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Two Reds In Three Matches For Tevez

Whilst Carlos Tevez has shown himself as United’s best player on the park so far this season, he’s having a harder making the same impression on the International stage.

It was just last week that Tevez revealed he was determined to cling on to his first team place with Argentina, after seeing the impressive display from his country at the Olympics. “If any of us in the national team rest on our laurels, then these brilliant youngsters will have our places,” he said.

Tevez isn’t doing himself any favours at the moment though, receiving his second red card in the last three outings for his country!

Argentina drew 1-1 with Paraguay last night it was seemed to be a fairly entertaining match. Minutes in, Riquelme hit the woodwork with a superb freekick, whilst Argentina dominated the possession and chances. However, as the ball was played high in to the Argentina box, Heinze was left blushing after scoring a rather embarrassing own goal. He jumped to head the ball away, but it went over his head, with Paraguay forwards chasing it down. In his second attempt to reach it, he instead clashed with the goalkeeper, flooring him, before heading the ball in to the net.

Things went from bad to worse for Argentina though, with Tevez getting himself sent off shortly afterwards. After taking on one player, he stood to lose possession as another Paraguayan approached him. He went in with one foot over the ball leaving his opponent rolling on the ground. The referee walked straight over and showed him the red card.

However, even with 10 men, Argentina dominated, and had very good opportunities to leave with a 4-1 victory. Their only goal of the game though came after lovely interchanging of passing saw Messi play through a perfectly weighted ball to Sergio Aguero, who slotted it past the keeper.

It has to be said though, if he uses up his boiling over and red card moments for when he’s playing for Argentina, rather than United, I won’t be complaining!

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  1. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    I thought that red card was very harsh. He went for the ball with one foot, except that clumsily, he swung it high enough to hit the Paraguayan player’s shin.
    The last red card he got against Colombia was also extremely harsh as well. He’d just stuck out his leg against a defender cheekily and the linesman, as they so often do in South America, wanted a share of the action and waved his flag proudly and probably told the ref that Tevez had kicked the Colombian defender.

  2. Tom F says:

    Who’s that man from Argentina?

    You may follow this up with a report on the England game and their embarrassing performances, but if you don’t I have to say it’s good to see you writing an article on an international other than England.

    I am sick of the hysteria around England games and can’t escape it! The only thing I hope for in Internationals is that players like John Terry and Steve Gerrard Gerrard, get injuries.

  3. Arsene wanker says:

    i think it was little bit harsh,clearly he was after the ball.

  4. Anant says:

    good for us , he’ll come back fresher

  5. BESHER says:

    i think that’s good for us he gets suspended so he can rest instead of coming back with tired legs

  6. Mic says:

    That’s our Tevez, you can take the boy out of Manchester…

    It still annoys me though, he deserves his place in the Argie team ‘cuz he’s one of their best players but stuff like this is harsh. He better not lose his place now.

  7. Fuglis says:

    Would it be so bad for us if he lost his place in the Argentinian team? Don´t think he´d like it himself though…

  8. Myles says:

    Very harsh redcard. Tevez got sent off because his name is Tevez not cos it was that bad a tackle. He did go in foot up but it was clear that he simply missed the ball because the player slid. There was no malice or intent in it and it wasn’t a stamp or anything vicious. Carlitos in Latin America is having the same problem Wazza has with European refs. He has a rep and now every ref is looking to flash the cards. But whatever I’m not Argentine and now there’s little chance of Tevez getting injured for his country so I’m cool with it.

  9. dozer says:

    The truth is Tevez got his red on purpose so that he can be fresh for us!

    He’s set to be a legend for our club.

  10. peacesofpeace says:

    Actually he didn’t get it on purpose but it was a harsh one. Frankly speaking what the ref should have done is just give a warning and not even a yellow cos he went for the ball and then missed.

    All the same, its better for us to have him 100% fit against Liverpool cos Rooney may not be.

  11. suhayl says:

    Yep he’ll fly home early and will miss their wed morning game. And hopefully be fresh and ready for us for the dips. Good news for utd…even though he adores his country


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