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United making a move for Carvalho?

The Portuguese press are reporting this evening that Manchester United have stepped up their chase for Sporting Lisbon’s William Carvalho.

Carvalho has apparently been named as a priority signing for Louis van Gaal and representatives from the club travelled to Lisbon to discuss the transfer today.

The player has a buy-out clause for £36m but United are reluctant to pay that much for the 22-year-old.

United already have links with Sporting, after signing Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani from them in the past, but the Portuguese side are keen to get as close to the £36m clause as possible. It has been reported that Jose Mourinho is also a big fan and that Chelsea are monitoring the situation.

When asked about his future earlier this week, the player was reluctant to commit himself.

“Will I stay at Sporting? I don’t know. I’m going back to Portugal and then we’ll see.”

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  1. Tommy says:


    Difference is I felt that he was looking to get out as soon as the contract expired and I had that feeling for a couple of years and I was correct and SAF will have got wind of that, thats totally different to a senior pro who might ask to leave while under contract, then you can get a decent fee for him, Pogba wanted that hugh signing on fee, that was obvious

  2. warrored says:

    Ref James Rodriguez…..I’m not sure if it has been mentioned that when he joined Porto he was under third party ownership just like Falcao. It’s no surprise they both went to Monaco as the 3rd party (usually a sport agency) decides where they go for maximum revenue.

    Porto have no choice in the matter.

    United or any other English club would have been unable to buy him anyway under those restrictions.

    It was just like the Tevez Mascherano deals with Kia Joorabchian and that dodgy Russian Borizhevsky.

  3. warrored says:

    I nearly crashed this morning listening to TalkSport…..Neil Warnock actually said that he is unimpressed with Van Gaal because his tactical changes haven’t worked in any games so far!!

    Fuck me, lolol

  4. wayne barker says:

    It’s pretty obvious something about Pogba smelt bad to Sir Alex none of us have a clue what was going on behind the scenes but something was off enough for Sir Alex to let him go and we most certainly don’t want the mouthy little cunt back

  5. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    LMAO just like Martin O’neill yesterday. Of ALL the people to come out and criticize Van Gaal, it’s guys like Warnock and O’neill. I’m sure Van Gaal’s scared now. Oh dear.

  6. Tommy says:

    If as expected the dutch beat Costa Rica and reach the semis then LVG wont be with us until a couple of days before we leave for thne tour even if they lose the semi and that had me thinking, is their any more pointless game in world football than the 3rd/4th place play off, just a pointless game

  7. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ tommy, we know he’s the biggest manager..but, he’s human and not a God. We must accept it. He made a mistake with pogba.we lacked midfielders but fergie let pogba.we leave for free. And here we are stucked with the likes of Cleverley. If he knew, am sure he regrets it. Stop dick riding fergie, pls..accept it.

  8. EC7 says:


    Warnock has his opinion of course but clearly it’s a stupid one. In pretty much every game the Dutch have adapted to different playing styles in order to get the result. The first half of the Spain game didn’t go well at all really and then RVP equalised before half time, the Dutch then took the initiative and ran riot on the counter.
    They then wore down Chile in the final group game and cranked up the tempo in the last 20mins as Chile were tired but the best bit was yesterday when he brought on KJH and moved Kuyt up top alongside him reverting to a more direct style. A great example of plan B working!

    65% of the Dutch people didn’t think they’d get out of the group on a radio poll. This was partly down to Spain not being at the races but also credit has to be given to LVG’s coaching ability and spotting weaknesses in the opposition and changing things at the right time during games.

  9. Tommy says:

    @Paschal Agwunobi

    Fuck knows what you mean by dick riding, but its not exactly a classy thing to say, and I think you should head youre own advice and stop doing it to Pogba, He never wanted to be here so was fucked off no big deal, we move on, no proper fan wouold beg for someone who does not ever want to be here, move on for youre own health lol

  10. Tommy says:

    I was totally not impressed with the Germans again tonight, apart from a good game against a woeful and for large parts 10 man Portugese side theyve not impressed at all. Their defence who looked more nervous tonight than Rolf Harris did in the dock earlier today. I fully expect an under the rader French side to have far too much in attack with Benzema and Griesman for the German defence. Unlucky to the algerians tonight they give it their all.

