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United Lose To Barca On Pens

Tonight, United vs Barcelona at the Ullevi finished 0-0, before the reds lost on penalties. Nani hit the crossbar and Ashley Young’s poor penalty was saved. Xavi and Gerard Pique scored for Barcelona.

United: De Gea; Valencia, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra; Nani, Anderson, Scholes, Young; Rooney, Welbeck. Subs: Lindegaard, Berbatov, Hernandez, Carrick, Powell, Kagawa, Macheda, Wootton, Brady, M Keane, Lingard

Barcelona: Valdes; Alves, Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano; Roberto, Busquets, Iniesta; Sanchez, Messi, Tello. Subs: Pinto, Pique, Fabregas, Xavi, Villa, Bartra, Rodriguez, Alba, Montoya, Afellay, Fontas, Sanchez, Rafinha

Andrés Iniesta and Paul Scholes were awarded with individual trophies for their performance on the night but Barcelona were winners of the Super Match trophy. Henrik Larsson, who has played for United and Barcelona, was there to hand out the trophies to both teams.

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  1. Costas says:


    I hope we don’t ask a lot out of Rio and Vidic. The centre back position is one where we should be fine. But that depends on the young players. Hopefully Evans is over his ankle issues for good. And if Rafa stays fit, Jones can also provide cover there. The biggest question mark is Smalling, who’s seems to have a worrying knack for getting injured or sick when you consider his age.

  2. slim says:

    Fuck signings,what are we doing about keeping the ball better. Small wonder the ginger prince looked at retirement and said Fuck that. Not doing enough in that department. It’s where the game is at now and imo we’ve got some catching up to do

  3. jeet says:

    @ZIbbie; “This is NOT Anfield” :)

  4. ARUN says:

    i agree mate.we are MANCHESTER UNITED a great club but we have missed out ona lot of players.
    i just hope if we are realy serious abt RVP then we do sign him . i defnetely agree with sir alex that we should not spend 45 million plus agent fees on moura but if its 25 millon that arsenal want then pay it.other wise dont bother bidding.

  5. slim says:

    Just to clarify how much is the moura transfer. In pounds? Anyone

  6. Sandeep1878 says:

    Guys, i m cent percent sure that we are not gonna sign a left back..

    Call me a pessimist,

    It’s over to Evra and his back ups Evans and Smalling now..


    considering if Evans, Rio, Vida, Smalling and Rafael remain fit for the most part of the season, its really difficult to drop any one of them..

    assuming Vid and Rio will get paired in most games, we are left with Too much quality on bench in the form of Evans and Smalling..they will be backing up Evra..


    also we need to give a thought about Evra regaining his form..let’s face it, i wouldnt put it behind Evra..he can bounce right back from this slump, but we need to make sure he gets enough rest..

    if we are really bringing back fabio after the loan, signing a LB will not make any sense at all..

    so until then its all about Evra and the back ups and may be if we sell fabio, then i assume a LB will be coming next season, but i dont think we will sell Fabio..


    All said and done, can somebody enlighten me if rafael is good enough as left wingback?

  7. RedHound says:

    Zino i couldnt care less about the events that led to Moura changing his mind, either way i hope his career goes down the drain.

  8. Sandeep1878 says:


    True that,

    in the last 2 seasons we have been pretty unlike United when it comes to ball posession..

    I mean we may be good, but we used to be the best in that department..


    Now that Vidic is back, hope Carrick can play a bit upfront and on the attack..

  9. ARUN says:

    @slim 35 millon pounds plus 9 million pound agent fees plus 250000 punds a wek wages
    all and all iwoud say THANK GOD WE DIDNT SIGN HIM

  10. CedarsDevil says:

    What’s been going on? I see our Mike is off to Cyprus, hope he gets his arse burned in the sun, bet he wears thongs on the beach….ha ha


    If you ever make it to Limassol please let me know, my mum would love to host you for a special Lebanese home cooked meal

  11. CedarsDevil says:


    Glad you enjoyed the share mate, its something that every modern day United supporter should know

  12. markynorbs says:

    I concur cedars!
    A history in captain marvel should be in the national curriculum!
    A+ to you sir keep the knowledge alive. Thanks again.

