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TRANSFER RUMOURS: Are Angel Di Maria & Wesley Sneijder United bound?

Angel Di Maria – 26 Years Old

Di Maria is a rare talent that has the potential to change a game all on his own. Having turned a new leaf in his career during Mourinho’s reign at Real Madrid in which he became increasingly more consistent and became a factor in games regularly he has not looked back. A player for the big games, Di Maria was arguably the best player on the pitch in the recent Champions League Final in which he helped Real Madrid win their tenth title. Playing in a three usually with Ronaldo and Bale, the trio were the most fearsome attacking force as they supported Benzema ahead of them. During the World Cup, Di Maria has shown a versatility in his game, playing a deeper role that connects the midfield to the attackers, he has shown a relentless work rate to have an impact on both sides of the field, running himself into the ground.

Direct, explosive and highly skilled. It is the dominant feature in Di Maria’s game, a real issue for defenders who struggle to handle his speed and elusiveness. Despite claims that he may be too weak to play in the Premier League he is a player who manages to hold on to the ball under pressure, drawing the opposition towards him as his teammates find space which is when Di Maria uses his wide range of passing to release players in more dangerous positions. Accumulating over twenty assists for Real Madrid this season is testament to that, whilst he may feel his goal conversion rate could be increased having only contributed nine seven in the league and Champions League.

Where would he fit in? 

There are plenty of attacking options at United but there’s a lack of a real difference maker within the wingers. Nani has proved too inconsistent, Valencia lacks that exceptional ability, whilst Ashley Young has often adopted the worst characteristics of both. Able to play anywhere behind the strikers, Di Maria’s combination of speed and distribution make him a perfect fit for this team, with Mata, Van Persie and Rooney, the pressure of scoring goals is lessened but creating the chances for them will fall on Di Maria.

Chances of Signing?

It looks like Di Maria is on his way out of Madrid and Manchester United appear in the hunt for his services but they will not be the only team, with PSG widely rumoured to be interested in the Argentinian and their apparent disregard for FFP may continue. The same issue remains for United, the lack of European football may deter Di Maria even if it is only for one season but the same bonus remains, players want to work with Louis van Gaal and he could tempt the player into a move to Old Trafford.


Wesley Sneijder – 30 Years Old

Every season, it seems that Wesley Sneijder is linked to a move to Manchester which inevitably never materialises. The Dutch playmaker, now at Galatasaray has been on a downward curve since he led Inter to the treble and his national side to a World Cup Final. Whether that is because Sneijder doesn’t have it in him anymore or whether it is simply a case of the hunger disappearing remains to be seen, but given his age, the latter seems more likely. Excellent vision, incredible ball control and a real threat whether from long range or set pieces, Sneijder is technically imperious. Having won a domestic title at all four clubs in his career, it is no coincidence, Sneijder has brought or maintained success wherever he gone.

Having been rather quiet during the group stages of the World Cup, he burst into life in the knockout stages in which his long range shooting and passing began to feature and dominate games. Perhaps a move to England will be the motivation Sneijder needs to maintain the form he showed in the last few games in Brazil.

Where would he fit in?

As a number 10, Sneijder would face stiff competition from the likes of Mata, Kagawa and Rooney for a starting spot in his preferred position. Yet his vision is only matched by Mata and his ability at scoring from outside the box only rivaled by Rooney, whilst his dead ball ability is perhaps the best of the lot he may be the most all-round player in that position if he were to join. A diversity in attack is needed to win the league and Sneijder would definitely provide that. There’s also the scope at his age to drop him in a deeper role, where his passing could really take over games.

Chances of Signing?

Galatasaray have confirmed that they would be willing to let Sneijder leave given the right price and again his Dutch association has fueled rumours that Louis van Gaal will be tempted to bring him along to Manchester. His wage demands may however once again prove to be a stumbling block but there may be more willingness on his behalf to be more receptive of an offer from Manchester United.

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  1. Marq says:

    And no to Sneijder. I’d rather take my chances with Powell

  2. tallestreD says:

    I would say no to both, irrespective of the price. There’s no way Sneijder should be considered because he is so past it. Di Maria as good as he is or people claim he is, isn’t worth it. What I’m saying is if we end up with him. I will rejoice, but if not I won’t lose any sleep.

