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Tosic: I’ve Dreamed Of Playing For United Since ’99

Manchester United’s most recent signing, Zoran Tosic, has confessed that he has been a supporter of the club since our Champions League final in 1999. As one of probably many fans from around the world, Tosic’s attention turned to us after seeing Solskjaer’s winner hit the net.

The Serbian winger had just turned 12-years-old back then and told his coach that one day he would be playing for United.

“From the moment I watched United win the Champions League in 1999 I was a fan,” said Tosic. “When I was a kid I saw a picture of the national team in the changing room and I said to the coach ‘I am going to stand there one day and I am going to be a Manchester United player, those are my two wishes’. It is great to have Nemanja Vidic at United. He lives five minutes away. I knew him from before playing for Serbia and we spend a lot of time together. Playing with the likes of Wayne Rooney is brilliant and Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are fantastic with me.”

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  1. Ed says:

    Those are the types of players we need. Tosic has a lot of potential and I hope to se emore of him next season.

  2. Keano Playing Nice says:

    And this is what we like to see. True Reds. Hope you can bulk up Zoran, you’ve got the ability.

  3. Rooney's turn to EAT!! says:

    i really cant wait for u to play

  4. Rooney's turn to EAT!! says:

    btw, any news on ribery guys, really looking forward to next week
    at least SAF will be done with his holiday

  5. twinnyd says:

    Tosic will definitely make it at OT.i hope he’s given his chance this upcoming season because he has the potential and more so the ability.watching him at the Euro U-21 championship has definitely cemented my belief in him.he has such a fantastic footballing brain,can play on both wings,loves to take on players (and can beat them too),he’s quick and nimble,and he’s good at set pieces.he’ll be a world beater in a few years time without a doubt.we dont need ribery guys…have faith in the kidz!!!

  6. TheRedBaron says:

    Won’t Llajic be comin this year? That kids got some crazy ability too.

  7. theboogeyman says:

    Thank fucking God!!Someone wants to play for us and not TheFascists.

  8. theboogeyman says:

    @TheRedBaron:Yes,he will.In January.

  9. Pat says:

    Ljajic is much better than Tosic, imo. I’m an Arsenal fan, but Ljajic just blows my mind. His playing style reminds me of Pires, a bit of Kaka as well.

  10. theboogeyman says:

    He is called The Serbian Kaka,after all.

  11. Devils Fan says:

    Any player in united that praises madrid should be sold right away…sick of footballers that choose spain for their lifestyle…i think serbs have great bold & strong character, if funded well, i think there is huge potential in their youths.I’m very keen to see Darren Gibson step up next season, the boy has a wicked long shot…

  12. Anon says:

    Ljajic comes in January, but i doubt if he’l be playing for us much this season. probably a few outings in the Carling Cup.
    We’d probably have to wait for 2010-11 to see much of that little feller.

  13. Macheda is GOD says:

    Both got talent,and since the dramatic final from 99,You won’t blame him.Tosic has impressed me in the U-21 Finals.Everyone go watch serbia

  14. james f says:

    At last! Someone who wants to play for humble United, instead of the “mighty” Madrid fascists.

  15. Besher says:

    He made some good crosses yesterday and belarus tried to mark him a lot but he was able to show his abilities they need to win against sweden i guess so they progress and we see more of him .

  16. gotta hate tiny tears says:
    i miss my computer
    i miss r.o.m.
    i miss Costas and Wazza and scott and the gang
    ive watched this kid and i think he has the makings
    he’s not there fully but if we dont sign someone then i see a better attitude than i do from nani so he could start ahead of him unless nani screws his head on right
    the 99 talk i dont ever buy its like someone trying to rally americans by saying “i didnt like 9/11″
    but i hope bit more bulk
    and united could have found an amazin talent
    ive seen little bits of Llajic and what ive seen
    and alot of what ive heard
    is this guy is a find and a half
    so fingers crossed
    side note
    Billy Folkes said the closest he’s seen a player to Duncan Edwards( the greatest ever footballer to those who seen him” is Wayne Rooney
    no there something Wazza can build his ego around

  17. United4eva says:

    This is the kind of player we need. All this talk about Ribery? Has anyone seen his career history and how many times he’s been transferred. Paying millions for a player like that who has already broadcasted to the world that he wants to go to La Liga would be ridiculous. Lets trust in people like Tosic who have the talent and will give it 100% week in week out for the love of the shirt instead of some overpaid mercenary who will whine and sulk and stomp his feet to go to Spain when he’s had enough of pound sterling.

  18. unitedgirl15 says:

    How the hell do you pronounce Ljajic?

  19. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    spot on

  20. unitedgirl15 says:

    What a guess :-D

  21. theboogeyman says:

    It’s pronounced Lee-ah-itch(ah stressed) according to someone on the forum which I posted the link to.

  22. AlphaRS says:

    All our youngsters need to be given a chance as I don’t think VDS, Red Nev, Scholes or Giggsy will last much longer!

  23. jcolas says:

    I also started dreaming of playing for United after that final.


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