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TOP 5: Title Run Ins

5. 2002-03

It’s easy to forget how, in the days between the formation and dissolution of the Sky Four, the Premier League was largely filled with utter dross. Stern John and Collins John would count themselves as solid, dependable Premier League strikers and Allardyceball was the dominant religion. The saving grace of those soulless days was United-Arsenal, whose long-running rivalry over that time was gloriously nasty as well as a brilliant spectacle.

United were flickering into a decline, although Arsenal’s would begin later and be far more severe. A ten-point deficit and third place were the legacies of the previous season, but Ruud van Nistelrooy’s ludicrous form sustained them as Arsenal wavered, a bonkers 3-2 defeat to Leeds United, prolonging their own agony for a further year, the final shot to the head.

The beast would be back the next season, of course, and the rivalry would intensify even further, before José Mourinho arrived on the scene and Arsene Wenger’s sad decline began. When he goes, let’s remember his side as they were. And the same for the equally-dead tenacity of United teams gone by.

4. 1951-52

The first time that the two title challengers ever played each other on the last day of the season came with United’s first title victory for over forty years, although by the time it came around, it was a bit of a damp squib. United were seventh in November, but would not lose from the middle of that month until March, after which consecutive away defeats to Portsmouth and Huddersfield left them level on points with Arsenal.

As the season drew to a close, United stepped up again, putting four past Liverpool, six past Burnley, and thumping Chelsea 3-0. Arsenal somehow matched them, but at the very last ran out of steam, succumbing to injuries and a loss of confidence which left them needing to beat United by seven goals on the last day to clinch the title.

Sensing the fear and desperation of the Gunners, United gave them a real shoeing, romping to a 6-1 win in which Roger Byrne, who scored in all but one of the last six games, finally stamped his emergence into Busby’s side. It all added to the notion of youth being the way forward, and the victory would have plenty of implications for the future.

3. 1964-65

In the years before Jimmy Hill invented the concept of football punditry, thereby ruining the sport for everyone, Match of the Day introductions were rather less bombastic and more quaint. Here, for instance, is how United’s 3-0 thumping of Liverpool was introduced.

You can watch the match itself here. It was a determined victory for United thanks to a brace from Denis Law, one of seven straight victories chalked up in the last eight games of the season, before United effectively secured the title at Arsenal. The victory would have greater ramifications, however, according to some – just as United emerged in the 90s at the perfect time to capitalise on Premier League riches, this was the first season that Match of the Day was broadcast on the BBC.

The new televisual interest in football coincided with United’s incredible team of the time, who, as they reclaimed the Busby Babes’ legacy, were entering a brave new world which would’ve been unrecognisable to any stars of the 1950s. It was also to make and then claim George Best, although on the pitch, the skill and aura of the Northern Irishman and the other two components of United’s legendary trio was already in full effect..

It was far from Modern Football as we know it, of course – on the good side, compare and contrast Robin van Persie’s recent nonchalant insistence that United wouldn’t be able to play good football in two games within three days, and Law’s back-to-back braces against Liverpool and Arsenal in this run-in. On the other side, there was the scrapping, with United’s FA Cup Semi-Final and replay against Leeds causing mayhem on pitch, terrace and street in Sheffield ad Nottingham. Prevailing in the league was more than adequate revenge.

2. 2008-09

This one is recent enough to have avoided any real historical contextualisation so far, and therefore also doesn’t need retelling, so perhaps it’s time for some revisionism: Subsequent events have now correctly cast Benitez as an ultimately short-sighted and inadequate leader, but although he would leave Liverpool in serious decline, his side did have one good shot in them.

And quite a shot it was – 2009 and present-day Liverpool Football Club are far enough away now that we can admit, as honest Reds, that we know how the Romans felt about Hannibal. For a couple of months, Liverpool were utterly terrifying, looking not only unbeatable but something even more dangerous – their 5-0 demolition of Real Madrid brought out the cold sweats more than their 4-1 victory at Old Trafford did, if only due to the prospect of actually having to go face-to-face with them in Europe.

