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Tosic: I Shouldn’t Have Left United

The transfer in January 2009 of Zoran Tosic and his team mate, Adem Ljajic, was a strange one. United agreed a deal that could be worth up to £17m for the pair, with Llajic due to stay with Partizan Belgrade for the rest of the season.

However, United later pulled of out the deal to sign Ljajic, only for him to go on to sign for Fiorentina the following year. Tosic made a total of five appearances for United and enjoyed a successful loan period with Cologne, scoring 5 goals in 13 games.

Tosic wasn’t prepared to wait for United to play him regularly so five days after returning from his loan he signed for CSKA Moscow. Now, the Serbian has a few regrets over his decision.

“It all happened really quickly as I played for just 18 months with Partizan Belgrade,” he said. “We won the league and the cup and there was a period when it seemed like I was scoring in every match. It was at that point I signed for Manchester United. It was such an exciting moment to go there and to meet Sir Alex. I had grown up as a United fan so to be working for the man who had brought so much success to the club was just unbelievable. However, there is a big difference between the Serbian and English league and when I arrived in Manchester I discovered I was not yet ready for that level. I spoke with Sir Alex many times and he kept telling me I had quality and just had to keep working hard. But I wanted to play more games so went to Cologne in Germany on loan and had a great six months there. When I came back to Manchester I was expecting to play more games for United but it didn’t happen. In the end I wasn’t sure I was going to get the chance I felt I deserved so decided to change club. Even now I am always thinking about that moment. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick and should have worked longer to show Sir Alex. Maybe I should have stayed and fought for my place. This was Man United after all.”

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  1. Marq says:

    Chances come & go, just gotta live with it.

  2. LexxytheRed says:

    Its ur decision man…. You’ve got to live with it man….. Just thinking what could have been

  3. Costas says:

    He did very well in Germany, but the competition at United with Valencia, Nani and Giggs was too intense. Don’t know if he would have ever established himself at United, but good luck to him at his current club.

  4. kk says:

    This was Manchester United after all…damn straight!

  5. LexxytheRed says:


    ℓ̊ think he could av done a job for us at LW now that Giggs is ageing bearing in mind that he is naturally left footed

  6. AlphaRS says:

    Very strange indeed. It is very difficult to get in to the United first team due to the sheer competition for places. Perhaps a reason promising players like Pique, Rossi, and Pogba left to name but a few.
    Wasn’t Adam Ljajic involved in a punch up with the Fiorentina manager last year for sarcastically clapping at the manager when being substituted off?! Lolz.
    It’s on YouTube somehere :D

  7. Costas says:


    Probably. As we’ve found out, the club hasn’t managed to track down plenty of left footed wingers. But like Richardson proved, that may not be enough. I wanted to see Tosic come good, but like he said, timing wasn’t on his side.

  8. LexxytheRed says:


    ℓ̊ agree, spot on

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    he had qualities but Looked too lightweight, he needed to bide his time and settle, jumping from the serbian league to the PL is huge but looks like another player that lost patience and wanted everything quickly. Shame that he didn’t show enough but it shows that you shouldn’t jump hastily into decisions in life.

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Always good when the youngsters here this. Problem is their agents and families are itching for them to cash in quick. Very few have the patience and the commitment to come through a youth system like we have. In then end United just buy the quality they need 9/10.

    Someone did a study on how many of our youngsters were still playing top ball and it was an impressive number.

  11. denton davey says:

    Samuel @ 12:38: “he had qualities but Looked too lightweight,”

    Basically, his main “quality” was his left foot – otherwise, he was too small, too lightweight, and not fast enough. Getting playing time at MUFC was simply beyond hims capabilities.

  12. Sparkz says:

    @Alpha – Yepp, that’s the one! I think I’m right in saying he also got suspended from his national team a few months ago, for not singing the national anthem!

  13. Zulu-Utd-Malta. says:

    How many times did we read and heard this frase ‘ I should have never left United”
    When are these people going to learn that as soon you leave United there is only one way to go and that is down the drain !!

    Very rare you hear people regret that they left one club or another. There is no zelous in other clubs, just playing football and nothing else, as long as you didn’t grow up following that particular club.

    Joshua King should read what Tosic said and learn. Stick these words into your box Josh coz now it may seem that the grass is greener on the other side of the park but after you leave United it will be the end of your happiness………and this goes for every member of the present aquad at United !!!

  14. Zulu-Utd-Malta. says:

    :) I wanted to say squad not aquad (stupid Malteser ) :)

  15. OHH AHH Cantona says:

    No offence but I’m fairly certain he made the right decision.
    Young,Nani,Valencia,Kagawa and we’ve still got Giggs! No chance!

  16. Neil says:

    Tosic, you tosser! Once in a lifetime opportunity means just that. Once!

  17. Fergie's gum says:

    You had the opportunity but doubt if u would have made much impact in United

  18. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    AHA. You see!

  19. Capitano says:

    You will hear the same from Morrison and Pogba in a few years to come! Becks said it’s only at United you are given a chance to recover when the form goes south, at Real they immediately start looking for replacement!

  20. Unitedforeva says:

    I had to go through several seasons before my United friends accept me as a United fan! They say I have to buy the beer every time we win! Now I’m enjoying free beer like them. Bring on the newbies!

  21. belfast red. says:

    Cuda wuda shuda. You,ll never know now…. Tbh never got 2 see enough of tosic to knw if hes going missed or not. Id actually forgot totally about him until i read this article…


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