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Tribute To 20LEGEND – YOUR Favourite Solskjaer Memory?

Whilst Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has secured his future with United, currently working as the Reserve team coach, the fans are being given the chance to say goodbye to Solskjaer the player, after he retired from the game at the start of last season.

Of all the players to grace the field at Old Trafford over the years, Solskjaer has to go down as one of the best loved.

So before the testimonial against Espanyol is played at the weekend, RoM, with your help, is going to compile Solskjaer’s best moments and decide on the all-time greatest.

His last minute winner at the Nou Camp?

4 goals vs Forest?

His sending off vs Newcastle?

His goalscoring comeback from injury against Charlton in 2006?

In the comments section, give your favourite Solskjaer moment and explain why. These will then be tabled and put in a poll before the testimonial match.

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  1. sohail says:

    his goal in the comeback against liverpool in 99

  2. Pooja says:

    Has to be his sending off against Newcastle. Just shows what kind of players he is , so unselfish and always puts the team before himself. A lot of modern day footballers can learn from him.
    Please don’t take my Solskjaer away…..

  3. Anant says:

    has to be the winner at nou camp !

  4. Gary says:

    There were many great moments with Ole. One missed out above was the last minute winner in the fa cup 4th round against Liverpool in 99. Is there really a debate here tho? Anyone who doesnt think his last minute winner against Bayern Munich is the greatest Ole moment then they need there head examining. Them 3 minutes of added time that night is possibly the greatest moment of our clubs history so it has to be Ole’s greatest moment aswel without a doubt!

  5. Dal says:

    his comeback goal against charlton and then his ‘am not worthy’ salute to the fans – shows his class, his pedigree and his recognition of the united fans…he will always be a favourite and the word legend truly describes him….thanks for everything ole

  6. jim says:

    cant beatthe nou camp

    but las min against liverpool to knock them out of the 99 fa cup

  7. deadball7 says:

    THe Nou camp one has to be up there among the top moments.. but i have to go with the last min goal against the dippers to knock em out of the FA Cup in 99..

  8. SpitFire says:

    Must be the goal in the champions league final. Other highlights were good, but the goal he scored made history and brought us so much joy! nothin can be compared to that moment and i’m sure he would tell u the samething too.

  9. Wiggsman says:

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – couple hundred grand, Winning goal Champions League – Millions, Faces of the dippers 99 Fa Cup last minute winner………PRICELESS

  10. Lukenestler says:

    How can you ask anyone to pick just one of these?!?!

    Let’s just pick the man himself – best attitude ever to don the shirt, and what a finisher!

  11. Eddie says:

    It is a draw between the sending off vs Newcastle and the goal in the CL final. His sending off vs the Geordies because he showed how much United mean to him, his commitement andhis will to win. It is a special moment to me. And the goal at the Nou Camp…We all know why that is a real great memory.

  12. Patrik says:

    The four goals against Forest is the biggest achievement, the sending of shows smartness, but the biggest moment is without a doubt the cl-final, that is the moment when he changed from a good squad player to legend if you ask me.

  13. suhayl says:

    CL 99…

    ole was immortalised in OUR rich history…

    Who put the ball in the bgerman net…who put the ball in the german net…ole gunnar solskear…

    became ingrained in utd folklore that night


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