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United able to pile pressure back on City with win over Everton

Manchester United take on Everton on Sunday with the ability to temporarily reopen an eight point gap over rivals Manchester City, and put a bit more pressure on Roberto Mancini’s men, who face Wolves later in the day. Football betting odds will favour the Red Devils at home, but an able and combative Everton side will not make it easy for the champions.

United bounced back from the surprise defeat to Wigan with a commanding 4-0 win over Aston Villa last time out, and the Old Trafford faithful will be baying for blood against the Merseysiders on Sunday. Sir Alex Ferguson will motivate his team to ensure that they respect Everton, but with the bulk of the possession the hosts should have enough in their locker to get goals against the Toffees. Long-term absentees Anderson, Fletcher and Vidic remain sidelined, however Ashley Young is expected to shake off a knock and Michael Owen is on the verge of fitness once more.

With the Manchester derby next on the fixture list, Fergie will urge his team not to slip up against Everton, and therefore give themselves the opportunity to win the title at the Etihad Stadium. Dropped points against David Moyes’ side would act as a boost to City, and could see a shift in momentum before next week’s fixture. City are widely expected to beat Wolves at Molineux later in the day, but with the Midlands club needing to win to avoid assured relegation to the Championship, the game could be tougher than expected for the visitors.

Everton have had a strong second half to 2011-12, and have taken 10 points from a possible 12 in their last four games. The Goodison Park club have beaten the likes of City, Chelsea and Tottenham this term, but do not have as good a track record away from home. Everton have proved a tough customer in the past for the Red Devils, with their last win at Old Trafford back in 2009 in the FA Cup. Nikica Jelavic will provide a dangerous attacking opponent after an impressive start to his time in England, and although Leighton Baines and Jack Rodwell are out, the away team will prove to be a stubborn opponent.

Many have questioned how good this United team is compared to previous versions, with Sir Alex’s men the subject of criticism from the press and others in the footballing community. Whether it is true or not, the champions have come good when they have needed to, showed more consistency than their rivals and are in prime position to claim their 20th top flight title with four games remaining. A win over Everton on Sunday will ensure the advantage over City is maintained, momentum remains with the leaders and that a memorable title victory can be claimed on rival soil.



  1. CedarsDevil says:


    Why hello MG, how is match day treating you? Getting ready to head to the pub in half an hour and cheer on the lads……… Limassol will surely know there is a RED in town!

  2. Albert Ross says:

    “Ashley is in danger of being targeted as a diver. It doesn’t take much for press to get the bandwagon rolling and it’s unfair. I concede he tends to be a little dramatic, but at the end of the day he is being fouled.”

    Sir Alex’s view, which may not convince the ABU’s, but IS enough for all us Reds to know that Ashley is a little dramatic and not cheating. We all now KNOW this.

  3. Costas says:


    Ah ok. I thought you meant Big Brother for a second. :lol: No, I don’t have a Blackberry.


    Not working Mr Miyagi.:lol:

    Got to find some pictures of Megan Fox me thinks. ;)

  4. MG says:

    Gday Cedars!

    I’ve got the nerves the knotted stomach the racing heartbeat too Cedars!

    However I’ve also my writing skills, so I’ll do my best to get us through :lol:

    Enjoy that weather!

    Come on UNITED


  5. Redbilly says:

    Cedars- spotted any blue shirts out there :-)

  6. MG says:



    We could always talk about a fantasy United Ladies 11

    First pick Hayley McQueen – as my Assistant Manageress :lol:

    Need to keep her close lol :D


  7. Redbilly says:

    MG- Ethan hunt >>>>>>>>>> Etihad cunt

  8. NYDUDE says:

    David Moyes to succeed Fergie? Any thoughts……

    Everton are certainly a side with desire…….don’t forget, they are above the Liverscum!!!!!!

    It will be a tough game with DDG making yet another remarkable save off a free kick

  9. CedarsDevil says:


    Will report back re the blue shirts! Doubt there will be any, once this Devil is out on the town they tend to disappear!! ha ha ha

  10. YesRed says:

    Just take the three points. Nothing more nothing less.

  11. Redbilly says:

    Yes. They are probably praying at the Etihad . Hope it’s a good day for reds out there .

