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United sign Fabio Coentrao on loan?

Reports in England confirmed Fabio Coentrao has signed a loan deal with United after we missed out on Everton’s Leighton Baines.

The Real Madrid left back played 16 games in the league for them last season.

Real Madrid paid €30m for him two summers ago.

However, despite United’s claim the deal was done, Real Madrid are arguing it wasn’t finalised in time, after they missed out on securing the signature of potential replacement Siqueira. United submitted the transfer to the Premier League before the 11pm deadline but both clubs have to confirm the deal using FIFA’s TMS system.

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  1. Sushi says:

    All United had to do was pay Everton a compensation of sorts for the 3 months or so left on Moyes contract. Give them 500k or 1M or whatever and get Moyes to drop Everton and move into Carrington. Those 2 extra months would have given him overlap with SAF, a chance to meet and discuss targets and transition planning with Gill and Woodward and Glazers.

    Instead what we had was a cluster fuck where Moyes the most important hiring of MUFC recent history having less than 3 days to familiarize himself with staff before he was off to parts unknown to sell replica bull shit to Asians.

  2. zaha says:

    Yh that would be sensible tbh.

  3. redsouljaboy says:

    @wayne – jog off will ya.

  4. Sushi says:

    Its a fucking sad day when cunts like Martin the Ape Samuel and all the cunts at Guardian, Telegraph etc write an article that actually correctly depicts MUFC behavior this summer.

  5. AK says:

    The reaction here is hilarious guys lol. WE’LL NEVER DIE. Yes, last nights debacle was definitely weird and puzzling. But, look at the squad we have plus the addition of fellaini. Isn’t that what everyone wanted? Some grit and strength in the midfield? I’m actually very excited with the team we have right now. We havnt even kicked off first gear yet and some of you people are calling for our demise…lol. Nani, chicharito, kagawa have barely played and I feel are gonna be huge for us at some point this season. Our defence is amazing (regardless of that one single mishap at anfield). We’re playing really well without being no where close to our standards. So what we didnt get some signings. We’ll be fine. I love cleverley and want him to succeed but he hasn’t been cutting it recently; he’s just not adventurous enough. Fellaini could replace him in the starting lineup and I’m really excited to see what he can add. If he plays like how he plays against us then we’ll be smiling for days. Now that the transfer season is over, lets focus on the next game vs palace; we need 3 points from that game before city. Hope kagawa has a role in that game as well as fellaini and nani. I want to see a line up like this: DeGea, Valencia, rio, vidic, evra, nani, Carrick, fellaini, kagawa, rvp, Hernandez. Though we probably won’t see fellaini start his first game and most likely appear off the bench. Also wondering how severe jones injury is and what’s Rafael’s timetable for a return?

  6. man.utd20 says:

    Its quite clear from what happened that Fellaini was 3rd or 4th choice for moyes. Why else would he not buy him before the clause expired. He was typically indecisive and is partly responsible for what happened on deadline day. As a manager you HAVE to be sure if the player is good for your team. And when you are sure an extra $3-4m shouldn’t matter. I am sure it was woodward being the disciple of glazers who haggled over the extra money needed for herrera.

    And i dont know who on earth told moyes to go after fabregas. Everyone in the world knew he wouldn’t move. He wasted 10 – 15 days chasing him and i dont know why we didnt lodge a simultaneous bid for herrera/ de rossi/ snijder or who ever he had on the list. Why wait for the last day. Its clear that it is penny pinching that got us to this mess

  7. midfield-man says:

    read that he waved his loyalty bouns of 4m to join, so that we essentially got him at 23.5.

    Anyway, not what we all wanted, but can’t argue that at least it’s something different and potentially make us stronger. Our next game against Palace is a given 3 points..probably another 4:1 result..we’ll see how we line up against City and what he’ll do for us in a real match at that point.

  8. midfield-man says:

    Midfielder Sami Khedira has claimed Real Madrid turned down an offer for him just before the closure of the transfer window on Monday night.

    Jesus, did they just open up the good ol’ black phone book and started calling random people?

  9. midfield-man says:

    One thing’s for sure, I hope big bird is playing some better football in a red shirt then he’s played this season for Everton, as it’s been utter shite from him so far.. hope he plays resembles some of his best performances at Everton last season week in week out as we’ll sorely need it.

