasy.premierleague fantasy side league with your own team and start a league that we can all join! It’ll be a laugh :) x

  5. Micky says:

    Fergie has said time and time again that Foster WILL be Man Utd’s and England’s number one.

    Anyone doubting Foster and doubting SAF himself.

  6. Micky says:

    @Mic You’re far too late! Been done!

  7. Kings says:

    I have every faith in Foster, the only thing that unsettles me about him is his injury problems.

  8. Jayunited4eva says:

    Was devastated to hear that VDS will be out for 8 weeks.
    Yea,although this is a chance for foster and kusczak,still devastated.It feels really secure with VDS around.
    Foster was a bit scrappy pre-season,but he’s awesome.Come on foster,step it up when the season starts and he’ll be the best goalie England’s ever had.

  9. cherry says:

    My thoughts exactly Scott…much as am gutted abt Vandersar..I think this an opportunity for Foster to put Edwin out of job. Hope he would grab this opportunity

  10. Devilton says:

    I have my doubts that Foster is good enough, so hopefully he will prove me wrong. It’s good that he gets his chance early so if we need to get someone new we can still do it in this transfer window.

    Best of Luck Ben…this is your moment, don’t fuck it up!

  11. Muggaz says:

    Kusczak is about as useless on tits on a bull, he makes me nervous every time he is between the sticks… If I am honest, I don’t have as much faith in Foster as I would like, but keepers get better with age (unless you are a world class freak like Iker Cassillas) so here is to hoping Foster grabs the bull by the horns!

  12. Devilton says:

    Micky: SAF has been wrong about keepers in the past. Need I remind you about the disasters that were Tiabi, Bosnich, Howard (ok, howard wasn’t a disaster, but never a #1)

    Hopefully SAF is right about Foster, but then again, being #1 for England is hardly a vote of confidence. Ever since Seaman retired the #1 for Engurland has been a crap shoot and no keeper has convinced of being truly world class.

    Ben might just be the best of the bunch, but that’s fine for England. Will it be fine for United?

    United > Engurland

  13. IcelandicDevil says:

    About this thing, is there a RoM league that one can join?

  14. sppibsihmkcrkg says:

    it’s not the worst situation, fergie had already said he’d play more this year so not like he’s completely forced into it. Think it’ll be good for united long term. Don’t think kusczack is progressing enough though so hope foster doesn’t get put out of action

  15. Micky says:


    I can say with a fair degree of certain that Foster will come good.

    Trust me!

    I hope the fans get behind him

  16. Trevor says:


    The time for talk is over!! He has 2 months to show what he has got! I am sure with the change in formation, the after ronaldo saga he will have much oppertunity to show what he has got!

    Let us prey he is as good as we all think & Hope!

  17. wakey says:


    Seriously how can you say Kusczak is good at Crosses. As a Shot stopper he is great as its all about instinct. However when it comes to crosses and one on ones its about decision making and the minute he has to think about something he seems to second guess himself and when he decides what he is doing he is going ton do he is out of position.

    Everytime he plays and a cross goes in he either stays back when he shouldn’t or ends up flapping at the ball as he is a split second slow. A bit more decisive maybe he would be world class but I don’t think this is something he will ever be able to change about himself so while he is a good keeper he isn’t United first choice level

  18. Keano 16 says:

    Foster is class, I saw a lot of him at Watford over 2 seasons and I can assure you he has what it takes to be our number one – his shot stopping, cross handling, decision making is all first rate, and his distribution/kicking is second to none, I’m pretty sure on the OPTA stats he has the best distance/accuracy for kicking out of all the keepers, dont quote me on that though.

    Anyway, whilst its a shame VDS is injured; this could well be a blessing in disguise. Foster needs a run of games to establish himself and show us what he’s capable of, lets just hope he can grab this opportunity.

    My biggest concern if I’m honest is VDS having his rather large nose put out of joint, if Foster plays to the best of his ability, I cannot see Ferguson dropping him once Edwin is fit again, he is simply that good. There is a reason everyone has been raving about Foster in reason years.

  19. wazza ( Bezi ) says:

    Ben will come good. we need to back him up even if he has a couple of bad days at the office.

  20. RJ says:

    I’m gutted that Van der Sar is injured, one of my favourite players and the best keeper we have.
    It could be a shakey start to the season lads…..

  21. Trevor says:

    One thing i will say. If any supporter doesnt give our players a chance i dont class them as True United Supporters!

