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RoM United Chant Competition Winners

3rd place
To the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – by Jamie Buckton

Man United’s 31,
His hair is fucking crazy,
We have heard he loves the soaps,
His favourite Roy and Hayley,

2nd place
To the tune of Oh Dear! What can the matter be – by Scott Rowe

José what can the Mata be,
Juan’s gone and Wayne’s where he wants to be,
With Giggs, Adnan, Carrick and RVP,
You’re not the special one

Pete’s comment: “The song choice is obvious, but the lyrics are brilliant. It’s probably too hard to get going en masse, but a great and original idea, and it just about works.”

1st place
To the tune of Israelites – by @soultwinjeff & @stuartparish

Playing in the middle with Shinji the Red,
A little turn and they leave you for dead,
Ohhhhh Ohhhhh…Shinji and Mike,

When they on the ball they pass it with ease,
One is a Geordie and one’s Japanese,
Ohhhhh Ohhhhh…Shinji and Mike

Pete’s comment: For getting two players in, and being original and funny.

All four will be invited to sing with Pete and feature their songs on the next CD (recording August 2014.)

There will be another competition in the summer after any signings are made to provide another chance to have your song featured on Pete’s next CD.



  1. cheshian says:

    Rather than have a competition why not have ongoing submission of chants for prospective use?

    Such as.. to Where I’d rather be.. catchy current chart tune.

    We follow Man United over land and sea
    But take me to Old Trafford that’s where I want to be
    Cos we love Man United through good times and the bad
    And we all hate Man City.. they’re biiter and so sad

  2. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Love United but hate Moyes? Yes, we managed a 3-0 win against struggling West Brom, but if you feel that he’s massively under-achieved and you want to see a new manger at the club please sign this petition now!

  3. m09538061 says:

    ‘Oh Fellaini, I want shag your wife,
    Oh Fellaini, I want curly hair too’

  4. Blacksocks says:

    @ Matthew Fairclough

    Please stop spamming the boards – it’s getting tiresome now.

  5. warrored says:

    @Matthew Fairclough……why don’t you fuck off with your childish petition you scouse cunt

  6. m09538061 says:

    Breaking News:
    Former Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona was arrested & cautioned for common assault in north London.The incident took place on Regent’s Park Road, in Camden,about 12:55 GMT on Wednesday.Cantona was placed in custody & later received a caution from police.
    The male victim didn’t require medical attention.

  7. ys says:

    @Matthew Fairclough:

    your petition has been signed by Kevin Keegan, Bebe and Baraco Barner ( Obama ? ), lovely stuff

  8. wayne barker says:

    Got a question Brendon Rodgers is a weird looking cunt was he involved in an accident and had some sort of facial surgery.Whatever happens this season Utd need to beat the dipper cunts

  9. AntiScouser says:

    “Got a question Brendon Rodgers is a weird looking cunt was he involved in an accident and had some sort of facial surgery.”

    Wayne bloody Barker. The man can class up a blog in no time.

  10. wayne barker says:

    Auntie go fuck yourself you think he looks normal

  11. Hamzah says:


    Agree mate :) about Rogers
    I’ve been Supporting United for almost 40 years. This is the biggest game, always has been, always will be.

  12. tallestreD says:

    Wayne, lol. You just killed it. Good one

  13. Tommy says:

    hahahahaha, quality wayne.


    Oh Marouanne Fellaini, you are the love of my life
    Oh Marouanne Fellaini, id let you shag my wife
    Oh Marouanne Fellaini, i want curly hair too

  14. Jackie Spain says:

    @ Matthew Fairclough: I see your boring petition is a real hit – 184 people besides you have signed up.

  15. Fletch™ says:

    Spurs not doing much to prove that the EPL is the best league anywhere. :roll:

  16. Fletch™ says:

    Rooney Thanking fans for sticking by United

    “This hasn’t been the best season for us so far but our fans have still been brilliant and stuck by us, so I would like to thank them for that,”

  17. Fletch™ says:

    Breaking story

    Robin van Persie:
    - Wants to see out contract and extend it
    - Accepts some criticism justified.

    Very interesting!

  18. m09538061 says:

    King Eric twats the mouthy cockneys again when will they learn.

  19. Fletch™ says:

    Robin van Persie interview

    Manchester United striker Robin van Persie wants to extend his contract at Old Trafford.

  20. Tommy says:

    RVP enjoyes the training methods, only interview he has givn about the training methods, maybe it will stop all those complaining of them

  21. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, how’s it going mate? Just watching the darts in Nottinghsm and who had to take centre stage? That’s right – Carl Froch. He is a smarmy twat and his brothers are even worse. He was getting booed as well in his home city. One last big pay day before he get’ humiliated much like he was in the first fight. Hopefully we’ll never see him again after. A real dislikeable character.

  22. WeAreUnitedd says:

    @Fletch you just made my day with this

    and now I see tommy has also put the link

    Like I said, the bodylanguage thing is BS, I mean yes he’s been unhappy looking, but who hasn’t apart from Rooney and Januzaj? you know?

    If we pull RVP to extend his stay.

    I HOPE this rests the case with him being unhappy. RVP is not a stupid man, he knows we are buying great players and developing youth so GET IN RVP!

    ooooooooooooooooooo robin van persieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    ooooooooooo robin van persieeeeeeeee

  23. WeAreUnitedd says:


    “You can count my interviews this season on one hand, so maybe when I do speak people want to turn it into something sensational,” the forward said.

    “I don’t mind if my performances get dissected and people criticise what I’ve done on the pitch. A lot of those opinions and criticisms may actually be right.
    Manchester United forward Robin van Persie

    “What I need to address are the situations when people are taking it upon themselves to think for me, make assumptions, or interpret things as if they are me. Last time I checked my head was still attached to my body. I’m the only one who knows exactly what I’m feeling.