  10. midfield-man says:

    “we desperately needed a big old nasty cunt in midfield to start controlling that area with carrick. time to get #21″


  11. midfield-man says: would be hilarious to see any spanish team we may face in the CL trying to mark him in the box on a corner. Good luck with that.

  12. MumbaiRed says:

    Afterthoughts post sleeping over yesterday:

    I don’t think anyone is denying that we have some promising youth and the additions are positive – Fellani, Zaha, Januzaj and Lingard.. Domestically, if anyone says that we cannot stand head-to head with City and Chelsea is simply ignoring the quality that this team has. Yes, we did not score for 180 minutes. But if anyone thinks that RVP, Rooney, Hernandes, Kagawa, Nani will not get you the goals then you are only kidding yourselves. Bear I mind, I have not included Welbeck, Zaha, Cleverley, Giggs, Ando to the above list.

    If I compare the Anfield loss vs. City’s loss against Cardiff, which is more worrying for their respective fans? In what world is a loss away 1-0 at Anfield worse than a newly promoted club scoring three goals against a feeble City defense. Chelsea also required some luck from the referee to win against Villa.

    City and Chelsea are being massively overestimated. They both have serious issues, serious issues that they have not resolved. One has massive problems at back and the other one upfront. The same way as United has problems in the midfield. Have they both fixed their problems. Not quite.

    City fixed their defense with that Martín Demichelis??? Really??? Are you saying that 32 year old Demichelis is adequate cover for Kompany, in whose absence City is incapable of defending set pieces?
    And Chelsea fixed their offense with Eto’o and let Lukaku go out on loan? This is not the Eto’o of 2008 or 2009. And just because he is Mourinho – he can and not win everything that is against him.

    Less the said about Arsenal better – Fine, they did get Ozil breaking their transfer record and that’s a statement of intent by their Manager to their fans but they too have problems of their own in all 4 departments (Goalkeeping, defense, midfield and forward). They are still a long way off to solve the team’s problems and simply getting Ozil is not going to overnight make them a great team.

    So all the top 3 teams (United, City and Chelsea) are actually work in progress and so are the next 3 (Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool).

    United are by far the best positioned in the league now, and have as good a chance as anyone to win it… much better than the vast majority of sides. We can now play Carrick, Fellaini in centre of the park and have choice of Rooney-Kagawa-RVP-Welbeck-Anderson-Hernandes ahead of them supported by likes of Zaha, Nani, Young on the flanks. That is not a bad line up. There is tight defense at the back, some steel in the midfield to protect the back 4 and break up the opposition play, adequate creativity (Kagawa, Rooney, Nani, Januzaj, Zaha) up front to keep RVP and Hernandes interested for the whole 90 minutes.

    Lets not judge this transfer approach as make or break for the club. Yes, I agree, it’s the way that the whole thing was handled in the last 3 months that has angered all of us. The whole point of bringing Moyes in was to ensure Manchester United retained its class and conducted its affairs with professionalism and efficiency. Instead we have been made to look indecisive, naive, arrogant and desperate not to mention incredibly cheap.

    Taking all that into account, I agree with everyone that the transfer window was messy. It was stupid. There wasn’t a marquee signing. Granted.

    But all I know is that we got the midfielder we needed. Had Ferguson got us Fellani instead of De Rossi and Strootman, we would have been trusting the old man’s judgment and chanting the Belgian’s name. But just because its Moyes’s now, we’ll doubt him and think this the Evertonisation of Manchester United. That’s the worst accusation that we have heaped onto our new manager. The club’s standards may have slipped in the last 2 months but dare I say, that in the last 2 days, how low the quality of fans had slipped. Into the gutter.

    The wider issue is the damage done to Moyes by his novice CEO Woodward and WE, the fans are adding to his pressure. The excuse Woodward has is that he is amateurish and this is the first time he’s doing it. What’s the excuse that the Fans have?? Some of us who have supported United all our life are calling for heads based on a day’s work in the history of this great club.

    What’s done is done now. There is no Ctrl Z. Woodward maybe understands and regrets that instead of signing Bulova, Apollo and Pepsico — who are unfortunately not a trio of tricky Spanish and Brazilians midfielders but the manufacturers of watches, tyres, soft drinks and snacks, he might have focused his energy on transfers. Woodward and Moyes will realize that it is difficult to negotiate with clubs than what they had thought. Lessons learnt – Maybe Yes (Hopefully).

