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Time For Paul Scholes To Make The Difference To Our Season

In terms of the effect they have on the team overall, I’d say Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes are the most influential players United have. Their creativity outshines what any of our other players have on show, seeing passes and movement with ease, and having the ability to then follow through with the required ball.

United have yet to reach top gear yet this season, picking up points and getting the results, but have struggled at times. Fortunately, it appears as though our rivals aren’t the smooth-running machines the press made them out to be, meaning we’re in a very comfortable position at this stage in the season.

However, with Paul Scholes back in the team, after missing two months of football following surgery, will United finally click and play the way we’ve been expecting them to?

Coincidentally, Scholes’ last game was the away trip to Aalborg at the end of September, where he was subbed off with just 15 minutes played.

Since surgery on his injured knee, Scholes has turned 34-years-old and signed another one year contract extension. Time is working against him and questions were asked whether he would be able to, yet again, return to the first team after such a lengthy period out. The fact that Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher are both having brilliant seasons so far only worked against him.

Yet when Scholes was playing last night, it was if he had never been away. His passing was spot on, spraying balls all over the pitch to players on the attack. Inch perfect 30-40 yard balls, he’s immense. He has vision that no one can match and although the likes of Carrick or Rooney can attempt to fill his shoes, they’re not there yet.

He’s got our trip to Japan to get his fitness up, slotting back in to the team again, developing the links between himself and front men, so come the new year, he should be up to scratch entirely.

Keep Scholesy fit and we win the league. If he gets injured again, I still believe we’ll win the league (surprisingly, eh?!) but it will be a lot more difficult. He can make us tick, he can be the final piece of the puzzle, and all the question marks over our players and formation will be answered.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. james f says:

    “Keep Scholesy fit and we win the league. If he gets injured again, I still believe we’ll win the league”. Exactly. Yesterday he was extraordinary, but we have to remember that he isn’t always like this and also that he can’t last the whole 90 minutes anymore. Anderson did a decent job too yesterday, but Scholes’ passing and vision were out of this world.

  2. Costas says:

    Scholes was truly wonderful yesterday.Personally,i think that’s how he should be utilised.He may start the odd game every now and when but i think coming of the bench he will be much more helpful.If games aren’t going United’s way,he will take our play to another dimension.For me there is another issue we should be concerner with.Why haven’t we finished off any game in the first half?You could say that Stoke were the exception but Carrick scored the second deep into stopage time.This bad habit has cost us ponts against Everton,Liverpool(we should have been 3 up before the equaliser),Arsenal,Celtic away and Aalborg at home.Sir Alex mentioned it yesterday but can something change this fact?With Scholes coming on we were playing them at their own half for most of the second half.We huffed and puffed but still we could only equalise.I really hope Fergie gets it right by the new year.This Man.United side deserves at least a couple of trophies this season.And i am not talking about the World Club Cup.

  3. RedatHeart says:

    The central midfield has been a problem for united this season.
    That is because we have hardly had all the trio from Hargreaves, Carrick and Scholes fit for a lenghty period of time. Though Fletcher has been excellent so far this season and Anderson has progessed well since last year, the experience of these three veterans is immense and has been sorely missed especially in the second half of tough away fixtures eg: Chl away, Everton away, Liv away to name a few. Though its credit to Man Utd that they have got most of these togh fixtures out of the way and are still in an excellent position to challenge for the title. Hopefull we will have lesser amount of injuries in the second half of the season and complete a glorious hat-trick of EPL titles. Glory Glory Man Utd!!!

  4. Ulrik Fredrik says:

    Scholes is kinda like the Gattusso of United. He’s brash in putting in tackles and couldn’t care less about being issued yellows for his crunching fights for loose balls.

    He’ll be almost like a new signing for United now since he’s fit. And lets hope he remains fit for the rest of the season. The boss may be spoilt for choice in the coming months but that’s anytime better not having enough to choose from.

  5. invertedquestionmark says:

    Ulrik, Gattusso is like the Scholes of Milan.

  6. Ulrik Fredrik says:

    Haha. Well said invertedquestionmark!

  7. olusanjo says:

    invertedquestionmark, you are very right, you are to compare number 2 to number 1 and not number 1 to number 2. welcome giinger prince

  8. swapnil says:

    well he is a great player but i dunno if he can deliver day in day out now.we should use him as an impact sub and let him play like he used to like making all those late runs in the box and scoring vital goals rather than having him play from the start as a deep lying CM.carrick and fletcher are good enough to do that thing is for sure though he still has things to offer within him!!!!

  9. Costas says:

    swapnil makes an excellent point.I do think Scholesy should be allowed to make late runs in the box again.He has a lethal finishing touch,why not use it?God knows,our other central midfielders are not so prolific in front of the goal.Of course it would require that Carrick and another midfielder play behind him,but i think that’s his best position.Yesterday he was brillianth sitting deep and spraying the passes around,but we need a natural goalscorer.

  10. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    I just love this LEGEND. My favourite United player for over a decade. That performance was simply sublime stuff. The Anderson-obsessed fans must try and have a look at Scholesy’s vision and pinpoint passing, and realise what they’re missing in Anderson. As much as i like Anderson he’s wayward passing lets us down too many times. Give me my Scholesy any day of the week!

  11. Costas says:

    Scholes and Anderson are different players.While Scholes is by far the better passer,at 34 he can’t match Anderson’s engine,tackling and workrate.Anderson is not a bad passer(last night he set up Rooney) but he has a long way to go before he ia as accurate as Scholes.On the other hand,Anderson will never get caught off pace in the Premiership.

