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Today’s United Transfer Rumours – Rio, Kiko and Rodwell

Rio to Spurs
With Rio Ferdinand suffering from poor form and repeated injuries, the papers have pencilled Harry Redknapp in for trying to sign our defender in the summer. Rio seems to be gravitating towards the London lifestyle again and next summer United might be looking to get back some of the £30m they paid out for him eight years previously…?

Macheda to Boro (on loan)
In the extremely limited chances so far this season Kiko has failed to repeat the brilliant form of the end of last season. The papers today reckon that Gordan Strachan is looking to find a striker to replace the injured Jeremie Aliadiere, who will be out for six weeks. Like other ex-United players who go on to manage, Strachan is looking for a player from our set-up to plug the gap.

Jack Rodwell to United
Ferguson has apparently been keeping tabs on the defensive central midfielder who is praised for his composure on the ball with an excellent range of passing. Apparently the manager has asked close associates for reports on the teenager’s personality and potential. Whilst playing in midfield at present, there is talk the 18-year-old could make it as a central defender at some point.

Rene Adler
The Bayer Leverkusen goalkeeper has been linked with a move to United, particularly after being spotted in the Anfield crowd last Sunday. Leverkusen general manager Rudi Voller claims that Adler was at the game simply for enjoyment purposes because he’s “so involved” with his job.

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  1. Axeman says:

    Rio’s going nowhere.. I don’t think Macheda will be sent anywhere this season, unless we buy a striker in Jan

  2. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    if Kiko goes on loan he’ll never return
    where in the bejasus is spurs getting 30 million for one player
    Jack Rodwell is good but he’s no jonny evans and he’s no vidic so in my mind he’s a no go

  3. Stretford Ender says:

    Interesting, this is the first time in 7 years when Rio hasn’t filled me with confidence. The ever growing talent of Mr Evans has probably added to this, Fergie has known when players have their time in the past, this could be it for Rio. I think sometimes his mind might be on other things. Would be suprised if Italian clubs didnt come in, the pace wouldnt be an issue then.
    Kiko has stated his desire to return to Italy one day, I think a move up to that dump might just push him over the edge!!! He looked a class above at Barsnley and would have no doubt he would score goals, a deal could involve a first refusal clause on Adam Johnson as well?!
    Rodwell is a real talent. I’ve seen a lot of England Under 21′s over the last couple of years and he is head and shoulders (along with Milner) above the rest. He could be a great replacement for Rio and is as good as Evans was at 18.
    Keep them coming Scott.

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    i just heard chelsea are going to get marlon king in 18 months
    chelsea went as far as to frame king so noone could buy him for the time chelsea cant buy anyone

  5. Axeman says:

    Besides don’t Spurs already have enough injury problems witht their central defenders.. don’t think even they would be daft enough to spend 30 mil on a central defender who’s been injured a lot recently

  6. theboogeyman says:

    lol GHTT.
    Rodwell and me have the same birthday,that’s all I know about him.

  7. trevor says:

    Comments on the FOllowing

    Rio Ferdinand

    His Recovery from injury will determind how long he stays at old trafford. After assembleing a cracking team which won the treble in 1999 fergie saw 16.5 million for Jap Stam as fantastic business. Although he regreted it as stam played at the top level consistantly for many yeasr to come he also didnt suffer too many injuries! In comparison, rio could do the same, but if he is plagued by injury he may be floged! like it or not its the way of the world and i want Fergie or whoever is manager of United to do the best by the team, not the fans in some cases!


    This kid needs to be played every week somewhere to improve his game. I cant see him getting many chances for us this season. Maybe the odd game here and there. I see Owen progressing, He now has a couple of goals. His confidence is increasing and more importantly our players are learning Michael Owens Style……….. I know this site has a massive hate owen fan club but by christ watch the runs he makes…….Its only a matter of time before carrick or scholes click with his runs and he gets loads of chances.

    Jack Rodwell

    Dont know enough about the boy, but i am all on for investing in youth players. I would say hand on heart that it is because of our Youth Set up is the reason that we have done so well over the years. Where Chelsea and liverpool have had to Buy players for every position we have saved bucket loads by bringing in Youth Players. over the years i think these have all contributed – Fletcher – Giggs – Scholes – Beckham – Butt – Brown – Oshea – Evans

    Im sure its always a gamble but if you get hold of real good prospects and even have to pay up to 5 mil for them how much would that save if you manage to bring him through.

