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Tosic: I Want To Stay At Colgone

Zoran Tosic’s Manchester United career hasn’t exactly gone to plan, with him seemingly not doing enough in training to get much of a go for the first team.

He is enjoying himself on loan with Cologne, who are currently 11th in the Bundesliga, having scored another two goals last week.

He has now revealed that he wants to make the loan move permanent and stay in Germany.

“I would like to stay at the club,” Tosic said. “The most important thing for any player is regular first-team football and I like Cologne, but I know any decision on my future will only be made in the summer.”

Reports suggest £4.5million would be enough for United, although meaning a loss for United. Tosic joined United in a £16m deal which included Adem Ljajić, although it is believed Tosic cost us £6m.

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  1. Rollins says:

    Just like he made the right call on rossi or pique?

  2. King Eric says:

    DariusC – “under achievers like Carrick”. What are you on about. His from hasn’t been great recently but to say he is an underachiever is a bit daft.

    Personally I don’t get the hype about Pique. A decent defender but very over rated in my opinion. Evans will become the better player.

  3. King Eric says:

    Rollins – Oh come on Rossi isn’t a United player and you know it.

  4. willierednut says:

    United are not the first club to pull of a deal for a young player, if the club said is was a work permit issue, then i believe them. These rumours about SAF retiring are more concerning than some player wanting to stay in Germany, how the fook do we replace the great man.

  5. Fred says:

    “My point is, Ljajic is not coming, and just because a player is not coming, our club has been termed to have behaved disgracefully and that we mistreated the player.”

    What a ridiculous statement.

  6. Aig alex is god says:

    @king eric

    10million is including the add on fee not the transfer fee.about the excuse being valid i dont think we were so desperate for him that we couldnt have waited for some more time. He wasnt going to be given starts immediately.jesus whats wrong with you?


    everyone dosent play for money.some players honestly want to play for united and its their dream

  7. willierednut says:

    Rollins – Pique wasn’t getting first team football, Barca came in for him and SAF decided to let him go home. On Rossi, i’m not to sure what went on there, though isn’t there buy back clause, if we decide to bring him back from Spain.

  8. mancunianatheart says:

    Hey guys, I saw Tosic score a brace at the Rheinenergie stadium last weekend. Though he is one of the better players here, I honestly feel he is not cut out for United. With defence in Bundesliga being a joke, he was still struggling for good parts of the game. Though he has a good finish and takes good odd shots at goals, I do not know whether he would have succeeded in a more physical set up like the premier league. I really wonder if he would have made first team on a regular basis here.

    While comparisons with Obertan are more than justified, I would give Obertan a higher probability of success once he gets a bit of experience and maturity [read: Footballing brain].

    Yeah, honestly, its a little sad to see the Serbian duo not making it at United. I had great hopes and 4.5 mn seems a couple of million short considering that Koln FC need him badly for their continuance in Bundesliga. Hopefully the money is in the banks for Silva :D

  9. willierednut says:

    AIG – Do you not trust the managers judgement mate?

  10. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    I have to disagree King Eric, Pique is awesome. I do like Evans but I think people think hes the better player because hes home grown. Not only is Pique a good defender but he can distribute the ball out of defence like Rio. A concept that Evans hasn’t got to grips with just yet. I’d be more pissed off if we sold Pique without having an Evans but I’m being greedy I want both, and if we can’t have both we should have got more money for Pique. Especially when you see the reported amount of money we signed Smalling for.

  11. Aig alex is god says:


    i do but he has never answered to the ljajic question.he praised him a few weeks before he was due to arrive.what caused him change his mind? And why did he dodge the press conference after this happened?

  12. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    I don’t care about Lljac what winds me up is that we’ve spent a decent amount of money which IMO is anything over £4 million on a player who hasn’t even completed 90 minutes for us. Waste of money and we can’t afford to do that. That is one of the points everyone seems to miss here.

  13. Marq says:


    Well, that is what some people here says, our club mistreated the boy and is a disgrace, that is the only point I disagree with.

    As for the real reason why this 2 serb boys aren’t here, only the insiders will know, and as far as I know, the case is close, no point arguing about if they lied or not. For all you know, they’ve lied to us a million times, but as it is now, we are successful because of the management team, and I will take it that they know what they are doing.

  14. willierednut says:

    AIG – Conspiracy theories now? I don’t know why he missed that press conference, but i’m sure it wasn’t for the reasons ppl think.

  15. Rollins says:

    @ king Eric
    He isnt a united player?
    I would like for you to tell me how…

  16. Always Be Closing says:

    aig alex is god is royally pissing me off again, why isn’t there an ignore option? Ideal for situations like this.