    If you in the small minority of our fans who are highly critical, think they are owned something. I have a recomendation for you.

    Go out! Buy a Man City top, put it on. Put your head between your legs and kiss your own arse!

    True Supports get behind the team, Behind the players!

    Scholes & Giggs are getting to the end of their carrier! Its Fergie Who Decides when to call time!! He is more qualified than any of us arm chair fans!

    Foster, Owen, Hargreaves, Nani, Anderson… Lets support them!!! Lets cheer them on!

    Lets be the 12th player at old traford this year!!

    When were not doing well.. cheer every tackle,, every pass!

    If not fuck off and support city!!

  22. Mezza says:

    @ Five – i agree with ya there mate

    @Micky – i do have big doubts about Foster, and this is the only time i have doubted SAF in his career.

    @Muggaz – you sir are a tool lol

    Foster is a good keeper on the right track, but what annoys me the most is that hes so overhyped just because of his English nationality, and hes pretty much the only keeper England got that shows true potential for the future.

    I think Foster is far from ready for the #1 spot, but hey its just my opinion, and we shall see how he goes when the beginning of the season unfolds.

  23. Red Rooney says:

    Foster looks like Dexter

  24. bigphil2003 says:

    Good call Trevor. i remember a few years ago so many fans were slagging off Fletch and now they love him.

    And I completely agree with this article, as long as our defence is at full strength we should be fine, plus we get a chance to see if Foster really can replace Van Der Sar – I’d rather find out now than after VDS retires!

  25. Guest says:

    How did Van der Sar break two bones in his hand saving a penalty… with his foot?

  26. mongoose mcqueen says:

    hey im gotta hate tiny tears brother and he asked me to link a video if noone else would


  27. King Eric says:

    Welcome Mongoose McQueen, ya brother is a legend mate! Are you a United fan?

    Anyway setting off to game now. Come on United!!

  28. Dani says:

    @Red Rooney

    I lol so much. Foster do reminds me about Dexter… hahahaha

  29. Devilton says:

    Keano 16: Playing at Watford where Foster is not really an indication of how he will do at United. At Watford Foster knew he was going to have plenty of shots fired at him, plenty of action, so he was always switched on. At united, he will have maybe 2-3 good shots at him, sometimes less. The margins are very small at United where he will face Europes best teams and a couple of high profile blunders can ruin a career.

    He has shown potential, but he has also shown nerves. I will get behind him when he turns up, but there is no doubt he has a lot to prove and these two months when he is defacto #1 will make or break his career here. If he slips up and we lose straight out the gate I can’t see SAF keeping faith with him.

    This is our toughest season, and #19 beckons. Ben needs to get his game face on and prove he can be counted on.

  30. John Ferry says:

    Obi-One (Ben) is strong in the force. Have faith in him you must.

  31. Jish Inc. says:

    I think, in my humble opinion,that Kitkat is the better keeper of the two. People only support Foster more coz he is English. Kuszack is the more consistent of the two plus has less injuries. I know Foster has played very little for united so hopefully he’ll prove me wrong this season

  32. m1ke says:

    @trevor: with your thoughts on free speech and differentiated opinions you would’ve been great for bushs war on terror (anyone who isn’t with us, is against us, anyone?) or a superb tool in many dictatorships around the globe.
    criticism is needed everywhere, it’s what makes an objective argument.
    i still agree with you on the class foster has shown and am totally pro giving him a chance and let him demonstrate he’s up to the huge task of becoming our number one!

  33. trevor says:


    To be honest im fed up with some fickle supporters. The ones after one defeat are saying Fergie has lost it.

    The ones who only appreciate the Goal Scorers and not the hard workers!

    The ones who are too quick to jump on our own players.

    The ones who go to Old Trafford and when the chips are down just moan and groan!

    I want true fans.. Fans that are going to back our players to the hilt. True fans back our players to the hilt.I want Fans who are going to raise the roof at old trafford.

    I agree that football is all about opnion, all about banter Good times and bad times. I dont mind critical fans but by christ some drive me mad!

  34. KJ says:

    Injured from a penalty save?F—ing hell of a shot it mustve been

  35. simply the best says:

    kk’s our number one, pure excellent all though-out his 3years while ben has made error after error, no confiedend in ben who is mere english hype while kk is a monster of a man in goal, like schmeichel.

  36. Saad says:

    Spot on Scott… i was thinking along the same lines

  37. Alex Craig says:

    Well said Trevor, one of a minority of realistic true supporters!



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