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Tosic: How Do I Become A Better Player On The Bench?

Manchester United sold Zoran Tosic for reportedly £1m more than we paid for him in January 2009.

In his 18 months with the club he made just two appearances in the league, coming on for Berbatov in 77th minute in our 5-0 win over West Brom and just three minutes in our insignificant final match against Hull, both in 2008/2009 season.

The player is understandably frustrated that he didn’t get a real go after being sold to CSKA Moscow.

“I’m already 23 years old, but Manchester United did not give me a chance to prove himself,” said Tosic. “I’m an athlete, I have ambitions and I want to present them on the football field, not on a bench. How do I become a player by ­spending two years on the bench? They could have considered loaning me, but Manchester United wanted to sell – and sell they did.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    How the hell can people say it is a mistake? Just what has he shown that warrants that? A decent enough player but not good enough.

  2. Kings says:

    King Eric – Hello mate. Yeah great finish from Hernandez, I cheered for the lad, as I did when Park scored for South Korea – will do likewise with any United player who scores at the World Cup. I have been very impressed with Hernandez from what I have seen of him, good first touch, excellent movement and decent pace, reminds me of Owen when he was in his pomp for the vermin. Looking forward to see him get some games for United next season. Not getting too carried away though and I think Fergie will keep his feet on the ground when he arrives at OT for pre-season. Yeah he withstood the challenge of that cock Diaby – fucking lanky cunt. Ribery is a fucking nugget as well. France are a joke and I feel for Evra being surrounded by a bunch of twats.

  3. Kings says:

    I would just like to say: Get Well soon Nobby.

  4. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    You can say Tosic is decent but you can’t say he wasn’t good enough. I mean Welbeck was chosen to play on the wing ahead of Tosic in Carling Cup games and he’s not a winger and he plays shite down there. He should have been given at least a start especially after all the money we supposedly splashed out. We’ve played players worse than he in the past and it seems like a transfer full of hype which has anti climaxed instantly. Did he even play a total of 90 minutes in all of his appearances? Perhaps the coaching staff didn’t see anything in him once he got here, or perhaps his teammates started training harder. Who knows? We’ll never know how good he may have been but we certainly know how bad he wasn’t. Not everyone is going to a Kiko.

  5. Danillaço says:

    I feel really sad for not giving the All New Ryan Giggs a chance at United. Bags of talent, but if Fergie thinks he’ should go, then out the door he is.

    Sorry for the lad.

  6. bchilds says:

    He’s got a point!

  7. RedScot says:

    I believe he said he wanted to stay at Cologne, thats suffice for me, no fight determination eagerness to work at it.Good luck in Moscow.
    Beautifull post as normal and accurate from Mr Oakley, great read.

  8. Fze123 says:

    How can people say ‘Tosic wasn’t good enough’ when we’ve hardly seen him playing? He should have been given more chances, I really feel for the lad. We never got to see how he’s really like. Wish him luck for the future.

  9. Kings says:

    Rooney better get ready to be slated for his comments towards the scum Ingerland fans who booed the team off the pitch. Looks like the media have their scapegoat ready in preparation for another failure in a major tournament. Rest assured that we love you Wayne.

  10. aig alex is god says:

    @King Eric

    okay. Sorry. i didnt know we have to take your permission to support United. also i didnt know that you are the new comment moderator here telling us whether we can speak about off topic thngs or not. i take back what i said. Carrick is world class. fabregas is shite. jose, barca, inter are all rubbish. we cant say anything against any United player or the manager. the treble is ours next season. no need to worry. we are gonna win every game 10-0. Hope thats good enough or did i forget anything

  11. Toms says:

    I thought we always thought there might be an issues of physicality with Tosic…. also I thought he was a makeweight for Llijac.

  12. roflater says:

    really dissapointed we sold him, there’s a reason he was known in serbia as “the little kaka”. he was top on set pieces and whenever i saw him he seemed agile and knew how to pick out a pass. i think we’ll come to regret letting him go so easily without even giving him a fair opportunity.

  13. RICH13 says:

    disappointed to see him go and speak of the club in that manner but oh well…best of luck in russia. SAF knows best.

  14. Lovin' United says:

    Ljajic was the one who they called little kaka, roflater…. not Tosic…

  15. King Eric says:

    aig – You really are a sarcastic little prick.

  16. King Eric says:

    Its a United blog. How come I ain’t the only one that gets wound up by your comments? You do it for attention pal. Why would I log onto a UNITED blog to see you drooling over Jose and Barca?

  17. aig alex is god says:

    and what about the potshots you have at barca and real when they lose?. thats allowed i guess

  18. phildo79 says:

    If you are not good enough to be picked to play in 18 months then you are simply not good enough. Why should SAF play players just to apease them? If you can’t impress the manager in training it is very unlikely you are going to in a Champions League or domestic game. I’m not that arsed he didn’t get more chances. Trust the manager!

  19. Mancunian says:

    Think Tosic Has A Point As He Was Never Given A Chance,But I Feel That He Was There To Be Part Of The Adem Lyic(Don,t Think I,ve Spelt It Right!) Deal….Can Only Think That Fergie Thought He Was Too Lightweight For The Premier League?

  20. mara says:

    that is what i told you on the start of the season…those young guys will dry on the bench. And that happend. Look, another thing…SAFa nd coaches thought that Berba will be great in our team and he is not. The main problem I see here, is that SAF has to buy to many young guys, which we can t know will they develop in good players or not. And when you acount that few guys you get a lot of millions. We need young players, but also developed, world class. The combination…

  21. Fred says:

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  22. Fred says:



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