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TRANSFER RUMOURS: Cavani, Muller and Strootman

Edinson Cavani – 27 Years Old

Twelve months ago, Cavani was the hottest property on the transfer market, PSG forked out £60million for his services and a season playing second fiddle to arguably one of the few strikers who could say they are better (Ibrahimovic), has seen his reputation and value stutter. Make no mistake, this is the same Cavani that plied his trade in Naples. Cavani is the complete package, physically imposing, his speed and strength make him a mismatch for most centre backs in the world, capable of beating players in the air and on the ground with ease. Technically, he may not be the best but it is not a weakness in the game, just perhaps an area for improvement. He possesses a relentless work rate for someone so talented and that is refreshing to see, not afraid to track back in times of need, it is a trait that endears him to fans so easily. Finally, and perhaps more importantly for a striker is his ability to finish, in his three seasons at Napoli, Cavani broke the thirty goal mark on every occasion for all competitions and was the league’s top goalscorer in his final year. At PSG, the goals have somewhat tailed off due to the position he’s been asked to fill but he remains the league’s second highest goalscorer behind teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Where would he fit in?

Twelve months ago, after United won the league so comprehensively on the back of a striking quartet there seemed no room for a player like Cavani. Now, with Robin van Persie having injury troubles this season, Wayne Rooney struggling with consistency and unsure as to where he wants to plays half the time, a striker that has no such worries surrounding him seems to be the perfect tonic to start the club’s revitalisation this summer.

Chances of Signing?

With a lack of European football it still remains unclear as to whether Edinson Cavani would be willing to sacrifice that luxury. His transfer ultimately boils down to how much credibility can be lent towards reports that he’s already unhappy in the French capital, with Ibrahimovic the star, Cavani may want to opt out but he may face similar problems at Manchester United. If he does go on the market, one has to wonder how many clubs with the purchasing power necessary will be interested, if Chelsea do target Diego Costa, Real Madrid and Manchester City would likely remain the only two clubs with the capabilities outside of Manchester United to sign the player, but their strength in that department does mean United may face little competition thanks to a slightly less productive season.

Thomas Muller – 24 Years Old

Industrious, efficient and a winner. Almost stereotypical traits of a German footballer but few epitomise their national team quite like Muller. The sort of player who many look at and wonder how he starts ahead of highly talented teammates around him and the answer is quite simple, Muller is blessed with supreme intelligence on the pitch. Constantly finding space and boundless energy to keep driving forward and frustrating defenders he was integral to Bayern’s treble under Jupp Heynckes. Having announced himself at the 2010 World Cup in spectacular fashion, claiming the tournament’s Best Young Player and Golden Boot award, he has maintained that high level of consistency in his performances. Scoring goals, creating chances and positionally versatile, he’s a player almost every manager in the world would enjoy having in their team.

Where would he fit in?

Muller’s versatility means that he can operate in any of the front four positions United are likely to employ. Perhaps not a traditional winger in the same manner as Valencia or Nani, nor as creative as Juan Mata or Shinji Kagawa, he does provide stability wherever he plays and the knowledge that a poor game is merely an anomaly. United lack a player with Muller’s tenacity and fight in the front areas beside Rooney, his work ethic will help provide balance in the team in defensive situations without sacrificing a player with high production levels.

Chances of Signing?

This seems to boil down to who will be managing Manchester United in the summer, Thomas Muller would likely be tempted to pack his bags if Louis van Gaal, the man who gave him his first chance at Bayern Munich is chosen to be the permanent successor to David Moyes. That desire to reunite with someone would mean a lack of European football would not be an issue, but it remains to be seen whether Bayern would be willing to part ways with Muller who is close to reaching 50 appearances for the season.

