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TRANSFER RUMOURS: Reus, Shaw and Fabregas

Marco Reus – 24 years old

Everyone’s current favourite German and perhaps the most talented player in what is a star studded national team. The Borussia Dortmund midfielder has been in incredible form for a number of years now. Having scored 57 goals in the Bundesliga for his current and former side (Borussia Mönchengladbach) he is fast becoming one of the more prolific players in behind the striker. Blessed with magical footwork, speed and incredible vision, Reus is the real deal. His performance against Real Madrid in the second leg of their Quarter Final, displayed him at his very best. Tormenting defenders and midfielders alike by drifting into space and having the confidence to take them on with the ball.

Where would he fit in?

It doesn’t take a genius to see what Reus would provide United. First and foremost are goals, the side has lacked a regular goalscorer from the midfield for quite some time and Robin van Persie’s injury this year highlighted the frailties of relying on only a select few individuals. Equally important is that he has youth on his side, a vast number of players are on the wrong end of their career and rejuvenating the team with fresh, young blood is a must.

Chances of signing?

It is no surprise that United have been linked with someone so talented, but when the squad has so many questions hanging over it in the summer, a mega deal for Reus would paper over the cracks and the more important issues that need addressing in the side. Given the club have just signed Mata and have both Januzaj and Kagawa able to fill similar roles, Reus seems a luxury rather than a necessity.

Luke Shaw – 18 years old

After a second consecutive impressive season at Southampton the left back has been nominated as one of the candidates for the Young Player of the Year. Integral to what was a very stiff defence for the majority of the season, he is a lock to be England’s future left back. The defender has shown great maturity beyond his years in his play. Unlike most modern full backs, Shaw hasn’t sacrificed his defensive capabilities for an attacking threat, he is capable of providing both and his speed is a big factor in being able to fulfill both commitments. We often think defenders reach their peak later than players further upfield so Shaw’s ability at such a young age mean the sky is the limit for him.

Where would he fit in?

Well, he’d slot right into an Evra shaped hole that will be left this summer in the United side with the Frenchman on his way out. Having been such a consistent performer for the better part of a decade, Shaw will be expected to do the same as the man who he is likely to replace and perhaps for longer. He’s dynamic enough to provide the same threat Evra had going forward and will able to provide a greater sense of solidity at the back than either Evra or Buttner have inspired in recent times.

Chances of signing?

As far as players linked to Manchester United so far, Shaw is one of those that doesn’t any questions hanging over him about whether he’d join a struggling side. Southampton will be hard pressed to keep Shaw given the interest shown in him and United will need to act quick to acquire his services but there is no question whether the side can tempt the player if they so wish.

Cesc Fabregas – 26 years old

Prior to his move to Barcelona, Fabregas was considered one of the best central midfielders around. His passing, both vision and range were exceptional and he was the pinnacle of Arsenal’s pass you into the ground style of play. Energetic and combative, he has a great abiliy to drive from midfield with the ball and also regularly found himself in the box to score plenty of goals. At Barcelona his time on the pitch has been limited and he’s been used as a sort of jack of all trades, his performances have suffered but there is no doubting the quality of the player. Goals, assists, ability to keep possession and be the catalyst for attacks, they’re vital attributes for any player that is going to feature in a midfield that wants to challenge for the title and Fabregas fits the mould.

Where would he fit in?

Fabregas would be seen as the Paul Scholes successor. It is no wonder he was targeted this past summer, presumably to fill that role. Michael Carrick provides excellent cover in midfield in terms of acting as a screen for the defence but he lacks the energy and drive to really influence the attack, whilst Fellaini arguably lacks the talent to do so. Fabregas would be the perfect compliment to Carrick and should the club sign him they’d be getting a player that is already experienced in playing at the elite of English and European football.

Chances of signing?

You’d imagine any deal for Fabregas is heavily reliant on the impending appeal against Barcelona’s transfer ban. Whilst it may seem strange to go from Barcelona to Manchester in the current climate, a lack of playing time and being used out of position hasn’t helped Fabregas settle at his former club as well as he’d have hoped. Coupled with being on the receiving end of criticism from his own fans might just be enough to push Fabregas out of the club this summer.

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  1. Mark Haslam says:

    First of all United need to look into the defensive areas. With Vidic leaving and Evra rumored to go they need strong replacements.

    Luke Shaw – He’s a must. United must do everything to get this sorted out and fast. Chelsea, Arsenal, City, Liverpool, and Spurs are all monitoring the situation. United cant afford to let him slip.

    Toni Kroos – Awesome player. United have to do throw everything at him. He is the type of Player United need. However I feel he is just pushing Bayern for a bumper contract and using United as a threat though I hope I’m wrong.

    Mats Hummels – Strong and very reliable central defender. Just what United need but getting him to move away from Germany will be difficult. Also theirs rumors Barca are chasing him.

    Messi – I know this is might sound stupid but if there is any truth in the rumors that Barca are ready to cash in then United have to down tools and kidnap the guy and torture him into signing there’s no excuses. City, Monaco, PSG will be writing up the mega transfer offer as we speak. There’s even rumors of 200 mill plus 500k a week wages from PSG and City. But if Messi has any footballing sense and United make a respectful competing offer then you never know. This might be a dream but it would make a massive footballing statement from United.

    All the other rumors, Reus, Cavani, Fabragas I dont think United need right now. United do have a great squad. Everyone is slating Fellaini, and Mata but they need time. They are great players. we also have Kagawa, Janazai, not to mention RVP and Rooney. I do sense that Moyes wasn’t the right man. It was a too big a job for him and he shown it. The players clearly didn’t like Moyes tactics and I think it was more than just a few senior players who didn’t play for him.

    Is it just me or is everyone kind of excited that Giggsy and the class of 92 are in. I cant wait for Saturday now and really hope we see them play like champions again. Surely if Giggsy wins the final 4 game convincingly then he will make the board think. Personally I would love Giggsy step up on a permanent basis and take over what Sir Alex did, but we may need experience in there.

    If Giggs does a great job in the next 4 games, it wouldn’t surprise me if Fergie came back to stable the ship with Giggsy under him for a season or two then hand it over to him permanently. It would make sense that bring in in someone alien to the club.


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