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Too Good To Be True – Hargreaves Back For September?

It was a disappointing result on Owen Hargreaves’ début for Manchester United but his performance was top-notch. Not since Roy Keane had we seen a player boss the game as effectively as he did but unfortunately a deflected goal and missed sitters meant we were the losing team that day.

Whilst his performances remained at a high standard, it’s hard to feel as though we’ve really seen the best of him yet, with injuries cutting in to his playing time.

When fit, I think we have more or less got the complete team. I would love to see him starting every week in the centre of our midfield, driving the team forward and giving us that extra bit of grit we were missing on too many occasions last season.

However, after operations to both his knees, we had to accept the possibility that we’d never see him play at that high standard for us again, if at all. He’s the player we’ve been crying out for and it was gutting to contemplate the thought of not getting years of football out of him. There was talk of him not seeing any football in 2009 which put big doubts over whether he’d ever come back.

Good news yesterday though – Fergie reckons Hargreaves will be ready by September!

“I think we are looking at the end of September depending on how he reacts,” said Ferguson. “We are happy with his rehabilitation so far and while he won’t be ready to play in Munich, he will be able to train.”

Too good to be true?

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    is the rematch on mondaqy fact
    or rumor

  2. belfast77 says:

    - United4eva
    “During the title run in Fletcher was arguably the best player not just at Old Trafford but in Britain. I’m with you mate. This coming season Fletch is gonna be immense”.

    Ill have some of what your drinking mate!!! Calling Fletcher the best player in Britain at the end of last season is one hell of a statement. Now i will give him credit for a great season but “best in Britain”, really?

  3. aig alex is god says:

    @ghtt.hiii its a fact and united wil leave on next sunday frm asia from china .that is on same day as we play our last match

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    I thank you
    remember when we played this match
    city got beatin 2-0 and we’re lucky to get away with thay against them

  5. DanS says:

    I sincerely wish him all the best – I hope he has had bionic knees put in place which will last years!

    Looking forward to seeing you back Owen.

  6. aig alex is god says:

    ghtt.u r welcome.united have issued a statement.the match will be at 13 45 BST

  7. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Trevor and it is still a joke owen gets the 7 shirt. some of the greatest ever united players had that shirt and we give it to a has been.

    belfast77 I am one of fletchers biggest fans and in my view he was the best CM in the prem but he was not the best player in the prem. ronaldo for me was still the best player in britain last year.

    has for hargreaves do not buy into hargreaves returning I expect him to retire in a phew years. his injurys will get to breaking point. also united have only 2 proper midfielders in carrick and fletcher, anderson is out of position hargreaves is crippled and scholes has almost lost his legs. add the lack of goals in midfield and on the wings adn the poor quality in attack bar rooney, I do not rate berbatov or owen it may well be worrying times for united ahead.

  8. Tony Starks says:

    ^o no we are doomed^

  9. Nectarine says:


    What a doom monger you are. Can’t spell for shit either. Now go get your fucking shinebox!!

  10. belfast77 says:


    Last season was definitely his best season so far, he didnt let us down in any game he played in and even scored some vital goals early in the season, i still think though if we have a fully fit squad he wouldnt start but thats just my opinion.

  11. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Nectarine its fans like you that can’t handle the truth. If I wanted to spell it rite I would have. The reality is this is one of the poorest united squads fergie has ever put together.

    Would Hargreaves Carrick scholes Fletcher Anderson nani park giggs tosic Valencia berbatov Owen get into Barcelona Chelsea Liverpool’s teams nope. Despite how good Fletcher is and carrick doing a good job they are limited.

    Because Liverpool have Alonzo mascherano Gerard and Torres.

    Chelsea has essien lampard ballack drogba and anelka

    bercelona have xavi iniesta toure messi and henry .

    Liverpool and Barcelona found out the united midfield out. Chelsea and real Madrid will add to that list with essien back. Madrid adding diarra ronaldo kaka and benzama united are only falling further behind the elite.

    United were getting away with it hoping ronaldo and Rooney would mask the midfield that is so average. Now with the only midfielder that could score over 20 a season has gone united maybe found out this season in the prem. Maybe the cycle of united is now over.

