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United U-21s beat Liverpool

Liverpool finished three points above United in the U-21 table but tonight, at Anfield, United beat them 1-0 in the semi-final play-off.

Andreas Pereira scored a fantastic goal just before half-time to put United in to the final.

They now have to face Chelsea in the final to retain the silverware they won last season against Spurs at Old Trafford.

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  1. Fletch™ says:

    Congrats to the Warren Joyce and the U21s. Cagy game but united coulda been 2-3 up.

    Wonderful goal from Peirerra got the points in the end.

    Always touch at the business end of the season.

    Lovely win at Anfield. Love a couple of these lads to push on and bring that winning spirit back to the seniors! ;)

    James Wilson on loan from the U18s looking a top lad, should have opened the scoring with only the post keeping him out. What a player.

    Bring on Chelsea and the final! Be great to repeat as champions!

  2. EC7 says:

    Great stuff lads. Wilson looks like a top prospect.

    We Never Die

  3. warrored says:

    Great performance by the kids. Liverpool were the favourites and have had a pretty settled team thus year. United have used 44 players. Many went out on loan.

    We should have been 3-0 up in the first half even though Liverpool had most of the possession, but it was like watching their first team last season. Fuck all end product until Sturridge and Suarez clicked and fucked off tiki taka.

    Second half United bossed it with some super football fluid interplay and tricks. At 75 minutes the camera shown Rodgers and the coaches looking shell shocked by Uniteds pressing and possession with purpose. From 50-80 It was like watching United under SAF.

    Injuries to key players Rothwell Wilson and Lawrence affected us and they made positive subs so took the game to us in the last 10 with longball and desperado stuff. They missed a sitter. Amos never made a meaningful save all game.

    Chelsea next….it will be 5 finals in a row for our lads.

    Great performances by Lawrence Pearson Enkangamene and Rothwell until injured.

    Mentions to Varela Janko James Mc Nair too.

  4. warrored says:

    Oh yeah and the Pereira wonder strike. He’s only 18 so has lots to learn. A confidence player if ever there was one.

    If Van Gaal can get to him, he can develop him into a top player

  5. iamMatty says:

    Warrored thanx for the post match analysis mate. Really appreciate.
    Now did janko play as a winger infront of varela as the rightback?.
    How did both prospects perform?

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Congratulations to them. Saw the Pereira goal. Fantastic. Could he be the next one to make the step up? It looks likely. The poor play of our wingers means that there one or two spots basically up for grabs as the new manager comes in. If it’s Van Gaal, then pereira has a shot at some first team action because he’s pretty good on the ball. I hope he makes the step up and becomes a success here.

  7. warrored says:

    @IamMatty……both played their usual games on the right. Both are impressive switching roles with ease. Varela coming more inside and swapped sides at some points.

    It’s really encouraging seeing these guys. If Van Gaal shows an interest at least one if them can progress. Janko is like a tank. Varela a very classy tenacious player.

    @Danny…..Pereira was anonymous until his goal but then became the focal point for lots of our play. It’s synonymous of him. Now he needs to take that focus and talent through a game.

    We are sitting on some unbelievable talent, maybe the guy that brought through Seedorf, Davids etc can see it too and develop these guys. Pearson is unbelievable. Rothwell too.

    Van Gaal really could have his own class of 92. Lest we forget one of those in Giggs progressed earlier and the rest followed. Is Januzaj the lead with some more to follow?

    I hope so. It’s our DNA.

  8. WeAreUnitedd says:

    Pereira is definitely one to watch always scoring screamers and deciding goals, So is Wilson and Henriquez who is on loan in Spain

    the goal

  9. Fletch™ says:

    Pereira is like a light switch. Tramendous talent, but on and off. Mostly off TBF. Disappears for long stretches, but when he is on, he can really turn things.

    Seems like the type who needs to be moved along and not allowed to languish. I hope we find the right way to keep him focused. Maybe some early loans?

    Speaking of youngsters, Solskjaer has come out with strong backing of Zaha. Telling Alan Shearer to zip it after comments on MOTD

    Zaha is very much like Pareira, needs constant stimulation and attention. These coments about extra practice are very good to hear. Exactly what he needs to build himself up and overcome the critisism that has been laid at his feet.

