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United Sign Falcao!

Incredibly, Manchester United have managed to loan Radamel Falcao from Monaco for the 2014-15 season.

United have reportedly agreed a £6m loan deal and will have the option to sign the striker permanently at the end of the season.

The striker is currently earning £300k-a-week but United will only be paying part of those wages.

Falcao hasn’t enjoyed his time with Monaco after signing for close to £50m last summer. He scored 9 goals in 17 league appearances.

However, his scoring record before moving to France was significantly better.

The 28-year-old scored 34 goals in 43 games in his first season for Porto, after signing from River Plate. In his second season he scored 38 goals in 42 games. Then he signed for Atletico Madrid, where he scored 36 goals in his first season and 34 in his second.

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  1. j sman says:

    i am hoping honestly that he goes to arsenal strictly because we can get more for him there. We still need money in to finance our big money spending this summer. Arsenal are not in my opinion a major threat and don’t think that with the addition on danny will do anything more for them in terms of points

  2. demoniclsayer says:

    Arsenal’s fans have been fuming long time. Some even wanted to remove wenger feeling that they should invest in a striker. Having bought Sanchez and Ozil but not even having a proper striker will see them fail to reach the 1st place.

  3. RedOne says:

    So Danny is a gooner then…What a bloody waste. I`d want him to stay and develop here. I think this is a mistake cause he has the potential to reach Henry`s level.

    Just hope it`s a loan deal…

  4. Nigel Macmillan says:

    I hope we at least get a good dollar for him then( welbz)
    Don’t like selling to rival club!!!!
    So long Danny, don’t trip on the way out the door…
    Seriously though he was truly homegrown, just not quite enough about him unfortunately
    I’d say best of luck…. But not if he’s going to be a gooner….

  5. The One says:

    Falcao, wow, wow, wow, this is absolutely stupendous, now who could have seen that coming!! And, who says we can’t attract top top world class stars, here’s one for you, idiots (those of you who were doubting, I know there’re loads of you out here, raise your hands and admit your folly)!!

    The media keeps going on and on and on about us not being able to sign players because we’re not in the CL this year, what utter nonsense. They’re working on the assumption (as always) that we’re finished, and presuming (wrongly) we’ll be out of the CL for a long time. Absolute stupidity. However, like I said in another post, we’re well capable of finishing 3rd or 4th. I stop short of predicting any higher than 3rd because we’re in some sort of a transition phase with a new manager and lots of new players and a totally new system and philosophy but I wouldn’t be surprise at all if we finished champions even though we have quite a bit of catching up to do after our less than desirable start to the season. With the players LvG has brought in, I hopeful that transitioning to the 3-5-2 philosophy will be much quicker and smoother.

  6. j sman says:

    It is reported 6 million for a loan deal for Danny

  7. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Be Very Very surprised if welbz ever came close to Henry. Unlikely

  8. j sman says:


    the majority consensus is that he will change his system to 4 at the back. Hopefully that is the case because we need wingers not wing backs.

  9. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Don’t look now boys but we’ve got a pretty good team…
    Anyone got a squad list as it stands?
    R we a little short up front still if RVP gets surgery?

  10. Big Vex says:

    Welcome RM9!!!!!!! Woodward you beauty.

  11. Mav says:

    6 million loan deal? that re-coups some of the falcao money, and depending on the wage payment set up for both deals, not a bad swap for United all things considered.

  12. The One says:

    Welbz to the arse for £6m on loan is good business, so long as it’s not a permanent deal. Hopefully, he’ll come back a better player with another season of regular football under his belt.

  13. Boubacar Amadou Sy says:

    we should not sell welbeck to arsenal our rival this is a huge error and we are making them stronger because they didn’t have any striker since giroud is out ! Welbeck could be their new thierry henry !

  14. Boubacar Amadou Sy says:

    welbeck is better than falcao today

  15. j sman says:


    I think we are short up front with RVP set to have knee surgery soon. We have Rooney, Falcao and Wilson which is fine baring no one gets injured. Hopefully we can keep them fit and RVP can have a short recovery time.

  16. j sman says:


    Welbeck never reached his potential and i don’t think he will be the striker everyone expected him to be. He will be decent but i don’t think that he will greatly improve their team. He is a decent player but to compare him to Thierry Henry is a little extreme

  17. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Nigel, I’m not sure who first said Welbeck could be as good as Henry, but bloody hell have people picked up on it and run with that baton. He’s nearly 24, and he averages a goal in every five games. So people should really stop with that ridiculous comparison which is not helpful to Welbeck.

    That being said I’m surprised United have let Welbeck go to a direct rival. I wish him well, but just not at our expense.

  18. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Once again Welbeck hailed as the new Henry. Give it a rest.

  19. wayne barker says:

    Falcao makes 350 k per week

  20. Nigel Macmillan says:

    No way in welbz better than Falcao in front of goal

    J sman : that’s what I thought too, not much cover

  21. j sman says:

    Our signings will take us to January and hopefully we will be in a stronger position by then. January should just be the finishing touches in the squad and hopefully that will bring us into contention for CL.

  22. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Gary: I said I thought welbz would never be Henry, too clumsy.
    Wayne : 350k holy shit!! Better score for fun then!!
    Who’s gonna be our fourth striker?

  23. SebaLaBrujita says:

    What’s the view about selling a Young, Cleverly, Evans, Smalling, Anderson and Fletcher to one of our direct rivals? I’m guessing there wouldn’t be too much resistance….