    Also where is the balance in this united team between midfield and attack? If Barcelona lost messi and only added Valencia and Owen the fans would scream bloody murder, no huge club decides to not getting a top class player after losing their best one. Now if anyone can come up with answers to try and say I am wrong you got to come up with some good points.

  12. United4eva says:


    I stand by my statement. Fletcher was consistently good over the last month of the 08/09 and there is, from my viewpoint, an argument that he finished the season in as good form as anyone in Britain. Even in that time period when Cristiano began to get back into gear he still had his hissy fitting moments and times when his overall contribution was less than stellar. Fletcher however, from the time he dominated the Arsenal midfield in the first leg of the Champions leg semi at Old Trafford, never put a foot wrong. He became immensely important to the side and that was illustrated graphically in the Champions League final when Xavi and Iniesta took control of centre midfield in a way Cesc and co. simply hadn’t been able to when Fletch was on their backs.

  13. Tony Starks says:

    Oi ManU 2008!

    Worst squad ever?
    How many league titles in a row?
    How many Champions League finals in a row?

    How many years have you been a Red?

  14. Nectarine says:

    All I see is a bunch of ifs and maybes. It’s not about who has the best midfield or the best attack as separate units, it’s about having the best team. That’s what Fergie is the master at putting together. When we sold van Nistelrooy in 06 everybody was panicking and couldn’t see why we bought Carrick. Turns out Ferguson got it exactly right and since then Carrick has been one of our most consistent players and a major part of our revival. He made us tick in 06/07 and we wouldn’t have won the league without him.

    We have a good squad with lots of potential and the best manager in the world. He knows what the team needs better than anyone and has proved his doubters wrong time and time again, including me. But i’ve learned to trust him, 9 times out of 10 he gets it right. Of course you have the right to critisise him but why the incessant pessimism?

  15. Tony Starks says:

    This has been the most successful period in the history of our club and it’s a shame that people seem to think it was all down to one guy (Ronnie)..

    Take a step back people and remember where we came from..

  16. Nectarine says:

    Well said, Tony Starks.

  17. King Eric says:

    manutdchampions2008 – Are you serious when you come on here or are you just on the wind up? Everything you say is negative and to say it is our weakest squad is just foolish. How the fuck do you explain 3 titles in a row and 2 Champions league finals not to mention shit loads of other stuff? How you can say the dippers and rentboys have better squads is a fucking joke frankly. I think you should seriously question whether you should be a United fan.

  18. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Tony Starks if it was not for ronaldo there would be no 3 titles in a row.
    07/08 season only rooney and tevez got double figures goals wise if you take ronaldo out of the team. 08/09 season you take ronaldo out of the midfield nani is the highest goalscorer with 6 goals. now if I am missing something for a club like united that is awful. the reason why some united fans are worried is because we have owners who are not fit and right to run our club. the only thing they have giving in return is millions of debt.

  19. manutdchampions2008 says:

    King Eric lets be real the champions league is very weak at the moment. I have seen far better united outfits that would have dominated the current european cup, like the 94 side and the 99 side. I said the liverpool and chelsea midfields and even the attack now with ronaldo and tevez gone are better. not the overall squad

  20. Nectarine says:

    There’s no way of knowing what we’d won without Ronaldo. Even if we could it doesn’t matter – because the fact is Ronaldo DID play for us the past three seasons and we won a lot of things. There was a lot of reasons we were so successful from 06 to 09, Ronaldo being one of them. I could say Barcelona would have been shit without Messi last season but what does that prove? Nothing. It’s a pointless hypothetical scenario.

  21. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Nectarine yea maybe but barcelona unlike united have world class players in the cental area. plus they have or had 2 other strikers that clould smash 30 goals in henry and eto’o. berbatov and tevez could only dream of having that level of goal talent about them. do not forget barcelona will never lose their best player united have.

  22. Devilton says:

    It’s pointless conjecture to suggest we won solely because of Ronaldo. Before Ronaldo banged in the goals we had Rudd scoring shitloads. Someone always picks up the slack (or as is the case, more then one player ups the number of goals they get in a season).

    Ronaldo didn’t make United. United made Ronaldo.

