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United Have First Refusal Clause On Shawcross

Stoke manager, Tony Pulis, has revealed that Manchester United have first refusal on their captain, Ryan Shawcross.

“Alex has covered his backside, he’s got first shout on Ryan – the crafty bugger has sorted it!”

Shawcross left United almost 3 years ago in the January transfer window for £2m. However, Sir Alex insisted that a clause was included in the defender’s contract which stipulated United had first refusal on the player should Stoke decide to sell the player.

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  1. enviousnv says:

    Genious !1

  2. wayne says:

    utd should do this with any youngster that is sold,covers all bases alot of players deveolp late.

  3. BerbaGod says:

    Well, when they got him for £2m that was the least they could give us.
    Also this just gives us a chance to get a bid accepted if Stoke have accepted a bid from another club doesnt it? If Stoke never want to sell him, we wont be able to get him either..?

  4. sillysausage says:

    yeah all we need is this talentless clogger back *face palm*

  5. The Scottish Wonder says:

    jeiii we can have a player we sold for 2m back

    if we pay 20m Stoke want for him

  6. Colbert says:

    Is he even any good though?

  7. Redfanfan says:

    Could anyone explain to a non-english speaking what this means?


  8. Corea says:

    Redfanfan – i checked it in the dictionary and i think it means that if they decide to sell we will have the first chance to buy him. It is a rather economic term and it’s not as simple as it might sound.

  9. United till i die says:

    sorry not worth 20m, there’s a big difference between standing out at stoke and playing for the biggest club in the world..

  10. smartalex says:

    Σε ποια γλώσσα ο φίλος μου?

  11. Redfanfan says:

    @ Corea – Smart reflex.

    Oh great, are we interested?

  12. denton davey says:

    This is good news – Shawcross has benefitted a lot by playing regularly. He might never be as good as Nemanja Vidic but his game is “roughly” similar.

    I agree with Wayne (@ 13:08) that this kind of buy-back/first-refusal clause should be standard when selling youngsters who might develop by being given playing time at another club.

  13. TK says:

    A very talented defender ,who should be playing for us in the next 3 years .

  14. The United Way says:

    He’s talented, but he’s not that talented.

    We were right to let go.

    Seriously, people need to lay off Evans… we know he has the quality, and up until this season, consistently showed that, leading to his nomination as Young Player of the Year.

    That talent does not just disappear… merely masked by a collapse of confidence.

    Smalling is looking better, stronger and more intelligently positioned every game he plays alongside Rio or Vida.

  15. StatesideAussie says:

    @Redfanfan and Corea: there are many variations on “right of first refusal” and since we don’t have the contract in front of us, I don’t know what this one specifies. But commonly, the way it would work is that we would have the right to buy him back first — but only if we were prepared to match what someone else was offering. In other words, if Club X offer Stoke $25m, then Stoke must offer to sell him to us first; we can then say yes or no; if we say yes, however, we must match the $25m. If we weren’t prepared to match that, Stoke would then be entitled to accept Club X’s offer. Like I said, there are lots of variations, but this point is a common characteristic.

  16. King Eric says:

    The united way. Yeah spot on ryans a good enough defender.•••••
    ••. For stoke. Only tonight fergie said jonny is back and his performances in training have been mahgnificent. To think some on here wanted him sold a few week back due to lack of form. Its timw they grew up or at least understood the utd way.

  17. Red Devil says:

    @The United way and King Eric

    Totally agree mates….Its just that Jonny’s confidence is shot at the moment.
    You dont dominate Dogbreath and Anelka at their peaks if you’re not talented..


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