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United Speak To Lyon About Benzema

Karim Benzema is a player who has impressed Sir Alex Ferguson and was given the opportunity to show off his skills first hand when we played Lyon in last season’s Champions League Round of 16.

Benzema has made it clear on several occasions that he would prefer to play in Spain though, signalling any hopes for us making him our player are dead in the water.

However, his agent has revealed that Manchester United are one of the clubs that have spoken to Lyon about signing the striker.

“I know that Lyon’s directors have met with Barca, Real Madrid and Manchester United’s representatives,” said Karim Djaziri, the player’s agent. “All those three great clubs are very interested in signing him regarding next season.”

Would he come to United and do you want him to?

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  1. Anon says:

    we might need him, now that madrid are signing tevez in jan! :’(
    hate this! why couldn’t we just sign him in time?!

  2. n667 says:


  3. jsos says:

    no one’s signing tevez in jan.. come on now, don’t perpetuate the rumours

  4. AJ says:

    He is an exellent young foward and i would love to get him but where does that leave tevez?

  5. Anon says:

    @ jsos

    saw in a local news channel, they seemed pretty sure…

  6. Anon says:

    well till now only and the spanish “press” have confirmed the news, so there may still be hope that the Madrid transfer is just a silly rumor! oh how i wish it is!

  7. Manc. says:

    F*ck Benzema, he thinks he’s bigger than Man Utd.

    Let him f*ck off to Spain where he’ll warm Madrid’s bench.

    I’d choose Tevez over Benzema any day of the week

  8. Mic says:

    Give me any of our strikers ahead of him any day, i’m pretty sure we should be looking for a winger not a striker! We’re sorted there whereas on the wings we have Ronaldo and Nani now that Giggs is a midfielder!

  9. Failsworth Devil says:

    Mic mate… dont worry about the winger situation…

    Just go on you tube and look at the 2 young serbs we are buying…

    The left sided player is awesome at free kicks… fast and the other one is dubbed the “Little Kaka”..

    I defo think Tevez is off though… United aint stopping these rumours… and Tevez’s body language tells me a lot..and i dont mean that by saying that he doesnt wanna play for us coz i believe he does… i just think that we will end up signing Benzema… and Tevez will go to Real..

    You see Gill/Fergie will be happy in a sense… coz it means £30m less for Real to use to try and tempt CR7.

    I can just see this happening..everything seems to be making sense, when you look at whats happening.

  10. spencer says:

    I agree with you Failsworth

    I love Tevez but he will go in my opinion. You are right about the rumours also. with the ronnie speculation, the club always came out and said he wasn’t for sale but with this, we seem to be keeping mainly silent.

    But if we did sign Benzema. Berbatov, Rooney and Benzema. Just how could we rotate?

  11. RedMist says:

    I’d rather sell Ronaldo to Madrid than let Tevez go.

    As for Benzema, i see no point in signing him. He has already declared his desire to play in Spain….why waste our time polishing another player for Madrid?

    Keep Tevez. Thats a must. Then once we’ve signed him – play him.

  12. SteRDLK says:

    I think with Tevez we are just trying to reduce the pricetag, because as great as he is, we can not afford to spend £25m+ on the guy, what with this “credit crunch” malarkey.

    And IF we bought Benzema (another £30m) we would then have to sell Campbell, and possibly let Welbeck go (unless we played him on the wing).

    I would rather see us switch between Rooney, Campbell, Tevez and Berba rather than have 4 big egos.

    You can not have 4 big strikers at a club. Look at 99, we had Cole and Yorke as our key strikers, and then we had Teddy and Ole as our backup. Teddy and Ole didn’t mind being backup, but would any combination of Tevez, Rooney, Berba and Benzema mind being back up?

    If we didn’t buy Benzema and kept Campbell, we would know that Campbell wouldn’t mind being back up as he loves the club.

  13. Hughsie88 says:

    problem is, if these tevez rumours are true, and Real go for him rather than benzema, then there is still Barca for Karim to go to, and he has said he would rather go there than england.

    also, on a point of note, benzema has often been played as a left winger with license to roam, when playing for lyon, much in the same way ronaldo cuts inside. i wouldnt envisage too much of a problem in the rotation if thats the policy adopted. saying that though, tevez used to play left mid at west ham…

  14. denton davey says:

    Benzema is yesterday’s news – I really wanted him ahead of Berbatov but that’s now done-and-dusted.