It was the opposite of most of United’s storied title races – out of sorts, limping over the line ahead of a team that was in better form for most of the run-in. It was also amidst the lunacy of the Champions League clash with Chelsea that Liverpool appeared to spiral out of control, rather than in the face of anything United did. Despite that, it still gave us one of the great stories, and among all the twists and turns, we’ll remember it for one moment, and one man. The fact Federico Macheda has done absolutely nothing of note since will only add to the legend.

1. 1998-99

European triumphs have the obvious side-effect of detracting from what’s happening on the domestic front. Chelsea and Liverpool fans have been glad of it, and United certainly would’ve been in 1968 when they lost a lead in the First Division to Manchester City in pursuing glory at Wembley. But in 1999, United’s victory in Barcelona led to one of the great title-races being sadly overshadowed.

As Rob Smyth noted in his eulogy to this race: “It’s the same with title races: very rarely do all the challengers hurtle towards the line at full pelt. One is usually saddled with the egg and spoon or third leg that is loss of form, nerve or players through injury, and are overtaken at the last.” 1999 was different. It was scarcely even about the run-in, so consistent were the teams and so consistent were the plot twists, with so many dramatic turns that it ceased to be a shape recognisable outside the realms of theoretical physics. In short, the entire season was one big run-in.

Again, it’s criminal we should ever use the excuse of fixture congestion in 2013 – our superior pitches, training methods and rehabilitation are light years ahead of what there was in 1999, let alone the 1970s. And it’s not just about the frequency of games but rather their intensity. We currently have a United side which only gets out of second gear when it absolutely must, prepared to settle for a victory by a single goal, two at the most, refusing to turn on the style even when fifteen points ahead. In contrast, this United side had been far better going into the calendar year of 1999, and from there on simply went on an unstoppable run, thrashing decent sides and engaging in titanic struggles with great ones. To think – there are some who claim this set in 2013 are our finest ever squad.

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  1. Moringe says:

    Curious to see what kind of suarez-support t-shirt will liverpool wear in their next game,,their pr dpt must bursting their head now to come up with a perfect slogan..m thinkin “hannibal lecter ” or “lui carnivorous”
    I also strongly believe all these Nani arguments just proves how good of a player he is,n all who are slaggin him is just out of frustrations bse he hasn’t quite delivered to our expectations as fans,,I I genuinely believe that’s the number one reason SAF has been overly harsh with him.
    I’ll personally miss him when he leaves (which seems more likely now),n I do pray he gets another chance to redeem himself,,

  2. WeAreUnited says:


    dude, do you notice him and many other players there???? Nani was among them, did not say Nani is the one. I am not twisting anything man

    that conversation was about Bale and players I appreciate.

    THIS IS HOW YOU RESPONDED MATE, so you were the one who touched nani, I just mentioned him, so who is twisting what? yes I introduce him, but you suddenly said RVP and Rooney are better than him

    QUOTE from you
    April 21, 2013 at 16:49
    wayne says:

    again mate RVP and Rooney are both better players than Nani but both still work hard when Utd don’t have the ball.Unless Nani is given the role of staying up front all the time as a winger/midfield player things are expected of him defensively and if he’s not doing those duties he’s letting the team down no matter how ‘artistic’ a player is.Why do you think Sir Alex has such a problem with him

  3. Dela says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” —> What in the fuck is that about??

  4. WeAreUnited says:

    April 21, 2013 at 17:05
    wayne says:

    i obviously wasn’t using war in a literal sense
    Are you demented….”

    you accusing me first of being demented, and there is alot of offensive stuff from you, I call.

  5. WeAreUnited says:

    I have to ask you sometihgn wayne

    why you have to be so offensive all the time? can’t you be polite even though you disagree with me or others?

    it seems you are the only one being always offensive or negative towards others who differ opionions, even though we agree on some things, but you suddenly make a 500 degree turn from being a good writer to a offensive man. yes it’s the internet but it’s not constructive for the blog.

  6. wayne says:

    fuck me you introduced him into the conversation by using him as a example with other players you just didn’t mention him.I responded to you’re post with my thoughts but it was you who brought Nani into the conversation,I didn’t fucking mention his name until you introduced him,then i gave you my thoughts,doesn’t fucking matter if you mentioned 100 players you were making a point and Nani’s name was included in the group,jesus wept i’m crossing myself like Ivanovic after the Suarez bite and i’m not even religious

  7. alfREDo says:

    I’ve looked at the bitegate incident again and in the slow motion reverse angle replay, Ivanovic can clearly be seen assaulting Suarez’s teeth with his left tricep!
    It was a cowardly act by the Chelsea man and could have left the scousers with an even more toothless attack!!

