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Tosic Gets A Work Permit!

Reports earlier this week suggested that the supposed transfers for Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic were a load of rubbish.

It seems as though Partizan Belgrade were double bluffing though, as now it appears as if a work permit application has been approved, with the left-winger set to join United in January.

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  1. joe_ro says:

    I think this is pretty good news. Tosic is a legend from set pieces. Bad news for Nani though..

  2. Liam says:

    and the other guy?

  3. joe_ro says:

    Ljajic is a 17 year old but some sources claim he is 19. Highly rated but seems to like to beat his man more than he needs to. He is young though.

    To my knowledge Serbian players are not allowed to sign for teams abroad until they are 18.


    i wonder if this is to help replace ronaldo or tevez…

  5. jamos9 says:

    At least we’ll have someone to assist Ronaldo in the free kick department, as for some strange reason our pro’s who train everyday still cant take them. Nani may get the kick up the arse he needs. Hopefully Ljajic will follow.

  6. Failsworth Devil says:

    Told ya my sources were good !!

  7. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Failsworth Devil…Are you David Gill???

  8. jamos9 says:

    What’s with the Crap that no Fees been agreed and other teams are still in the hunt?? Still looks good as we are the ones who asked for the work permit, just hope we dont have another Ramsey situation on our hands, send in Vida to sort out this one not Red Nev…lol!!

  9. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    Was just waiting to hear that Failsworth… I saw that coming… Cheers mate.

  10. Red-Manc says:

    Failsworth are you on stretford end flags mate?

  11. Failsworth Devil says:

    No red mate.. what makes you ask that bud??

    Sully mate.. well i gotta take some glory now and again mate.. its not very often i do haha !!

    Am buzzin now its the weekend… totally ready for sunday…

  12. Red-Manc says:

    okay mate, was just wondering cos i was on the SEF forum before and there was a lad saying he was certain we would sign Tosic and he was from failsworth, must have a twin somewhere lad haha ;)

  13. Soccer Pie says:

    From the sources I have, with Tosic we got first option for Ljajic…to be honest, I do not rate Tosic high…in my opinion he is not the player of United quality…hopefully, I am wrong as he is definitely at Old Trafford as there was no other interest for him.

    I have written down new article about him and Ljajic at

    Ljajic is the real deal…the kid is so talented that it is unbelievable…he is 17, not 19. It is true that he likes to dribble too much, but since he is still the kid that can be fixed. Even, if not, we already have one that likes that and I doubt that we are sorry cause he is with us.

  14. peder says:

    Replacement for Giggs right?

  15. Scott the Red says:

    If Giggs still played on the wing, yes.

  16. Failsworth Devil says:

    Hopefully put some pressure on Nani now, coz he has been appalling recently.. so fingers crossed.

  17. Curt says:

    Both Nani and Anderson (I put them together because they were both hyped up so much) have been huge letdowns.

  18. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    Curt i’m with you on that one mate… Especially Anderson he’s just plain shit.

  19. smith says:

    sully u are more plain shit. cause u are a nobody.

  20. Red-Manc says:

    sully what the fuck you talking about, Anderson’s general play is very good he bossed the likes of gerrard and fabgregas the only weak side to his game is his shooting. No harm in keeping him on his toes though but its nani who needs to get his fucking act together. A signing or two will give the whole team a wake up call and remind them there place in the side isnt guaranteed.

  21. OTRed says:

    This is really weird, why would the guy at Partizan come out and deny that there has been no contact, just 2days before the player was signed??? I fail to believe that Man Utd contacting his club and securing a work permit all happened right after he came out and denied the interest


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