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TRANSFER RUMOURS: Pedro and Griezmann to Manchester United?

Pedro – 26 Years Old

Another product of Barcelona’s youth system, Pedro’s first two full seasons with the senior team saw him score fourty-five goals from his usual wide position. A player with extreme speed, Pedro is often used as a left winger but can play on either flank, often cutting inside from either side as he is comfortable with the ball on either foot which enables him to attack full backs and the goal at every opportunity. Whilst most wingers in modern football tend to be flashy in style, which can be to the detriment of the team at times, Pedro is more simple in his approach, he is the perfect team player. Excelling at holding the ball and feeding in his teammates, it is often an unnoticed contribution but he is crucial to his team’s style of play and success.

Where would he fit in?

United currently have a number of wingers at the club, none of which have the combination of directness and team ethic as Pedro. Where the likes of Young, Valencia and Nani will drive to the byline and look to cross the ball in to the strikers, Pedro will look to get them involved much sooner with short passes to feet, which will suit the likes of Van Persie and Rooney. Pedro also provides a regular source of goals from the wings, meaning that defenders can not just solely focus on the United strike force when trying to limit goals.

Chances of signing?

Once an irreplaceable part of the Barcelona team, Pedro’s playing time has diminished through the signings of Alexis Sanchez, Fabregas and more recently Neymar. With the new crop of Barcelona youth players starting to emerge, Pedro may need to look to new pastures to maintain a regular involvement in a first team. Pedro’s comments about the uncertainty of his future have also fueled rumours that he may be on his way out this summer.

Antoine Griezmann – 23 Years Old

Real Sociedad’s recent rise to prominence has been largely due to the performances of the young French star, Griezmann. Technically a superior player to Pedro, his light touch and dribbling ability make him a dangerous playmaker to contain. Another wide player gifted with extreme pace, Griezmann has been a nightmare for defences in La Liga. His speed and skill combined make him very adept at keeping hold of the ball, combined with an explosive shot with incredible accuracy he provides a multi-dimensional threat. Perhaps one area of concern is his lack of strength on the ball which can often lead to inconsistent performances if he is roughed up by the opposition but with his age he has plenty of time to remedy the problem.

Where would he fit in?

Griezmann’s versatility means that he could play anywhere in behind the striker. Far more capable as a winger, his ability to beat the defence and involve those around him with his eye for a pass would make him a unique threat for United. Long range prowess and a touch of inconsistency seems to suggest that he is similar to a current United player in Nani but Griezmann’s passing and his involving of teammates make him a highly less selfish player.

Chances of signing?

Griezmann’s departure from Real Sociedad seems imminent but United will face plenty of competition. Whilst he may prefer to stay in La Liga it seems unlikely he will realise his dream with both Barcelona and Real Madrid stocked in depth and quality in similar positions, leaving a move abroad. PSG may be tempted to bring a French national player into their fold but if United manage to pay the €30m buyout clause, the lure of Old Trafford may be enough to entice the young star.

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  1. kingshadieofafrica says:

    heard somewhere that we are in for sanchez, how true is that rumour.

  2. Tommy says:

    Were going German according to the daily fail today, Schweinstiger, Muller and Hummels are at the top of LVGs list apparently, on these 2 players, Griesman will probably sign for PSG meaning Pedro is the most likely out of these 2

  3. rosskelly78 says:

    Papers going mental about who we are or who we are not going to sign…… they have no clue!!! LVG keeping it the UTD way! BELIEVE BOYS!

  4. maxbrown3268 says:

    Ive for ages id love to c greizmann at o.t. class.n he wud b perfect for the left side of a 433. .I hope wer not being bluffed like last summer!! Need to gt som faces in asap

  5. WilliamAR says:


    If the United way is to hold everything from their fans, piss about till everybody else has either bought the good players themselves or the targeted players have lost the love and decided against signing, then I really don’t care for their methods. meanwhile other teams just say who they want and make realistic bids. while we’re pissing about our rivals like chelsea have already sorted out a deal for costa and liverpool have already made 2 additions. If it’s good enough for every other top team to have faith in their own brand by being positive and open then we should really be the same. I also don’t want to hear any cliche responses like “It’s called class” or any other crap statements. there is nothing classy about keeping your supporters in the dark and there is certainly nothing classy about deliberately trying to cheap out by offering below valuation sums.

    On Topic

    I wouldn’t call Griezmann technically superior to Pedro. There is more to football than a few tricks. I’d take Pedro over Griezmann but if we could get them both that would be good. Doubtful though.

  6. gra mar says:

    We’re in for Pele and Beckenbauer and Barney the dinosaur is going to manage us.
    Fucking papers and their bullshit stories. Oh yeah and we’re going to sign The Dalai Lama to replace Fred the Red and Jordan as a cheerleader. FUCK OFF TRANSFER RUMOURS!


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