  8. wayne says:

    you’ve already posted that remark at 17.17 so what gives,don’t like liars mate certainly don’t like people who try and twist it around instead of admitting their wrong.For anyone who wants to read the whole incident you accused me of doing something that you started,then go off on a tangent about me being bitter and abusive when you’re just a out and out liar.Enough of this rubbish you’re not even man enough to admit you’re wrong trying to twist it and squirm out of it by portraying me as a bad guy.Not going to have anyone write lies about me without coming back at them,simple as that mate,i’m done with this.
    Best thing just ignore each others posts solves a lot of issues

  9. Joffrey Baratheon says:

    Mike Tyson has started following Suarez on twitter. This is not a joke either. Comical stuff.

  10. A says:

    Suarez just wanted a taste of CL success

  11. WeAreUnited says:


    You are the one being offensive, secondly I am man enough to admit my mistake and I said to you that I was the one introducing him, but you used him as an all and all example, i only used him as an example with 5-6 otjer players.

    You have to recognise the difference mate. You are smart enough. And dont vall me a liar, when i am explaining it in a good manner, you are the one offending me.

    Trying to be a martyr, that was a hreat example to make me a suarez haha, great one, you know one when you are one, so congrats for that.

    Have a good life.

  12. xol says:

    I think the cannibal just pipped Thatcher to cunt of the month!

  13. alfREDo says:

    Suarez will never change – he’s too long in the tooth!

  14. Andromeda says:

    Well, it seems that Ivanovic was the main criminal in the biting incident, at least he started it, but that shouldn’t justify Suarez’s position by any means, he is a Dracula after all.if someone attacking you with a nuclear weapon its not wise to respond with the same kind of weapon unless you are intending to create a nuclear war.Suarez has had history with these kinda behaviors and Evra was totally correct to report him the way he did.he is a post of man who just ain’t meant to create a balance between talent and ethics and for that he is not worth to be PFA player of the year.I admire his talent but overall he is a disgrace to the football world.

  15. wayne says:

    Thing is this his 2nd biting offence can anyone think of another player who’s even bitten anyone once.He should get a long suspension,this lad has something loose up top.

  16. slim says:

    lol . Buck tooth takes to twitter to offer an apology.

  17. Norman-85 says:

    @wayne – yes, as I mentioned earlier, that little rent boy shit Denis Wise did it to Nicky Butt a few years ago – andgot away with it – Butt was sent off for retaliating.

  18. Sushi says:

    i love how gerrard is still wanking himself saying Suarez should win best player…… this guy is fucking delusional

  19. wayne says:

    Norman don’t remember that mate did anything happen to Wise when the FA reviewed the footage?. EPL fanzone Dipper phones in and brings up Cantona kung fu kick as some sort of defense,well Cantona got 9 months,so Dippers want to compare the 2 give the biter 9 months suspension

  20. medumtum says:

    Cant wait. The game against Villa is set up beautifully. Relegation scrap or not we should really go out there for the win. Its been a while since we had time to spare. Should see the youngsters get a run out for the remainder of the season. Bale is coming of age, though certainly cant be compared to Ronaldo. Yet he is hovering around the second tier of footballers, who are capable game changers. Levy will overcharge any premier league side coming in for him. Better to dream of a midfielder. It is important now to look to our youngsters though, Nani and Anderson are likely leaving. Cleverley is looking marginalized and Rooneys future too is, allegedly, uncertain. All of these players are youngish and their shifting out would mean a reassessment. Scholesy will be retiring too. Sir Alex’s last great transition calls, with a generation, of sorts, looking to be refreshed. Number twenty beckons, but after that should be an interesting period indeed, with our coffers filling up, and the squad in need of maintenance. First though lets crush the Villa.