Kevin Strootman – 24 Years Old

A cruciate ligament injury prematurely ended a wonderful season for Kevin Strootman. Part of a three-man Roma midfield that took Serie A by storm and at one point looked like they would possibly dethrone Conte’s Juventus. Strootman is a dying breed of a true box-to-box midfielder that is as equally talented technically as he is physically. Strootman is combative and very tactically aware. His intelligence enhances his already great vision when it comes to passing and his physical stature means he can drive past players with the ball as well. Similar to Michael Essien a decade ago, he is an imposing presence in midfield, capable of dominating the game but perhaps not as regularly as the Ghanian did.

Where would he fit in?

Since Manchester United were linked with Michael Essien, the central midfield area has remained a position that has lacked real depth at the club and in this season has been evidently lacking quality as well. Given the likely loss of leadership on the field this summer, Strootman has the characteristics of a leader, having been his national side’s captain from a young age. United really lack someone with a combination of presence and talent in midfield and Strootman is perfect in that regard.

Chances of Signing?

There remain a few doubts over Strootman’s potential signing, his injury is perhaps the biggest factor, how much damage a ligament problem has had on him won’t be apparent till the start of the season. Rudi Garcia has built a fantastic squad in Rome that is comprised of a fantastic unity and prizing Strootman away from that may not be possible and if it is would perhaps be very expensive, considering the side spent close to €20million acquiring his services a season ago. Roma have also guaranteed Champions League football next season and a club that no longer needs to sell its players would be keen to hold on to one of their star players. However, the appointing of Louis van Gaal, Strootman’s international manager may tempt the player into forcing a move out of the club to join his compatriot.

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  1. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Why is Cavani being linked? We don’t bloody need a striker and certainly not him at a massively inflated price.

  2. Neil Moore says:

    Agree Gary. Don’t rate Muller either to be honest. Not what we need.

  3. Jackie Spain says:

    If we do need a striker then go for Remy; 1/3rd the price and proven in the PL.

  4. John says:

    In previous thread I actually already said my opinion regarding Thomas muller. I know its not his primary position, however will happily accept Thomas Muller replacing Antonio Valencia in 4-3-3 formation. :)

  5. John says:

    There is ansolutely no need of Cavani imho. We have plenty of strikers already.

    Strootman imo is a risk worthtaking despite his injury. Exactly the type of player we need in Central midfield. Though maynot be able to start the season but is a quality midfield lynchpin anyway.

  6. Philip Ackon says:

    Pls we dont need Cavani, we already have rvp and rooney.

  7. WilliamAR says:

    I’d take strootman over the other 2 of them if his injured ligaments wouldn’t effect his career but I doubt it as I know people who have had ligament damage and have never been right for years since they damaged them.

    Not too fussed about Muller as he’s good but if he’s struggling to get in his currents team where the strikers are Mandzukic, Pizarro, Weihrauch, Schopf, and green he clearly isn’t as good as we think. If the speculation has come from him moaning about being on the bench then he’s not the player we want. if the other strikers were absolutely amazing world class strikers in that bayern team I’d say he has a point.

    Cavani is a good player but he has pluoghed his trade in pretty weak leagues so it’s hard to say how good he actually is. on that logic I don’t think he’s worth risking 60 million on. he’s a bit too over priced for me.

    If it were me I would invest money on

    M.Reus, £40 mil
    T.Kroos £40 mil
    M.Hummels £30 mil
    F.Cointrao £20 mil
    W.Carvalho £30 mil

    = 160 Mil

    My main team would look like this:

    ——————————————————-De Gea ——————————————————————






  8. Kris Okechukwu says:

    William Ar
    That there is money to spend does not mean u have to waste it. Why paying 40m for Reus when is buy out clause is 30m, 40m for kross who has only 1yr left on his contract, 20m for coentrao?, william carvalho at 30m is a bit risk but the boy is good and young anyway.
    30m for Reus, I will rather pay 40m for fabregas because he once thrived in d league, rooney is extorting d team in wages and we have better playmakers(mata kagawa) so I give chelsea 40m with rooney for Hazard, 30m for khedira because he has proved he can play outside germany. Why pay 20m for coentrao when shaw is available at 30m much younger also tasted and trusted. Sell young, cleverly, valencia,
    Rafael Smalling Hummels Shaw
    Fabregas khedira
    Hazard Mata Reus