  12. Phil says:

    Drawing comparison on Anderson and Scholes is difficult. 2 entirely different players. certainly when scholes was the age anderson is today. he was more a support striker in his debut years. to put a price of £17M on anderson makes you wonder what the hell Scholes would command today if he was 27 – priceless?
    Anderson in some games reminds me of a jack russel chasing a football ! tireless and prepared to chase the most lost causes. needs consistency and to add a goal to his united record. all that said i cant think of any other 18 year old i would rather step on the pitch for us. there is so much he can pick up from all our midfielders – down to him to put it in to place. the world awaits our first true Brazilian genius, he must be careful its not one of the twins

  13. Tom F says:

    I think Evra has a good impact on the team, we always feel it when he’s not playing.

  14. marvsharpe says:

    He was simply superb last night when he came on last night. Giggs did quite too in the first half.

    I just can’t believe that one day Scholes will be done. He’s a massive player for us and i only hope we don’t miss him too much when he hangs up his boots!

  15. denton davey says:

    To me, the best part of Scholes’ performance last night was his almost-forgotten “late runs into the box”. He needs to be encouraged to do this ALL THE TIME; it adds another dimension to the attack which is too often sterile sideways passing around a packed defensive wall rather than penetrating it.

  16. k9 says:

    There is no shame greater to world football than the fact that Paul Scholes has never been recognized for his contribution to football with the kind of honours he deserves. Ballon d’Or… kiss my ass, Platini, you snobbish ABU son of a bitch… (Thanks Scott, ABU is part of my dictionary now… :) )
    He is the best attacking mid of his generation, period. The day he retires, like SAF, football at united will never be the same again. Carry on you ginger genius…

  17. furrball says:

    much of the way i’ve played football has been largely influenced by him, having watched him and united since i was 10, I was a short, stocky boy (still am) and while everyone was going on about becks and yorke and cole at the time, there was something unassuming and humble about scholesy which I looked to emulate, I’m 21 now and the number 18′s always at the back of my shirt. the technique in which he strikes the ball whether to strike or pass it’s immaculate and his vision and intelligence in the game is absolutely peerless and even at 34 is one of the most influential members of the squad. I think the way he’s so under-rated speaks volumes about his character as well as what’s wrong with football today.

    We love Paul Scholes! He scores goals!

  18. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    K9 and furrball i’m with you, spot on lads. And i’ve never had any United shirt without 18. That just goes to show how much i love Scholesy. Scholesy’s always been my hero. TRUE LEGEND. Ask Sir Bobby what Scholesy’s all about. But Keano probably described Scholesy the best, “No self-promotion, no celebrity bullshit” Fuckin love that comment. Love you Ginger Legend. And k9 uhmmm what’s an ABU?

  19. EastStandManc says:

    I can’t believe there are posters on a website called ‘Republik of Mancunia’ who don’t know what A.B.U. stands for!


    Saying Scholesy’s a legend is a bit too much like statin’ the bleedin’ obvious, but I can understand why people do. He’ll take a while to get back to 100% fitness, but once he does, he should be starting, not on the bench.

    People mention him being 34, but this is a lad who’s looked after himself and has, over the years, missed the best part of a season or two through injury, so we could knock even more off for that. We bemoaned Giggsy’s absence with all those hamstring injuries, but ironically, it’s probably the main reason he’s able to play at his age.

    Sadly for Pele and Anderson, as well as they’ve been playing, Scholesy and Carrick are the first choice CM pairing when fully fit, and have a league title (’06-’07) to prove it.

  20. suhayl says:

    Eaststandmanc….as ive said on here over all the years and ive said it since i saw him break into the team…infact even before when eric harrison used to eulogise over him in the youth team in the early 90′s. I always said he would become a legend….and damn right he is.

    The most techincally gifted english player of a generation.

    And you’re right he should start as many games as he can. For me first choice would be hargo and scholsey if fit.

  21. Red-Manc says:

    Scholes is the best midfield player ive ever seen not only at United but anywhere else in the world, Kaka and Zidane have both said he’s the better than them, so the lad aint half bad!

    We play as a team at United but i feel we’ve been missing Scholes’s creativity and vision glad he’s back and agree with EastStandManc him and Carrick should be first choice midfield no need to mess about with something that works perfectly and Scholes and Carrick is a perfect midfield.

  22. Costas says:

    Scholes and Carrick were the best midfield partnership in the land 2 years ago.Right now,i feel that this particular partnership is a bit light defensive wise.At the back end of last season,Scholes did struggle a bit in the away games with Boro and Rovers and at the home game with Arsenal.Personally,i feel that there are certain types of matches he shouldn’t be starting anymore.I don’t want anyone here taking it the wrong way.I love him as most of you do.The fact that he has outlived Beckham and Keane at Man United speaks volumes.As i said at another thread,i feel that it’s time to use him the way we use Giggs.

  23. King Eric says:

    Obviously aside from his passing there is no other midfielder who can control and dictate the pace of a game like Scholesy. It was great to see him last night come on. Know Fletcher been good this season but we should play with Carrick (who incidentally has also been excellent last few games) and Scholes. No question. Anderson had a good game tho last night and the man is still so young. As I have said in an earlier post we really do need to keep hold of him as he is a real gem.

  24. themarkedman72 says:

    one of the most complete players ever.
    lucky to have had him so long.
    Giggs and scholes. I fear what united will be without them.
    I dont think they can ver be replaced However we do need to ease the news guys in.

  25. Ubibi Godwin Jr says:

    Thumbs up the ginger prince,I was really impressed with is wonderful dispaly against alborg,it seem as if he wasnt out of the game for two month

  26. King Eric says:

    Gordy: Rooney not eligible for Spurs game tomorrow. Got a one match ban. Would play JSP on left tho.


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