    Remember when we were shit last week and doomed? Somehow, we’re a point off the top now, that’s what you get for no belief. Prat.

  17. Fred says:

    Rossi is class, I’d love to see him back here next season. Villarreal aren’t having the best of seasons so maybe we could get him on the cheap. I’m sure now that he has discovered the grass isn’t greener on the other side he’d be willing to come back and take his rightful place as back-up to Rooney.

  18. Fred says:

    @ABC – no need for that. He’s entitled to his opinions.

  19. Always Be Closing says:

    Not when he’s constantly going on about us being doomed, posting around twenty times in that last major thread before the game.

    Now it’s United lying about a work permit and putting the team down. If he doesn’t support United, why is he here? Nothing but nonsense and drivel.

  20. Gudjohnsen says:

    If we spent £6m on Tosic then we should try to recoup the most of it when we sell. If he doesn’t want to come back to Old Trafford then so be it. But if Cologne can’t cough up £5-6m then we should just sell him to someone else, he must have attracted some interest by now.

  21. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    In all honesty can you blame him not wanting to come back, there have been performances from some of our players this year and I have thought to myself its highly unlikely Tosic could have done worse if he had started or come on. He is an international player in arguably the most competitive international federation in the world, has scored goals for his country and is picked regularly. He’s come to United and not been given a start. He could have started Barnsley away for fucks sake. If his days are numbered so be it. Just don’t understand transfers like these.

  22. Aig alex is god says:

    @always be closing

    if you dont agree or get pissed off just ignore.ridiculous really that people who arent positive are being targetted.

  23. Aig alex is god says:

    @always be closing

    right on another note.i am a gloryhunter mate just coming here to get some attention and talk nonsense

  24. King Eric says:

    Notorious Red Devil – Yeah I agree pal Pique’s distribution is good but the back line are hardly pressured. When they are however he looks fucking lost. Also don’t like some of the things he has said about United since his departure. A bit of a knob if you ask me. Evans is at his best when partnered with Vidic.

  25. King Eric says:

    NRD – I think Tosic came on at Oakwell. I may be wrong.

  26. King Eric says:

    aig – Hello mate. We have had our disagreements on here but that isn’t to say I don’t respect your opinions. I don’t think it is a case of not being positive but just little things like that comment on Saturday saying all of us who voted the United and Spurs win will be disappointed. I thought that was a bit odd.

  27. Costas says:


    Just be the bigger man and do what others moan than they can’t do. Just ignore them. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions.

  28. Marq says:

    Well, the 1 thing Pique is doing better than Evans is scoring goals =x

  29. willierednut says:

    Shut up Costas you’re always moaning lol.

  30. Costas says:


    Me? Yeah right,lol. I only moan when others moan. :P

  31. willierednut says:

    I don’t mind aig being negative, it’s whatever works for ya.

  32. willierednut says:

    Costas – I don’t need to moan mate, my old man does that for both of us lol.

  33. Costas says:


    Ha, well I can imagine. My mother tends do it a lot too. I don’t mind pessimistic fans either.

  34. aig alex is god says:

    @King eric

    Look at the positive side of it. i jinxed both city and chelsea with that one. ;-)

  35. theboogeyman says:

    Costa, willie- Pessimistic fans just don’t like to be disappointed, that’s it, isn’t it?

    They hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  36. Costas says:


    Yeah just about. And I don’t like to think that I may underestimate someone. But as willierednut said, it’s what works for everyone.

  37. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ King Eric – Hello mate, yea Tosic did come on against Barnsley but I don’t know why he couldn’t start that game in all honesty. Couldn’t have done him or the team any harm. Fair dos about Pique if Spain win the World Cup he’ll play a huge part. Although I’m hoping someone other than them who hasn’t won it before wins it.

  38. Joseph says:

    Why did we sign him if we weren’t even going to give him a fair chance in the team – especially as it wasn’t to lead to Ljajic’s eventual signing.

    I’m fairly certain he would offer more of a spark and variety than Park and Giggs in the las month or so.

    Why sign all these young 20 somethings if you don’t rate or believe in them enough to give them even minimal time (Obertan, Diouf, Tosic).

    I hope Chicharito and Smalling don’t get the same fringe treatment in favour of the same thin squad of ‘veterans’ next season.

