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United fans might make it impossible for Moyes to succeed

I have spent my life as a football fan, bathing in a river of negativity… Self imposed, I might add. Every match that I attend, I put myself through an excruciating ritual of superstitious nonsense, purely so United will not lose. What doesn’t help is I have convinced myself over this thirty year period of being a Red, that it makes a difference. Maybe I have mental health issues? Or maybe I am just a typical football supporter? Either way, being negative is one of the true joys of the common fan. We are obsessive and compulsive until the end.

Without slowly trawling through, and listing all the events that have occurred since the manager left the hottest of hotseats, many Manchester United fans are in a strange state of flux. As I said, negativity is part of the fun for many fans.

However, this is something different. This new form of negativity has nothing to do with fun, or jesting, or the usual…banter (yes, the world’s worst word). This has its roots deeper in a strange world: A world of defeatism. A world of self loathing. This attitude is a ‘new’ one for the common United fan. Hated, adored, but never ignored – but it has never been: hating ourselves, and ignoring the facts, which seems to be the favourite cocktail of the day, on the sunny platforms of Twitter and its contemporaries.

The one decidedly scratched record we hear at the moment is how United’s summer has been such a huge mess. David Moyes, now into week six of his reign as the boss, has had a stinker. Actually no, it is Ed Woodward’s fault. No… it is Malcolm Glazer’s fault. Oh hell! It is Nani and Anderson’s fault! Yeah let us blame them this week.

During this incredible summer of failure we have seen United gift wrap Thiago to the best team in the world. We have flirted with Cesc Fabregas over the bar, only to find out he does this with all the girls. And we have Wayne Rooney, our boy wonder, who is one step away from torching his United legacy, all so he can be nearer his hair specialist in West London. Stick on top of this a United pre-season World Tour, where it seems that results suddenly matter to fans, the ‘will Nani stay or go’, and the strange criticism that Moyes ‘wanted his own back room staff’ – like Mike Phelan was the Golden Child in an Eddie Murphy movie, and it all adds up to a very interesting episode of Coronation Street, minus a tram crash.

There is nothing wrong with fans feeling the strain in this brand New World Order of ours. However, even the most sensible of Reds are starting to spout a strange symphony of warbling drivel. Now it appears that ‘our squad is not good enough’ – ah that old chestnut! Most of this is on the premise that United have forgotten that midfield is ‘a real thing’ and tend to go out and buy for virtually every other position first. Need a central destroyer? Go out and buy full back cover for Evra…and so on. However, the transfer policy of the club has led us to build a very useful squad, one which walked the league championship last season, and one which nearly toppled a bunch of Galacticos had it not been for a debatable red card. This squad is NOT poor. It is a squad that won the title by ten points. We are not laden with star players, but we are brimming with quality. Even when you consider the hundred million quid that City have spent, they have not surpassed us in any shape or form. I see no Cavani standard signing to fear. They have addressed issues in their problem addled squad, but nothing that blows the mind.

Chelsea of course now has Mourinho. Again, to some Reds this means the title has already gone before a kick of a ball has occurred. Idiots. That is the only word I can find for these fans. Conceding a league to make themselves feel better, somehow.
There is no doubt that this season will be testing. But for even a cynic like me, who does the same negative foxtrot as every other fan, there is so much to be positive about. Change is a good thing and should be embraced, because nothing lasts forever. Moyes got this job because the man we have trusted for a generation thought it was the correct decision. He has eleven years experience in the Premier League and his football knowledge is vast. Phil Neville thinks he was born for this job, so I think it unwise for judgement to be cast any time soon. But according to journalists and many others, last night’s testimonial game was a sign of things to come – yes, a testimonial.

This next year is going to be about the press trying to destabilise our club. If they can get Moyes the sack, then even better. I really hope United fans do not add paper to this smouldering fire, but from first looks it appears they will. They are lining up like bullets in a gun. We have already seen The Daily Mail‘s Neil Ashton give his assessment of the Rooney saga. Poor old Wayne, being messed around by the club, not giving him the cuddles he needs, scared for his England future, and blah blah blah. This is how the next twelve months minimum will pan out. Of course, some will say this is nothing new, but your atypical ABU agenda. However, in the past we would stand up to it as supporters, chest puffed out, abiding by the tradition that our siege mentality would see us through. There certainly feels like a sea change is occurring in relation to this fact, and that worries me more than any transfer deal we might have left incomplete. If Rooney goes to Chelsea, then the pack of cards is going to collapse for our fanbase. As much as I do not understand why fans think like this, it will happen due to the recent changes at the club. The press are the vampires, to the United fans nape of the neck. An amazing amount of blood is being drained with every passing day.