    As far as the fans are concerned – Do not forget the immortal words that Fergie said in his retiring speech. Lets get behind our new Manager. He needs us more than he needs Fabregas, Thiago or Khedira.

    And as bad as it was, and as ugly as it looked, I cannot wait to see United get out there and play with some energy and passion, and at to the many many great moments they have given me.

    Football is Manchester United and Manchester United is LIFE.

  13. bayoRed says:

    Let the football begin and let us forget these nightmares. Everybody should be fired up to win the EPL and prove we have a good squad despite recent shenanigans. Good learning curve for the new management and the unrelenting criticism is a lesson they will never forget. Next time go for Khedira nice and early!

  14. Red Robin says:

    Transfer windows is closed every body!

    Let’s move on! Cardiff – Man City – Liverpool ahead.

    Come on you reds!

  15. kungfoocantona says:

    so the word coming out of spain is united will sign Herrera in January. he is apparently not happy that the club have stalled his move. although in fairness they did it at the end of the transfer window and if united had done this even a week earlier they would have secured his services.

    I can see us operating in a different manner going forward on our transfer dealings as im sure moyes and mostly woodward are saying they should have done more. I would suspect if this is the case then they will go out for whoever their target is ie Herrera and acquire him a the earliest opportunity

    However I still think with a fully fit team and a proper team selection from moyes ie no gigs or clev(and I will re iterate that giggsy owes nothing to this club, he is simply to old now however can still do a job coming of the bench) unfortunately for clev he hasn’t good the goods for a starting place in our midfield and also considering that is the area that needed addressed the most the flack does fall on him. moyes has half addressed it as I still believe 2 midfielders were needed but I was glad he didn’t panic buy and has decided to wait out for his true targets.

    as for fe fe fellaini…can wait to see him winning all the headers in midfield, something we haven’t done in years. he will bring stamina and aggressiveness to the pack and all those people saying he cat play with carrick are full of poop…he is not an attacking midfielder that position is were moyes preferred hi due to his high and eye for goal and considering they didn’t exactly have a great team. his natural position is actually centre midfield but it will be interesting to see how it lines up but non the less looking forward to it…and if u say you trust moyes then trust in fellaini, the player he trusts and stop running him down as not good enough.

  16. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Why is it that whenver there is a defeat against one of your rivals there is always a long delay in the report (or even not one at all)? Hmmmmm….

  17. kungfoocantona says:

    and like I sad yesterday to all the doomers, they were not imposters but infact a sports legal team to help united unravel the mess bilbao were creating to delay the transfer. in which they succeeded. we will get him in January and apparently the player has ben assured of that.


    exactly mate and I agree. spent yesterday have to gauge my eyes out at some of the fucking mental, jump the gun posts on here. Looking forward to the PALACE game not Cardiff mate :) to se big feli knock the bag out of a few people and score a hatrick

  18. kungfoocantona says:

    ALSO united DID NOT pay everton 27.5 mill they infact only paid the 23.5 buy-out clause fee, the 4 million was a loyalty bonus which feli waivered to get the move…so this will make u all feel better now although it stil doesn’t explain why united didn’t just meet his buy out clause at the start. I would assume moyes didn’t want to cause big dramas at the club considering he just left

  19. Shebangsthedrums says:

    MumbaiRed – that’s the most sensible piece of writing I have read from anyone and I completely agree. Fans and journalists are so reactionist, journo’s need to I suppose to sell papers get listener etc. fans however, especially United fans should know better. Apart from the amateurish way we conducted our transfer business, for me we did ok. We don’t need another big name signing just yet, we needed a good defensive midfielder and that’s what we’ve got. It’s no longer such a worry how we would cope if Carrick got injured and I feel we will see the best of Carrick playing alongside Fellaini. One of the things that bothers me also is the stick Cleverley has been getting since Sunday. I think Clevs needs to be played higher up the pitch to get the best out of him, much the same way as he plays for England, he can be more effective at opening up defences from there.
    I can’t believe how easily people have had the wool pulled over their eyes with the Ozil signing. Is that really what Arsenal needed? They have lots of good attacking midfield options already, they really needed a Fellaini, also a central defender and a striker, what will they do if Giroud gets injured or when he loses form and he will because everyone does. I’ve not seen ow’t from City and Chelsea that has me worried yet and Liverpool and Spurs will not last the distance in the race for the league. Despite this being a period of transition for United, we are still well placed to win the league, lets not jump on the ABU bandwagon and see where we are come Easter.