  21. WeAreUnited says:

    @Norman-85 and @dela exaclty! 7 in a row could have been, I am stil langry about the 2010 not to mention last year when we had it in our hands, but that 4-4 aaaaaa, it still makes me frustrated, but because of this attitude we win it always, look at us this season, 13points up!


    exaclty mate! I have also been saying that after we win the 20th title, SAF will make the final transition, cause it’s already going, and the last straw wil be winning a title and for those youngish players to gain their first PL medal and feel the joy of their work.

    after that we should concentrate brininging academy players on, buy a couple of midfielders, selling some players and build another system around Kagawa and the new age football style with wingers who are suitable playing as SS in a 433.

    it’s looking good I reckon ! can’t wait when there’s another “professional” media outlet saying “you can’t win with kids”! history repeats itself.

    Until then, let’s bring our trophy back!! I can smell #20 :)

    good night all! peace.

  22. Norman-85 says:

    Apologies everyone – Wise didn’t bite Nicky Butt – he ‘merely’ pinched the inside of his leg.

  23. Dela says:

    My first visit to Old Trafford was in 1998… it was the summer… I was 12 :-)

    My brother brought me there. It was Manchester United vs. LKS Lodz lol. We won 2-0, it wasn’t the greatest game per se but I loved every minute of it :-)

    I’ve been back many times and out foreign in European games, I never tire of it :-) I love this club, even though I never lived in Manchester I love its history (which I wrote essay after essay about as part of English and history classes in school lol) I love its passion, I love its symbolism. It’s not just about winning trophies, it’s about perseverance. Right from 1958 and onwards, we persevere through WHATEVER.

    No: 20 to me means just as much to any mancunian here. They might not think it but I know it does!

  24. suhayl says:

    UTD vindicated. Pat vindicated. Decency vindicated. Well it was all vindicated ages ago, but today re-affirms it to those moron scouse bastards. Today shows the world, if the world didnt know already, what a psychotic sick disgusting despicable nutcase that buck toothed arsehole is. How and what possesses a player to do that. Punch, even spitting, but biting??

    And not the first time either. one time and you can roll out the ‘ it was a mistake’ ” i lost my head’ defence. But twice????? Just proves him and his club belong in mental asylum.

    Now this contrived apology has come out. Not from him, but the club trying to dampen, hide, mask soften the incident, trying to take the sting out of the situation. Well Bollocks you scouse twats. Trying to make out, the clubs always known decency, always does the right thing, no player is bigger than the club, the club will not have its reputaion, worldwide reputation damaged. Has anybody ever heard more drivel!!!!!! its laughable.

    This is the club thatd efended shields. the club that defended the hooligans in istanbula and athens, the club whose defended every one of gerrards misdemeanours, the same club who defended a racist and then came out with a humiliating t shirt campaign. The club is a joke from top to bottom.

    Too late to make a stance now you bin dipping bastards. Just watch them trying to deflect the issue, hoping people forget, end of season is nigh, people will forget when the new season starts. They have no backbone to get rid. Cub with morals and principles and ethics lol lol lol loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  25. RedHarry4Life says:

    According to MOTD2 reviewing Luis Sorearse incident, “he didn’t hurt anyine” WTF

  26. suhayl says:

    Could talk all night and into next year about what a scum club those dippers are. But fuck em.

    We ve got a job to do. No getting carried away. No over jubilation and premature celebrations. We know we re not playing well, Villa are fighting for there lives, pace of agbonlahor and nzogbia on form, weimanns craft and utmost that beast of a player Benteke. He will be a handful, as we know already from Villa Park. Theyre fighting scrapping for there lives, so they will be a tough tough nut and a tough tough tough game. So please guys, full concentration, full effort, full blood, guts and thunder. We not been great, but just give it your all lads, one big push, one big effort, one leave the bodies on the line. No jitters, No slow out the blocks. No usual turgid stale showing. Please guys just get it done. Wrap this up.

    All fans going, make OT a cauldron, make it a collaseum, 12th man. Not a after the lords mayors show with the spurs result.

    Please players and all fans. One big push. GET IT DONE.

    C’MON UTD!!!!

  27. suhayl says:

    Please bring it home lads!!!!!

  28. King Eric says:

    Ha Ha Ha. Hargreaves the sicknote Judas better than Keano? Is that a sick joke? Not in same league. Keano was our driving force for years and a proper leader. Wouldn’t settle for anything less than hundred percent. His demands of his players was unbelievable. Fuck me Hargreaves played about forty games. Not even a debate.