  8. Axeman says:

    Good point on Rio, but I still feel it’s too early to say he’s over the hill. If we are getting 30 mil Sir Alex may consider it, but I highly doubt there’s an offer in that league from anyone..

    Kiko does need to develop further, but we need back up in the striking department. We currently have only 3 first teamers if you ar including Owen in that list. I know we have Welbeck, but I feel Welbec & kiko are around the same level currently

  9. karandravs says:

    lol GHTT…
    it would be weird if fergie pulled off another jaap stam on rio !!

  10. Fze123 says:

    @ trevor no mate there isn’t a massive hate Owen fan club on this site, everyone here loves Owen!

    I think Rio going to spurs is just a meaningless rumour. I doubt they would spend 30/35 million on a 28 year old defender plagued with injuries. Rio will get back to his best form by getting a run of games in the reserves for a while.

    Macheda shouldn’t go on loan, he’ll be given many oppourtunities in the league cup games and possibly get on the bench against weaker teams in the league. Haven’t seen Rodwell play much, so can’t judge him, but an extra defensive central midfielder won’t hurt.

  11. aig alex is god says:

    just one word for all the 3 rumours


  12. Axeman says:

    The Rodwell one might not be rubbish. we’re always on the lookout for good young players..

  13. cantona7 says:

    @GHTT Rodwell’s first position is a defensive midfielder mate, so i think it’s unfair to compare him with Evans.

    I am ok with any transfer, as long as it’s Fergie’s. Because in Fergie we trust!

  14. Jack says:

    flecthers out….vidic, giggs & rio doubts

  15. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    I knoe one 19 year old evans thats a better defensive midfielder who can play centre defence aswell whos better than Rodwell
    who I do think is a fantastic 18 year old

  16. Fze123 says:

    @ cantona7 Corry Evans is a quality player who will make it into the first team in 2 years time, mark my words.

    Oh dear, fletcher, rio, vidic and giggs are out. Will we be able to cope without 4 first teamers.

  17. bigphil2003 says:

    Has anyone actually suggested that Spurs would offer £30mil for Rio? I reckon it would be closer to £10m if anything. Can’t see it though.

  18. Olesrightfoot says:

    Here’s my two penneth on defence and general things, as i’ve observed quietly for a while now. Some may want me to remain as such…..
    Ferdinand played 24 league games last season which isn’t enough. Once the back 5 is disrupted/or someone loses form it can impact the whole team. Last seasons amazing run of clean sheets may contradict that statement but that may also have been down to the fact the midfield were told to protect the defence more hence lots of narrow wins which was un-United like. Either the injuries clear up or a decision is needed at the end of the season as to what our central defensive pairing looks like for 2010/11. John O’Shea’s lack of mobility also needs to be looked at as Valencia can look isolated with no overlapping full back as an option. It’s not doom and gloom but we’re consistently fighting against a changing team (that’s without Fergie swapping the midfield every match) and personally I think Goalkeeper and centre backs are where cosnistency is needed most. I hope Owen starts tomorrow and gets more minutes on the pitch to actually prove if his brilliant movement (and current goals/game ratio) will stack up over a longer period. I think it will as he seems to leave most defenders looking bewitched as he appears from a hole in the ground to their surprise

  19. Tufty says:

    I can see Rio moving on oif a decent fee is there for him, but with strong rumours that Vidic will leave in the summer, I cant see both leaving.
    Rodwell would be a good signing, he’s apparently a Utd fan and lives in Southport, so can see him favouring Utd over other clubs, but a big fee would be needed to land him.
    As for Kiko, he needs games at a decent level in order to progress. Scot quotes “Kiko has failed to repeat the brilliant form of the end of last season”, but depsite the two goals he scored, i failed to see any brilliant form, with him offering very little in the games he features, something he has carried over to this season.