  20. Jorge Curioso says:

    “One of the things that bothers me also is the stick Cleverley has been getting since Sunday.”

    That’s because he was WRETCHED. Welbeck wasn’t much better, TBF, but Cleverly was horrid.

  21. Shebangsthedrums says:

    Jorge – maybe he was on Sunday, no need to write him off completely, reminds me of how everyone blamed Carrick for our 2009 CL defeat to Barca. Clev’s wasn’t the only one below par on Sunday, I felt everyone other than paddy fell short of their capabilities.

  22. Jesper Olsen says:

    @Jorge… It was as an awful performance… He has obviously no confidence because I could count about 5 or 6 times he wouldn’t show to receive the ball in midfield… On the rare occasion he did he played sideways passes…. He has the ability to move about the midfield and link up…. He’s very limited and has 4 months now to prove himself with the January window…

  23. kungfoocantona says:


    Mate seriously!!!I hate writing any united player off as I think most of us learnt that when we constantly wrote of fletch only for him to become the best midfielder in Europe until the poor fella had to pack it in for a while but tom clev is not good enough period. he does not bring ANYTHING o the team what so ever im afraid. I will always support the boy of course but in 2 years time he will not be wearing a united shirt as moyes will certainly sign more central midfielders, along with feli, carrick and he even said once ago and the ninji are fit they will also get a run means he is wayyyyy down the order.

    on a plus rafa should be back for the palace game…always said he should be the future captain or vice and give it to wazza

  24. pablo says:

    Fellaini The Billy:
    Once upon a time opposition teams used a three man midfield to bully the likes of Cleverly(yes he’s not shite) and Anderson ina two man mid-field that the Manchester United team often adopted for their league games, but alas United have finally captured their own bully. “Fellaini is not a player u would want playing against you” says David Moyes so yea he knows he used him as a bully in his Everton team. Perfect buy he’s got everything from goals to one touch passing to strength tackling and aerial prowess u can’t deny we got everything about a mid-feilder in one package no doubt we made the right signing.I for one feel personally that Moyes left it late as a present to Everton that fellaini left on a high price. No other mid-fielder would have covered all the patches on the middle than Fellaini. He’s gonna be a hit and I feel it in my system, Eric Cantona-esque player anyone?

  25. AlphaRS says:

    Hello mate. A lot of anger directed towards Woodward. Understandably so but it would seem that Woodward has been instructed by Moyes not to go any higher than Moyes own valuation for a player. So Moyes has to take some responsibility there also. Says about Moyes and valuations here.

    United realistically could have had these transfers sorted early in going after Alcantara and Strootman. Buy Moyes and Woodward weren’t on the ball.

    Fellaini is the one who has lost out on £4,000,000 due to waving his loyalty bonus because Moyes didn’t value him at more than £16,000,000 initially.

  26. kungfoocantona says:

    we say that our midfield is not good enough but we then defend the players sometimes…doesn’t make sense to me.

    just like my posts all day yesterday criticising the guys on here for running their mouths all day about how bad the club is run, people need sacked, moyes is useless get him out bla blabla before anyone actually new the facts. they decided to listen to reporters when in actual fact untieds only downfall(a big one I must add) was leaving it all to lat. coantreo was coming and it was agreed only for Madrid to do the same and lose out on their left back hence why they decided to keep him, same with us and buttner, feli didnt cost 27.5 mll he cost 23.5, the extra 4 mill was supposedly for him but he waivered it and Herrera. well bilbao screwed united over and very smartly. the 3 IMPOSTERS were I actual fact 3 sports lawyers tying to fix what bilbao had started and it is believed he will arrive in January…lessons learnt and we all make mistakes

    however my point is the midfield was weak ad there was no hiding that…Valencia was out of form although he is getting it back, nani was injured and fergie often rotated him which was silly..young is poor, clev is poor, ando always player in my eyes and carrick ALWAYS plays andwell…so over all not good nani is back, tony v finding form…feli is I to play with carrick and we have shinji and ando plus zaha to come in to play with a top back 5 and front line…so I don’t get how people say its all over

