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United Dominate Premier League Awards

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Premier League, a series of awards will be handed out the recognise the best players, goals, matches, celebrations etc. of the past twenty years.

As you would expect, having won more Premier League titles than every other club combined, we dominate the awards.

Best manager shortlist: Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho, Harry Redknapp, David Moyes.

Best player shortlist: Dennis Bergkamp, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Thierry Henry, Roy Keane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, Alan Shearer, Patrick Vieira, Gianfranco Zola.

Best team: Blackburn 94/95, United 98/99, Arsenal 03/04, Chelsea 04/05 and United 07/08.

Best quote: Eric Cantona, 1995, “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much.”

Alan Hansen, 1995, “The trick is always buy when you’re strong so he needs to buy
players. You can’t win anything with kids. You look at that line up Manchester United had today and Aston Villa at quarter past two when they get the team sheet, it’s just going to give them a lift and it will happen every time he plays the kids. He’s got to buy players, as simple as that.”

Kevin Keegan, 1996, “When you do that with footballers like he said about Leeds, and when you do things like that about a man like Stuart Pearce. I’ve kept really quiet but I’ll tell you something, he went down in my estimations when he said that. We have not resorted to that. You can tell him now, we’re still fighting for this title and he’s got to go to Middlesbrough and get something. And I’ll tell you, honestly, I will love it if we beat them. Love it. But it really has got to me. I’ve voiced it live, not in front of the press or anywhere. I’m not even going to the press conference. But the battle is still on and Man United have not won this yet.”

Sir Alex Ferguson, 2003, “We have to carry on doing our best. It’s getting tickly now – squeaky-bum time, I call it. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks and the standard of the Premiership is such that nothing will be easy.”

José Mourinho, 2004, “Please don’t call me arrogant because what I am saying is true. I am European champion so I am not one of the bottle. I think I am the special one.”

In the best goal category, United are represented with Rooney vs City, Cantona’s chip vs Sunderland and Beckham’s goal from the half way line vs Wimbledon.

You can vote for some of these awards on the Premier League website.

Unfortunately, with United dominating the nominations, it’s likely we will split the vote.

I have voted for: Best Match (United 4-3 City), Best Goal (Cantona vs Sunderland), Best Celebration (Fergie and Kidd vs Sheffield Wednesday), Best Save (Schmeichel vs Newcastle). For my team I had Schmeichel, Neville, Stam, Ferdinand, Irwin, Ronaldo, Scholes, Keane, Giggs, Cantona and Cole. (Ok, so I know there are some other non-United players who deserve to be in it but obviously I want as many reds in there as possible).

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Robbo says:

    Has to be



    United 98/99

  2. Robbo says:

    Also Rooney overhead v Shitty

  3. Costas says:

    Shame. Can’t vote for the manager, team or player awards. My choices would be Fergie, United 93-94 or 06-07 (the 98-99 team was great in 3 competitions, but we gathered less than 80 points that year…) and Ryan for best player.

    As for the comment, the Cantona comment wins it hands down. :)

    It’s also a shame the 4-2 win at Highbury wasn’t on the list.

  4. Dazbomber says:

    Rooneys volley at OT against Newcastle

  5. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    Best player ever? …. THE KING.

    Best manager….. FERGIE.

    Best quote… THE KING AGAIN.

    Best team… Btwn the Invincibles and the 07/08 team.

    Team of the year I can allow some leeway here. Schmeichel, Dixon/ Gary Neville, Jaap Stam, Keown, Irwin, Ronaldo, Scholes, Keane, Giggs, Henry/Shearer, THE KING.

  6. Albert Ross says:

    We should all vote exactly as Scott the Red has done.

    Let RoM’s voice be heard.

  7. Gerriered says:

    My choices are Fergie, United 98-99, King Eric vs Sunderland and Giggsy as best footballer. Wonder why Berba goals are not anywhere in the picture especially vs Kops or vs hammers?

  8. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    You should all see the games up for nomination. 90% of them were real classics. They did a good job picking out the nominees. Still get goosebumps when I see Owen stroke that ball home in the 96th minute. Memories.

  9. Red Van Nistelrooy says:

    Shame that Keanos “I’ll see you out there” isn’t nominated for best quote :P

    Scott has pretty much summed it up!!

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Player- Cantona
    Manager- Sir Alex
    Team- 07/08 team Won 3 EPLs in a row and a CL, just beats the 98-99 for me.
    Any idiot that says Arsenal is full of it. Didn’t get most points by a margin so a long way from best ever and never one 3 in a row.

    Team- VDS, Neville, Rio, Vidic, Irwin, Ronaldo, Scholes, Keane, Giggs, Cantona, Ruud.