  11. Marko Maric says:

    Manchester United turned down chance to sign James Rodriguez

    Manchester United turned down the chance to sign James Rodriguez for £5m as a teenager. The Red Devils instead chose to sign Bebe some weeks later for £7.4m from Vitória Guimarães.


    Scholes said we didn t sign a big name, a world class…hope we will

  12. Tommy says:

    @Marko Maric

    This has already been discussed in some detail, United het offered 1000s of players, the club gets sent videos every single week of espiring players, but guess what they all look top quality on a video, only a small minority go on to even have a pro career let alone become top quality, the lad would have been offered to every top club the world over, so to me its no big deal, he wouldnt have got a work permit anywhere so pointless discussing it, and Bebe was signed because Carlos Quieroz spotted him and recommended him, it was not instead of anyone

  13. Tommy says:

    I must also say that Real Madrid and benfica also should an interest in Bebe, so he must have shown some promise, either that are carlos was recommending him to everyone

  14. Marko Maric says:

    @Tommy, agree, but we are missing good players for to long, so i wouldn t say that this is in the category SHIT HAPPENS…

  15. Marko Maric says:

    I m only impressed by Dutch team from all european. But only because of LVG. Guy is amazing. He is winning with very limited team. Defence is shit, Mexicans were faster. Middle is average, but strike force is huge. He is useing his strenth, and finding a way to exploit their weakness.
    Ochoa is shit, he defend only when a ball go direct to him, cant understand how people can be so stupid and dont see the obvious. One guy said that he is always on the right place, and i say thet he is always in the middle of the goal, where he supose to be???
    Feel bad about Chile…

    About Germans…always remeber how they were good on europeans championship, and then Italy beat them like a baby brake a toy. So wouldn t bet on them

  16. Marko Maric says:

    But James Rodriguez, is a pure class…

  17. Tommy says:


    Youre a harsh man Ochoa has had a good world cup, in fact hes loved by the team he was at last season so much so the french team he was at has a fan who has put his house and family for sale to help raise the funds to try and keep him lol, he strikes me as the kind of keeper who would be a cult hero at whichever club hes at

  18. red war says:

    Anything can happen to an english football fan’s life, if and only if english tabloids say so.

    Fight about Suarez : done.
    Fight about Rooney and Hodgson : done.
    Be sad about James Rodriguez : done.
    Admire JR like the new Maradona : done.

    Wtf??? MU wouldn’t be able to buy Rodriguez because of work permit.
    He has done nothing in Monaco, though he was great in a championship where Bebe can score goals.

    F*ck me, I ‘m out.

  19. Marko Maric says:

    @Tommy i m just trying to be realistic about Ochoa. Now it looks like he is better than Neuer…guy is average, lucky to get all balls directly to him. Look his saves and you will see the facts. He can be simpatico, but…

  20. ashtheking says:

    Not having a. Go at scholes but I don’t think it’s correct to say when he said Herrera is good but we need world class players. He may be correct but it gives a wrong impressions to our new players that a club legend doesn’t rate you. He was also against shows transfer saying he isn’t worth so much and he would have signed a forward who scores 30+ goals. I don’t know from when our scholesy has become so open to media but I hope he protects our player rather than questioning them.

  21. Neil Moore says:

    Fuck sake. Will folk drop the Pogba shit. He’s s good player but a fucking arsehole. Left two seasons ago and still having pops at United. Fuck him lost better players than him. Didn’t see France last night but bits I’ve seen in other games he did fuck all. Valbuena the dwarf has been class though.

    The only reason bullhead Warnock and O’Neill are taking pops at Van Gaal and the Dutch is because he’s United manager. Already the abus out in force the set of cunts. Look how he’s got a very average IMO holland side grinding out wins. Much better players to work with at United.