    Well done spurs. Huddleston made the difference and spurs were crying out for JD. Top drawer finisher. That idol streak of piss Adebayour is fucking shit.

    Suarez is a vile cunt who will get a lengthy ban. In watching football for over thirty years I have never seen a more horrible cunt.

    Anyway the league’s done now. Only a moron would think it isn’t.

  29. King Eric says:

    Ha suhayl with his scouse cunt rants. Quality mate.

  30. King Eric says:

    That weasly rat cunt Murray on match of day with his dipper pal Hansen trying to play down that vile bastards bite. Suarez will be fucking slaughtered in the press and media.

    Norm. Good point about seven in a row. Had the linesman at OT done his job and that Leeds fan Atkinson
    against the Rentboys we would have had five in a row.

  31. denton davey says:

    Giggs 13/Gerrard STILL 0.

    AND today we saw the great team-spirit of ManShitty on display, again !

  32. Costas says:

    One thing I’ve always said about Suarez. He knows how to sink his teeth into any situation. Is there any vile act this twat hasn’t perpetrated?

    Anyway. Time to party tomorrow. Do the job.

  33. TheRadLegion says:

    It’s all about Samir Nasri isn’t it? That fckr failed to take the score to 2-0, then lost the ball without even trying to get it back which resulted to the second Spurs’ goal.

    Anyway. I’m not a Bale’s fan, but our winger needs to have two things (these two things are exactly what Ronaldo and Bale possess: confident over the defender and creativity to do a good delivery. These are the two things that our wingers are very lacking at the moment.

    Hopefully Zaha can bring something to the table.

  34. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    FINALLY I’m able to get on ROM for the first time this weekend. All I can say is WHAT A FUCKING DAY!!!

    The PERFECT Sunday. City lose (As I expected them to.), Sewer rat further tarnishes his image. AHAHAHA. It’s time to finish this shit off tomorrow. OT should be rocking. It’s gonna be awesome. LET’S GO BOYS!!! title number 20 is 90 minutes away. GET IT DONE!!!

    It’s gonna be so sweet Taking a title-winning Van Persie to the Emirates. LOOOOOOL.

  35. WeAreUnited says:


    Firstly I said I would pick Ronaldo over keane anyday.

    Secondly I said i rate Hargreaves more than keane and not just only when he played for us but also when he played for munich, after keano broke that guys leg my apprecition went from the window, yes i respect what he did for us, but for me henis nothing but a thug, which does not mean i dont rate him as a player.

    The truth is that both after leaving us have been saying bad things about us, but I just aleways rated hargreaves more, what can I do. Loosen up a bit

    Not that serious, we are gaining our 20th piece!


  36. max says:

    Would hate to see Jones back alongside carrick in midfield tonight. Its safe to say it didn’t really work against west ham away and its never actually done the lad any justice to be fair. Hopefully a midfielder like cleverley or even Anderson(I see he’s back in training…was he even injured? Hmm nobody knows) can get the nod. Both players haven’t been involved much so I don’t expect a good game from whoever might get the nod. And its understandable. Not easy coming back into the side…
    Would be great to see Nani get a couple games under his belt for the reamainder of the season. Its fair to say quite a few players will be playing for their United careers and will no doubt want to impress with the little amount of games remaining!
    Can’t believe we can win it tonight! Unreal! Go on lads, av it. Hope we win it in style tonight! Oh Robin van Persie…
    #20′s on its way….