  27. Shebangsthedrums says:

    Kungfoocantona – I agree, Clev’s would not be first choice on present form with a fully fit squad, but he does bring something to the team, I think he needs to be used as England play him, behind the strikers, he’s done we’ll there for England. I would however like to see more of Kagawa in that position this season and the acquisition of Fellaini will help accommodate that. All I’m saying is Clev’s wasn’t solely to blame for Sundays performance, I thought the ball out from defence was poor all game, you can blame Ferdinand and Vidic, you can blame lack of running and creating space from the forward players to enable the defence to play decent balls out. I have not heard anything of that though, that’s all I’m saying. Please don’t suggest Rooney as a future captain, I’m happy that he’s stayed purely for the fact that he is still a top quality player, but he does not deserve such an honour of captaining United, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is moved on next summer anyway and that’s fine by me.

  28. Diego says:

    Yes, let’s use ClevZZZZ behind the striker. Problem would be that he’d just pass it back to the midfield or central defense. There was a time when I thought that Ingerlund fans were giving the back-pass master a hard time but nowadays I tend to agree with them.

  29. kungfoocantona says:


    mate I would play kagawa all day long in that position and if not the feli. clev does not put assists in or score goals and you need that to play in that position

    as for rooney mate I am on a different opinion in that fergie caused this mess not rooney. fergie did what he done with tevez. tried replacing him and using him elsewhere. rooney was often played wide or in central midfield to accommodate RVP and often dropped to fit in a system. so can you blame him for being pissed off because someone else was brought in and scoring all the goals while you are the sacrifice???

    he never put in a transfer request so why fergie stoked that fire up in beyond me and he did not give moyes the most healthy start in his job. I very rarely go against the great great man but I hate it when deluded people say he NEVER gets it wrong…he has and lots of times. what makes him the best is that he more often than not rectifies his mistake. so im sorry to say I agree with rooney, he also never said anything publicly which was good and did his talking on the pitch esp against chelski were he was supposed to go to…didn’t look like a player busting to move…mark my words mate he will be firing in all cylinders this season and with him and rvp at the helm we are going to be awesome, he owes united nothing mate he has given us 9 great seasons. even gigs and scholes contemplated leaving at one stage in there career mate but they stayed on.

    I o understand your point though and I have always said on here that debates and criticism is great but its the good dam numptie with there quick reactions poo me off :)

    would still like to see him as kipper, sign a new deal and that’s it..end his career as a legend because ive no doubt he will…

  30. kungfoocantona says:


    also mate im talking about clev in general, if anything apart from the first 10 minutes when he was like a tramp looking for his sleeping bag then he was probably one of the better players that day

  31. Costas says:

    4 years of avoiding to buy a CM, we finally buy one and it turns out he had to bend his balls backwards to make it happen. Credit to Fellaini and only him for making it happen.

  32. belfastred says:

    Just heard the latest.. sky spouting shite that RvP is unhappy with DMs training methods?! They are really baying for his blood aren’t they!

  33. Jones says:

    How do we stack up against the top clubs in Europe? The list of favorites for the Champions League trophy is now a very,short list. Manchester United is not on it to be honest and I’m not sure what we can be content with. Unfortunately,it will only take a miracle for United to make it to the latter stages this season. I applaud the initial intention to try and get Fabregas,because that was going to really put us on the list of the world’s very best. It’s really sad that he snubbed a move to United but we now need to look ahead. Come January,we need to make at least one strategic midfield signing but next summer there should be no excuse. We need to go all out for one of the very best playmakers in European football. Let’s hope there won’t be a repeat of the kind of debacle we experienced the last two months. But for now let’s just work hard and hope to make it beyond the group stages and even last 16. Then we stack up some real ammunition next summer. The potential is there and we just need a few more reinforcements. Im just consoling myself. Nothing elsevI can do

  34. Marq says:


    Hah, yea, it as Fellaini who pushed through the transfer, not woodward. The transfer request that he delivered personally, the waiver of the loyalty fee. Kudos to him.

    I can imagine alfro wigs on sale in the United store already, haha

  35. WeAreUnited says:

    ONE thing is for sure, if a player is ready to cut his 4mill to transfer himself, then he definitely wants to play for this club. Very positive from him.

    Maybe they change the contract later and it was for byrocracy but hats off for Fellaini, a good way to show his desire to play for us.

