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Torres vs Tevez: Missed Sitter and Goal

Carlos Tevez vs LiverpoolEarlier this week, I wrote an article about whether Liverpool or United had got the better deal where Tevez and Torres were concerned. Whilst there is no doubting Torres is a quality player, Tevez looks more like the United player, and the partnership he is in the midst of forming with Rooney has only boosted his reputation with our fans.

Ahead of today’s match against the dippers, a lot of the talk centred around Torres. Carlos Queiroz acknowledged that if we could keep Torres quiet, we could win the game. Ferguson was asked time and again about the Liverpool striker. He was tipped to be the man to watch in the game and it was questioned whether Ferdinand and Wes Brown could handle him.

On the half hour mark, Torres had the perfect opportunity to steal the headlines. Van der Sar was guilty of making his first of three massive errors, gifting Torres the chance to head in to the empty net. Yet somehow the Spanish striker managed to head wide.

Fifteen minutes later, Tevez is tearing away from the goalmouth after putting United one nil ahead. A well worked corner, which saw Wayne Rooney set up Tevez with a simple tap in, gave United the only goal of the game.

Whilst Liverpool dominated play in the second half, I don’t have much memory of Torres being on the field (and some of that might be thanks to the vast amounts of alcohol consumed!). The man we were told to fear contributed nothing, other than the sitter he missed.

Get in United. Tevez 1 Torres 0.

Have you changed your mind on the Tevez/Torres debate?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Klauq says:

    Tevez was simply fortunate tonight. I dont think it is fair to decide who’s better between those two in this game, because we have Rio which is way better than any Liverpool defender! Even Vidic is head and shoulders better than their best defender! This game was actually decided by the defence, IMHO. But one thing i think is the most interesting from this game was.. ANDERSON!

  2. Antoine Malta says:

    I think the game was settled in midfield where Hargreaves amd Anderson were the best leaving Gerrard and Benayoun watching as the time passed. Ferdinand and Vidic were almost perfect but even Brown and Evra were fine . Ronaldo was very quiet and Giggs was giving orders calmly. Rooney and Tevez took the occasions that came (even the sitter)
    But the best were Anderson Hargreaves and Evra, Van der Saar made 3 huge mistakes but in the whole game he didn’t make a single save and that shows you the quality of the dippers. Torres only plays well against fragile defences. The only player from the scousers that ws decent was Babel.
    We can say we have three best partnerships in every department Anderson and Hargreaves, Rooney and Tevez and Vidic and Ferdinand. Glory Glory Man United

  3. Taehr says:

    Torres can only perform when he is given acres of space,which wasnt the case today

  4. kenn says:

    kudos to tevez. love him. but if we had a ‘torres’ in our side today, the scoreline would probably have been greater, considering we were happy to sit back and hit them on the break.

    but i love how our rooney-tevez attack is shaping up. they will only get better with time. that said, we definitely need another striker for a different option and for cover. one of the torres mould.

    ronaldo had an indifferent game today. he seemed like a liability throughout, losing possession and failing to cover the right side of midfield. if the opposition were half-decent we would have been punished. we looked much better (defensively speaking) after rooney switched roles with ronaldo. that was when ronny finally had some success going forward. lets hope we will see the usual ronaldo in the next game.

    still…its been a wonderful night!

  5. jsos says:

    brill night! I disagree with kenn’s comment about having torres on our side. he’s still a kid and that was clearly shown today. he looked scared to go out and make a difference today, and thats no united player. i think one thing you can never say about us is that w look “scared”. While we may fuck up or blow our chances, its always with no holds barred. GLORY GLORY

  6. isaac hunt says:

    to be perfectly honest torres and tevez play different roles

  7. sam caton says:

    how can you even be having this disgusion fernado is deffinetly the better out the two. because torres is stronge, faster, better in the air and a better finisher. tevez is made good by the three outstanding players around him which are Rooney, Ronaldo and Giggs surly with these three players around you even an amuture can score goals with those three players on you team. how ever im not saying that liverpool dont have any class in players like steven gerrard, mascarano and ryn babel. any way that is how you beet us on sunday you kept are good player quite such as anderson keeping steven gerrard quite and you deffence playing extremely well.

  8. teddy says:

    Man u are s**t. however they’re not as s**t as tevez. When he scores its a tapp in, when he shoots its a conversion, and when he runs he look like a fox that has just been shot by hunters.
    He doesn’t have any upper body strength, and when he plays he looks like he is a defensive mid fealder who has a poor tackling.
    His finishing is poor, and when he does score it’s because of the class around him. The class i am talking about is, giggs hargreaves, ronaldo and rooney.
    However i cn’t fault his work ethic, he tries hard and gets his one yard tap in rewards.

  9. Scott the Red says:


    “Man u are shit” – they are the Champions of England.

    Are we thinking of the same Carlos Tevez?? Shit??

    You clown.


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