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After beating Liverpool, U-21s only have Chelsea left to beat…

Last Friday night saw U-21 travel to Anfield to take on Liverpool in the U-21 play off semi final. United got this far after a nail biter in the last league game of the season, needing a win at Reading, United trailed 2-1 with less that 10 minutes to go but managed to pull a goal back and then in the 3rd minute of injury time up popped centre half Paddy McNair to sidefoot the winner from the edge of the area, one of the coolest finishes this season.

Liverpool did their best to stop United fans getting in for the game, making it ticket only with none on sale on the day, no payment at turnstiles and United only giving 500 tickets! Thanks for that.

United started the game with probably the strongest team available with James Wilson declared fit enough to play and Tom Lawrence available after his loan spell at Yeovil had come to an end.

United should have taken the lead after a mere 3 minutes when Liverpool’s full back squared the ball across the edge of the box where it was intercepted by Wilson. He was in a great position, on the edge of the box, the ball on his favoured left foot and just the keeper to beat. Wilson curled the ball around the keeper only to see his shot rebound off the foot of the post. I have become so accustomed to seeing Wilson score form anywhere that it was a real shock to see him actually miss a chance.

United were all over Liverpool in the early exchanges with Lawrence and Rothwell both having shots that came to nothing.

Gradually, Liverpool got their game together and pushed United back and looked dangerous in possession.

As the half time break approached most people connected with United were hoping we could keep a clean sheet until the break and regroup in the second half but with just a minute of the half remaining Andreas Pereira picked up the ball for United out near the corner of the box on the left hand side. From there he hit a swerving, dipping shot that flew over the stranded keeper and into his net. A goal that would grace any game from a player who possesses bagloads of skill.

After the break, Liverpool came looking to draw level and this was where Ben Pearson came into his own. He never stopped running at Liverpool players in possession, harrying them and forcing them into errors as well as using the ball well when he won countless tackles and came away with the ball. It was as good a defensive midfield display as I’ve seen all season.

Liverpool continued to press but United mostly looked comfortable and had a couple of chances on the break. Sadly for United , Wilson had to limp off . He had been mostly ineffective and looked far from fit on a rare blank day for the goalscoring sensation

With only a couple of minutes left Amos made a save but but could only push the ball as far as an onrushing Liverpool player, with the goal gaping he somehow managed to lift the ball over the bar and into the Kop

That was the last action of the game as United ran out worthy winners. Chelsea await United in the final after they beat city on penalties, following a 1-1 draw at the council house. A date and venue have yet to be decided for the final.

If you want to go to the final for free next Wednesday, text UNDER21 FINAL to 60777.

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  1. WeAreUnitedd says:


    said to Jesse that he will be ready at 22-23 years old cause of his physique!

  2. Tommy says:


    I was quite shocked Lawrence got the nod on Tuesday, ive seen quite a bit of Tom, hes a good player but he wouldnt have been one that I pencilled in for a first team spot, but hes apparenftly working hard and has been training with first team since returning from Yoevil and I think hes signing a new deal

  3. The_red_devils says:

    If cleverly and fellaini can play in central midfield, then sure kagawa can play too.

    So kagawa don’t have physique, fellaini has but has he done anything??
    To say kagawa don’t have defensive awareness is complete bullshit. For some, If a player runs here and there like a headless chicken, then that is defensive awareness,lol. Kagawa was key part of that hardworkding, hard pressing dortmund team. His defensive work and work rate is lot better than what some people claim here.

  4. The_red_devils says:

    **Hard working**

  5. Sparkz says:

    @Tommy – I dunno, I’d like to think he can improve his fitness/stamina, if not able to bulk up.

    And maybe he can’t cut it in a 2 man midfield (unless it’s weak opposition) – but in a 4-3-3 he can be that creative breaking midfielder who passes well and supports the striker. Like Iniesta did for Barca, or Lampard for Chelsea in his heyday. Remember Lampard had Makelele doing the defensive work and Ballack doing the playmaking. If we gave Kagawa the right partners he could be a mix of Ballack (getting the ball deep and playmaking) and Lampard (getting forward to support the striker). Better example would maybe be Sneijder? All theory I guess.

    Slightly on topic – I was GUTTED when Larnell Cole left in January but if Lingard was to leave that’d be terrible IMO. I’d have him in the senior squad next season and I really hope we give him a deal. Lingard was one that really stood out alongside Morrison and Pog a a few years back. Have to keep hold of him. I know LVG is big on youth but I do wonder how much he knows about.our current crop. I suppose that’s why Giggsy etc will be vital.

  6. Tommy says:


    I bet Cole regrets it, a week after joining Fulham Rene was sacked and he was shipped off to MK Dons on loan, Talented lad Cole, not quite good enough for United I never thought but still a talent, hope he has a good career along with hard as nails Tunnicliffe, a mate of mine is from Warrington were Lingard comes from, he keeps telling me he taught him everything he knows haha, Jesse always speeks well, hes a good lad to listen too, make or break next season for him

  7. Teezed says:

    Congrats to de gea… great keeper and one of the best.

    i struggle to understand how we have let his contract run down though…do u guys realise he only has 2 years left??? why havent they offered him a new contract…hes been consistent since the end of 2011-2012!!! this needs to be sorted asap….i cant believe its got to this.


  8. Tommy says:


    I wouldnt worry mate, contracts rarely get extended if you have more than 2 years left on them, between 24 – 18 months is the usual time to renew for main players, he will have a new deal by xmas I am certain of it

  9. m09538061 says:

    Just reading about the proposal to introduce a B league.We could have two teams in that at the moment. We need a D league for Fellaini to get in.
    Also I think David Moyes should of got a award for crimes against Manchester United.

  10. kevk24 says:

    @m09538061 hahaha nice one on crimes against Man Utd

  11. gra mar says:

    @Wayne….I agree…Kagawa is not going to get any bulkier.
    I’m a bit disappointed with his contribution. I think he has a lot left to prove in whatever position.
    In saying that I think there are a number of reasons that explain why he hasn’t been really influential
    but real class is obvious no matter what the position or team and for me there hasn’t been too much evidence of it with the exception of a few European games when we were awarded the freedom of the pitch.

  12. OpikBidin says:

    What did Mata do at his no.10 position against Sunderland?
    These player bashing should Stop.

    BTW, for me it’s Carrick that was the problem. He is already finished. Why do people point Kag and Felli while Carr was allowed a free pass?

    He didn’t defend, didn’t do any playmaking, let that goal by Hull. At least Kag playmake and defended, while Felli had shots on target, assists, and also contributed to defending when needed.

    Why Clev didn’t’ play? Maybe we will realize that Carrick, Fletcher Giggs were the worst players in midfield that hid behind Moyes, Felli, Clev, and other scapegoats?


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