    Would love to have have Zaha get a run out. As Giggs mentioned in his presser, we may have to field a young team in the Europa league matches if we are in. Games will start early, with some of the senior squad not back from WC or other commitments. Be a perfect time to have Zaha and Wilson, Januzaj Powell, maybe some of the others.

  10. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    This is why we need Van gaal, this youngsters will be well nutured under him and will be given chances at the senior level. Take a look at players like kroos, muller, kluivert , kanu nwankwo…he gave them their shots into senior team at 18yrs. He won chempions league with ajax with a team consisting of Kanu(18yrs), kluivert(18 years old). Pereira , varela, keane, and Janko will be great under him and will grow to be superstars. LVG!!!

  11. ashtheking says:

    Congrats to our young boys. Really proud of them.

    So that means no young player to feature today. Maybe against hull. Seriously want to see some of young players play for our first team and become great.

  12. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Looks like man city’s board are already getting a clod feet on the possibility of Louis Van gaal becoming our manager.

  13. John says:

    What is this thing with Giggs at the moment?! He is well respected to all of us and in Europe equally but thats as a player. I am not having this idea of Sherwood type media gang up re class of 92. YOU CANNOT FORCE NEW MANAGER TO INCORPORATE GIGGS into his coaching set up if that means Giggs is bargaining his influence.

    Why not have Solskjaer instead?! He has more managerial experience. He was singled out time and again by Ferguson on how keen was he on taking notes and as a sub due to his power of observation from bench. In Cardiff ot has not worked out given the circumstances he was appointed. However, he DESERVES to come before the name Ryan Giggs when the topic of discussion is “management/coaching of a football club”. Now this is not a disrespect to Giggs here. He might have banged his own brother’s wife for years and used injuction to hide Imogen Thomas little fuck up but when it comes to football he is a living legend because of being a one club class player. However, LVG must not be forced here. Club comes first and particularly this period is not for “passport appointment.”

    Why don’t media talk about the likes of Solskajer??!! I will tell you why and I want to be straight. “BECAUSE SOLSKJAER IS NORWEGIAN AND NOT A BRITISH”.

    What the fuck loudmouth Gary Neville has helped improve “mediocre Hodgson” if he has tactical capability as much as he has loudmouthing capability.??!!

    I want only PAUL SCHOLES to be in Van Gaal set up if Van Gaal chooses. World knows Scholes is the best of Class of 92, my favourite central midfield player. He was lynchpin of our midfield. He in my opinion has more football knowledge and tactical know how tthan other combined of class of 92. He is one to look for in coaching set up who can grasp Van Gaal knowledge. He might not be manager but he can be there irrespective of managers in the coaching set up who can help best manager suited for our club.

    Giggs to me is better version (attacking football minded) of mini fergie than moyes, nothing more .

    For now he should manage other club like solskajer and prove his worth. Guardiola coild step up because there managers are trainers/ head coach and he worked for B team that could have promoted to la liga but spanish rule doesn’t permit B teams of clubs in la liga. Anyway he learned the trade.

    With due respect and all the love , Mr. Giggs go out there and prove your worth as a manager first and then try the fairlytale. Solskajer is an example infront of you that its not easy. Sherwood the “serious joker” is an example how British press manipulates fans as they are desperate for British manager at United. Same clueless press who had to be realized by Xavi and Ineasta how important scholes was. Or else they used to praise only defenders and strikers :) . :)

    Nothing against the desire for sentimental appointment but “your job is to stand by your manager” sort of deluded hollywood lines doesn ‘t work.

    I rate Nemanja Vidic, Evra, solskajer, cantona as much as the spine of club history as are class of 92.

    Mr. Giggs as much as I respect you as a fan but please leave for some experience like solskajer and then first prove whether or not you are worth to be considered for even assostant manager first of all. If you prove then I would love it. :) :) but paul scholes in my opinion is far better than you, just being honest :( . Please don’t let the door hit you on the way.

    Phil Neville can go and play county cricket. :)

    Butt can manage youths of our club.