  11. zigoo says:

    ronaldo best player…had everything and broke every record….

  12. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Surprised the 93/94 team is not on the list. Best goal Cantona, best save The Great Dane vs Liverpool. Every time I see I still think Liverpool are about to score!

  13. eric keane says:

    Berbatov’s goals wouldn’t get a chance over those mentioned! He’s good and all but this berba love in is wayy outta hand now

  14. Red Van Nistelrooy says:

    Best Match : Spurs 3 United 5

    Best Goal : The King vs Sunderland

    Best Celebration : Fergie and Kidd vs Sheffield Wednesday

    Best Save : Schmeichel vs Newcastle

    My Team : Schmeichel, GNev, Stam, Rio, Irwin, Ronaldo, Keano, Scholesy, Sir Ryan, Cantona, Ruud Boy.

  15. zigoo says:

    best team :- united 2007-2008

    best manager- sir alec

    best celebration – lua lua (gotta admit its a bit special)

    best save – schmeichel vs liverpool altho jaskelinen runs him close

    team :- schmeichel,nev,adams,vidic,cole,ronaldo,keane,scholes,giggs,henry,cantona

  16. Fadi says:

    i ve already voted …. on the PL website , and we almost voted the same …specially the all reds dream team excluding any other pl player

    my fav is the best player category , 5 out of ten are man u players ….. Rooney should have been there too …. if ronaldo is

  17. King Eric says:

    Pound to a fucking penny that Arsenal “invincible ” side will get the award which will be a fucking pisstake,. You could go unbeaten all year and get relegated.

  18. King Eric says:

    United 94 side should be in that list. Fucking Blackburn my arse.

  19. jaschadavid says:

    the list is….not bad ;)

  20. and Solskjaer has won it says:

    Who’s Kuszczak nobbing at Premier League headquaters?

    Love Fergie & Kidd on pitch, still hurts seeing a ’68 legend in citys dugout

  21. MG says:

    Best Manager

    Best Team
    Manchester City

    Best Player
    Carlos Tevez

    Best quotes (shared)
    We won morally/We won in our heads – Manchester City footballers Kompany and Richards


    Best Stadium

    Best Sponsors

    Best Owners
    Sheikhy baby Man City

    Best Food
    Halal city catering Wastelands

    Best Beverage
    Non Alcoholic delusion beer


    Team of the Century
    Manchester City

    Honorary lifetime Fan
    Mike Summerbee


    Morning United – not happy car failed MOT need to buy tyres!

  22. Costas says:

    Yeah, I can’t think of one Berba goal that would make it on this list. The one against the scousers was his best, but we already have a better overhgead kick on that list. :)

    Berba deserves to be nominated for his genius move against West Ham, but there wasn’t a Best Assist category. ;)

  23. Costas says:

    Another United team that deserves a mention is United 99-00. 91 points and 97 goals. The only Premiership side to go over 90 on both categories. It’s really a poorly structured category. Set up for the Invincibles or Mourinho’s Chelsea to win. I’d go with the latter personally.

  24. Cadelin says:

    These things have the London Mafia (Press) written all over them and so I think we will get shafted with probably Arsey Whinger getting the Manager, his undefeated side getting the Team and Bergkamp getting the Foreign player.

    No way they should get any as we have been the best end of.
    Eric, Giggs or the Ginger Ninja for the player and how Rooneys goal vs Newcastle isnt in the list is a mystery, particularly after the press tried to play the Overhead against Citeh down by saying he shinned it at the time.

    All biased bollox imo, we will just settle for trophies in the cabinet thanks !

  25. MG says:

    Forgot to add something:

    The Premiership Special Award for the Outstanding Contribution to Football

    Costas and MG for introducing Kebabs.

    Manchester City in despair.


  26. King Eric says:

    Cadellin – Absolutely pal. As I said the fucking invincible side will get the team which is a piss take. Couldn’t even retain the title and did fuck all in Europe. London cockney cunts.

  27. Atin says:

    MG & Costas -

    you got some Kebabology course running online? :P :D

  28. Costas says:


    Not yet, but that’s food for thought (literally :lol: ) for me and MG.

    Thanks to MG, kebabs will soon replace the Premier League trophy as the way to celebrate one winning the title. :lol:

  29. denton davey says:

    Cadelin @ 12:22: ” the London Mafia (Press) written all over them”

    so what ?

    13, mate !