    Tevez to Madrid ? Quite likely, unfortunately. He’s clearly the square peg in a round hole this time around. The fact that he has been “relegated” to the bench behind, first, an out-of-condition Berbatov and, lately, a Rooney who has blown hot and cold tells a story. In addition, as someone said, Tevez’ body language isn’t right – he’s been trying too hard to impress and change the situation instead of letting the game come to him and letting his skill win out.

    Campbell back at OT – in January ? I thought he was on a one-year loan to Spurs but loan deals are not written in stone. I would imagine that after the kerfuffle in August SAF would really love to pull the rug out from under Tottenham, just when they’ve started to enjoy Fraizer’s contribution.

  15. bruce thomas says:

    Tevez duplicates Rooney. We can’t have two forwards charging everywhere all the time. And besides, if graft was everything then Alan Smith would be back in the reckoning, God forbid.

    Berbatov is the best player we have had since Cantona / Sheringham. The dream team would be Berbatov and Benzema up front, and Rooney in the hole. Get used to the idea that Ronny is going as well.

    That’s the future. So why on earth would we pay £32m for Tevez when we could have someone with the power and presence of Benzema — who is like van Nistelrooy on steroids.

  16. Eddie from S A says:

    F C and D W are good enough we dont need to spend millions give the chances to youngsters who have the club at heart

  17. Anant says:

    i would keep tevez over berba anyday . he is THE most loyal foreigner in our squad and always gives 200% . i’d much rather have that than a more talented sulk wanting away to barca and madrid every second day .
    and he has already claimed he would prefer those clubs ahead of us anyday… how can this endear him to us ?

  18. Anant says:

    oops sorry . meant benzema , not berba .

  19. King Eric says:

    Fucking Get in!!! Scouse cunts and rent boys bothe held at home!!!

    Come on now United!!!

  20. Failsworth Devil says:

    I already think the decision has been made in all honesty… if Real buy Tevez… then it ties us there money in that on pretty much puts the stoppers on them bidding for CR7…

    I do think Tevez is being treated like a piece of meat…but Gill and SAF are being extremely silent on speculations… all they are saying is that he has a big part to play for the team THIS SEASON…

    I do admire Tevez’s desire to work hard.. and he started the season so well… BUT… as soon as Berba’s arrival and Tevez was put on the bench.. his body language is the total opposite of what he have become accustomed too.

    Rooney and Tevez does work.. we have all witnessed that.. BUT… i have seen a lot of Benzema.. and trust me he would be an awesome buy for us.. and he is over 6ft tall…

    If you think about this properly.. and dont get me wrong i aint saying im right.. just think about it.. 2 big strikers (Berba & Benzema).. and 2 normal sized strikers (Rooney & Campbell/Welbeck).. just think about the combinations you could have..

    Rooney has suffered playing out left… and if you had Benzema who can play that wide role in the team.. that would free up Rooney to play the role which he likes and is best at..

    Berbatov can play out wide.. he did that effectively at Blackburn…

    I just think… and this is my opinion, not taking anything away from Tevez.. but think that we would be a totally different team with Benzema in it.

    I also think, that Nani might not be at OT come the start of next season..

    Fantastic pace, great shot, good crosser….. but can he be consistent?? I know he is young and time to develop… but with the pending arrival of the 2 serbians.. (One of them being a left winger) then maybe he has had his chance.. i dont know..

    One thing i do know is that next season is SAF’s last… and he will want his dream team to be finished before he hands over the reigns.

  21. Failsworth Devil says:

    What was the scores king eric mate? Just got in now..

  22. King Eric says:

    Nil all, both of em mate!!

    Balls in our court now!!

  23. Tom F says:

    hmm… a representitive of Benzema making a comment like that?

    That should boost his value just that little bit more before the transfer window :S

  24. Jonny says:

    I suppose you’ll just offer the bog standard £30 million. He’ll be a flop.

  25. Failsworth Devil says:

    Quality about the dippers and rentboys..

    King… lets hope we can turn over the villa… then we owe the blue noses next week… lets hope we can put the pressure on now.

  26. mourinho says:

    keep tevez let rooney go

  27. denton davey says:

    What about Rossi ? There’s lots of blather in the online press that UTD are set to exercise a buy-back option. His return would clearly signal Tevez’ departure. But, how would he fit into the team structure ?

    Benzema and Berbatov up front – with Rooney in the hole ? Dream on.

  28. amgel says:

    y would someone want to play one of the best finishers in world football today (Benzema) out on the left i have nooooooooo idea! put rooney back on the left he can’t finish !!

  29. wiuru... says:

    Failsworth has it right , seems to be a done deal for Tevez . He was not a happy bunny when he was taken off.

