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United Drawn Against Liverpool In The FA Cup

After knocking holders Manchester City out of the FA Cup today, United have been drawn against Liverpool at Anfield for the 4th Round of the FA Cup.

Chelsea face QPR or MK Dons away, Arsenal or Leeds play Aston Villa at home, Spurs are away to Watford.



  1. WillieRedNut says:

    Paul Parker – Hello mate? The boss has a big call to make on Evra. That cup game at anfield will be a powder keg atmosphere. Just wondering if Fergie will take the sake option and leave Paddy out? Liverpool fans will give him dogs abuse. What a game that promises to be.

  2. MarkoWire says:

    Out of all the shite clubs we could av got we end up away to the dippers. What the Fuck!!!

    3rd round Wastelanders
    4th round Dippers

    What next Away to Chelsea then Arsenal and Spurs in final????

  3. Saad says:

    Let’s hope them assholes at the FA put us on the 28th for the Liverpool game. We need at least 72 hours rest before the Stoke City game at home on the 31st.

  4. Paul Parker says:

    Lol @ “Alight” – hows it going mate! Yeh I do see your point, its gonna be ugly on the day. Big call for the manager either way but I think super Paddy’s up for it. Really hoping we can reach the finals this year, what a way to get there aye?

  5. WillieRedNut says:

    That should be safe option lol. Damn typos!

  6. Paul Parker says:


    That did make me laugh^ not as much as Mancini’s post match tho :lol:

  7. brisbanefan says:

    In view of the inflammatory nature of the relationship between UTD and Liverpool I would expect Fergie to keep Evra away from racist citadel that is Anfield.

    The ‘Pool blogs are making their feelings known:

    The comments by the contributors suggest that they’re out for revenge, with Evra in their sights.

    Keep Evra away from Anfield for this game, and UTD should make the FA aware of the racist, violent nature of the ‘Pool club and their supporters and refuse to give them a ticket allocation for the game at OT in February.

  8. lordrt says:

    Time to cut some scouse heads as well, particularly for that racist prick and dogleash
    Off topic, but I think Evra needs to be stepped down from captaincy, he’s just not worth it in my opinion. Yesterday Rio was having a full go at everyone committing blunders, while Evra was just nodding around, even when Rio had a go at him. He lacks the character to fill in this role, and time for SAF to get Rio back as captain, or even Rooney


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