  3. John says:


    Funny isn’t it? Now the rumour is there is some legal loopholes/arrangements such that Suarez can start the season with Barca. :)

    It is as if he bit Chillieni to make the deal with Barca happen. I smell calculated pre-plan with Barca and his agent involved.

  4. trevor knightsmith says:


    I said this the minute there was a hint of a deal. I think it was all pre planned and Barca were hoping the dippers would sack him, or his value would drop.

    Much as I hate them i hope the dippers take them for every last penny.

    And obviously he will end up started the season at club level

  5. tallestreD says:

    All these talks of players coming in. Why isn’t there any talk of players going out? We need to free up space for the incoming

  6. Marq says:

    Haha, I’m usually not one for conspiracies, but the incident did seem quite odd. It wasn’t like they were tussling for the ball, Suarez kinda just went over to bite him for no reason. And at that time, it was still 0-0 and it would be Uruguay that goes out. For all you know Suarez might be thinking, heck, game is finishing, Uruguay is going out now, if I need to get a scandal to force my way out of Liverpool, it has to be now in case I get subbed, ditto walks over and had a bite

  7. Marko Maric says:

    I dont get it why we didn t get Sanchez, while we need wingers. BUt ok, maybe he wanted Arsenal more.
    Di Maria would be great, but Sneijder is past time-not United class any more.

    But if we are getting Reus, than we are back in the track. On the other hand dont see why we buying Vidal,i mean he is good, but we have Januzaj, Mata…Mata won t play on the left/right, coz that is one reazon why he left Chelski. But ine thing is good, finally we have world class manager, and that really gives you hope even if you loseing points.

  8. Marq says:

    Vidal is to be played beside Herrera, not at the No.10 position, so he won’t be taking Mata or Januzaj’s place, he will be taking Carrick’s place more than anything or one of the middle 3 if we play 3 at the back

  9. Sparkz says:

    Does anyone reckon we could see Carrick moved into a sweeper style role next season? Ball playing centre half, he wouldn’t be exposed like he normally is when he plays there as he’ll have two proper defenders alongside him, so he’ll basically be a spare man.

    Also means we can shift into a 4-3-3 without needing to make subs.

    Just a thought.

  10. Tommy says:


    Of course Di Maria is going to have great assist stata, do you know why? Because like Ozil the previous season, hes feeding Ronaldo, anyone would have great stats feeding him, funny were has the so called assist maker Ozils great assist stats gone? Now im by no means claiming Di maria is a bad player but as far as im concerned, he turned us down once so fuck him, hes had his chance.

    Ive never been a hugh Sneider far, he goes in fits and starts although he had an outstanding 2009 – 10 campain, but apart from that hes been way inconsistant and hes gradually declined to a point hes playing in Turkey for the cash, so no thank you.


    I heard a rumour that it was possible that LVG was looking to use Carrick as a ball playing CB, whether it comes to fruition is another matter.

  11. Red Deviled Yank says:

    The Express are reporting a move for Gaitan now. Much more upside than Di Maria in my opinion. What do you guys think?

  12. John says:


    Disagree re Di Maria and Ozil. I believe if he can get those assists stat by feeding Ronaldo then surely he can atleast equal it with RVP as target man upfront.

    Also the criticism of Mesut Ozil is unfair imo. He can’t do much when he had Olivier Giroud upfront to feed.

  13. Marko Maric says:


    You obviously dont see very well, he was one of the best players last year, not by assists, but dribbles, he was going trough defence like trough butter. He has skills…lot of skills

  14. Jose says:

    Ive certainly seen and read it all Now…Could have sworn guys here were takking about nani for the amount of criticism thrown di maria’s.
    Di maria inconsistent? effing hell..would you rather have ‘mr consistency ‘ antonio valencia playing?
    Di maria is a world class winger who id only place behind ronaldo and robben in terms of productivity.
    Better than bale,sanchez,reus and even ribery.
    The guy is the one always tearing barca apart every single time in the clasico.How many of our players can lay claim to such a feat?
    If we could pay nearly 30 m for an unproven 18 yr old leftback ,then paying 50 m for di maria,a proven match winner and a tireless worker shouldnt be an issue really.
    Tired of all the inconsistency bollocks..wouldnt care if he lost the ball ten times and came up with a goal or take that over having to watch valencia pass the ball back to rafael all game in the name of keeping possesion.