  30. Tom F says:

    All this talk about containing the words ‘Tevez’ and ‘leaving’ is such a big pile of bollocks,

    everytime a player has an unfortunate run or isn’t playing every week, people get a bit silly and start sounding like / acting like the press.

    It’s Manchester United for crying out loud! We have the best players, we wouldn’t be where we are if we had 11 top class players and the rest of the squad were at reserve level.

  31. Failsworth Devil says:

    Tom mate… i dont know… when i get gut instincts on things im sometimes unfortunately right mate…

    Happened years ago… said we would sign Andy Cole and we did a fortnight later… (dont blame me for that signing lol)…

    Just the lack of support coming out for Tevez… and Fergie on about bring Campbell back in Jan or putting a bid in to resign Rossi… just seems bizarre Tom… as no words coming out of OT to say that Tevez is in future plans..

    Still think SAF and Gill would be happy for Real to sign Tevez, as it ties up there money so hinders them when trying to sign CR7…

    I aint slagging the little argentinian off mate, you gotta understand that… but with the lack of vocal support coming from the OT boardroom… plus Tevez’s body language… sommat just aint right… and i do believe that he will be off…(plus i think it may happen in Jan if there can be an agreement with MSI)… as Real are desperate for a striker.. so we might get a rebate from the loan fee paid.. (i dont know it all kinda makes sense if you ask me).

    Shame coz Tevez is a fans favourite..

    But… dont slate me on this… i do honestly believe that teams have sussed how Tevez and Wazza link together, hence why Tevevz hasnt been so affective.. and this is another reason why SAF is looking at other options…

    I dont know im just making assumptions… but … something is going on..

  32. Its in my blood says:

    I wish i could disagree with you Failsworth but i have a gut feeling your gut feeling is going to prove pretty accurate! Tevez’s body language, SAF/Gills lack of clarity re his situation, Benzema Rossi Cambell and Welbeck thrown into the mix, the signs are ominous. I also agree that many teams HAVE found ways to nullify the Rooney/Tevez partnership and feel SAF is on to it. I love the little fella but i love Utd more and if the great one decides its time to shake it up a touch, so be it. I cant recall any Utd team dominating games in midfield as we seem to be doing recently yet failing to convert that domination into wins. We aint far off having an awesome team, it needs tweaking. Change is a coming!

  33. denton davey says:

    Failsworth, “in my blood”: the way to neutralize Tevez and Rooney is to let them wander around OUTSIDE the box, run sideways and pass the ball backwards.

    These two guys should be doing damage INSIDE the box. Notice that it’s only Ronaldo who drives towards goal inside the box ?

    Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez are both fantastic footballers – strong, brave, energetic with good vision – BUT neither one is adding enough to the team’s play. BOTH need to be given clearer instructions to play a different game or else they will continue to run into blind alleys.

    SAF said that he wanted TheBoyWonder to play this season as a more conventional forward – he’s still a rover and that can only work if (and when) he has a partner willing to do the dirty work up-front.

  34. Its in my blood says:

    Denton D, thats exactly whats happening game after game, yesterday as well. Tevs n Roo sideways, backwards every which way but forward. Thought Rooney was pretty poor overall, Tevez worked hard in areas he shouldn’t have really been in etc. I suppose we have to assume that those were the instructions they were given.

  35. Failsworth Devil says:

    Blood and Davey… i think we are genuinelly agreeing, that it does need a change of not necessarily system.. but player… and i think you would agree with me… that if one of the 2 have to go it would be Tevez..

    Tevez is good.. but Rooney is Rooney.. and would never leave him out of my team..

    Bloods comments and Daves comments are both spot on…

    We need someone to do the work, which Rooney is doing to let him become more deadly in the positiions which he needs to be getting into..

    Wazza is very unselfish.. and you know what … thats his weak point..

    He needs to be more selfish… i know we love how he grafts and battles for the team… wonder change that… but would have him doing more up front on the end of the box, running in…

    We have all seen how deep he comes for the ball… and Tevez does the same.. and if you have both doing that, then it leaves us empty up front..

    If wazza is gonna carry on like that then we need a predator up front..

  36. bruce thomas says:

    Rooney has obviously taken up Granny Shagging againin his time away “injured” — such was his lack of focus yesterday, when Carrick laid on the assist of the season for him to blaze over from two yard out. Tevez commited a technical blunder with virtually every touch of the ball. Ronny was out of sorts, but with a return trip to Brazil that is understandable. Will you now admit that the glue that would have held it together and made it work was the player who was injured in Bulgaria?

    …Thought not.


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