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United Respond to the Republik on Poor Babes Tribute

Busby Babes Tribute

Many reds have just been waiting for this Glazer lead Manchester United to screw up the Babes tribute. It had been so far so good, following the news of a sponsor less kit being warn by both United and City for the game on February 10th. Barring bitters spoiling the minutes silence, it appeared as though things were set to run smoothly.

The day before yesterday, United strung up a large banner to the back of the East Stand, showing a picture of the the Busby Babes alongside the words to the Calypso. However, upon closer inspection, a mistake in the words is there for all to see. Busby’s name had been omitted from the ‘Bunch of bouncing Busby Babes’ line. On top of that, sponsors AIG had managed to find their way on to the commemorative picture, their logo located next to ‘They play on in our memories’. Was this really necessary?

On the Republik of Mancunia forum, the e-mail addresses of those in the know at Old Trafford were listed for us to contact. Promptly, the replies came flooding in.

The cut and paste job we all received from read: The commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash has involved many different groups including the club’s partners, who wish to pay their own tributes.

Each group has chosen to pay tribute in its own way. It is entirely appropriate that a partner as closely involved with the club as AIG would want to remember that extraordinary team, cut down in its prime.

Key figures were consulted before the project was agreed, including the Busby family and all were supportive of what is a stunning and poignant tribute.

With regard to the omission in the text, that was a mistake made during the proofing process and is in the process of being corrected. Clearly it is a regrettable matter, but one the Club has taken steps to rectify as soon as it was able.

Click here to sign a petition started by a fellow red.

Is that good enough?

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  1. Duncan says:

    If you can’t bear how united run their club (and it’s NOT your club), the go and support FC United.

  2. Tom F says:

    I can see even the least sensitive United fans finding something to moan about, including myself. however I think it has to been realised what a difficult process it is to have the tributes in place that we do.

    The idea of traditional style football kits was surely a huge accomplishment for all involved, with nobody making profit from this. So I will get over the AIG logo. Especially as most of our fans wear that logo across their chests everywhere they go.

    Just let them get on with it.

  3. Red Ranter says:

    Actually it was published on their site on the 20th. So they actually did a copy paste from their website.

    Here’s the link

    I had written on it on RR too. Didn’t get a great reception to the petition part though.

  4. Oscar says:

    i must point out that the new man utd badge is also a profit making device, it wasnt around in 1958! AIG is part of the United culture as was vodafone and sharp before it, it shouldnt matter if there is a little badge in the corner the main thing is that all the players who lost their lives are be remembered

  5. Tom F says:

    Yep, I can’t remember but were people kicking off when UNITEDs logo went from ‘Manchester United Football Club’ to ‘Manchester United’? That was long before the Glazers too.

  6. Sniper says:

    Don’t worry lads..I’ve posted it on many united forums…and orkut happens to have 150,000+ fans(though not all are active members)..
    Lets see how that goes.

  7. Salford Red. says:

    The club has dealt with all other aspects of the aniversary with a great degree of empathy and sensitivity. For this they should be applauded.However to place the AIG emblem on this otherwise beautiful banner is completely inappropriate. Let us be under no illusion the amblem is there not to articulate AIG respect and admiration for the Babes as a corporation -although this is not to say that individual members of their workforce do not share these sentiments- but simply to utilize the prime advertizing space that a banner of this size, magnitude, and significance represents. It’s tawdry and betrays the amount of class and quiet dignity that, so far, United have shown in honouring the Babes.

  8. Tom F says:

    Salford Red – There is no denying that such a prime advertising space has been snapped up, it is a bit of a shame and does not sit well amongst the dignified manner in which United have dealt with this whole situation so far.

    However-It is forgiven and forgotten as we unfortunately live in an era where money comes before anything else, none of us like it but we have to take what we can and in what we’ve been offered so far that is far more than most clubs would get (Not that many clubs have had to deal with a tragedy on the scale of Munich, nothing could be on par with the scale of our whole re-building process).

    AIG has over taken every sponser in football, for the record breaking deal we made with them comes the price of giving a lot of advertising space. I was more shocked at “Busby’s” being left out of the Calypso!!

  9. Salford Red. says:

    Tom F- Agree with your comments to a degree. Perhaps reds, like myself, are being too sensitive. It just that when i passed the banner on my way to work yesterday i felt saddened to see the logo. AIG have their name splashed all over OT and the surrounding areas- including a billboard on the M602- As you rightly state this is their right given the amount of money they have paid our club. However with the amount exposure they have around OT surely the could have left the logo of the banner. There is no other way to look at it that, granted in a very small and some may say inoccuous way, AIG are exploiting the tragedy.It may be the way of the coporate world to exploit any areas of public space with their logos, but it doesn’t stop it being a crass decision by the OT hierarchy to allow this to happen. As for missing the “Busby” part of the calypso, it is very very unfortunate. And would usually prompt a rant from myself stating how out of touch the “suits” are with the heritege of our great club. However as you rightly state the “suits” have shown a great deal of class in organising most of the commerations for the “Babes” so will just put this oversight down to just that an unfortunate oversight.


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