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Two Reds In Team GB

Joe Allen (age: 22, hometown: Carmarthen, club: Swansea City, Wales caps: 8)
Craig Bellamy (age: 32, hometown: Cardiff, club: Liverpool, Wales caps: 69, 19 goals)
Ryan Bertrand (age: 22, hometown: Southwark, club: Chelsea, England U21 caps: 16)
Jack Butland (age: 19, hometown: Clevedon, club: Birmingham City, England U21 caps: 6)
Steven Caulker (age: 20, hometown: Feltham, club: Tottenham Hotspur, England U21 caps: 4, 1 goal)
Tom Cleverley (age: 22, hometown: Basingstoke, club: Manchester United, England U21 caps: 16)
Jack Cork (age: 23, hometown: Carshalton, club: Southampton, England U21 caps: 13)
Craig Dawson (age: 22, hometown: Rochdale, club: West Bromwich Albion, England U21 caps: 7, 4 goals)
Ryan Giggs (age: 38, hometown: Cardiff, club: Manchester United, Wales caps: 64, 12 goals)
Aaron Ramsey (age: 21, hometown: Caerphilly, club: Arsenal, Wales caps: 21, 5 goals)
Micah Richards (age: 24, hometown: Birmingham, club: Manchester City, England caps: 13, 1 goal)
Danny Rose (age: 22, hometown: Doncaster, club: Tottenham Hotspur, England U21 caps: 21, 3 goals)
Scott Sinclair (age: 23, hometown: Bath, club: Swansea City, England U21 caps: 7, 1 goal)
Marvin Sordell (age: 21, hometown: Pinner, club: Bolton Wanderers, England U21 caps: 7, 2 goals)
Jason Steele (age: 21, hometown: Newton Aycliffe, club: Middlesbrough, England U21 caps: 1)
Daniel Sturridge (age: 22, hometown: Birmingham, club: Chelsea, England caps: 2)
Neil Taylor (age: 23, hometown: Ruthin, club: Swansea City, Wales caps: 9)
James Tomkins (age: 23, hometown: Basildon, club: West Ham United, England U21 caps: 10)

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  1. Jixie says:

    Happy for Mr Giggs

  2. kanchelskis says:

    Can’t work out whether this will be good for Clevs or not. Competitive action has to be a good thing. But if Kagawa hits the ground running on the preseason tour, Cleverly could find himself warming the bench when the PL season kicks off…

  3. Jeet says:

    Just hope Clevs, or for that matter Giggsy, doesnt get injured…that’s all…never liked watching Olympics…when I was 11 my sister was 16. She loved watching men’s gymnastics, swimming and diving…I just could not understand why :lol:

  4. Chicharito says:

    @kanchelskis: Not sure I would worry about Cleverley/Kagawa. Cleverley is a central midfielder while Kagawa is a “No. 10″. They should coexist nicely methinks

  5. Old Trafford's Finest says:

    Would rather support this bunch than the egotistic wankers in the INGERLAND squad.

    Surprised no Gibbs and Josh McEchran (An other promising talent that Chelsea seem to have ruined).

  6. Atin says:

    Most represented – Swansea City ? Whoa! Now that’s a stat!

  7. red_bicycle says:

    Why only england and wales players were picked?

  8. Costas says:

    Hopefully Clev will be back in one piece. So we are just down to Carrick and Scholes for the opening fixture at Everton? Already?

  9. Balls of Steel says:

    No Witlshere or Rodwell? Was hoping for one of those 2 to pair up in the middle with Tom so they’d show the ‘senior’ team how it’s done.

  10. Jeet says:

    @Costas: You forgot Ando, Jones, Giggs and Powell. Kagawa could be used in a 4-4-2 as well with Carrick :)

  11. Jonny says:

    So does that say that Joe Allen has 8 caps? 8)

  12. Wakey says:


    The Welsh, Scottish and N.Irish FA’s all were against their players being picked for Team GB using the excuse that FIFA will use it as an excuse to get read of the split nations (despite FIFA saying they wouldn’t and we’re happy as a one off for the home nations to come together)

    The Welsh players largely spoke out against the stance that their FA took and the Welsh FA backed down saying while they didn’t support it they wouldn’t prevent their players from joining up.