  12. wayne says:

    Morning Reds 4.00am pre game starts at 5.00am,went to bed at 9.00pm,these early morning sunday games play havoc with me.This is what we all life for,wired for sound,doesn’t really go away this time of year always envious of the lads who get to go live but more so at this stage of the season.
    Have to feel handing Liverpool the game last week must have deflated Everton,like the lads chances today a lot.

  13. Ash says:

    Dave Moyes is a good manager. But Him being the next manager For united is a big NO from me. He doesn’t have the skills to win trophies. Almost 10 years with everton yet no trophies.

  14. TheCANTONA says:

    Oops sorry didnt mean to post it twice, thrice should be enough :p
    Ha! i thought the same too when i read this thread.

  15. keano99 says:

    Albert please do not mention me, with ur little queer name this blog is for real reds to express there views for good or for bad ( well it used to be) not for kids like u. So as I said don’t comment on me or anything I say on this blog thanks kiddo now go eat ur coco pops.

  16. TheCANTONA says:

    Its funny i dont feel nervous at all. While not being arrogant, i’d hope the players would feel as same as i am today & stay focuss.

  17. TheCANTONA says:

    dont u have a game to catch? Funny, I thought u always go & watch United at OT on matchdays??

  18. wayne says:

    Moyes is a top the Prem would rate in the top 3,Sir Alex is obviously 1,Wenger 2 don’t see any other manager in the Prem i’d rate higher
    If Utd go British would have to be odds/on,don’t see Sir Alex retiring anytime soon another 2 seasons at least,alot can happen in 2 yrs.

  19. Kamshyaa says:

    Without any disrespect to moyes but I feel his name should not even be mentioned for being the next manager. He has never taken everton to the next level. Maybe he is one of the better managers in the league but no way he deserves to manage Manchester United.

  20. wayne says:

    keano99 told me you are a season ticket holder and spend 2k a year in watching Utd,seems odd to me you’d miss this game?

  21. Brigadier19 says:

    Limassol will need its full concierge of police now that Cedars Is on the session. Hope all of you REDS get through this one unscathed, cos for me my Heart is at the mercy of United for another 90 minutes.


  22. wayne says:

    Anyone saying Moyes hasn’t achieved anything is just being stupid,he keeps Everton competitive every year with no money.KKK spent 100mill this year and Everton are above them in the league ffs

  23. Albert Ross says:

    keano99,- If you were right when you said “when ur spending a couple of grand on season tickets and travel every season like me and 52 thousand other reds then u can comment” then you can’t comment here because season-tickets don’t apply for away games. By your own logic, you should quiet down.

    I don’t mind if you do comment, but I guess my view don’t count.

  24. Albert Ross says:

    By ‘away’ I mean when you are away.

  25. keano99 says:

    The cantona and albert if u must know iv been a season proud season ticket holder for 12 years travel 4 hours to old trafford and 4 hours back every home game( that’s the reason why I feel so strongly about where our money is going) but of late I haven’t been able to attend many games because I have a 28 year old wife who is fighting breast cancer and a 2 year old son to look after. Now as I said I want to come on here and banter about the team and the club not have to comment on what some kids who haven’t clue about any thing think.

  26. Albert Ross says:

    David Moyes has done a truly remarkable job at Everton. And, he’s maintained his excellence for many years. We could do a lot worse, especially as he would not be pushy and petulant, but would continue our traditional strengths and values.

  27. Albert Ross says:


    I am sure everybody feels very sorry for your wife, especially now that she is unwell.
    My prayers are for her healthy, happy future.

  28. TheCANTONA says:

    well, firstly i’m sorry about your wife, must be hard time for u &ur son. But saying people’s opinions unworthy bcoz they’re unable to come week in week out on matchdays just made you sound like citeh fan bashing our global fan-base.

  29. Ash says:


    My prayers are with you and your Family. I hope she gets well soon.

  30. journeyman73 says:

    anybody got a live stream link??

  31. Redbilly says:


  32. Israel says:

    What the hell is going on??
    I just texted the score at 4-2 to the ABUs l work with then l cone back & it’s 4-4!!!

  33. TheCANTONA says:

    @kev e:
    still think Evra dont need to improve his game?

  34. TheCANTONA says:

    In the moment like this we missed vidic very much. He’ll put steel, aggresiveness & pair of non-sense tackles.


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