  13. fergie is the boss says:

    ARUN – we do not really need RVP, do not forget we still have berbatov on the books. Kagwa not only provides the cover for rooney, but he will play off rooney, we have welbeck and hernanez, and if fergie plans to play kagwa in the heart of the midfield, we could ruin a possible and probably world class player in kagwa. That money is better spent on a midfielder who can control games, pending if cleverly and by chance fletcher get fit

  14. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    mansuy united says:


    Alright darling, Sorry if my joke made your uterus bleed, but read the post again and I advise you with a website to use and even a fucking squad, you ungrateful finger licking thumb fucker. You obviously did not understand the emoticons because they are key to my antics so pay closer attention. Btw Princess, I play the fantasy league too……so your a right fucking loser…..put a tampon in Miss Poppins next time you feel, you feel I’ve been mean to you.

    ;) Don’t even know why I’m responding to you…… :lol:

    Cedars …..its seems I bring out the pussy in some people :P

  15. slim says:


    35million for the transfer I can swallow but those wages don’t add up and I’m surprised by how easily swayed ROM posters have been on this.
    Only the elite get 250 thousand pounds a week. Roo doesnt earn as much, Tevez gets just about that much along with messi and ronnie. What fucking manager would sanction a move that could cause such obvious disharmony within the squad. Story is bollocks,o don’t believe it . Transfer isn’t far off from what we were willing to pay and on that I don’t get the fuss. If SAF reckons it was worth paying his club that amount, I’ll take his view over any fan on here who thinks otherwise. Make no mistake we’d have got him if the Brazilian contingent didn’t intervene plus the heavy agent outlay didn’t help matters but that’s nothing new. Pogba and his agent screwed us over not long ago so I’m surprised SAF/Gill went into this thinking they wouldnt have to deal with the agent.add to that the money we paid to roo,rios and bebes agent in the past,its quite puzzling.
    Anyone notice if pettruci is still with the senior squad

  16. markyboy says:

    wtf the season has`nt even started and the defence is depleated again.Fergie ready to deploy carrick in defence.Begining to think hargraves is right.Our medical team is not upto it.

  17. CedarsDevil says:

    How can we not do with a player like RvP? Do some folk on here think that Fergie is daft for wanting him?

    Oh and enough with all this moaning about our midfield, Fletchy Baby is back so we should be fine….

    Who on earth in Kagwa by the way? Have we signed another Japanese player?

  18. Sandeep1878 says:

    anyway, once the olympic is over, all our midfield problems will be solved,

    after all Bolt is signing for us… ;)

    as he makes those rocket runs, Kagwa can pass through the legs of Bolt for a dummy :lol:

  19. CedarsDevil says:


    Cheers pal………..Platini was far worse than how most United fans feel about Terry these days

  20. slim says:


    That the problem isn’t it. We keep looking to one player to be that player who helps the team do that and today it just isn’t possible. For this reason alone have I staunchly defended berbatov. He’s another one schoolef in the arts but we just can’t seem to do anything with him. People are quicker catching up to our game plan of spraying passes to the wings so a cross can come in for Rooney to head in. Fucking hell when was the last time we saw a through ball threaded through for our strikers setting up a one on one with the keeper and yet we castigate Danny for not scoring enough. How’s that gonna happen when we keep playing him like we would a fox in the box striker.
    It’s a team effort and im not seeing enough of it. Hopefully players like Cleve,kagawa,powell and Danny give the gaffer something to think about

  21. 911_DEVIL says:

    There you go sir alex…

    Van persie’s agent want £4m pound wonga..[]

    Knowing how much sir alex detest greedy agents, there’s NO WAY he’ll pay £4m + just to get van persie. No way.

    This transfers are bitterly ridiculous
    Fuck off dear agent
    Try and convince man cini, maybe you can get that, and more from him
    Not from us, there’s no ways in hell we are being held to ransom by any IJRY PRN player

    Sorry to those who loves him.

  22. CedarsDevil says:


    I know you too well mate, you’re mad as fuck and I for one love you for that

  23. wayne says:

    Enough of the players missed list its pointless and stupid and most lists are inaccurate because Utd never had a chance or never made a bid,you cunts are just throwing out names that Utd have been linked with over the years,guess what that’s just about everyone
    If you feel the need to point out a player Utd didn’t sign then also send the details with quotes from the club with the point you’re trying to make
    Stop just making up lists,its fucking stupid and annoying getting right on my tits

  24. Sandeep1878 says:

    Cedars and papii,

    all right pal, stop it right there before you both have man crush on each other ;) :lol:



    we are traditionally strong on thw wings,

    I m for one that is against the opponents catching our wing play tactics, nope,

    in the last season, 50% of the goals and goals created have come from the wings and wingers..

    agreed that we gotta fins some magic with through balls etc..for me kagawa is the answer for that, his vision is brilliant and he is real quick..