My one overriding point on all of this is the following: Being a Manchester United fan is not just about success. It is about advocating and celebrating the way we attain success. When you see the clear magnificence that reside in the feet of Januzaj, Lingard, Zaha and Powell, how can you not feel hope? How can you not feel excited about being a part of this next chapter in our history? So we did not sign Thiago or Fabregas, but Ferguson has left the club in exceptional shape on the playing side, and in a beautiful twist remains at the club in a strong advisory capacity. Fergie is not a ghost. He is very much a part of the new United. Any fears that we have as a fanbase are currently unfounded. We should revel on what we could achieve, rather than believe the doom that the press perpetuate. There is a scenario where it could go all wrong, and the Moyes is hung from the rafter of the Stretford End, but that is not today’s reality. Today, we have one of the best back fours our club has ever had. We have a young goalkeeper who might become the best in the world. We have the genius of Robin Van Persie, the homegrown talent of Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley. We have the Pirlo of English football in our midfield, and in Phil Jones have a talent that Sir Alex says “could be the greatest in our clubs history”. And we have not even added a signing to that yet, with the window weeks from closing. Are things that bad? I think you know the answer…

Keep it United, and carry on. Do not make David Moyes task harder than it already is with your paranoia. You support the greatest club in the world. Revel in that fact, and enjoy the ride.



  1. bruce thomas says:

    Two seasons max.

  2. portugueseprincess says:

    I completely agree with you. I remember and will honour Sir Alex’s last words regarding the new manager but i can see that some fans have chose to ignore it. I’m firmly behind Moyes. 21st here we come!!!!

  3. Costas says:

    I agree with most of the article. And at some points it felt like it was refering to some WUMs we’ve seen over here.

    That being said, not any fear is “unfounded”. The fear if what happens if Carrick is injured is very much real. Likewise, losing Rooney and burdening Robin’s shoulders even more is also a worrying prospect.

  4. bruce thomas says:

    Sincere apologies for my joke in bad taste at the top there. This article shows why we may be in for some interesting times — it’s well worth a read.

  5. dessie says:

    fantastic read and so true

    we are the ultimate club in this country and unlike other clubs who try to be its not because we pay our players the most.

    we have the best style, tradition, history, values and support of all the clubs in england. Be proud of that and lets move forward with it.

    we’ll never die

  6. cunnste says:

    My thoughts exactly. Had argument with bloke at game last night over this. Great point about Madrid game too, worked perfectly until sending off and WITHOUT Rooney. Hes been brilliant for us but its clearly gone too far now and he will go. Press are dying for it to go wrong and some of the fans are not helping. But the majority of reds I know are going with the flow and getting behind him. Hope he gives Januzaj a good chance because he will surprise some teams this yr. Easily best United player last night.

  7. nathan meredith says:

    Us united fans have had it easy over the last quarter of a decade with fergie at the helm. Now we will really see who are the loyal supporters, who get right behind the team AND the manager through thick and thin, and who are the prawn sandwich munching glory hunters. This season was always going to be tough, our greatest ever manager has retired for crying out loud. Whoever came in was going to have the toughest managerial job in football. Personally i am very happy with David Moyes contrary to the opinions of many united supporters. However it’s going to take him a while to adapt after 11 years at everton and its going to take the players a while to adapt to having a new manager, with some only having played under 1 manager their who careers. We are possibly 2 midfield signings away. The negativity already is ridiculous and we haven’t even played the first game of the season. In all honesty i am expecting a year possibly 2 without a trophy and if we finish in the top 3 this year alone this season i will be content. Moyes needs time and we need to give him time. That’s what separates us from the other clubs who play roulette manager on a regular basis. The club is under intense scrutiny by everyone, the press are trying to destroy us before a ball is even kicked. Never have we needed the support as much as we do now in the face of adversity. Lets get behind the boys and Moyes. CMON UNITED!!!!

  8. Greek (MU)djahiddin says:

    The success achieved in the last 20+ years has spoiled United fans. We do not have any divine right to constant success. We do however have an inherent feature of attaining success by playing attractive, attacking, entertaining football. This is all we should wish to continue under the reigns of David Moyes. If it does – and I do not have any reason to believe it won’t – trophies will continue to come to OT.

  9. LexxytheRed says:

    Pirlo of England? Lmao.
    Am for trying to find positives and lifting the fans but comparing Clevz or Ando or even Carrick to Pirlo is a bit rich.

    Fergie did well for United all through but left a dead midfield!

