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United Pay For CL Games Of Relocated Fans

For the 2013/2014 season, several Manchester United fans have been told that their season ticket seats will be relocated so that 3D cameras can be installed.

Around 60 season ticket holders moved from the Stretford End and East Stand lower tiers, where prices average £28 per game, to a more expensive part of the ground, although aren’t charged for the difference.

As a good will gesture, the club have today confirmed they will also pay for all of their Champions League home game tickets.

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  1. United till I die says:

    A goodwill gesture would be giving them free season ticket for a year as well the 6 home games we play on the way to winning the champions league this season.

  2. Viva United says:

    Vidic out of pre season tour with injury.

  3. medumtum says:

    Off topic and apologized if someone has posted this earlier, but interesting interview:

  4. United till I die says:


    Did Moyes say anything that already didn’t know?

  5. mig78 says:

    Viva United, suprised vidic not in the travelling squad. nick powell was also missing. not to foget bebe.
    with valencia ana nani missing, i was hoping bebe will get the chance to show his stuff.

  6. Viva United says:

    Just hope vidic dosent have another season full of injury.

  7. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Fuck that what a swizz
    Why the fuck would I want to watch Manchester United play in 3D.
    Rooney makes a quick turn and Im ducking as his fucking beer belly does its best to whack me to the floor.
    Punditry by Jimmy Hill swishing his chin around like some baroque sabre wielding dandy spitting gallons of sputum at me whilst I hang on his every fucking word.
    AND as for tight trousers man and Redknapp in 3D, both Redknapps at that. Fucking 3D twitching in close up. Thank fuck QPR are down.

  8. medumtum says:

    @United till i die
    No. What i found interesting is the mix of humility and determination he has been showing. He knows he has huge shoes to fill, but imagine someone like Mourinho conducting such an interview. Of course results on the pitch will dictate how he will be remembered, but Moyes has been quietly dignified so far. Pretty much all i would’ve asked of a new United manager under the circumstances.

  9. Sushi says:

    Hopefully the Idiots who were whining about why we need another CB singing will shut up now. Vidic is already injured and he hasn’t even played yet…we need another experienced CB signing to bridge the quality gap between injury prone vidic and Rio to inexperienced Jones and squad player Evans.

  10. United till I die says:

    @ sushi

    Vidic is injured WTF did this happen and what’s the injury?

  11. ididnotzeeit says:

    Johnny Evans a squad player? He’s a terrific, young centerback and a proper red. Give me Evans over Garay (or any flavor of the month linked with us) everyday of the week.

  12. roboo7 says:

    it hasnt been confirmed as injury

  13. Sushi says:

    @ United, I read he has a sciatica problem and was not on the plane with the rest of the squad.


    Whatever your beliefs about Evans, fact remains is we need another CB. Because If I ever see Carrick playing there again I’m going to fucking lose it. It was disgraceful and it does nothing but fuck us over. Smalling has a horrendous record of injuries that doesn’t seem to be ending either.

    Smalling-> 50 Appearances since 2010
    Phil Jones->45 Appearances since 2011

    Fact is we can’t rely on Rio and Vidic week in and out.

  14. United till I die says:

    To be honest i wouldn’t mind another season of Rio and Vidic alternating games and pairing them beside Evans, Jones and Smalling as I thought it worked quite well the majority of last season. The only way the two younger lads will improve is through playing time and there is no better way than to play alongside one if experienced pros.

    Hopefully with Moyes being a CB himself he can use his experience to get Jones, Smalling to that next level. Evans still has some learning to do but ill be the first to admit he’s improved dramatically over the last 18 months in terms of consistency.

  15. Sushi says:

    Perhaps I was unduly harsh on Evans. I will admit he has improved considerably and can be relied upon greatly to deliver but I still believe another CB must be brought in. With every team wanting a CL spot and aiming to get one over us with a new manager we can’t be repeating calamity of Carrick in defense.

    I’d rather we bought a CB now because whatever we pay now will look like nothing compared to when injuries strike and then we are forced to pay double for shitty options in Jan window.

  16. evisu says:

    I thought 3D was dead wtf

  17. King Eric says:

    Sushi. Evans a squad player. Yes ok mate. He’s been a regular for about four seasons. Do we fuck need a centre back. It would be a waste of money. Rio. Jones. Smalling. Evans. Keane. Yeah we’re desperate for a CB.

  18. United till I die says:

    Hard for me to believe Jonny Evans is just 25 years old as it seems he’s been around the first team for a long time. To think he won’t be in his prime for another 2-3 seasons is great for our future.

    If we get another two seasons out of Rio and Vidic then Evans will be nicely placed to step Into that role of the older experienced defender with Jones and Smalling playing the younger up and coming defensive partner and That leaves young David Keane to step in to the role Jones and and Smalling currently play. All in all im quite happy with the balance we have in term of experience across the back line.


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