    We might not play the same type of game we did when he was around but his departure will not result in the team suddenly disintegrating. If anything, we should play better as a team and with a more balanced tactical approach. With Ronaldo, you had to look to feed him and adjust to his game, now more players will get a chance to express themselves instead of always looking to one man to win games.

  23. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Devilton could you rely on scoreless Anderson who is out of position. Nani’s current form which is abysmal. scholes and giggs only getting older. Hargreaves injuries mountain again and only he got about 3 goals. Carrick Fletcher are good but not great and their goals tally not great either. berbatovs sluggish slow performances, Owen will continue to pick up injuries also Rooney does pick up injuries a lot and it is so unfair to rely on Rooney to get united results. Valencia the French winger who was sent on loan because of performances. tosic park you add is well are these really united standard I doubt it. Unless these players wake up we will not get a good season but the one of the standard of the 03/04 season.

  24. Nectarine says:


    Exactly. I think we looked a bit too much to Ronaldo last season and that hindered us going forward. I think we’ll get more leagues goals than last season (68, merely adequate) because more players will step up and it not being all about adjusting the tactics to maximize Ronaldo’s contribution.

  25. Nectarine says:

    We won the FA cup in 03/04 and probably would have won the league if Rio wasn’t such a dope at the time. Most would consider that a successful season with a trophy and all. We can’t win everything all the time.

    What’s the fun in being a supporter if you’re always going to paint everything black and anticipate the utter failure of most of our players? For example, everybody can see that Anderson’s got immense potential. He’s 21 this year and inconsistent but capable of great performances. He outplayed Gerrard at Anfield in his first season for us! Ferguson has said he will take over for Scholes and clearly rates him. Why not have a little faith instead of dismissing him?

  26. red_devil says:

    manutdchampions: we manutd supporters always believe that we can win with any team or what we have, if u dont trust in our master just go and support scousers or chavs or big spending like u said that u want big money super satrs club real madrid. in our mind it doesnt matter tosic or ando can play for big club, but there r our stars and they r playing for a big club. who the hell r u to decide who is star and who isnt? tosic is one of the big player. when we bought vidic do u think he was a big name star and coasted us 25m? look at him now. shut the ****up and get lost. we r united with everything except u. come on united here we go, glory glory glory

  27. TheTipIsRed says:

    I do have a crush on Hargo (I’m a lady), but all the naysayers, remember the one constant factor in all of these teams: Sir Alex Ferguson. When he retires, then we worry. Until then, I will support every team he puts on the sheet. People (esp. the media) write off SAF far too easily and he continues to lift trophies at the end of the beginning of the season, middle of the season, and end of the season.

    Glory Glory Man Utd!

  28. TheTipIsRed says:

    ***I meant at the beginning of the season, middle of the season, and end of the season. Thanks!

  29. manutdchampions2008 says:

    Nectarine 03/04 was a disaster of a season and is the worst set of players I have ever seen. after such a great season in 02/03 the following season was average. anderson not being funny is like a headless chicken. he has all energy but no kind of goal threat, his vision is quiet poor his creative passing qualitys is left a lot to be desired. to even think anderson could replace scholes I think people are kidding themselves.

  30. Drew Vader says:

    manutdchampion — dude, just go over and hang out on RedRants. You will find plenty of other doom mongers and cry babies over there to join you in your pessimism. We here at ROM are an optimistic bunch. And I for one think that yes, plenty of those players could get into the squads you mentioned. But thats just me.

  31. red rossa says:

    i hope he stays fit this time, one of the best players in the world only for his fitness, with him and owen fully fit along with the squad we have at the moment we should be alright for next year, hopefully fergie will splash at least 20 mil or more on a midfielder lik silva, a battler like cattermole and we need a proper playmaker too like we need to make it to 19 before the scouse scum

  32. theboogeyman says:

    Bloody hell,on RedRants the comments are like effing novels!!
    PS:That Grognard and the other doom merchants are extremely pessimistic.