  30. jaschadavid says:

    I have voted for: Best Match (Liverpool 4-3 Newcastle, the fact that Scouse bastards hand help us win the title…must be insulting to them),
    Best Goal (Cantona vs Sunderland),
    Best Celebration (Lua Lua; i dont know why they put Alan Shearer Celebration,, i like Sharpe”s and cantona’s celerations)
    Best Save (Craig Gordon)

    For my team I had Van Der Sar, Neville, Stam, Vidic, Ronaldo, Scholes, Keane, Giggs, Cantona and Bergkamp

  31. jaschadavid says:

    pretty tough for me for not voting RvN, Rooney, Rio into the team

  32. mancdub says:

    Keagan thought he had the comedy award in the bag. Then along came Mancini.

  33. mancdub says:

    Award for the premier league’s best comedy act: The nomination’s are…….
    For his 96 tittle collapse and his classic ” id luv it if we beat them” line. We have Kevin Keagan.
    For spending £450 on one FA cup, his handling of Tevez and Balloteli and his hilarious post match interviews. We have Roberto Mancini.
    Last but not least. For his outstanding contribution to to comedy and being clown we have King Kenny Dalgliesh.
    Here to reveal the winner and present the award, we have mr Allan ” you won’t win anything with kids ” Hanson.

  34. Gary says:

    My 11 is almost identical to Scott’s barring the front two. I opted for Van Nistelrooy and sorry…Henry. I have a bad feeling Gerrard will be on the 11 ahead of Scholes which would be a complete joke! I guess Scholesy will just have to settle for 10 possibly 11 prem titles instead.

  35. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Costas, I agree about your comment about the category, pisstake to force people to look at other teems. Even Alan %&*@! Shearer said United were the only team to think about.

    If you think of the teams that went on to win multiple EPL titles, you can’t move beyond the 2 United teams that did it.
    “Invincibles” ? Piss.
    “Managed not to loosibles” more like. :lol:

    Anyway, If you are going to be talking up others, then the Chelsea team of ’95 got most points ever, 95 I think, which is a statement and takes some beating for me.

  36. Saad says:

    The Craig Gordon save for Sunderland was simply unreal.

  37. Saad says:

    For best player, it’s a toss-up between Giggsy and Scholesy. Scholesy’s the better footballer but Giggsy’s played more PL and achieved more.

  38. Saad says:

    I dont really mind Harry since he’s SAF’s friend but having on the nominees’ list is itself an insult to the others.

  39. Costas says:


    Haha, I agree with that mate. Like KE has said time and time again. You can go unbeaten and get relegated.

    Plus, it’s an overrated team imo. One that came milimetres close to losing at OT (Why Ruud, why?!) and one that only won the league (in my opinion) because Rio got banned.

    I’d take Mourinho’s Chelsea over them. Like you said, 95 points is a record that likely won’t be broken. And a well oiled machine too. Unlike the invincibles, we could never get the best of Chelsea 05. One of the strongest teams we ever faced in the EPL.

  40. King Eric says:

    Costas and Fletch – Spot on lads. The 97/98 Arsenal side was miles better than the “Invincibles” . God I hate that term. It had the lot. A mean back 5. Petit and Viera. Overmars killing people with pace. An inform young Anelka. Bergkamp. It was a fantastic side.

  41. Swapnil says:


  42. Gopher Brown says:

    This awards system is nonsense. If they are keen on reducing ’20 Years of the Premier League’ to a clips show then it seems the PIG is the equal best keeper in premiership history with Schmeichel.

    Get rid of DDG, get Tomasz back from Watford!

  43. kev e says:

    What a midfield…Ronaldo, Keane, Scholes, Giggs! Wow! Everybody I know, even non United fans have struggled to pick anything other than this midfield 4. Unbelievable. To think 2 of them are still playing at 38 is astonishing.

    Went for Roo & Cole up front… now that would be a pairing I’d love to see. Andy Cole… a lethal version of Saha and Welbz. Would bring the best out of Rooney!

    Oh. and VDS, Nev, Rio, Vida and Paddy. Would have gone for Irwin but needed a flying full back with Gaz in the side.

    Oh, and the 3-5 Spurs game.



    Who says I’m biased…:D Honestly who else is getting in there ahead?

  44. Emyoueffsee says:

    Zigoo at 10:38 you picked the exact same team as me and also the best save.Well done for your excellent judgement.

  45. Emyoueffsee says:

    p.s I went for cole over irwin just to balance out any biased of own club selections but it was a toss up.

  46. Emyoueffsee says:

    My bad I had viera insted of scholes but that was another toss up and shearer for cantona as he is the prems leading all time goalscorer so you have to have him in regardless of personal feelings imo.

  47. chica chica says:

    All these bullshit awards are a joke. Especially the PFA awards. Scott Parker best player?? Can’t even tie the boot laces of Scholsey.

  48. Saad says:

    I’m surprised they didnt include DDG’s save against Chelsea.


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