  15. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Jose, Di Maria is certainly amongst the best wide players in the world. I’d pick Reus over him though, but don’t get me wrong I’d personally be delighted if he signed for United.

  16. Marko Maric says:

    I would take Reus before Di Maria…but Di Maria is class, there is no question about that.

  17. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I don’t understand this demonisation of the Spanish league. The Spanish clubs regularly outperform English clubs in Europe on the whole. United also have a wretched record against Spanish teams in Europe so that doesn’t say much for us if people are going to rubbish that league like it’s Scotland or something.

  18. wayne barker says:

    it’s a fact just about every club in the Spanish league are broke except Madrid and Barca,so can’t use past history as a indication to the state of the league today.Yeah they’ll be the odd apparition were a team comes out of the blue just like the German league but the truth is the gap between Madrid/Barca and the rest just keeps getting bigger and bigger every other club have become selling teams just to survive,so it’s just common sense if any player plays for a team that is considerably superior to 95% of the opposition week in week out he’s going to look good and his stats will be inflated.
    It’s not Rocket Science

  19. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Atletico Madrid just won the league in Spain.

    Come in Wayne, do you think the elite clubs in England are any different to Barca and Madrid? There just happens to be toe or three more. You get a team like Southamton who have the best youth set up in the entire country and yet are raided by the super power clubs of England on every occasion they produce a good young player.

    The premiership consists about 4 or 5 teams that have hopes of winning the league, you then have have 2 or 3 who have hopes of making the top 4. Then the rest are just looking to survive in a constant merry go round of having their time in the top flight before eventually dropping back down the leagues.

  20. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Liverpool, Arsenal and United harbour hopes to win the league, now so do Chelsea and City because of ridiculous amounts of private investment. Spurs, Everton, Newcastle and Villa all see themselves as teams that should be in Europe. The rest of the teams are just he’ll bent on survivals and that’s it.

    This is the way of modern day football. TV and money has made sure that ruling elite clubs will dominate at every turn.

  21. Gary Mitrovic says:

    The media and fans in this country are starting to sound like the Amercians, at least when it comes to football anyway. It’s like you have to prove yourself over here or you’re not accepted basically. Absolute nonsense it is as well.

  22. wayne barker says:

    There is no comparison at all because even the smaller clubs get millions in revenue,the bottom club in England got more than the Italian champs this year.
    I know who won the Spanish league hence my reference to apparitions but unless Madrid start spending big money on wages which they can’t afford players will move on.It is so stacked in favor of the big 2 it’s a farce and Germany is even worse Bayern can rest half the team prior to CL games and still win easy.Just not worth talking about the French league and PSG have no respect for any player going there

  23. iamMatty says:

    You insult the spanish league but their elite teams dominate the UCL and their midtable teams dominate the europa league. Do you honestly think the premier league is better in terms of quality?

  24. wayne barker says:

    The reason Barca,Bayern,Madrid dominate Cl they have such superior squads to majority of the teams in the domestic leagues, in most cases can afford to play second stringers in league games and normally win easily.In the prem the competition is so fierce because the smaller clubs get millions in revenue there’s never a gimmie.For the top clubs in other leagues the main focus is the CL none of them ever have to worry about not qualifying.
    The Europa league English Clubs just don’t care and there’s more money to be made staying in the prem than wasting time playing in that Cup.For all the lesser clubs in the other European leagues because most teams know they have no chance of finishing in the CL spots or winning the league and the teams pick up such small amounts of money in tv revenue or domestic league winnings,the Europa league becomes a major source of revenue and to most the only chance of winning anything.Even when teams like Stoke played in the Europa played reserves because the big money for any prem team is the League position

  25. wayne barker says:

    i’m also not insulting any other league just pointing out the way it is,the Spanish and Italian Leagues most teams are broke,in Germany Bayern dominate to such a extent its just become a farce same as PSG and Monaco in the French league just pointless,so the premiership is the only competitive league in Europe,the rest are a joke at the moment and strongly favor only a handful of teams

  26. Mark Reid says:

    @Wayne agree mate the Premier is the most exciting by far the rest all one or 2 horses races boring really.Thats why the Premier is the most watched league anyone of half a dozen teams can win and any other of the 20 can give any of the big boys a run for their money.The rivalries are great always a reason to shit your pants(in a good way)The history just great.