  20. Chep says:

    this is bullshit about Rio and Rodwell as a CD replacement is another bullshit. I do not mind to see Macheda going on loan to have more 1st team minutes somewhere. I would rather see premier level, but he might end up like Campbel, so it`s better for him to play even in Coca cola

  21. Fze123 says:

    Wayne Rooney is the only utd player shortlisted for Fifa World Player 2009. Was hoping Vidic would be too for being immense last season. Exactly what has tiny tears accomplished to deserve to be shortlisted??

  22. theboogeyman says:

    Tufty,Kiko won us the league last year.I couldn’t care less about his form.
    He played 2 games,scored 2 league winning goals.That’s good form.

  23. Tufty says:

    Nobody has mentioned £30 million for Rio. We’d be lucky to get £8 million.
    As for Evans, Im not convinced, would uch rather we had kept Pique.

  24. Tufty says:

    Kiko helped to win us the league, his two goals were crucial. But apart from them two goals he offered little else. He has a lot to learn and a lot of developing to do, a move to a Championship club on loan is exactly what he needs.

  25. the scottish wonder says:

    I was really excited about the young players before this season, Gibson, Macheda, Welbeck etc.

    But only Welbeck has played more than 100 minutes

    Where is Gibson? why wasnt he playing against Barnsley? is he injured? when will he be back?

    We need more youngsters to play and get a little more freshness in the side. When players have won the title 3 years in a row the get complacent.

  26. mctavish says:

    Y do people think we’re gonna get £30m for ferdinand? all the report says is to get some of the fee we paid for him bk, i’d be surprised if we got more than £12m for him! besides i think its premature to write rio off yet, fergie confirmed today he’s still strugglin thru injury

  27. Mikael says:

    Tufty: Hope that you’re talking about Cory Evans ’cause Johnny is the real deal! He’s my choice over Rio atm.

    If Rio gets his form back I’d keep him but he hasn’t been the same this season so judging on current form I say let him go if we can find a new CB but NO ONE but shitty would pay 30 mil for rio… 10 mil tops.

    Does no-one remember we have Adem Ljajlic (?!) and that striker from Molde coming in January? Let Macheda go on loan, our 4′th striker should always be Welbeck.

  28. Stand up for the Red Army says:

    No offense lads, but this is ridiculous. Rio was one of the most important and key players for United in recent years, and just cuz he had a few under-par preformances and injuries some are suggesting that he should be sold. How disgusting it would be to see United deal with players like Man Shitty and the likes.

  29. Jig says:

    I’m not convinced about Utd’s recruitment policy over the past 4 years. We’ve undoubtedly brought some fantastic players into both our first and youth teams but there seems to be little direction.

    Our system made sense when it was built around Ronaldo but it was quite short-sighted. We all knew he was going to head-off so why did we continue to purchase players suitable to 4-2-3-1? We’ve an abundance of midfield players yet no definite midfield. I understand the season is long and players need to be rested but in September?!?!? That’s absolute nonsense.

    We should be chosing our central 4 from a pool of 8 not 13+ (Giggs, Tosic, Park, Valencia, Fletcher, Gibson, Anderson, Carrick, Scholes, Hargreaves, Nani, O’shea, Obertan + Macheda/Welbeck/Da Silva/Ljajic etc). I have no idea how we can strive for consistency and fluidity with all this tinkering.

    I’m not doubting any individuals within our squad because I believe they are all incredibly talented, I’m questioning the system. Ferguson is the king of kings, the overlord of football, so I won’t question his understanding of the game but I can’t help picturing him in Michael Jackson mode flicking through Panini albums saying “We’ll have one of those, and that guy there”.

    Berbatov is a joy to watch but his role is undefined, he’s not a front-man in the mold of Drogba or Torres and neither is Rooney. They both drop into the hole or further into midfield, meaning there’s nobody in the box to receive the ball and punish opponents.

    The fortunate truth is that we’ve been getting away with this lack of ‘system’ because of the talented individuals at our disposal. I admire Ferguson hugely for his commitment to individual expression on the field and the trust he puts in his players. The problem is we’ve seen a handful of exceptional performances over the past few seasons and plenty of dogged victories.

    Is this the Man Utd we all know and love? Am I remembering teams of the past through rose-tinted glasses? Is the constant flux at Utd beneficial to the individuals and ultimately the team or will we end up getting found out by the Barcelona’s of world football? We’ll have to wait and see.