  39. Eric AKA Super Schmeichel says:


  40. Norbert Bugeja says:

    Tosic £16 million together with Lajic who was dubbed as the new kaka then for some reason never joined……he wants to go to Cologne…..well seems he has noticed that he had no chance of playing for United….why if his value is £6 million we sell him for £4.5 is there a sale all year round..if he performed well i guess a club which is financially stable like Cologne can afford to pay £6

  41. Zalee says:

    Yeah…all of you arguing & fighting about the transfer. Dreaming on players like benzema, silva, aguero, lloris & villa. The truth is Manchester Utd gonna have the same player for the next season. Now in the official website this club link with Slovenian wonderkid & a young greek midfielder. I already bought the Slovenian wonderkid from Newcastle last week in my Football Manager…hahaha & today Manchester Utd are link with him.It seem this tosic n ljajic transfer gone bad since phelan become the assistant manager. I think I should fired him in Football Manager also. I wish them luck against Spurs. So sad there will be no more of Busby Babes & Fergie Fledgling. For people who are going to say stick to football manager to me. yeah I’m going too until next season.waiting the arrival of dodo & andrea ranocchia. already got my tri-mid: eriksen – krhin – canales.

  42. trevor says:

    @Norbert Bugeja

    Was it not that United Paid 6 mil for him and think they can only get 4.5 mil!

    is it not the way of the football world that united pay over the odds for players just cause we are united. With regards to selling players we always generaly get bottom dollar for players as they are not needed!

    Apart from ROnaldo & becks…

  43. trevor says:

    One thing we also need to be careful with is the prices quoted in the paers! For some reason they now include wages to actualy highlight what the player would cost!

    In addition most of todays signings are paid not by lump sum or over a period in time but are based on events.. Ceratin amount when the player reaches certain clud appearences, Ceratin amount when a player scores a certain number of goals, Certain amount if the club wins certain trophies etc!

    At the end of the day the people involved at united generaly have their head screwed on and i would doubt very much that they would be throwing 16 million arround on players such as tosic!

  44. Wakey says:

    @aig alex is god

    The club couldn’t wait a few more months though. He was wanted at the club at the same time as Tosic but the initial work permit was turned down, it was appealed under the special talent clause but that was rejected. So the deal was that he would join in a year for £10mill with the obvious get out clause for United incase something happened.

    With the date coming up where United had to pull out or pay up the club applied again and got rejected and appealed and got rejected. So what did you want the club to do, pay £10mill for a player who a WP couldn’t be obtained and who in a year hadn’t made the progress towards fulfilling at least the ‘Special Talent’ requirements let alone automatic WP requirments that he was expected to have made.

    And it wasn’t going to be a ‘few months’. He had no chance of changing things by the summer so Jan 2011, probally more likely Summer 2011 was going to be the earliest. The rules are pretty shitty in this country for WP’s, city had a deal for McDonald Mariga turned down for example in the summer despite him having 24 full caps for Kenya and having played over 75% of international games in the last 2 years simply because they deemed Kenya to be too insignificant to be a valid player BUT thats not a clubs fault but the Home Offices stupid rules that make the UK one of the hardest places for Footballers to actually get work permits in the whole of Europe.

    Oh and its not a LAME WORK PERMIT EXCUSE. Its a reason that the HOME OFFICE themselves officially stated unless you are no going to claim the home office is working for the Glazers.

    Seriously if you have paid 10mill for a player and he can’t enter the country to work what exactly are you going to do with him. Leaving him where he was another year having paid for him wasn’t going to improve his chances of making it and neither would sending him to Belguim or Greece to await a permit. It was asking for it to turn into a more expensive Dong or Manucho situation

  45. Wakey says:


    “2. His agent claims it is because we can’t afford him”
    WRONG WRONG WRONG. His agent said it was Work permit issues. It was the Partizan Chairman who said it was due to us being unable to afford him. However he would because he was looking to cash in on him and United pulling out of the deal no matter what the reason would and did lower his price.

    “3. Fergie dodges his press conference and leaves Phelan to claim we didn’t want Ljajic anymore because he hadn’t progressed as a player (nice of him to publicly put the lad down like that)
    4. The club then contradicted Phelan and claimed we wanted him but couldn’t get a work permit.”

    Those two things DON’T contridict each other. He was signed on the condition that he progressed to a point where he would receive a work permit. He didn’t, infact for a player of his supposed level he really didn’t do much to prove he was a special talent. The league he was playing in was pretty weak and really he needed to be outstanding and needed to be closer to the National First team than he was.

    Who knows why he started to stagnate in the year, he certainly seems to have the talent but didn’t show it. Perhaps its was Partzans fault or maybe like alot of players at a yound age they just hit a brick wall that despite having the talent they just struggle to get over mentally but he was stagnating

  46. Wakey says:

    @King Eric
    I kind of agree with you on Pique. He would never have been a great at United as his style of player just isn’t suitable for the English game. Some players just find some league styles suit them better than others and the Spanish game suits Pique perfectly (He would probally do well in Italy too) but he was just lost in the English game. Evans showed much better than Pique and is alot more suited as a United player


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