  27. Marq says:

    There can never be a fair comparison between the English league and the rest. Although I don’t totally agree that the teams in other leagues are that much weaker, but Wayne does have a point that the English counterparts have some advantage in resting players before CL matches. Their FA even help their top clubs with their scheduling, unlike England. And is there another league that has such a competitive 2nd cup competition? There is of course also the small matter of a winter break, it is like a mini pre-season and it does wonders.

  28. ashtheking says:

    The reason why barca and Real Madrid are so strong is because of the backing of Spanish government. Real Madrid should not be in the position they are right now. The Spanish govt bailed them out and Perez created a galactico out of the money given by the banks. I used to respect barca because of the youth academy stuff but in recent years they have also proved to be another fascist club like their rivals Madrid. Fishy transfer business of Neymar is just a big proof. The point is like Wayne said they are destined to perform well because they need not worry that much about their league as they can rest players.

    Imagine if we had a backing of English government , I can bet every top player would join us and we would be spending loads of money. Ignorant say we also spend money but those fools don’t understand that the money we are spending are earned by our club only. We reached the top because of our youth system and some cheeky buys. I will never in my life respect Real Madrid , they are the luckiest club and the most protected club in the world football.

  29. Marq says:

    And it wasn’t that long ago that Barca had financial problems I recalled, them having issues paying their players, or so it was reported. Then suddenly they are spending money like Real, with Neymar and now Suarez.

  30. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Ash, Barca are not backed by the Spanish government, the hostilities between Catalonia and Madrid are quite obvious.

    The Spanish civil war waged through out the 30′s when the Catalonians fought against Franco’s fascist regime. The hostilities still remain today, Catalonia still wants it’s independence from Spain.

    The reason Barca and Madrid have become more powerful is because they got the green light to sell their tv rights individually, where as in England the money is shared equally.

  31. Neil Moore says:

    Ash. Mate I’m no Barca fan as you know but Fascist they are not. They’ve been downtrodden for years and seen as second class citizens in Spain since the Franco regime. Di Stefano RIP was all set to go there till Franco got his way. Half Madrids European Cups were bought by bribes and fixing officials. Fucking hate Madrid yet half the pathetic players today want to play for them despite them booing players after one bad game. Dispicable club.

    As for PSG why the fuck isn’t that French Fucker Platini and Fifa reigning their spending in? Oh because they’re French. Fucking piss take.

  32. Neil Moore says:

    Gary. You beat me to it!!

  33. ashtheking says:

    Neil and Gary

    You guys may be right but let me tell you Barcelona are protected by the Spanish govt maybe not like Madrid but they are protected.

  34. Trafford_Lord says:

    Going back on topic of the thread. Sometimes you have got to scratch your head on what is being written here. Di Maria who just won the champ league (humiliating Bayern en route), just got nominated for the golden ball in the world cup despite not playing in the semi final, may play in the final if passes fitness test…that Di Maria! Is the one some on here want to give stick, but with the other side of their mouth talk about players like Valencia as if they are irreplaceable.

    News flash – this is football, we don’t need burly brutes…we need footballers. Who cares if he has a slight build? He is world class, he is a winner…since when do we turn our nose up at winners at this club?

    If we can rush to print out a banner for the very definition of a career loser, I think we can find it in our red hearts to accept some one like Di Maria would only strengthen our campaign this season if we nick him. Don’t want to get players from Real Madrid? Where do you want to get players from then? Young Boys FC?

    Please give me a break.

  35. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Trafford_Lord, I don’t understand it myself personally. Di Maria’s stats are fantastic, but rubbished as if he’s been playing in the Scottish league.

    The burning question is is he an improvement on all of our current wide players? I think the answer to that is an emphatic yes. End of discussion really.

  36. The WitchKing of Angmar says:

    Hello everyone on here. Well my take on the debate is that Di Maria would be an excellent improvement on every winger we have in the team. But for me, I have compared his stats with that of Reus last season and Reus actually has better stats than Di Maria. More goals scored, better passing accuracy, better shots accuracy, looses the ball less and is younger. So if I am given a choice between DiMaria and Reus, I would sign Reus. But any of those two would be a massive step up to what we have so I would be delighted with either of them to be honest. The only thing is that I hope we prioritise the signing of Vidal in midfield as any signing in the wing is a bonus for us.


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