  30. VSK says:

    Mikael: Just have to point out that Mame Biram Diouf may not be coming in January. Been talks bout him playing for Molde next season too.

  31. Hakan says:

    Jack Rodwell? Yes, please!

  32. Fze123 says:

    @ Stand up for the Red Army , Spot on mate.

    Agree with you Jig. I think, in the games we have lost this season, the majority of utd fans seemed to instantly blame the players for their poor performances even though that wasn’t always the case. Take the dippers game for example, everyone was complaining about our weak midfield and how ineffective it was. The main reason we lost was this: simply there wasn’t a defensive midfielder in sight, giggs can’t play on the wings anymore, playing scholes against liverpool is unthinkable because we all know he can’t tackle, starting Rooney who’s just recovered from injury and not taking him off for Owen as we all know Berb-Owen partnership works very well.

    This season, I always fear what our team selection/formation is before each game. Fergie hasn’t gotten them all right, bad team selection against the gooners nearly cost us the win. I am saying this again, it’s at times like this I wish Querioz is here.

  33. Mikael says:

    VSK: Ah… well that would be a bit wierd, buying and lending out for so long. If that’s the case then we should keep Kiko at home.

  34. Fze123 says:

    It’s weird that this Bayer Leverkusen keeper we’re linked to was at anfield.

  35. Welbz19 says:

    Think rodwell will be a great player but we have matty James who is the same age and has the potential to boss our midfield for ten yrs plus!!

  36. Enzo says:

    Hi all!been a while. Ah transfer rumours-every dog and his owner linked to us then!hehe..ok
    Rio-off the field antics?future Utd captain?questionable or just rough patch. Madrid, 2 Milans, small team in blue called Shi… would inflate price. So many good youngsters(Evanses,Cathcart,De Laet?)
    Strong rumours persist and indicate SAF is looking at:Gk-R.Adler/ Akinfeev/Diego Lopez
    CB:G.Cahill RB:Maicon DM:Axel Witsel and AM:Steven Defour/Neymar(U-17), and the two spanish Davids at Valencia. Realistically 3-4 will be at Utd-Witsel, Defour, Villa and Silva plus a keeper. Foster, Ferdinand, Carrick, Nani, Anderson and Berba playing 4 Utd careers.

  37. RedDeviled Egg says:

    I think Rene Adler could be a dynamite pickup. I’ve seen him in several German internationals and he’s a beast. Typical German keeper. Strong, efficient, and a dominant presence in organizing his back line

  38. Williamk says:

    The possible arrival of mame biram diouf back from loan in January might make the kiko deal very real

  39. redjoe10 says:

    Interesting comment there from Fze123 saying he wishes Queiroz was here. Looking at Portugal’s form recently, if they fail to make the World Cup he could be back before you know it!

  40. Berbatovs' love life says:

    if we buy a striker in January (villa was linked with us) we should send Kiko out on loan, he needs minutes, i am dissapointed we didnt loan out Gibson to Stoke or a club like that, he could start for them and gain valuable experience!

  41. Fze123 says:

    @ redjoe10, I am hoping they do fail to qualify for the world cup, Querioz is shit at managing but a great assistant manager with tactical genius. Problem is utd might not welcome him like they did before, or if he personally would want to come back. I would welcome him back with open arms tbh.

  42. King Eric says:

    Fze123 – Oh come on mate. Why do you all think CQ is the answer? He was a decent number 2 but Fergie obviously trusts Micky Phelan. The bloke has left us twice so why would you want him back? Fergie usually gets the team bang on and when he doesn’t there is fuck all difference CQ would have made. Was great with the Portugese contingent I admit and I DO like Carlos but Fergie has been picking winning teams for decades and this will still continue. Its not just that but like Norman an “insider” said on the phone in the other night how many of these people calling for CQ even know what they do at United? If Fergie thought his team around him weren’t up for the job he would get some one in simple as.

    As for the rumours I cannot believe people are saying to sell Rio after a few dodgy games. IF by next May he is still suffering sell him but on his day Rio is STILL the best central defender in European football. Kiko may well benefit from a loan spell but not to those mugs at Boro. I actually don’t think he will be at United too long, he just never looks or seems happy. Hope I am wrong. Rodwell would be a great buy save for the fact we have a plethora of talent coming through in that role, Corry Evans being one and Matty James another.

