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United Should Be Flattered By Ronaldo Interest?

“If it was me, it would make me proud that the big clubs were asking about our players,” said Real Madrid rat Calderon yesterday.

I’ll address the possibility of this being a dig at the size of United as a club later. First, it’s important to state that United don’t have any problem with other big clubs showing an interest in our players. Of course it’s a compliment that a successful club feels as though your players are good enough to cut it for them. It’s not telling us anything we don’t know though, obviously, as Ronaldo could walk in to any side in the World.

However, if Calderon had merely come out saying “Cristiano Ronaldo is a brilliant player,” then there’d be no problem. But that’s not what has happened. We’ve been hounded, on a daily basis, with comments from this man and Real Madrid.

“We are in this situation as passive spectators,” Calderon continued, which is possibly the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. Passive spectators are the hordes of fans who show up at Wimbledon every season, politely clapping the points.

Real Madrid are taking the piss out of us and making mugs of themselves whilst doing so. It appears though, sadly, as though they are entirely shameless in their efforts to sign the player they want, which is bad news for United.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, “passive” means “not acting to influence or change a situation”. It is totally apparent that everything Real Madrid have done in the past month is them taking an active role in trying to convince Ronaldo to move to their club.

“Spectator” is defined as “a person who watches an activity, especially a sports event, without taking part”. Whilst Real Madrid are watching to see if Ronaldo will publicly confess his desire to leave United, they are making sure they are doing everything they possibly can to sway his decision. Spectators at a football game look on as the players go about their business on the pitch. They do not run on to the pitch, have a kick of the ball, then watch to see what comes of it.

Real Madrid have shown themselves as completely low class, even inferring that United aren’t a “big club” like them. Lucky us, the mighty Real Madrid want to buy one of our players.

Ferguson wanted rid of Beckham and van Nistelrooy, so was more than happy when Real Madrid came sniffing. When they bought Gabriel Heinze off us last summer for £1.1 million more than we paid for him, and £1.2 million more than Liverpool had offered, I felt relieved more than proud. More fool them.

However, is it the talk of “big clubs” to kiss arse of the players they have interest in? Admiring Ronaldo is one thing, to put him on a pedestal is something different.

“For Madrid it is an honour to know that a player like him thinks that playing at Real would be good,” said Calderon. “We are proud to know that he would like to be with us.”

Whilst it’s undeniable that Ronaldo is a great player, essentially, that’s all he is. He’s no god, he’s just a 23-year-old footballer who enjoyed fantastic form last season. I find it embarrassing, quite frankly, that a club of Real Madrid’s stature would be “honoured” that any player had indicated they wanted to join them.

Can you imagine United stating they felt “honoured” or “proud” because any player was interested in a United move? It should always be the other way around.

That about sums up Real Madrid though, they’ll say and do whatever they need to in order to ensure the player joins them. The question is, will Ronaldo be stupid enough to fall for it?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. mike says:

    Ronaldo is either very smart or very stupid we shal find out what happens next in this latest drama of The Ronaldo Show!!!

  2. raymond says:

    the one who wrote this content is completely out of context, its not only real madrid that has done such a thing b4, the player is completely showin his desire for real madrid so tel me y real should stay back, to be termed as a big club doesnt depend on one season, can u compare real and man utd in terms of success and buyin players. the reason for all this nonsense is that the premier league has never produced a world best player wat a shame for u guys. ronaldo is mostlikely goin to b so thats y sir alex is so furious, ronaldo has a spanish gal and has already bot a house in spain, so shame on u

  3. Ant says:

    Raymond, learn how to speak english…I cannot understand a word you have typed.

    You are obviously a prat!

    Since when has Ronaldo ‘bot’ a house? I think you read too many tabloids. Oh dear.

  4. Tom F says:

    In a way I think Real have actually started to contemplate the fact that they have started a battle the may well lose.

    I remember an interview with Paddy Crerend (what a man!) and he was talking about growing up and bullies in his school. The advice given to him “Hit them back as hard as you can, you may get a beating but they’ll never touch you again”.

    This reminds me of the ever political, Real Madrid. They are backing down more and more on a daily bases. Claiming that even £50m is too much for one player, despite the original “we will pay what is neccessary” talk over the weeks building up around the start of the Euro’s?

    Manchester United and Sir Alex in particular base their own motives on trust and loyalty and he is a man not to be messed with.

    The noises coming out of the Spanish media, which is obviously dictated by the ‘right’ people and the ‘right amount’ of money is all very well organised and prepared to twist an arm here or cast a doubt there but Manchester United are the biggest club in the world. We have the biggest fan base and that is fact. The times are changing and Real will have to learn that.

    Also, Raymond I’m sure a lot of footballers have houses in Spain and other ‘warmer’ countries. If I had the money I’d probably have a house there too… only for hoiday’s I’d miss the media and the rain too much otherwise!

  5. jsos says:

    Raymond – as difficult as it is to decipher your post as it seems to have been written via text from the mob of a 15 year old… here goes.

