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Top Red Becks Gives Son Arsenal Scarf

David Beckham is currently living in London so he can train with Tottenham Hotspur during the close season in the States. After a loan deal with the North London club broke down because an agreement over insurance couldn’t be reached, Becks picked up an injury on the training ground.

David took his son, Romeo, to the Emirates yesterday to watch Arsenal’s victory over Wigan. Fair enough. Whilst always claiming to be a United fan, going to watch a live game of football whilst you’re in the area doesn’t call his loyalty to United in to question.

Wrapping his son up in an Arsenal scarf does though.

What the hell, Becks?

A Gooner’s Dream
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Norf Laaandan, innit

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  1. Gooner says:

    Doh I know a gooner and his young son wears a Rooney man u tee shirt. Kids don’y you just love’em. Btw training with Arsenal and Spurs, Becks was England captain. Actually Beckham has always been a very ambassador of Man U even when he was training at London Colney. If you hadn’t also realised we’ve had quite a few Man U players training at Arsenal facilities with England.

  2. RedCurrantb says:

    It’s not as if you need another ‘supporter’ who lives in London, is it?

  3. Costas says:


    Really? Yeah, no big deal, I agree. I don’t support the same club my father does either. But I really hope Becks at least gets one of his 4 kids to support us ffs!

  4. Phoenix Red says:

    Couldn’t give a shite! End of

  5. alexandrasmith says:

    There is hope, even for United fans, to stop out of the dark and into the light. Good to see, hope for all of your children that they will choose a better road than you, feel happy about that!

  6. tbagfish says:

    I like to think Becks did this just to piss you off Scott. Who gives a shit if his son supports Arsenal, fair enough. Do you want 100% of the world’s population to support united?

    If my son wanted to support Arsenal I’d let him go for it, and I probably wouldn’t ban him from wearing an arsenal scarf at an Arsenal game.

    As was said earlier, your boring Beckham bashing is backfiring on you big time

  7. jay says:

    So fucking what if he was at Arsenal with his son, remember he will be going back to LA soon, maybe he wants to take his son to see a couple of games. So what if he went to the Arsenal and Tottenham game how do you know that he won’t be coming to watch Manchester United also. I remember when he came to Manchester United vs Arsenal semi final champions league game and they cut to him when United had scored he was really happy. Stop trying to tarnish his name it is beginning to become pathetic and you sound bitter.

    Those of you that have a problem with his fame really are stupid, his fame was a factor in why United were raking it in, he generated money for United from the Asian market due to his popularity. Why do you think our revenue dropped when he left for Real Madrid. In fact Real Madrid really did get a bargain at £25 million for him over all he was probably worth £80 million due to his commercial ability to shift and generate so much money on his name alone. Beckham was a money making machine not only for Real Madrid but also Manchester United so give the guy a break. People that love George Best forget that he chased the fame also so much so they called him the 5th Beatle but no one ever has a go at him do they.

    You can guarantee that our revenue will have gone down now because of Rooney’s incident, he was probably the number 1 player generating money for us in terms of shirt sales and sponsorship. But now that he has tarnished his image what advertisers are going to spend their money on someone who has not been scoring and has had a lot of negative press. I believe that it was his football and commercial abilities that made Ferguson have to keep Rooney.

    Beckham did a lot for United so stop diminishing him. Yes he left under a cloud but so what he has always spoken highly of the club and Sir Alex Ferguson. Yes he said he would never play for another English team but once Ferguson said there was no way he would sign him again. He had every right to change his mind. Ferguson is a human being and has made mistakes before and for me I think both Beckham and Fergie had a hand in him leaving. Come on how many players would still speak highly of their coach after having a boot kicked in their face. It took us three years to win the premier league after he left. The man will always be a Legend in my eyes and no amount of negative bull will change that.

  8. smartalex says:

    Well said jay at 13:36.
    Hear, Hear!