    If you think Moyes is deluded to think the pressure is not on him, then watch his countenance on the touch line yesterday and its just starting the United job is a hot seat like you rightly said and Moyes will always be under pressure.

    The only way Moyes could have calmed the fans down and make them optimistic was to sprinkle a star dust on the squad and addressing the midfield and he didn’t so the fans are on the edge couple with the fact that he hasn’t won a trophy in England you can see why the fans are restless…..

    Hopefully you are right and we were just been unnecessarily worried! Hopefully


  10. abdullahikuntaru says:

    moyes out !!! allow another manager who can bring great players to our mighty club to come and take over ! we (united) cant move anywhere with such a squad that anderson is playing ! leave him (anderson) and bring great midfielders to our club ! Moyes out ! moyes out !! moyes out !!!

  11. jessieheels says:

    Cheers Rob,great article. I’ve never seen a close season like this for histrionics,it’s ridiculous. I’m firmly behind Moyes,and think he’s the only guy that could have taken Sir Alex’s reigns. I’m hoping all the bullshit from so-called United fans is due to a long summer with a huge change,giving some nowt else to ponder on. GGMU Stand with Moyes!!

  12. elvido says:

    A voice of reason on a football blog?! Good on you!

  13. Sushant Kshirsagar says:

    Nicely Written…We should all get behind David Moyes..more than ever the siege mentality is needed….

  14. samkle15 says:

    in saf i trust but now in moyes i trust,i myself personaly begging united fans to please keep saf words,he is stil part ov d team,wot eva d presure on moyes i can see united defending d epl tittle come may,united we stand,

  15. devil4life says:

    I agree so let us stand behind the coach playas and the club guys believe David is the next sir Alex at man united

  16. c-sid says:

    Nice article. People need to realize the club is going through a transitional stage. The dust is still settling on the horizon and we’re right in the middle of the storm! I no its not ideal and people expect DM to hit the ground running but wih a club like utd with so much stature theres so much to take in and learn. We’re all human and mastering a job takes time. As the saying goes patience is a virtue and the sooner we give the media less shit to write about the better. Controversy is what sells their papers. We as fans need to stick together during tough times not become negative. I know the club and the fans arent use to ‘tough times’ but give the boss time and he will repay your faith. If i see any signs with the words ‘moyes out’ at the start of the season then that would be truly disappointing. Something id expect from those abu cunts.

  17. Dayus D red says:

    Supporting United does not mean we should close our eyes when thing are going wrong. I like your optimism but am also a student of history. Last season our noisy neighours refused to strenghten adequately and we all saw the result. We all know we won the league not becuase we had the best squars/team but the best manager. It is delusional to think Moyes can carry our present squard as far as SAF did. If the result of the last seven matches is anything to go by (pls spare me its pre season stuff), we should all brace ourself for a very long season.

  18. wayne says:

    Why please spare the pre season stuff when that exactly what it is pre season,fans having a go at Utd over a testimonial with the Charity Shield two days after is the biggest joke ever.The pre season has no relevance what so ever except for Moyes to take a good luck at personnel.Of course the trolls are going to feed off it that’s what they do,rest of you lot slagging off the team are just fucking idiots.

  19. ianoha says:

    Seriously lexxy,
    You absolutely epitomize what the article is about .
    You say “fergie did well” please show the great man more respect..

  20. greenman says:

    I hope MU lose this season just so the annoying moaners can fuck off from the fanbase.

  21. Collinsmary says:

    I’m glad to have you in our fanbase. In Moyes we stand!

  22. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    I agree with this article. This is what I have been saying on other forums, only to get ridiculed by negative and pessimistic fans.

    Okay, the author may have exaggerated with the “Pirlo of English Football” haha I laughed at that too. Carrick is the best passer in the league since the retirement of Prince Scholes of the Gingerham, but Carrick no Pirlo. Sorry to say that, but that is the truth. Sorry.

    So our midfield is dead? Haha. The midfield of the team that won the league by 10points last season, is dead? Just because our midfielders are not energetically and enthusiastically chasing the balls like Dembele, Toure, and John Obi Mikel?

    But it is half true. Our midfield is dead; that is half true.

    Our midifield as it is, enough for us to win the Premier League again. This season, and the season after. But to win the Champions League, we are way too short of quality here. We will not win the CL with this midfield this season or the next.

  23. Trydent says:

    @Wayne-I agree with you as I usually do.Our point of divergence is still the owners but having said that you have described exactly, many that post here.I said months ago we are likely to have a difficult season ahead.This only requires our support and not constant snipping at any opportunity.We only need to wait for the season to begin to see who is really a true red.No, I’m not referring to Rooney.
    @ianoha-You nailed that!