  36. ahjs says:


    “I can’t believe how easily people have had the wool pulled over their eyes with the Ozil signing. Is that really what Arsenal needed? They have lots of good attacking midfield options already, they really needed a Fellaini, also a central defender and a striker, what will they do if Giroud gets injured or when he loses form and he will because everyone does”

    They said the same about us last year – we didn’t need Van Persie. United fans themselves seemed to be the biggest voices in opposition to RVP! Ozil is a significant upgrade on what Arsenal have. Pretty much any team would be improved by him and I think they’d be mugs to miss out on him. They’ve wanted him for years.

    They signed a Fellaini – Flamini for free. They had the second best defence in the league and up front they have Podolski, Walcott and Super Bendtner in reserve. OK not perfect, but with one of the best players in the world there and a good young attacking team, maybe they wont have much trouble attracting further players in January and next summer? I think it’s a monster signing, and an exciting one just from a football fan’s perspective.


    True, credit to Fellaini. Good player, good signing and all that.

    I wonder if the plan with Herrera is to let his 36m clause expire, come back in January with a 40m bid? Sounds like good business to me.

  37. Marq says:

    I think people need to understand United decided not to pay 30.5m for Hereera, not because they are reluctant to pay extra 5m. The overall fee to activate the clause could be in excess of 40m because of the taxes

  38. Sparkz says:

    Ozil won’t drastically change Arsenal. They’ll still be battling for 4th spot this season, and it could simply come down to depth of squad which they lack in most areas. Put it this way – as brilliant as the Ozil signing is, and as high quality as their midfield options are….I still think there’s more chance of them finishing 5th than in the top 3..

    As for us, one thing I am pleased about is that both Herrera and Fellaini appear to really WANT to sign for Utd. We’ve got one, hopefully we can get the other in January.

    Not the biggest fan of Fellaini BUT the more I think about it, the more I think he could turn out to be a very good signing for us. Gives us something we currently lack, but crucially, he could free up others. I said it yesterday – he could allow Carrick to get higher up the pitch and make use of his passing ability.

    Also, having him and Carrick protecting the back 4 could mean we are now able to pick the most attacking, fluid and technical front 4. Less of players being picked coz they work hard, more opportunities for the likes of Kagawa, Nani and Zaha.

  39. Maltamanc says:

    Sign Herrera and Coentrao first week of January…. We’ ve let Herrera down and now I just read that Coentrao was crying on the shoulders of Nani and Ronaldo when his move failed to materialize…. Both are desperate to play for us… Just the kind of players we need… Had we signed them we would have been very stronger… Also welcome Marouane, we are all behind you !!!

  40. parryheid says:

    I thought all business costs ie transfers were tax deductible,so how would the club be paying anything?

  41. The One says:

    Don’t know if there’s any truth in this as the media’s full of shit – interesting anyway.

  42. Red Robin says:

    It was Moyes decision not to buy Herrera at 30.5 mil which is just below Berba price of 30.75 mil.


    I’m so ready for Palace match and leave this transfer windows bollocks.

    There are many things to learn from this window, we did errors here and there but it will just make us stronger if we do not repeat the same on January.

    I have said this before and I’m going to say it again, I was hoping Fellaini to come this time and Fabregas to come on January.

  43. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Ozil will make a massive difference to Arsenal anyone who thinks otherwise has not watched him play. In fantasy world does Arsenal have any player better than him?

    Ozil is a chance creator, he has a lazer like ability to understand and find strikers in the attacking third. Ronnie even said he understood his movements best of all Real players. Arsenal have suffered from a directness in front of goal and players who could bring the best out of their strikers. Ozil is a phenomenal player and would have walked into the United MF. Very few players in the world can link MF and attack and create chances like he can. It is foolish to think he won’t massively up Arsenal’s game. For me Arsenal are now serious title contenders, this was the buy of the season, it beats Bale or Neymar, who will make little difference to their Clubs.

  44. Mr C says:

    @NBI Red Moysey – some good points there. I am more concerned about Arsenal than Chelski or City tbh as Wenger tooled up with decent players- and he has a few now – ain’t no mug. I know they’ve won bugger all, but Arsenal have over-achieved in recent years given the welter of bargain basement Johnnies that Wenger’s been utilising for money reasons. Africa Cup of Nations duty is not a factor either with the make up of the current Arsenal side.

    Still think we’ll win the league is Moyes gets his selections right though.


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