  22. WilliamAR says:

    Neil Moore

    Van Parsie
    De Vrij
    De Jong
    Martins Indi

    These are quality players and it’s pretty unfair to call them average. I believe the more appropriate words would be underestimated and underrated.

    Everything else you said I agree with.

  23. Tommy says:


    You will hate Fellani even more when he scores a brace to knock the USA out lol, Jurgan already got the excuses in, complaining that its a French speaking Algerian referee and the Belgiums are french speaking.


    Neil is right, the dutch are avarage, another manager probablyh wouldnt have got them out of the group, the squad is no better than the one which lost all 3 games in Euro 2002, but LVG is going a fantastic job their.

  24. WilliamAR says:


    Sorry dude I just don’t go with that notion. Sure LVG has done a great job but you just can’t call a team average if the beat Spain, Uruguay and Mexico who are all good teams. If they beat just 1 of those teams and maybe drew with the other 2 then you’d be saying they are coping due to LVG but to be able to change tactically and adapt to what LVG has instructed them to do speaks volumes about their ability as a team. They may even win the world cup and the team has to be given the credit where it’s due. You can’t play to the standards that they have been playing if all they have is an average team. That’s just utter crap. They have been highly underestimated and some people are going to look very silly if they go on to win the world cup. It takes more than average players to consistently change tactics as many times as the Dutch have in such short periods of time. The majority of their players look very comfortable on the ball and they also probably have the most lethal attack in RVP and Robben over all the teams in the competition.

    Average? No I don’t think so. They’ve probably been the best team in the competition alongside Columbia.

  25. Tommy says:


    There is no doubt their following the instructions to the letter but their ovely reliant on Robbinn and RVP, its no different to Brazil with Neymar or Argentina with Messi, admitedly Messi has a better supporting cast, but the credit goes to LVG, They topped a group when they had the 3rd best team on paper, we will find out whether its the genius of LVG or if im giving them a disservice in 2 years time when Hiddink takes them in the euros, 1 thing I am certain of is the only 2 players any of the top nation would take out of this squad is RVP and Robbin and that speaks volumes, but like I said its LVG that has got them playing above and beyond, similar to SAF who got practically the same squad that finished 7th last year to win the league by 11 points the year before, SAF worked wonders and LVG is working wonders, You could argue if youre going by youre theary that how can Costa Rica be avarage they qualified out of a group involving England, Italy and Uraguay and are now in the quarters, but looking at their players, they are a team full of avarage, who are well organised and playing as a team

  26. Sparkz says:

    I hear what you’re saying but for me that Dutch side, on an individual level, is bang average apart from De Jong, Robben and RVP.

    It’s full of players that are young and developing (Blind, Depay etc), past their best (Sneijder) or just plain average (Vlaar, Cillisen, Kuyt) There’s a reason why even the Dutch supporters thought they wouldn’t get out of their group.

    However as a unit they are greater than the sum of their parts. They always say that the job of a manager, especially in a short tournament, is to minimise his team’s weaknesses and maximise their strengths.

    LVG has done that to a tee so far. Minimised their defensive frailties by packing it. Maximised Robben and RVP by freeing them up from defensive duties and making use of their pace/movement. Even if you look at the way he’s approached individual matches like against Chile, when he went man for man all over the pitch and then brought on his subs for the last 20.

  27. Sparkz says:

    There’s 3 types of managers IMO

    There’s ones who get you performing ABOVE your level. For example, as Tommy said – in Fergie’s last season we didn’t have the best squad in the League but he got them to punch above their weight. Simeone did the same thing with Atletico Madrid last season. Rodgers did it with Liverpool. LVG is doing it now.

    Then there’s managers who make you fall BELOW your level. For example in Roberto Mancini’s last season he had the best squad in the country by a mile, yet he finished 11 points off the top. That’s a sackable offence. Same with David Moyes. He had a squad that should be finishing 3rd or 4th, yet he dragged us to 7th. Again – sackable offence.

    Then there’s managers who keep you at the level you should be. Prime example is Wenger. His squad isn’t as good as City etc…but it’s still better than Spurs, Everton. So he keeps them in the same position every season. Never gonna get them to punch above their weight, but never gonna get them to fall below their level either.