  24. ianoha says:

    Cheers trydent
    Long time reader and don’t post much but have to correct some mad comments every now and then…

  25. 7Bestie7 says:

    The negativity around this summer by United fans (and at least one United fan website) has frustrated me no end.

    Moyes can do no right, United can do no right.

    Putting aside the publicity of the transfer dealings, United have and will continue to have problems that affect us more than any other big team. Why? Because we care more about the traditions of building our own than any save Barcelona. We almost never buy the best, ready made, player out there (in fact it’s arguable that only Ferdinand and van Persie are in this category since 2000) and everyone who comes to the club, no matter how good, has to prove themselves to be United quality.

    Throw in the fact we’re big but not massive spenders outside of one-off deals every few seasons (on average) and you’re left with a club that doesn’t bow down to the cult of the player before they’ve signed. I’d imagine this turns a lot of players off when they can easily get the worship they want at a much lower personal cost (and higher wages?) somewhere else.

    This summer is just a bad one because of Thiago bs’ing his way out of Barcelona because of lack of game time into a team with more mdfielders for him to be rotated with and Moyes shaking up the backroom staff with only ONE actually major loss in Meulensteen (who left on his own accord to get sacked at Anzhi) and you have people jumping on a massive anti-Moyes bandwagon.

  26. TraffordLord says:

    Love the post, most of all because it has a little reality check and very contrite about what it means to be a fan or supporter. Some of the overlords here seem to think once a poster says something to criticise or voice any concerns about the team they love. The self righteous overlords pounce immediately…

    You are not a TRUE fan…Piss off to another team glory hunter!…You are this, You are that

    Lol, it’s quite laughable. People support their team in a variety of ways. Some are of the club can do no wrong variety, some complain at every turn, while some are moderate and point things out every now and then. What is constant is the love for the club, that’s why the bother to comment in a public forum in the first place (except trolls).

    Anyway this season will be interesting…Tomorrow Moyes will win his first silverware against Wigan.

  27. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Too right. It has been ABU wum season in full tilt.

    Best part of winning 21 will be to gain more ABU wums next summer and do this all again.

  28. Unitedordeath says:

    Fantastic post. Well done.

  29. Jorge Curioso says:

    Yes, right, because Moyes’ success depends on United supporters. LOL. The impediment to Moyes succeeding at United is David Moyes.

    And Mourinho.

  30. King Eric says:

    Fucking great post. Some wums take note. Spot on. That’s what people forget. Fergie is STILL about. Ashton is a cunt who’s obsession with Rooney and the Rentboys grows by the day. Keep hearing ex players who’ve played for Moyes saying his attention to detail is ridiculous. His demands are so high. He’s a football fanatic. We’ll be fine, one way or another we always are.

  31. King Eric says:

    Lexxy. Would take Carrick all day long over Pirlo. Better passing range, better reader of game. Pirlo is a great player but the arse lickig since that penalty has been laughable. Oh I forgot Carrick isn’t a continentalenough name. Pirlo has tossed it off in pedestrian Italians league all his career where even I could run a game. Sit down, have a fag make a pass. Carricks been the lynchpin in our engine room for years and won 5 out of 7 league titles. A European cup. What’s pirlo achieved in that time? He went on a free for fuck sake and not many were clamouring for him. Don’t get me wrong I rate pirlo but find him over rated and your sneering at Carrick annoyed me a bit.

  32. greenbank goalpost says:

    You know I love reading the posts and reading other peoples thoughts, I have been a United fan all my life. Grew up in Manchester when United were crap, the first season I was allowed to go on my own and watch in the Stretford Paddock we went down and the rest is history. I have never forgotten this and I very rarely expect United to win every game why should we win every game. Its football things happen…
    I don’t give a toss if we don’t win the Champions league or the FA cup but beating City and Liverpool means something to me.
    Never thought we would win the league last season but we did and we will again it may take a little time but we will.
    I live along way from home now but you people in the Republik are my rock, my lifeline, my blood brothers.
    Rooney let him rot but I will never forget the goal thanks for that mate..
    Hopefully we will see a team where players play to there strengths and in the right positions …
    We have to blood the kids they are our future..
    We all see we have a weak link in midfield and at some stage it will get fixed but get ready for another roller coaster ride hang on to your seats.

    And remember it could be worse we could support !

  33. King Eric says:

    Jorge. Again. Mourinho. Why?