    The problem with these wasters is that if this collective are given continued game time, our direct rivals would be QPR, Burnley and Leicester!

  24. j sman says:


    I think that will force us into a 442 system with our recent signings but we will see in a couple of weeks

  25. The One says:

    Now, it makes absolute sense for us to go for top top players with the enormous sponsorship deals we’ve signed with both chevy and adidas. No business is going to pay top £££ to a mediocre team with second rate players, so business viability demands that we have to go for some of the best players available. So, while I hate the glazers’ ownership of the club, I don’t buy that oft popular notion that they’ll not back the manager or the team. Their business model will definitely be unsustainable otherwise.

  26. RedOne says:

    No doubt that Falcao is far superior to Welbs. Also never said Welbs is as good as Henry, but he does remind me of Henry while he was at Juve where he was forced to play out of position…

    He might be a late bloomer like Drogba, Toni, even Crouch if you like, though a lot better than Crouch…

    Anyway, the atributes are similar to Henry…the pace, the height, the style…just speaking my mind here. If this is indeed a loan deal and he can get more minutes, then I fully support it. Hopefully he can bag couple of goals against our rivals:)

  27. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Nigel, I was agreeing with you and not accusing you. I can understand fans disappointment in him leaving for a rival, but comparing him to Henry. Absolutely ridiculous.

  28. j sman says:


    we need to clear out a lot of players and hopefully we can get some of them out. We have some expensive player wages so some of these “filler” players should be let go and some youth should be promoted. I wish we would have kept Powell at least because i think he has a lot of potential.

  29. j sman says:

    looks like Cleverly to Everton on a permanent deal. Still don’t know how much the fee is but hope we get something decent for him to keep us financially sound.

  30. The One says:

    Welbz apparently wants a permanent move away from United :

    That’s kind of sad for me :(

  31. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Thanks Gary I totally agree with you

    Squad as it stands


    Who did I forget

  32. gaurav kishore says:

    Slightly off topic: here’s a really good vid on Daley Blind and is worth a watch!

    check is out!

  33. RJVRED says:

    Reports on sky are falco earns £300k per week but Manu only prepared to pay around half that. But if you take what we are saving on Cleverley’s and welbeck’s wages we are breaking even really……. Good business by UTD!

    Think with Blind coming into midfield it should tighten things up until January until Strootman comes in.

    I feel more positive now and if we can get Rafael, Herrera and rojo into team things could turn for us over the coming months!

  34. j sman says:

    Blind i think will be a great defensive mid. I believe he can be a great asset in midfield and give us the support we need to grow.

  35. The One says:

    @Nigel Macmillan, think you left out Blind!

  36. Tommy says:

    Sky are saying Arsenal have denied Welbecks had a medical and have said theirs no deal for him

  37. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Yep I did miss blind, that’s a good video snout him btw
    Everyone has to agree that’s a pretty decent squad.
    We can’t bitch any more. So just don’t. Even about Woody !
    Our summer biz has been best ever at this point
    Onward upward

  38. VolatileKid says:

    I’ve watched Blind a few times and i think he could be a great player for us. He can bring the ball out of the defence pretty well and is a great passer. He will do a good job i hope, until Strootman joins

  39. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Latest says arse in for huntelaar instead.
    Just stay and fight for your place Danny!
    Independent says we’re still in for Vidal hahahahaha

  40. MobiMulla says:

    I would easily play a thinner version of 4-3-3 because if you look at pur wing play atm its almost none-existent.

    Rafa Jones Rojo Shaw
    —–Herrera DiMaria
    Falcao VanPersie Rooney

    This is a brilliant team and I think we’d blow opponents away. Rafael and Shaw would provide that little bit of width.

    If we need more width then we could push di maria forward and bring Rooney back or put a mata or someone on.
    We can also play Lingard or Januzaj or Valencia in one of the forward positions. Worse comes to worse we do have Young Fellaini and Fletcher to fill in.

    Only problem I see here is that if 2 of the strikers are out at the same time then we are in some serious shit because it puts us back in square one with average players and no back up striker except Wilson.

    But mark my words. We have 5 top class attacking players in Rooney VanPersie Falcao Mata DiMaria (regardless of form..just talent) and we also have some young talent in the shape of Januzaj and Lingard pushing on. So that’s 7 guys and only 3 maximum 4 places in LVG’s formation. Something’s gotta give.

    And remember there’s also Valencia too..and young..

  41. ziggy says:


    I just wish we could play with 12 players like you want,unfortunately that’s not possible

  42. MobiMulla says:

    @ziggy mate..its 11. Supposed to be Carrick OR blind..

  43. Marko Maric says:

    I think there is no more arrivals than Falcao. We can be happy with this transfer window. WE didnt solve all our problems, but with this strike force, hope we gonna success.

    If you want to see who s we gonna sign, track black Chevy :)


    they look like girls, not suprise they lost

  44. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Nice pink kit…. Not!

  45. Jonny Comber says:

    United just signed sergio romero

  46. Jonny Comber says:

    I haven’t posted on this before I feel like a game at OT about United at the moment 1990 against Spurs -have a look at the team. just a fcouple of gaps in the team and great things to come had a chat with Gazza at half too.


  47. ziggy says:

    @Marko Maric

    I laugh loud when I saw them yesterday,I think some Barcelona fan designed this for Madrid he he…

  48. ziggy says:


    You are right,my apologies mate he he


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