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United vs Liverpool: Most Important Match In The World

There are plenty of games hyped to be the biggest in the World, with local rivals passionately hating their opponents eager for the war. When your team wins one of these matches, you are buzzing for days, even weeks sometimes. When your team loses, it’s absolutely gutting, and the sooner next Saturday comes the better.

Is United vs Liverpool the best of the lot?

Mauricio Pellegrino, who played just 12 matches for Liverpool back in 2005, has spoken about what he regards to be the most important game. He’s played for Barcelona against Real Madrid, but thinks United vs Liverpool is the best game going.

“Every derby is different but Manchester United versus Liverpool is the most important derby in the world,” he said. “A lot of people in South America talk about this game, and it’s the same in Europe and Asia… I was lucky enough to play in a Real Madrid versus Barcelona derby, and then in a Liverpool versus Manchester game. These were wonderful opportunities for me. If I was at home in Argentina I would be watching this game.”

Pellegrino’s debut came in the United vs Liverpool game at Anfield, when Wayne Rooney scored in our 1-0 victory, before doing his impression of Shrek.

“The atmosphere was incredible,” he added. “The game wasn’t bad but the score was. I remember Wayne Rooney scoring and it was an unlucky moment for my first game. It was hard for me to play because I had not played for three or four months, I didn’t have the best fitness.”

Now as Liverpool’s first team coach, Pellegrino is wary of the threat United will pose this weekend.

“Cristiano is an important player but it won’t make a massive difference to them because they have a lot of good players,” he continued. “Carlos is good. He is very strong and a fighter. He fights until the end of every game. The key in these games is to score goals and play better than them. I think we are ready to do a strong job against them, and are ready to beat them. I have a lot of confidence in the players.”

Is this game the biggest rivalry going?

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  1. tom hallahan says:

    As a liverpool fan, not living in the city – this game is always the one i want to win more than any other. It was that way in the 70s and 80s, when we were on top, and its still that way since you mancs got the upper hand in the 90s and 00s.
    A lot of my scouse friends living within merseyside still prefer the Everton game, but nobody outside Liverpool thinks it trumps the Man u game.

  2. Matthew says:

    Traditionally it is the biggest but over last few years especially at Anfield they have been pretty woeful encounters with timid tactics imposed by both teams too afraid to go for the jugular. The atmosphere at Anfield for these clashes has definately become more muted in view of the tripe served by both teams.

  3. JPF says:

    Nah, it’s about the biggest in Europe, but i’d go with Boca V’s River, now that is a tasty atmosphere, the fans quite often take to stabbing each other too, which makes it all the more ‘intense’…….

  4. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Its the biggest game for me, in my world. Every fan of every team will have their own ‘biggest game in the world’, which is fair enough. But in terms of arguably the two biggest clubs in England, and possibly Europe, and the amount of focus put on the game and the rivalry, by the media, Id have to say its the biggest going. I f*cking hate them scousers though, real genuine hate…

  5. Tom F says:

    When it comes to the top 4, I can live with losing to Arsenal and Chelsea, but Liverpool… Not a chance. It makes me sick to think of losing to them and even losing to a team like Bolton or West Ham, wouldn’t bother me in the same way. Obviously I’d be upset but the feeling a loss to Liverpool gives you us horrible and lasts for ages.

    It has to be said that they have had no luck against us in recent years and as a Scouser pointed out to me, if Liverpool beat us twice last year, they’d have finished above us had all other results gone the same way. haha, but that’ll not happen again anytime soon!!!

    As for whether it’s THE biggest game in world football, it’s the biggest game for me and I couldn’t give a shit if Madrid win, lose or draw against Barca.

    “we’ve got Wesley Brown, we’ve got John O’shea”

  6. Unlce Roy says:

    National champions: 17+18=35
    European champions: 3+5=8

    AC MILAN v INTERNAZIONALE (Derby della Madonnina)
    National champions: 17+16=33
    European champions: 7+2=9

    National champions: 27+16=43
    European champions: 2+2=4

    National champions: 31+18=49
    European champions: 9+2=11

    BOCA JUNIORS v RIVER PLATE (Superclásico)
    National champions: 23+33=56
    South American champions: 6+2=8

    SANTOS v SAO PAULO (San-São)
    State champions: 17+21=38
    National champions: 2+5=7
    South American champions: 2+3=5

    PENAROL v NACIONAL (Uruguay, oldest rivalry outside UK)
    National champions: 31+30=61
    South American champions: 5+3=8

    CELTIC v RANGERS (Old Firm)
    National champions: 42+51=93
    European champions: 1+0=1

  7. Chelsea Woes = Utd Happiness + CL + PL crowns says:

    Biggest by far, for striking a balance between football, rivalry and passion .
    What’s the biggest game in Scotland, Rangers v Celtic. Great intensity but too much of the bigotry and shit football.
    Spain, there’s not enough juicy bite in the tackles.
    I suspect the Milan derby could be a feisty affair but too often there’s not enough entertainment.

  8. Jorgen says:

    “The key in these games is to score goals and play better than them.” LOL!
    Seems like every person involved in soccer, or any other sport, on a professional basis lose their brains when confronted by a sportsjournalist asking them about what the plans are ahead of the match.
    Its just amazing!

  9. suhayl says:


    SO who is your pick??? With stats and without stats just on emotion/rivalry/hatred/vigour/valour/passion???

  10. Patrik says:

    It’s among the biggest but probably not THE biggest. You have El clasico, you have the seville derby, old firm etc, it’s hard to pick one.

  11. Martin m says:

    Definatly d biggest game of all. Too feirstest rivals go bartle.

  12. tizzy says:

    its not a big game for us our big games are against worthy opponants who win things. Liverpool are shit and we could beat them with a reserve team. we are looking forward to the latter stages of the champs league where we might come accross a team that could give us a decent game.

  13. Bob Koh says:

    I wish both teams are at full strength, but with Torres, Gerrard out for L’pool & Ronaldo, Carrick,Hargreaves out for us…still Berba, Tevez & Rooney! What a prospect! They say L’pool is due a result, so Van Der Sar better be on the alert for long range Alonso specials. I’ll hate it if its 0-0 at 90min & they sneak one in in injury time.

  14. PeeJay says:

    Roma – Lazio
    Lazio – Livorno
    Espanyol – Barcelona
    Inter – Juventus

    Don’t underestimate.

  15. giasando says:

    It is very correctly marked that there is a set of games, hyped to be the biggest in the World. All these games have different character.
    These matches for me are very important as this opposition of social character.
    Where simple people and an elite society collide. It is very important.
    It where nazis on the one hand and Jews with another. It too is important.
    It where separatism is shown on a football field. Certainly too very important match.
    All know that this opposition is caused from for religious a disagreement. It is very important match.
    And still there is one which to me it seems shows in the best way as an opposition of Goods and Evil, Beauty and Ugliness there where the absolute Kindness on behalf of great Liverpool resists to absolute Harm certainly in the person Manchester.
    Yes It is the most important match for this simple reason in the World.


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