  28. WilliamAR says:


    Sure Costa Rica have had a good tournament but not only did the Dutch win the group convincingly, They also won 9 out of their 10 qualifying games. That’s not a fluke dude. 2 players don’t make a team. both Robben and RVP are attacking players and even they need good service to score goals. the defence still needs to be good at defending. Football isn’t only about attacking and dribbling. it’s about passing , positional awareness to be able to read the game ( that’s for both defending and attacking) quality of touch on the ball. it’s safe to say the Dutch have all these qualities. Costa Rica have just parked the bus and hit on the break and it has worked up to this point. I doubt that the Costa Rica players could change tactics for every single game like Holland have. Sure RVP and Robben add that cherry on the top of the cake but they are not single handedly wining the games for the Dutch. The very notion of that is nonsense. If the Holland team were all playing badly and relying on that one magic spark from RVP and Robben I’d agree with you but that’s not the case. In fact RVP was subbed in the last game. They are not like Brazil at the moment who are playing rubbish and relying on Neymar who literally is dragging that team through the games.

  29. Ezzerguru says:

    Nobody should ever take anything Neil Warnock says seriously. If Warnock honestly believes that Suarez went through surgery one month before the World Cup then played through the pain barrier to represent his country only to throw it away because he’s trying to engineer a move away from Liverpool, then he is a clown.

  30. Tommy says:


    To be fair mate, you cant take qualification seriously, some of those teams that you play, i could get a team to beat, its not difficult to qualify and is not a shock that 90% of the european teams that qualify, always qualify. Italy, Spain, Germany, france, England even Greece are regular qualifyiers because its easy to get out of the group, Nothing against the dutch and Van Gaal is doing an exceptional job but as Sparks pointed out, theirs 2 top players, a lot of young lads and a lot of avarage. Even if you look at their performances mate, a great 2nd half against Spain when they should of been 2 down, they were rattled against the Aussies, They played well and beat a Chile side who rested a couple and were 2nd best for a lot of the game against Mexico, but the changes from the manager changed the game, LVG is doing exceptional things but their not a great side and will probably exit the compeition to Argentina in the semis. For me Columbia have been the standout side in the WC followed by France

  31. WilliamAR says:


    See that’s one side of the debate that doesn’t really count when you say there’s a lot of young lads. The answer to that is so what! Neymar is young but plays for barcelona, Shaw is young but good enough for us to pay 30 million to get in our team. what I am trying to say is that age is irrelevant. there are 30 year olds playing for non league teams but that doesn’t make them as good as shaw and neymar. The dutch have a lot of young players but they are good enough to compete against the worlds best in the world cup.

  32. Marco Soares says:

    I agree with Tommy though, maybe a few of these young dutch players have the potential to progress but they aren’t that good a side, their side in 2010 was far stronger and had Sneider on TOP form, LVG tactical genius and man management has really done wonders for them and I think they have also had a little bit of luck too (which is needed sometimes) they were pretty awful against the Aussies and had Mexico not stopped playing after they went ahead against the Netherlands then they most likely would’ve been in the Quarter Final

  33. Sparkz says:

    @Marco – They’ve had their fair share of bad luck as well, Australia got a stinker of a penalty against them and so did Spain. But yeah the point stands – on a man for man basis this is a fairly weak side. But as a UNIT they’ve been excellent.

  34. Tommy says:


    They have young lads, but their not quite at the level of other young lads who play for the top sides, their young players tend to be domestic based which is not a great standard to judge as yet and I repeat how many other international sides would take these dutch players, theyn would be 2 maximum, RVP and Robbin, @Marco Soares I didnt even think the 2010 side was that strong but they went all the way to the final so it can be done with not a great side, some of the best dutch sides of all time never got close to a final so I cant criticise too much

  35. Tommy says:


    I thought the one against Spain was a pen but the on against Aussies was extreamly harsh

  36. gerrymarychurch says:

    WTF Munich says Kroos signed a new contract and now he’s off to Real?


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