Manchester United will take on Liverpool in the Europa League next week, with the first game taking place on Thursday at Anfield.

To apply for tickets, fans had to be season ticket holders or members, and there were over 13,000 applications. Unfortunately, Liverpool have only given us 2,685 tickets.

The club has been roundly mocked for their gimmicky idea of creating a ‘wall of white’. They are sending a white United away shirt to all the fans who were successful in the ballot, in a bid to ‘generate the best possible atmosphere’. This shows another example of discontent between the club and the fans. Aside from the fact lots of supporters have no interest in wearing replica shirts, the idea that anything would be needed to create a better atmosphere, for a evening kick-off game against Liverpool at Anfield in Europe, is fairly bonkers.

Seeing so many fans miss out on tickets isn’t a new thing though. For the upcoming game at the Etihad against Manchester City, there were 9,929 applications for an allocation of 2,975. For the recent FA Cup game against Shrewsbury, there were 9,423 ticket applications for an allocation of 1,524. For Sunderland away, there were 7,870 ticket applications for an allocation of 2,500. For Chelsea away there were 8,833 ticket applications for this game, but only received an allocation of 2,862.

Interestingly enough, Manchester City received an allocation of 2,000 tickets for their game next weekend against Norwich, but sent some of them back after failing to sell them all.