    Ha well spotted about Lexxy and his downright patronising comment ” Fergie did well” Yeah he did ok didn’t he. As others say we’ll now separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Oh and I expect to get stick for my Pirlo comment but I DO find him bit over rated. Telling you now Carricks passing range is better. Sniffs out trouble better. Let’s see how Pirlo would be the glue that’s held our midfield together in a much faster aggressive league. Saunter through games in Serie A.

  34. King Eric says:

    Trafford lord. No mate only cunts get abused. Pricks only on here for the windup. Costas can be a negative poster, he knows I think that but does he ever get stick? No. Folk come on with all kinds of bullshit they’re open to abuse.

  35. LexxytheRed says:

    Ha! It seems my Fergie did well comment have some angry.
    Sorry about that but that’s a clear misunderstanding that I will clear up. Its not a wind up and certainly not meant to patronise or devalue Fergie. Fergie is a god and a great man, the man who created a mordern Man United and I have utmost respect for the big man. I could write few episodes singing his praises , I just didn’t becus I felt I need to concentrate on Moyes.

    So am sorry if it angers anybody

    BUT am not taking the Pirlo thing back. And for you to say Pirlo is overrated is just laughable. The man is a great player but in italy and outside of Italy and that was not a knock on Carrick whatsoever he is a great player in his own right too but he is no Paul Scholes is he?

    So that’s it


  36. RedRickL says:

    Great article. The negativity I have read online from united fans and witnessed at matches over the last couple of years is pathetic. The rise of social networking has resulted in everyone feeling the need to express their opinion at every opportunity and inflated their belief in the importance and validity of these opinions. We are the luckiest fans around. Sit back, enjoy being champions, and trust the people who have been given the jobs they have for a very good reason. If you dislike supporting united as much as you seem to then please stop. There’s a blue club in Ancoats you’d fit right in at. I dread to think what you’d be like during thin times, if this is you when we’re champions. You are being ridiculous and don’t deserve to be associated with this great club.

  37. Dayus D red says:

    People talked about the negativity surrrounding the club and ask who caused it?. Moyes knew the team before he took over. He had played against the team many times and he should have known the areas of strenght and weakness ot the team. He had a month to identify his realistic targets before he fully took over on july 1st. He is one month than the road and he hasn’t made up his mind on who and what he wants. He has publicly stated that he is finding the job too tough at times and making difficult decisions is becoming a problem. Can you imaging SAF coming public with that. My thinking is Moyes is finding this job too overwheming and he needs to get his acts together. Wining the CS may just not be enough. Good luck to Him and the lads today.

  38. RedRickL says:

    Dayus D, your post is almost entirely based on assumptions. You know nothing about what is really going on in the club and are clueless as to Moyes’ plans. This is a big part of the problem. The transfer window isn’t even shut yet! It honestly blows my mind…

  39. aanuajayi says:

    Oh well, whether we all complain or not, what will be will be. I don’t see Moyes splashing the cash in a bid to appease some distraught fans. So keep the faith. Remember Sir Alex Ferguson’s last words to us. Remember him. If you love Ferguson, you will love and keep his last commandment.

  40. asad_manutd says:

    I agree with every word of this mate. Brilliant article.

  41. ZAPATAPAKA says:


  42. Sudarsan says:

    A thoughtful piece and makes more sense than the despairing fans’ outcry.

  43. The_Silent_One says:

    I rarely comment (if I ever have), but I’m pissed about all the backlash against Moyes.

    I think Moyes was far and away the best choice. Nobody else is a close second. Any of the managers that the #moyesout brigade would ahve picked would have been gone in 4 years. The Special One in 3. Then the team takes a big dip when they leave. If supporters get behind Moyes, United could be set for another 20 years.

    It amazes me how naive people are about managing a club. Probably comes from playing too much FIFA or Pro Evo. You can’t just sign whoever you want whenever you want in real life. You have to scout them, you have to analyze their fitness, how long is their career likely to last, have they been injured before, you have to analyze their personal life, you have to check for skeletons in the closet?. Have they played for your manager or any of your existing players before? What are they like in the dressing room? Do they play for their country? Are they disciplined in their diet. Do they get along with the other cultures represented in your dressing room. Will their club sell them? Can their club replace them? Do you have youth players that are coming into their position? Will they be loyal to the club? Do they want to come? Is there any teams that can easily pry them away if they make good? What are their salary demands? DO they have image rights? How greedy is their agent?

    There’s probably twice as many variables as that.

    If buying good players was as easy as some people seem to think, Schevchenko and Torres would have made good for Chelsea and Man City would have won something last year.

  44. Toms says:

    I look at this article talk about transfers then I go look at RoM’s post season review for the last 6 years.


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