    Typical usual bollocks from Fergie yesterday on transfers etc. Is it just me or does he seem to bloody deluded. Fuck sakes. Its getting beyond ridiculous now. Don’t get your hopes up of seeing a quality CM arriving in the summer folks. As much as I respect and love SAF, he’s losing it. As a football club, I don’t see us going forward to be honest. Changes NEED to be made. Players need to be sold and players need to come in! A CM + a proper LEFT footed winger have to arrive in the summer. There’s no doubt about it. But SAF doesn’t seem to think so. Its amazing isn’t it. I’m not gonna lie when I say SAF leaving might not actually be the ‘end of the world’. Honestly. Imagine what a top class manager, some1 like Mourinho could do to our team. I look at the top teams midfields…the likes of barca and madrid etc. Madrid have Alonso, khedira, modric AND Kaka. That’s unbelievable if u ask me. Barca have iniesta, xavi, Fabregas, Busquets AND Song. You can even add Mascherano to the mix even though he plays in defense mainly for them these days. My word, we’re miles behind these teams in terms of midfields. Midfield is crucial. Simples.who do we have? A 38 year old player who’s actually a left winger, scholes who hasn’t played in months and looks likely to retire again, ando(as much as I rate the guy) who struggles with fitness and can’t seem to get a run of games, cleverley as well. He just can’t seem to nail down a starting place. Is he good enough? That’s a whole question on its own. Powell is young and hasn’t had a chance so you can’t really add him to the list can you? Carricks been the sole midfielder who is simply undroppable. Credit to the lad. He’s been a true servant to the club during his years at United. Quality player! Quality midfielder! But he needs a world class partner just infront of him. Some1 who can create, pass, run at teams(like Toure) and score goals. Seems to me that SAF is just too nice. He is. It took him forever to get rid of the likes of park, o’shea, brown, gibson etc. He needs to wake up. And fast. Otherwise I’m afraid we aint gonna see another European cup at Old retun to the Old Trafford trophy cabinet anytime soon. This is just my opinion and how I view things. That’s all.

    Can’t wait for later. Hope we give Villa a drubbing!

  37. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Morning Reds. Match day! Brilliant feeling about this day.

    Reading the papers and can’t believe the crap about this being our weakest title wining side. What a load of BS!

  38. Sam says:

    Can’t wait for tonight, hope we batter villa. Great season so far, i am sure the team will be up for the cups next season.

    Exciting summer ahead and i think a fair few will leave making way for the youngsters and a couple of players will arrive. Hopefully Januzaj and Powell will get a look in. Zaha will give us a new dimension in attack while Kagawa will be more central to our plans, and with good conditioning in pre-season will be a different animal all together. Interesting to see how our midfield will shape up.

  39. belfast red. says:

    O what a great day it is to be a Red! Mankini squirming, the scum once again shown up by squarez and we could be champions and a glorious 20th by the end off today. Fuck i feel good! B-)

  40. Dan-young says:

    Wow! Anyone else going to give max a ‘drubbing’ about that comment or should i?

    What the fuck?! Not going forwards? We lose the title last season, but win it this season possibly with 4 games to go and on course for a record points total and you dont think were moving forwards and your even suggesting SAF should go.. Go back to fucking school!

    As for your evidence behind your bullshit rant being SAF saying the squad only needs minor tinkering, if you knew anything about united you’d know he always plays his cards close to his chest!!

    Powell, cleverley, daehli, januzaj, pereira, tunnicliffe biting at the heels of carrick, giggs, valencia, nani, young and possibly rooney (if he gets moved back to midfield, which i think would be a great idea, he could be scholes-esque given a run of games in the centre) .. Squad is in incredible shape! Anderson + £20 mil for rodriguez, rooney move into midfield, fabio moved to rb as back-up for rafael, buttner and evra fight it out for lb, start jones alongside vidic more often so he can see how vidic runs the team and a perfect situation would be nani+£20 mil for gotze (perfect move for both players) .. Small tinkering sounds right to me!.. Although we do have an agreement in place with all investers in the IPO where we have to improve the squad by £50 mil each season, so if we sold nani, ando, valencia for a combined fee of £30 million we would actually have to bring in £80 mil of talent.. Viva ronaldooooooooooo

  41. TheCANTONA says:

    Dan Young:
    Max is an idiot. He hates jones so much after jones “banged” his mum.

  42. King Eric says:

    Dan. Not even worth the effort pal. Yeah Fergie leading us to number twenty with a potential sixteen point gap is clearly losing it. These cunts don’t know they’re born mate. Sickens me.

  43. denton davey says:

    Dan-Young @ 10:26: “Powell, cleverley, daehli, januzaj, pereira, tunnicliffe biting at the heels of carrick, giggs, valencia, nani, young and possibly rooney (if he gets moved back to midfield)

    I’m a fan of TheWayneBoy in midfield but I have to wonder if any of those other guys (including YoungTom) are really “UTD quality”. it’s a huge step from prospect-to-suspect on such a top team.


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