    The Irish and Scottish players decided they didn’t want to speak up and take their chance to play in the Olympics which they almost certainly won’t get again so they never backed down and it would seem that the decision has been to not rock the boat and only pick English and Welsh players.

    Not sure how many of the N.Irish and Scottish players realistically had a chance, there aren’t many quality u23′s playing in the English leagues and both of their leagues are weak at the top level let alone lower. I do wonder if perhaps Fletcher may have got one of the over 23 slots if he had been fit and the scottish FA had allowed them

  13. Costas says:


    Giggs will also be in the GB squad. As for the rest, Jones could an option although I don’t know whether Fergie considers him as one. Plus, and I am just guessing here, if Rafa is part of Brazil’s olympic squad, Jones will have to play at right back. Haven’t heard a lot about Anderson’s injury recovery. If he’s back in time for pre season, then he could be an option. As long as he has taken the time to get in shape. As for Powell, I wouldn’t expect too much from him from the off. Imo he will need some time with the reserves first.

  14. denton davey says:

    What – no Ravel Morrison ?

  15. red_bicycle says:


    Thanks mate, I’m not following this olympic team GB news closely. Only heard about Beckham not being picked.

  16. weeeldrinkadrinkadrink says:

    I’m guessing Stuart Pearce won’t be winning any popularity award in NI or Scotland

  17. Fred says:

    There’s a lot of quality in that squad. :lol: Fucking crap.

    Fuck the Olympics.

  18. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    Disgraceful all Becks has done for the olympics he has not been chosen. The most passionate British individual we have. Pearce should be ashamed. Becks should have gone above Giggs, Bellamy, and Richards. Typical FA just shit on the ones who do so much for you.

  19. wakey says:


    Its hardly Pearces fault that the N.Ireland and Scottish FA’s made it pretty much impossible to pick any of their players. If anyone in Scotland and N.Ireland are upset then they should be upset at the players who unlike the welsh showed no backbone and allowed their FA’s to prevent them having an experience of a high level international experience as they are unlikely to get to play in the World Cup or Euros

  20. wakey says:


    Giggs and Bellamy deserved the chance more than Beckham. Both are still playing in a competitive high level league and both have given alot of time for their country but have never got the chance to play in the Finals. Beckham playing in a weak league and has had countless chances to play in the Finals

    Richards over him is another matter, he is still young and will get the chance to play in the Finals of the WC and Euros in the future. And at 24 with only 13 Senior caps in a 6 year England career and only 28 European matches for City (most of them in the Uefa/Europa cup and a alot of them in 2008′s early qualification rounds) he fails on all the criteria for an overage player as they are supposed to bring experience to help the u23 players. Beckham and many others would have been more suitable for the 3rd overage slot

  21. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:


    Would have to disagree mate I love Ryan Giggs but how many times has he opted out of playing for wales? How many clubs has Bellamy fell out with and been sold on? Plus none of the three are even regulars at club level so playing in a weak league is irrelevant compared to watching a competitive league. Becks has done so much for the Olympics I think it is a crying shame he is not involved.

  22. atanuism.1 says:

    Its good that Tom & Giggsie r in the UK squad, but I fear them getting injured, specially Giggsie. I am personally not a fan of the UK or England teams but for once I will be supporting them only bcause of our war horse by the name of Sir. Ryan Giggs(the knighthood given by me). It will be a fitting end to our greatest Red Devil’s( in our era) carrer if he comes back with an Olympic Gold. Guys any news on the Modric transfer. We need him at any cost.

  23. atanuism.1 says:

    I just cant take that Bellamy is in the squad. I think there r far more better players in UK than one of the most irritating face of Bellamy. I just puke on seein/thinking his face. Guys please post on any news of the Devil’s comin to Calcutta, India. What happened to the Baines transfer?


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