    “I probably only see about 10 per cent of what’s written about me, but the things I have read recently aren’t based on the truth.

    “Talk about a tackle that was too late. I don’t mind. But it goes too far when people start suggesting, amongst other things, that I have a bad understanding with the manager. That’s not true at all.”

  24. Tommy says:


    Its a 12 round fight mate not a 6 round fight, groves has no stamina, and was clearly looking for a way out of the last fight, as soon as your guard has dropped its a sign that you want out, he was a punch bag for a round and a half before the ref stopped fight, next fight he will be koed mark my words

  25. Fletch™ says:

    WeAreUnitedd Cheers son.

    Think the RvP interview will be a HUGE lift.

    Takes the time to credit Moyes which should shut that idiot dutch coach right up.

    Still, Actions, not words, is what is needed.
    Nothing will save Moyes the rath of the fans IF we don’t get a response from the lads in the run in
    10 games to play and the CL.
    Win all the home games (including the CL v Olympicos) and people will feel much much better about this group of players.

    The last 10 games of the EPL look like this. Some CRUCIAL home games here!

    Premier League Run in
    Man United Play
    Liverpool h
    WHam a
    MCity h
    Villa h
    Newcastle a
    Hull h
    Everton a
    Norwich h
    Sun’land h
    So’ton a

  26. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, it won’t matter how many rounds it goes and it shouldn’t have last time, this is the reason the IBF ordered a rematch because of a scandalous stoppage. Froch was shaken far worse than Groves ever was in the 9th. Groves has laid out 20 grand of his own money to get this rematch and Froch wanted sod all to do with it. He’s only fighting because he literally had no where else to go. Froch had already been school by Andre Ward with embarrassing ease considering Ward was fighting with a broken hand. Groves has a serious amateur pedigree and schooled in one of the best boxing set ups anywhere across the world. Groves was fighting grown men when he was a teenager in both boxing and kick boxing. He’s not going to get careless like he did in the first fight by hanging his chin out like he did on occasions. Groves stops him before the halfway point. For superior boxer and superior puncher going on the last fight.

  27. Tommy says:


    Disagree, I can count double figures, how many times people have thought Frochs gone early in a fight, 1 thing is for sure, frochs legs were not gone at 1 stage during that fight, Groves had totally gone, no stamina, dosent belong in the same ring with Froch and should never have got a title shot at all, whether you agree with the decision or not is irrelevant, groves give the ref a decision to make, the ref might hbave saved Groves career, he mayh never have come back from the beating Froch was putting on him

  28. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, if you really believe Groves’s career was saved by the ref then I’m speechless. You’re just repeating Froch’s laughable post match interview which is a fantasy. It was an embarrassingly one sided fight in Groves’s favour. I used to like Froch, but he’s shown his true colours since the Bute fight. The arrogance of the man knows no bounds, just check out his assessment of Muhammed Ali on YouTube. Froch’s brother is possibly an even bigger twat than his brother and that takes some doing. He’s been trolling Froch for months on twitter while pretty much racially abusing Grove’s wife. The Froch family are nothing but a bunch of cunts.

  29. Tommy says:


    Read what I said “the ref might have saved Groves career” Might being the word, their is no doubt Froch had the fight won, dominating for 6 rounds in a 12 round fight is all well and good but Groves had nothing left, I remember some years back when Froch took a beating for 12 rounds and with 30 seconds of the fight to go he koed his opponent, Same result next time, Oh and do you know the judges scorecards in that fight? All 3 had Groves ahead by 1 round the chances are he would have put him down that round and claimed a 10 8 round, so at the end of that round if he was lucky enough to survive it, Froch would have been ahead in the fight, Now I never scored it like that but thats how it would of been and he would of just been a punch bag for the rest of the fight, Frochs a world class fighter, Groves is nothing better than European level

  30. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Yea because judges scorecards have always been a fair reflection of boxing matches right? Froch is Eddie Hearns cash cow and he would pull out any dirty trick to keep that going and milk him for all his worth. He’ll have to find a new one once he has his arse handed to him at Wembley. Groves European level fighter? He was an ABA champion as an amateur which is incredibly hard to achieve, he’s been coached by one of the most respected coaches in the business and only sparred and been around the very best. He was mandatory challenger to Froch’s IBF title so how was he not worthy of the shot? Froch It was Froch who did all the bitching in the build up to the first fight with his arrogant stance that Groves wasn’t worthy of a shot. Froch has some cheek to accuse Groves of not being a worthy opponent when he himself tried making his name on the back of Calzaghe’s by calling him out all the time and claiming Calzaghe was running scared. Froch was clearly upset in the build up to the first fight when respected boxers like Andy Lee and Martin Murray tipped Groves to best him and also some of the best coaches in the business like Virgil Hunter also saying that. Groves was spot on when he called him insecure. Froch can’t keep walking through punches with his languid style. He’s not a machine and quite frankly listening to the man he sounds completely punch drunk.

  31. Tommy says:


    I really wouldnt liston to what Andy Lee or Martin Murrey say, Their apart of the bumming scene that goes on in this country. Amir Khan, David Haye and George Groves love to lick each others backsides and they just dont like the fact that Frochs not apart of that, Groves should be thanking the ref because hes going to make him a wealthy man, everyone knew Froch had the fight won, Groves has not got the power to KO or stop a Froch taking his opponent lightly and still would of lost, imagine what Froch will do when he actually tries, Groves never deserved a shot, Groves will be lucky to still be taking shots by round 8


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