    I just have a feeling that this time around our team will have better counter attacking pace and options..

  25. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Anyone that’s read my previous posts know I love Paddy of old but hate his performances of recent.

    He’s become an absolute liability.
    Like a Striker that doesn’t score, like Centre back who can’t tackle, like a midfielder scared to pass and and winger too slow to sprint.

    He’s a shambles defensively, attacking wise he’s a good option but nothing else. In 10/11 his form was put down to a tough year, burn out and a one-off, he got the benefit of the doubt. In 11/12…it continued despite SAF giving the fella more rests, he was terrible throughout the whole season and combined had 4/5 good games,( Everton,Liverpool, Swansea,Sunderland and a Europa game)….I’ve followed his form quietly and have barely scapegoated during or after games but this is getting pathetic.

    Fergie only took a hard line with him after the City battering and it seems after that month Paddy forgot about his duties once again…I don’t know why we persist with him now as first choice. Is it not enough we have inexperience on the right side that we also want incompetence down the left?

    Many believe Paddy has the experience to put this poor run behind him and is by far a better option than Baines or a 25 year old replacement ….but maybe this is it for Paddy? He’s 31…its the end of the road for him, he ain’t going to get any smarter or any faster is he if he’s been poor since 2010.

    Its best we find a replacement in our own interests….another season of 40+ games for Evra and we’ll suffer defensively.
    Imo, I hope Paddy proves me wrong with the return of Vidic, chemistry with Young improving and return of Fletch could all contribute to his return to form. I hope he makes me eat my words but I don’t see it happening.

    Ashley Cole adjusted and adapted his game after losing his edge with age, Evra has struggled tbh. I stuck by him last season because he was our stand in Captain but this season like Heinze and Phil Neville….he’s going to get the raised eyebrow from my direction.


  26. Cantona got me here says:


    Last through ball…can’t remember but I do remember some when Clevs was in there earlier last year.

    I thought the squad looked pretty good and dangerous last night vs a strong barca team in a frigging FRIENDLY.

  27. CedarsDevil says:


    You are with out doubt one of the most sensible posters on here mate………Not sure why, but I always seem to agree with you…..Must be an old school thing

  28. slim says:

    Obviously I don’t agree with you but that’s the beauty if the game we love isn’t it. We’ll see I guess. I’m just of the opinion we could and should be doing a whole lot more with and without the ball. That invariably means shifting emphasis away (not entirely) from wing play. A much better,efficient modern system is required. In my opinion

  29. markynorbs says:

    Cedars my first hatRED (Scouse twat) was KKKenny I hated that fuck more then than I do now.

  30. 911_DEVIL says:

    Wow clint
    I second that, 3rd, 4th…..

    He was short of ideas last night attacking wise and got easily stripped by barca’s fast attacking move

    Valencia is a winger but did quite well as compared to paddy
    He nearly let sanchez score if were not for an out-standing save by david.

    IMo would take baines with arms wide open

  31. CedarsDevil says:


    Cannot argue with that mate, although the bugger was a cracking player, mind you our very own Martin Buchan always had him in his back pocket and made him shit him self

  32. 911_DEVIL says:

    Great read @13:56

    I always dreamt of writing the way you do.

    Not being snide now
    Just enjoyed the read :D

  33. slim says:

    Cantona got me here

    To be honest i missed the game so cant comment about it. That said we were pretty much full strength ourselves
    You’re right about clevs. See my post above. I’m hoping him along with shinji,Powell and co give the gaffer sleepless nights about how we should set up going forward.
    Phrase from last summer. “We need to get to the next level”.hehehe

  34. wayne says:

    Cedars thanks mate I’m tried of seeing these lists with players who had made their intentions clear like Ozil,some still go on about WS all those years ago when Maureen paid him 250k a week ffs
    Most North American sports have a cap of around 50/50 split which is what Utd budget and seems fair to me.
    What the fuck don’t some posters get no matter how many times its explained just go on making no sense and talking bollocks,drives me potty

  35. markynorbs says:

    Clint like your analysis on Patrice.
    Sad but true. Not sure on Baines?