  9. Vidic Is Titanium says:

    give it a rest scott. my old man is a leeds fan. he still used to take me to old trafford but used to give me abuse about it, he bought me scarves, etc. he used to wind me up about it mercilessly.
    he is still my old man. we get on great. (just dont ask about the fa cup last year)
    i am totally fed up with the constant updates on beckham.

    is this heat magazine?
    oh, thats right, it is a football blog.

    stick to the footy, please

  10. gio says:

    why this obsession about Beckham… who cares if be bought an Arsenal scarf. if I went to watch a Serie A game I’d by a Milan scarf as well. as I did it when I was at Verona…

  11. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Well if Beckham should be vindicated for doing this so should thousands and thousands of cunts outside OT who wear hal and half scarves. No difference between the two in my eyes. Also Romeo has plenty of United memrobilia. People have short memories I mean he was on the pitch in one of our title winning seasons at the start of the millenium wearing a United shirt. Just like I know a die hard Manc United fan who did the whole woeks when he went to Madrid with his Mrs. The phrasesplitting hairs comes to mind with this article.

  12. smartalex says:

    Many a slip twixt cup and hare-lip.

  13. babyfacedassassin says:

    Fucking hell scott, maybe Romeo asked for one. He can support whoever he wants. More fool him if he likes the Arse. Get over it.

  14. Zibbie says:

    Fuck Beck’s and the horse he road in on. Get over this guy. Men crushes everywhere with this guy.

  15. smartalex says:

    And the hoarse he rode inn on.

  16. willierednut says:

    Notice me, notice me!!

  17. King Eric says:

    Fuck me Scott lad, taking some shite over Becks arent ya? If people don’t like it, dont read it.

    Notorious – Hello mate. Hows things? Yeah those half and half scarves make me fucking cringe. EVEN people wearing them the other week with half dipper. Beggars belief.

  18. Keyser Soze says:

    Ooh, Aah…there are so many “arguments” to both sides, and I would not engage in useless banter on a done and dusted subject. Rather than that, I would like to point out that, sadly, the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw Becks with his son at the Emirates was about a certain article about to pop in my favorite blog….

    Come on, WE are bigger than that, WE are bigger than anyone, HE is gone with THEM the minute he walked out, WE could not care less anymore, PLEASE, enough said.

  19. willierednut says:

    What are you doing here Keyser? I thought you didn’t exist?

  20. Keyser Soze says:

    Now the question arises, willierednut, is any of this really happening…?

    Or are we all sucked into a GigantoBeckhole that keeps spewing us through masses of Beckmensions until we finally come to the grand realization Becks is God and we all imitate his looks (hair) and bend it like you know who, but wait, Romeo rises and then and we Mancs go to hell since Arsenal are now the divine ones…..

    …And back to reality

  21. bailop says:

    Yes its true Becks is a Man-U legend but why did he choose to watch the Arsenal game yet both Arsenal and Man-u were playing at the same time. This means that the type of football displayed by Arsenal is much better and intresting to watch. Coz even if Arsenal lost the game you could never regret why you paid to watch them display the best football in England

  22. smartalex says:

    Beckham has enough money to buy arsenal, the cost of the ticket is irrelevant.
    Anyway, he gets in for free. Watching Arsenal lose the game is worth a lot.

  23. Chris says:

    Becks might not be a rocket scientist, BUT, he should we compare bank accounts he will come out on top even we all were to put all of our saving together. He has a job he loves, tons of money and goes anywhere he wants when he wants. We however, are bitching about if he a United legend or not… who’s the smarter?

  24. smartalex says:


  25. StScholesOfSalford says:

    What a pointless article. The guy goes to watch a football match with his son and everyone wants to question his loyalty and whether he is a true utd fan. Bo!!ox if you ask me.

    He doesnt play for Utd anymore so whos to dictate that he has to come and watch us play. Hes now living and training in London and who cares if there was a game on locally and he decided to take his kid to it?
    Ill admit here now that as a Utd fan ive been with friends to watch their teams play in the prem, just like theyve been to OT with me to watch Utd.
    When i was at the Emirates watch the Arse play, it didnt mean i supported them in anyway. I enjoy watching a good game of football….end of!

    By the way wasnt The Great Dane spotted in the crowd last year at a league 2 between Notts County vs Cheltenham???

    MY God How Dare He! His commitment to Utd and being a Utd fan must surely now be questioned!


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