Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke to the press for the first time since being named the manager of Manchester United. Our former player couldn’t hide his smile throughout the questions from journalists and hasn’t denied that he hopes to get the job on a permanent basis.

I didn’t think twice when they called me to sign me as a player and this is more of an honour and privilege to be helping the club for a few months. It’s until the summer now to just help out in the meantime while the club does the process to get the next manager.

When you get a job like this and they ask you to sign for six months you say ‘yeah, I’m happy to help out’ and my job is to do as well as I can and they understand there are so many managers who would love to be manager of Manchester United. I’m one of them but it’s not something we’ve talked about, they’ll do a process for the next six months.

Solskjaer revealed just how deeply Sir Alex Ferguson has shaped his career to date and what advice our legendary manager gave him upon being appointed.

I’ve been here as a player, 11 years, coached three and a half years, best part 15 years of my life, it’s a third of my life. I’m getting old but it’s one of them that’s life, that was the same when I signed as a player, Nicky Butt the first lad I meet, says hi to me, you’re excited but it feels like home.

My job is to help the players, make them grasp the opposition, they all want to be part of Manchester United, I’m here to help them, help the team, it’s down to man management.

I had the best manager as a player and coach to deal with players and it’s about communication, I’ll sit down and speak to the ones not playing. When you’re at Manchester United there are a set of demands and one is to be a team player and I don’t think anyone has been on the bench more than me! That’s all my comeback to players, you might come on make an impact.

Ferguson has influenced me with everything, the way he’s dealt with people the way he was manager of the club, how he kept 25 international players happy and hungry, wanting to improve but also the staff in and around the place, he’s been my mentor but I didn’t understand early on he’d be my mentor. Towards the last, maybe the injury in 2003, I was making all the notes what he did in certain situations and I’ve already been in touch with him, there’s no one to get better advice from.

You play with courage, go out there and express your skills, he said go out and express, take risks. The last game he had as a manager 5-5 against West Brom, that was almost the perfect end to him as a manager and I want the player to be similar, be the kids that love to play football and go out in front of the best fans in the world.