  43. says:

    i would like to see Phil Jagielka at OT one day….

  44. rooney_thebestest says:

    @King Eric: I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with regards to Kiko. He just doesnt look like he is playing with his heart for United.Add to that his comments about being back in Italy and we’ve got a player who can be fantastic but present us with another Ronaldoesque case in the future. I genuinely think the best way forward for us is to grab all the English talent around and mold them into players who woulf die for the shirt.Some of the continental players disgust me with their attitude.Look at Kiko. he’s not even a regular yet he’s got this stupid attitude.Instead of being honoured to be playing for the biggest club in the world he wants to fuck off to those italian ultras.Let him, I say.We shouldnt allow these kind of people to play for United.

  45. Calvo says:

    1)Rio going to Spurs? Cant see it happening for at least another 2 seasons theres more chance taht Vidic will go in the summer.
    2)Kiko going to Boro? a distinct possibilty as I can see us getting another striker and with Diouf arriving in Jan aswell it would make sense.
    3)Rodwell…? Yes would do but that would be with a view to offloading Carrick.But we shud also be looking at Hamsik and Hazard.
    4)Adler? Dont know much abt him so cant comment but what I saw of Akinfeev he and Neuer look very good and we shud 1 of the 2 in January.

    Finally with rumours surrounding Villa and Silva cant see both coming as much as that would be great.

  46. Giles Oakley says:

    I predict Rodwell will come to United, and the only questions are when and how much?

    Only time will tell about Rio.Only insiders can know the true extent of his injury problems and the long term effect on his form. All we can say is that there are real question marks for the first time.Fergie’s press conference defensiveness suggests something is going through his mind. Probably not Spurs though, as they need fit centrebacks, not another crock. It certainly won’t be £30 Million , wherever and whenever he goes. When United got rid of Stam it was said it was because of comments in his book, but much more to the point was his knee injury at the end of the 2001 season, which seemed to leave him short of pace and slow on the turn (notably against Saha of Fulham in the first game of the 2001/02 season.) We now know that Stam was taking performance related drugs around that time, as discovered in Italy (not best known for the rigour of their testing). I’ve always wondered if Fergie suspected Stam was already doing that because of his injury problems and saw a golden opportunity to unload him.

    Kiko: Not sure what’s going on there. Has his meteoric rise last season gone to his head? Is his heart longing for Italy? I hope he doesn’t go to M’boro, as I want him to get chances at United, to cement his feelings for the club. Some loans have worked for United, such as Beckham and Jonny Evans, and maybe Darron Gibson, but most don’t, such as Rossi.

  47. Fze123 says:

    King Eric, I am not questionning Fergie’s tactics, but a few of them nearly or did cost us points THIS season i.e arsenal at home, anfield. It’s only 2 games but it could happen again. He left us twice because he was wrongly tempted by the portugal and real madrid job. I trust Fergie completely, he knows more than me when it comes to picking winning teams because he’s been doing it since donkey’s years but I just think Queiroz is a good tactician, and was always praised by Fergie on the impact he’s had on the club.

  48. Cantona's Right Boot says:

    I have to say that I am really impressed with the Macheda played against Barnsley. He was actually better than last season. His ball control and the way he holds up the ball similar to Van Nistelrooy and the boy is just 18 years old. I see a big future ahead of him, If fergie wants to loan out the guy he has to pick a right club and hope he will play as a starting eleven.

  49. shakshamboo says:

    Deal Probability = 2 out of 5
    Expected Price = 15 mil pounds

    i think he will be sold only if he is constantly injured till the end of the season.

    Deal Probability = 3 out of 5
    Expected Price = 12 mil pounds

    I think SAF likes this guy. connected with a move to us since last year. He looks to have the potential to become a very good DM. I personally think that we have loads of “prospects”, “past its” and “injured” midfielders in our team. If we do buy someone, I would like to have one current world class midfielder in the team.

    Rene Adler:
    Deal Probability = 2.5 out of 5
    Expected Price = ?

    this will only happen if this is the last season for VDS, i think SAF’s has still some faith in Foster and we do have some good GK’s coming through the youth setup.


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