  36. slim says:

    If you’re serious about it. You’d do better following more eloquent posters. Denton, sir Giles when he graces us with his presence, MG,Costas to name a few. Word of advice,these guys have no time for mucking about and I gather you have a knack of rubbing people off the wrong way. Just thought I’d let you know

  37. 911_DEVIL says:

    Powell is a great hard ball player @slim
    I love how he contained the midfield last night. after he was introduce…
    I feared the worst but we started taking over the midfield and our overall game started looking exciting and kagawa begun having those required little spaces which he uses it very economically to create chances for counter…

    Infact I saw two fluid interplay after he was introduced, unluckily we had little time time to cause an sort of damage.

    But the boss was happy with our play like I was

  38. CedarsDevil says:

    New thread up for all you phone using fuckers!


    Mate if I allowed some of the shit I read on here to get to me I would have thrown my self over the balcony ages ago! ha ha

  39. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Markynorbs – a centre back might be purchased if any quality player is available but the continuous inclusion of wooton might point to the fact he might be getting games this season (not sure how much people rate him). smalling will hopefully recover, jones needs a fixed position and needs to focus on the craft of centre half, evans looks accomplished but he also could do with taking more responsibility. We have good prospects at the back, gotta hope they all step up. Add michael keane to that, always impresses.

    As for a defensive midfielder. It won’t happen, FERGIE prefers all round complete central midfielders. The days of the likes of roy keane are long gone. Yes, tunnicliffe is a bright prospect, looks to be developing well. He can be that energetic terrier but looks more composed and uses the ball well. He won’t get intimidated in games but i don’t think he’s ready for the pressure of being a regular, we have to play these younger players with experienced ones, they need to be guided until they can fend for themselves. Add that petrucci who i think is a complete classy player. He’s gotta be knocking on a first team place now, he’s ready to compete with the likes of anderson but again, has to be introduced gradually. We have powell, cleverly, anderson (could come good and played well against barca) and larnell cole who looked outstanding again last night. We’re stockpiled with quality youngsters, is it really a suprise that FERGIE isn’t out there desperately trying entice midfielders?.

  40. 911_DEVIL says:

    Ha slim
    They misunderstand me
    They always do not catch my drill
    Like I dd not know how to get the right side of jokes
    But learning just fine, now will understand them better

  41. samuel - united WE stand says:

    if you play a system that relies mainly on creative midfielders then you’ll see more through-balls.

  42. Wakey says:


    250k may be accurate. French Tax is higher so just as wages were higher in England than Spain for a long time for the same reason. There is also a chance that all earnings over €1mill will be taxed at 75% so that will more

  43. Sandeep1878 says:

    Rio Ferdinand @rioferdy5:
    Me to @NPowell25 last night on the plane “what type of music u into”?…”some old school,90′s & early 2000′s”..haha! Instant old age set in!

    Nick Powell @NPowell25:
    @rioferdy5 defiantly not sitting near you on the plane or going near that camera of yours again #MediaIsNotMyThing #FreezeUp

  44. markynorbs says:

    Great post Samuel would love to continue this conversation but sadly I’m drunk now and it’s bed time in Sydney. Peace out ROM

  45. Vilhelm28 says:

    When critisising Evra, please look at his winger. Valencia and Nani are far superior defensively to Young. Thats why Valencia and Rafael look good, because they have a good winger ahead of them. A player that can tackle, intercept and that is willing to back track. In the game against Barca, Nani was covering, back tracking and often winning the ball around our box, how often did Young cover for Evra? Please check facts and analyze the games before critisizing Evra.

    As for my transfer rant, I made a point of praising SAF, he is god and the only reason our “ok” squad does so well. SAF can cover and hide weak squads.

    I also made a point of United being one of sports richest clubs and that United should be the club winning transfer battles. When SAF finds his man, we should be getting him and not other teams. In my rant I didnt say if a certain player is worthy of the fee, all I said was we should be winning.

    If the money the Glazers have taken out of Uniteds coffers had been used in the transfer market, SAF could have had any one he wanted and more.


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