  9. NMwalupani says:

    @ kris for me fabregas is not a 2 holding midfielder so either should play there for mata or no need for him.and for the information no one can keep rooney out of the squad he is so powerful and have big ego

  10. Zana says:

    Off topic, Couldn’t was really a fantastic ending of this season, seeing Liverpool bottling out to city is just plain amazing, Stevie Cuntard, dream on looool.

  11. Kris Okechukwu says:

    I told my friends that this week they should be calling me crystanbul or I won’t answer them. Just to mock my liverpool trolls

  12. Dev says:

    Why not Morgan Schneiderlin?

  13. Tommy says:

    Everytime I see Cavani he is shocking, for 60million quid as well, from what ive seen of him I wouldnt pay 60p to be honest. Stootman is injured until next season so he also should be a no go and Muller is a talented lad who LVG knows well so on the faace of it seems unlikely but you never know if his relationship with the dutchman is good could be a possibility. Im with @Jackie, A Remy or even a Benteke over Cavani all day long

  14. John says:

    Muller might have just cut off the link with United just recently. He actually is an auxiliary signing even if we do because of his versality to play different positions upfront. Hoping the reunion of him and Van Gaal in Manchester and may be would have been NOT a traditional winger like Valencia but could replace him easily as he has qualities to play in Valencia’s position.

    Pressing positions are crystal clear : central midfield and left back. Then comes Central defence and then may be ” have a pick except no. 9 and No. 10 position”.

    Anyway, who needs Muller :(

  15. CTRED says:

    Cavani’s finishing ability is unmatched and his age profile make him a great signing with RVP only having 1 year left on his contract and also getting up there in age. He would fit the 4-3-3 of LVG perfectly.

    Strootman – great player but not worth taking a chance due to his injury. Many players are never the same after ACL recovery.

    Muller – would be great addition but would need to ship Kagawa and/or Mata downt he road.

  16. Tommy says:


    “Cavani’s finishing ability is unmatched and his age profile make him a great signing” Everytime I watch Cavani (Admiddedly not every week), his finishing has been pretty poor, to say its unmatched is just not accurate

  17. WilliamAR says:

    Kris Okechukwu

    We would have to pay 40 Million for Reus as clubs like Real are interested in him too. That extra 10 million is correct given our appeal at the moment with not playing in the Champions league. Kroos is in a similar situation to the fact that other clubs will come fishing and he’s easily worth 40 million. As for 20 Million for Cointrao. again it’s added costs due to our poor season and the fact that we’d be buying him from Madrid plus I think cointrao is a better player than shaw in my opinion. He’s played champions league football whilst shaw hasn’t so 30 million is a little over priced for a talent that as far as we know could have just had a good season like Michu did then the season after was pretty barron. Shaw has yet to prove he can do it a couple of seasons in a row.

  18. Jorge Curioso II says:

    Please not Cavani. Müller, m’eh. Strootman, is he perma-crocked?

  19. silence jakes says:

    I think we need rooney he has proved that he can score were rvp isn’t around e problem with rooney is that his given a big role to play in man u that’s y he can’t score goals consistently. Man u needs shaw not contrao bse his young & has proved that he can play the left wing propely than contrao its hard 4 contrao to fit in England look at monreal in arsenal up to now he has never futured in that team.on the case of strootman his good & can play in man u alongside kroos they can replace carrick ,fletcher & fellain well bse they are also not good .they should sell smalling,valencia,nani,welbeck,young
    Mi team
    De gea

    Rafael hummels jones shaw

    Strootman kross

    Reus mata kagawa


    Rvp is old now & not consistent his also had a prob w injuries let him leave OT .muller can’t play in England his weak & in England they are physical & weak players have found it hard to play in England


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