    Gary Neville can keep shouting now as he has already proven he is a biased pundit the way he vouched for British manager. Time to hog Roy Hodgson. :)

    Now let me take a nap for a while. Rant over :)

  14. Dwayne O Linn says:

    Forever and ever, we’ll follow the boys, of man united, the busby babes!
    Great to see, five finals in a row someone said. At least they still have the winning mentality and will to never give up. Hopefully van gaal will use some of these resources at underage level

  15. ys says:

    Did anyone see when Amos kicked the ball out for throw in around 86-87 mins, because Lawrence was injured and had to come off
    Liverpool took the throw in and ideally shud hv given the ball back to United’s keeper ( AMos ) or kicked for goal kick,
    instead they kicked it for throw in very close to United’s penalty area and then properly marked our players when United took the throw in

    WE had the ball, we shud hv got it properly under no pressure

    never seen this , though its not against rules, its against sportsmanship

  16. Neil Moore says:

    Finally joined up. King Eric in da house!! Alright lads. Quick one because busy but surprised Pearson never gets a mention. Great box to boxer and hard as nails. Well done lads.

    As for Pep? No thanks, fucking bores me with his obsession for possession. Get Van Gaal in, simple as.

    Horror show of a season but we shall be back.

    Tommy. With you on Froch mate but sadly I think that Rentboy cunt Groves will win. Too quick and slick and has real power in those long arms. Cannot wait for May 31st!

  17. The One says:

    Well done lads, lets go on and beat Chel$ki and retain our crown!!

    Andreas Pereira, what a goal from the boy, a fitting winner. He’s still very inconsistent though, not sure if he’ll make the grade at United even though he’s very talented.

  18. Mark Reid says:

    Well done lads always nice to know you have some talent playing great in the youth teams.Thanks to bloggers on here for keeping us updated on their progress it’s not always easy to catch up with whats happening at the youth level across the pond.

  19. samuel - united WE stand says:

    he’s 18.. hardly an age of which consistency is always paramount.. You get a lot of consistently average players.. andreas perierra is still developing his game but it is clear he is very talented.. guile, craft, unpredictability, can dribble, score goals… he has it in his locker to be a match winner and those are worth their weight at the highest level.. He has a battle in his hands to get into the attacking side of the team but i would forfeit some current first team players to see these younger players blossom. Ben pearson and rothwell can plug the non existent gap of fellaini, periera can come in ahead of young. Nick powell and lingard who’s playing an instrumental role at brighton at the moment.. So much quality and the importantly, the new manager would know how exactly to get the best out of them. Henriquez and tom lawrence have been doing well too. We will see which of them will grasp the enormity of stepping up for manchester united.

  20. warrored says:

    Interesting statistic that all 6 of Chelseas defeats in the PL this season were the games straight before and after the CL game.

    I keep hearing that Europe doesn’t affect PL results but they do.

    United lost 5 before and after Arsenal 4 and City 3 and got knocked out of the FACup by Wigan so essentially 4 too.

    All four teams dropped points home and away by means of draws too.

    Chelsea 4 points United 6 Arsenal 6 and City 6.

    Points dropped in total before or after a CL game

    Chelsea 22 United 21 Arsenal 18 City 15. Had Arsenal and City progressed further then it’s feasible they would have dropped more.

    Both City and Arsenal have benifitted from going out earlier I’d guess.

  21. cr says:

    One player who really stood out for me was nr 10, Lawrence.

  22. Tommy says:

    Always great to be the scousers at analfield, good, solid performance as always from a Warren Joyce side, we might have more players back after all their loans ended for the final. With regards to Perraira hes a talented boy, that their is no doubt but hes miles away from a first team place, the only 2 that played on Friday that will be considered for any first team games next year will Wilson and Varella, the rest have no chance for atleast another year. @Fletch I would be surprised if we saw Zaha in the first team ever, Hes got a bad attitude supposedly and lets be honest hes coming up to 22 and cant even get starts for a relegated Cardiff side and that brings me to that racist man John, why would United give the job to a man who has just relegated a side?

  23. Tommy says:

    @Neil Moore

    Cant see it mate, Froch took Groves lightly last time and still would of KOed Groves had the ref not prematuely stopped it, Groves has no stamina, Froch late stoppage or KO for me,


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