    First, you open your post saying the content of this article is completely out of context – then don’t give any content to back up that statement. Then you go on to say the player is completely showing his desire for Real.. while we all know Ronaldo has said he’d one day like to play in Spain.. any “desire” shown now has been limited to the spanish press stating so. No one will know what Ronaldo actually wants until some press who’s not in bed with the spanish government can report on the matter.

    As for comparing Real and United.. it appears you are saying that United only have “one season” to show their “big club” status compared to Real’s history. For the past 18 years we’ve been enjoying silverware-ridden success both in England and Europe. How that becomes “one season” of high achievement in your post – I cannot know.

    What I do know is that Real has, effectively, become the graveyard of great players. No one comes to you to improve – that’s not what you offer. Players come to you at the tipping point of their career to begin their plateau and then inevitable decline into oblivion. Put it down to the fickle fans, unstable government situation, inability of the club to actual teach anyone anything, or to the herd of egos trying to prove themselves as individuals rather than upholding any sense of “team” mentality. Whatever you call it, it’s a club that used to be great. It’s a club feeling the pains of riding the coat tails of talent that other managers have developed. It’s why you can’t win anything now. It’s the type of mentality that allows you to publicly state that one player can somehow turn around the mess you’ve made.

    Where Ronaldo’s gf is from, how many houses he buys – these are not important. The point is, no one – Ronaldo or otherwise, will change the inability of Real to be low-class and caught up in their own mess. Whatever happens going forward, you will never understand what it means to have a team of players whose love of the sport and each other make seasons fantastic. Money doesn’t buy that, you see. That comes from somewhere other than the pocketbook.

  6. Stephen says:

    Raymond well quite, anyway I also believe taht the Ronnie to Real situation is a game that Calderon entered and probably that he would loose.

    He has said to the press that thay won’t make a bid unless United say thet a willing to sell, which they obviosly will not do and also Real can’t afford either.

    I understand and correct me if I am wrong, that he is not very popular and I think, and pos wrongly he thought it would soungd great to the fans knowing it would not happen, but the naive and not so bright Ronaldo has fallen for his advances?

    Just a thought but, United should call his bluff and say “Ok he is all yours for £70m” and see what happens, a gamble but one worth doing I think.

  7. jpf says:

    raymond – Stop talking shit, learn to spell and punctuate, and fuck off to a site where people give the slightest shit about your uneducated drivel.

  8. Craig Mc says:

    jpf – lol, couldn’t have said it better myself!.

    Anyone think Calderon has any idea what the word PASSIVE means?. M’thinks Real Madrid protesteth their innocence in the CR7 affair too much.

    Also how dense are they to get the message. Calderon says, “if the player continues to exclaim he wants to join us, and Man United will sell, then we will speak with United. I mean, this man is stubborn as shit you can’t get off a shoe that’s accidentally trodden in it. United reporting them to FIFA, and sending Madrid a written letter to that effect, would have made any normal intelligent person know, United have made their ‘No Deal’ stance crystal clear. Real Madrid are as F***ing persistent, as the hump is on the Hunchback of Notre dame. A nuiscance.

  9. JB says:

    Great post, jsos! Sums it up perfectly.

    Craig, now you’ve got me picturing Claderon as Igor from Young Frankenstein….”I have a hump?”

  10. Stephen says:

    Thay are a bunch of c**ts, but I suppose we were no different with Hargo and bizarely Bellion!!!!! didn’t we pay his mobile phone bill for about a season when he was with Sunderland?

    Anyway, they are not European champions we are!!!

  11. Craig Mc says:

    JB – lol, I have never seen Igor from young Frankenstein, but I guess he has Quesemodo type stump eh?. Good bumping into you on here, small world hey?.

  12. Jim Mills says:

    Every day now, this t**t Calderon is harping on to the media about the CR7 affair, saying that they would not do anything to upset us and that they won’t make a move because the player belongs to us. He should shut the **** up then, or is he not aware of the concept of ‘protesteth too much’. This notion that we should be honoured that Real are interested in one of our players is a complete joke, what arrogance. I believe that we should refuse to sell tha player to Madrid, whatever happens, even if we sell the player eventually. Somebody has to make a stand against them and teach them a lesson as only a big club can

  13. Kevin says:

    When I cam across this article and the quote I got mad right away. I wrote to my friend to tell him about my anger and he said something that I wanted to share with all of you. He is a United fan who flew from Houston, TX to Manchester for the Champions League final to be close to Old Trafford for the game.

    “Don’t let yourself get riled up by them. They’re awful, they’re the devil, they suck ___. However you want to put it, it’s nothing new. I stopped paying attention to anything they say.”

    I gotta say, he is right. We have to forget about Madrid and let Fergie, Quieroz, Gill, Charlton, and all the other decision makers decide on the best course of action. Fergie has not let us down, even when we thought he was. Many where upset to see Becks, RVN, Heinze, and others sent packing by Fergie, seems to have worked out. Fergie will replace him and set up a winning system with what he has.


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