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United Respond To Liverpool’s Mad Rafa Over ‘Totally Inaccurate’ Criticism

Rafael Benitez has provided United fans with plenty of laughs over the past few weeks, after laying in to Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United in regards to decisions made by the FA and our chairman’s position with the FA.

Without needing notes, Ferguson dismissed Benitez as ‘disturbed’, ‘ridiculous’ and ‘angry’, not wanting to pay too much attention to the FSW’s remarks.

“A lot of people think the same as me,” said Benitez. “I need to change my mobile phone because it is blocked with so many messages of support. After 22 years of Mr Ferguson working, I understand why.”

Firstly, you don’t need to buy a new mobile if your message box gets full, you thick twat, you just press the delete key. Secondly, where are all these people who supposedly support you? Why aren’t we inundated with these messages of support in the press? Of course, there’s Ian Rush who’s on side, Andy Townsend, Graham Poll. But where are the people who actually matter? The people whose opinion you’d actually give a shit less about? Maybe there are hundreds of people who agree with Benitez, but they’re not bloody mental enough to go on and on to the press about it.

David Gill has today rejected Benitez’s outlandish claims, sorry, I mean ‘facts’, with as much ease as the manager.

“With respect to his comments on my position they are totally inaccurate,” said Gill. “The reality of it is that on the FA board sit three representatives of the Premier League in Premier League chairman Dave Richards, Bolton chairman Phil Gartside and myself. They are elected every year by every club in the Premier League and when we are on the board we are there representing the Premier League and I am not there representing Manchester United. The reality is that when you look at the decisions and issues I think anyone would understand that we don’t get special treatment because of that. Therefore I was surprised (by Benitez’s comments) and I think they are totally inaccurate.”

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  1. Anon says:

    he said shit about gill? sorry for being lost here! :P
    anyways, trust FSW to state such “facts”; whatever they were this time…

  2. Red-Manc says:

    the spanish waiter has gone mad, we should of come out and just agreed with him that would of sent him over the edge.

    Makes me laugh how people say the FA help us, yet Cantona was banned, gerrard isnt. Rio was banned for missing a drugs test Mutu is found taking drugs yet Rio gets a longer ban, maybe a more important one is Scholes and Rooney get a red card in the same competition as liverpool and our red cards go through to the league they miss the matches, yet the liverpool players in the same competition there red cards dont go through to the league and they miss no games.

    Oh not to mention the member of the FA who wanted liverpool in the champions league even though they finish 5th… Rafa is shitting himself,FACT

  3. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    i gotta say

    i fucking love that photo

  4. Costas says:

    Well at least overtime Keagan realised he lost the plot and to some extent patched things up with Fergie.I can’t see this fucker ever taking back all the dirt he has thrown at Ferguson.Of course when he was at Spain and he truly felt what it was like for a club to manipulate authorities(ahem Real ahem) he never complained did he?

  5. Giles Oakley says:

    Brilliant photo. Gill did a good job in his reply to the fat waiter: measured, low-key, dignified,factual. The perfect demolition job following Fergie’s withering ‘angry’ & ‘disturbed’ put-down. Between them, they put him on the defensive even if United don’t overtake Liverpool this weekend and did it in a way that doesn’t put United under extra pressure. Total class.

  6. Jake says:

    I think the lily-livered Poll turned on Benitez a couple of days later to say it was an insult to top refs to suggest they could be influence by ferguson so strike him off the allies list…the numbers are dwindling

  7. Kings says:

    Latest: United 1 Wigan 0. Rooney scores, then goes off injured after pulling his hamstring, sincerely hope he won’t be out for too long.

  8. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    But Benitez said he was talking “facts?”
    hahah that thick (in both senses) twat

  9. whiteknight03 says:

    Didn’t Rick Parry and David Dien sit on the same commitee? I mean really??? He expects us to believe that whole footballing world in England is afraid of SAF as if he’s gonna gun them down in the streets if anyone even looks at him the wrong way. I believe that’s what they call bringing the game into disrepute…more water garcon!

  10. Costas says:

    For fuck sake why do we have to get one of these injury crisis every year.Rio and Wes out for 2 weeks and Evra and Rooney out for at least 3!The manager confirmed it just before.Oh and Tevez and Evans are carrying knocks ahead of Saturday.I have to say that a draw in Saturday won’t be a total disaster.We won’t be first but should we beat Liverpool we will be first.The main thing is to use those cup fixtures as a way to let our injuries heal and by the trip to the Hawthorns most of them will be back.

  11. themarkedman72 says:

    Now liverpool have embarrased themselves on and off the pitch. What a mentally defective loser.
    I almost feel sorry for the dippers.
    They have there best shot in 18 years at winning it and this stupid idiot bl;ows em out of the water.
    Well I might feel sorry for em if I could stop laughing.

  12. suhayl says:

    Who agrees with him….see my earlier comments.

    His own players clearly DONT. What a sad indictment on the fat bastard

    See torres and carraghers comments 13.01.09


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