  33. Marq says:


    I think I can understand where you are coming from, but you have to understand where we stand as well. All these years, we have never had the best midfield by comparing player by player with other teams. 98/99 was an exception. But even that year, there were other teams who supposedly had very good players in their midfield who could hold a place in our team, the likes of Zidane & Davids, Rivaldo & Guardiola, Effenberg & Basler & Matthäus, Seedorf & Redondo, etc. We still won it all.
    -What we have is a good balance, something Sir Alex has been brilliant with. Just take one of the seasons for example. We ran Mourinho’s formidable Chelsea close with O’Shea & a declining Giggs in central midfield! Something Gerrard & Henry could do for their teams! There is a reason why so many of us trust Sir Alex, maybe you should start as well

  34. Marq says:

    * Something Gerrard & Henry couldn’t do for their teams!

  35. Corea says:

    It’s so stupid. We are a month away from the start and some are already highly pessimistic about the issue. Hold on. Did we have weak squad before 06-07 season ? Come On!
    I don’t care what you fellas think of our squad. For me we have been the best in the EPL 3 for free years running and we are champions until there are mathematical chances. So deluded.

  36. andsolskjaerhaswonit... says:

    @manutdchampions: U argue, about our midfield being the worse among the Europe’ elite.
    Now tell me exactly, How many defenders can stake a claim for a place in our Back 4. i guess, none.

    Drew Vader got it spot on, go to RedRants, i think ur the one with the Username Steve there.
    Theres just so much negativity there, they don’t rate Evra, they don’t rate Berbatov, they don’t rate Valencia neither do they rate Owen.

    Fookin Hell, Have some faith in the Manager.
    ffs, umpteenth times he has taken us from nowhere to parity.

  37. jespermoses says:

    I’m hoping he comes back really strong but I think after all he’s been through he’ll just not be the same player.

  38. King Eric says:

    off topic – Hughes is a fucking idiot

    - “Carlos (Tevez) and Roque (Santa Cruz) were not considered for this match as it would have been too dangerous given their level of pre-season fitness,” stressed Hughes.

    Isn’t that what pre season friendlys are all about? Getting match fitness back.

  39. ash says:

    We badly need hargo. he is a guy that can control a game.
    i am very eager to see michael owen playing regularly and scoring goals.
    now we dont need a stricker but we do need a mf who can be a cover for hargo and other mf.i dont want to see scholes and giggs playing ahead of ando and nani. we need to give these youngster to play more games.
    i am sure we will retain the league but it is the question of champs league.
    i will still go and buy van der vaart.
    and yeah tosic is going to be the player to watch this season. he has a loads of talent i hope he scores some goals.

  40. gingerprince says:

    Oh God! Please ! Let this be true!!!

  41. Chris Ant says:

    Why do people still think that Fletcher isn’t good enough for United. Of course he is, he was brilliant last year and if we had him in the Champions League final, it would have been a much more closer match. The 5 games we lost last year, were when Fletcher didn’t play, that tells its own story!!!

  42. manutdchampions2008 says:

    theboogeyman I have no time for redrants, grognard is a canadian and he thinks he is the guru of man utd. I had a rite arguement with him last year when he said united should sell wayne rooney, now anyone who thinks that needs brain surgery and does not know anything about united. plus he also thinks evra is rubbish. he was also saying the bernabeu and old trafford are average stadiums.

    andsolskjaerhaswonit the 99 midfield was a midfield that could take on anyone in europe. this one could not.

  43. john ferry says:

    With Hargo and Vidic playing on the same pitch, Manchester United will reclaim the title. Both of the lads are monsters !!! Hargo will open many possibilities for the rest of lads to score.

  44. Nectarine says:


    Now there’s something we can agree on. That Grognard seems like a bit of a twat and the mere notion of selling Rooney is crazy talk.

  45. theboogeyman says:

    I don’t care if a fan is Canadian,Indian or even a fucking Martian,they’re all still supporting United.

  46. Dani says:

    Man, I got some man love for Hargreaves. What a fantastic player. I got two United jerseys from last season, and I promised myself I wouldn’t buy one this year because I tought the new one is horrible, as is the possible 2 is also ugly.
    But, I swear if he comes back in september I’ll buy one with his name on the back.

    And I’ll also have a perm on my head to get curly hair… HAHAHA


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