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United Won’t Appeal Evra Ban… But Point To FA Chelsea Inconsistencies

Today it was announced that Manchester United will not be appealing Patrice Evra’s four match ban, which was dished out to our player after he responded to the taunts of a member of Chelsea’s ground staff.

Chelsea were punished for not instructing their staff better, after Sam Bethell was found guilty of provoking the incident. The fact that Bethell was back at work just days after the incident, before any evidence had been heard, obviously worked against them.

Despite feeling as though a massive injustice has been done, United are taking the more sensible option of dropping the matter. At present, Evra will just miss our matches against Stoke, Derby, Southampton and Middlesbrough. An appeal might put the ban in to place later in the season, meaning he could miss the Chelsea game.

“We retain the view the suspension is extremely harsh,” said a United spokesperson. “But appealing it would prolong the process when the focus of the whole squad needs to be on matches, not bureaucracy. Patrice accepts the suspension but categorically denies hitting anyone. To serve a ban longer than one imposed for a career-threatening tackle or throwing an object into the crowd indicates the disciplinary commission made a very poor decision.”

Chelsea have got away with murder from the FA in comparison to punishments dished out to United, so it is right and proper for United to point out the massive failings within the FA’s judgement system. How can it possibly be deemed more acceptable to lob a coin in to a crowd of men, women and children in front of the live cameras of the World, than it is to respond to the insults of another man after a match with the only live images coming from CCTV?

I am pleased to see United taking the moral high ground in this situation and just getting on with it. Let’s be honest, the timing couldn’t be much better, considering he misses two cup games, and our press statement clearly shows the FA up as what they are. A bunch of time-wasting, United obsessed, pricks.

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  1. ChelseaR says:

    Moral high ground . . . . congratulations on running the best comedy site on the net!

    United knew that as Evra had started a fight they would fail an appeal so didn’t waste time in trying to win it.

    A 3 match ban is mandatory for raising your hands an just touching an opponents face. Evra got 4 matches having pushed someone and then hot them in the head and then 1 minute later after being separated from fighting rushed back to start again. That doesn’t sound too surprising, or unfair. Drogba got a 3 match ban for (stupidly) throing a coi back into a crowd who had thrown it at him – exactly the same as Carragher got for doing so – again no surprise and in no way unfair.

    Rooney stamped on the body of a player on the ground – no suspension, no fine and no surprise . . . . . all the fuss Fergie has made has worked and a cowardly act of violence goes unpunished

  2. Jake says:

    He should have got a 3 game ban, not 4 because at the end of the day Evra shouldn’t be anywhere near pushing some Chelsea groundsman, he’s an idiot. As for us taking the moral high ground Scott, I think you’ll find it’s more to do with the fact that Evra is missing Middlesborough, Stoke, a carling cup leg and some other very winnable fixture that escapes me, prolonging the verdict with an appeal would have Evra banned for some more difficult games, including his return against Chelsea.

  3. Scott the Red says:

    ChelseaR – I’ll assume the R stands for…

    a) Sam Bethell is not an opponent. He was a member of Chelsea’s staff who was proven to be “abusive” and “provocative”. This incident wasn’t between two players during a football match.
    b) The Aalborg player had no problem with Rooney, so why do you? Obsessed much?
    c) Read this before preaching about ‘fair’ decisions from the FA.

    Jake – the article does actually explicitly mention the four clubs he won’t play against.

  4. Jake says:

    oh yeah, so how did you not see that we haven’t taken a moral high ground but a sort-of raised up practical ground place?

  5. in moscow we made it 3 says:

    What the hell are u doing on a blog about United if your a chelsea fan??? Shouldnt u be on ur rent boy blogs? And There was no proof to say that rooney deliberatly stampped on the player he was falling down, and the fact the player said it was no problem obviously proves that it was an accident.
    As far as the Evra thing goes i think its a disgrace! How the FA can prove that evra was the guilty party by a coubtry mile (as the respective punishments suggest) is beyond me, have u seen the size of evra compared to that fat prick? Bet u wudnt have found him shouting stuff at vidic.
    And everyone knows carragher should have got more than 3games for throwing a coin and the FA should have accepted there mistake and banned drogba for longer than 3games, what if he hit a kid??? For me if cantona got such a long ban for assault then shouldnt them 2 have got a lengthy ban for attempted assault???

  6. Scott the Red says:

    Jake – er, it’s a combination of the two. We’re not running the risk of having Evra banned for different games, whilst also not turning the whole affair in to a mud-slinging battle, which essentially won’t get us anywhere with the FA anyway, even if we are right in principle to complain.

  7. themarkedman72 says:

    WHAT chealsea R?
    I cant hear you through John Terrys tears.

  8. blah blah blah says:

    Scott, here are some key flaws with your article. I’ll use the bulletpoint method just like you did (except more effectively):

    1) from the very article that is referenced in yours here’s a quote:
    “However, an allegation that Bethell had ‘engaged in racist conduct or language’ was not proven”

    2) here’s another one and its even better:

    “The Commission found that his conduct during a warm-down session following the Chelsea v Manchester United, Premier League fixture on April 26 2008, was improper in that:
    a) Mr Evra pushed the Chelsea head groundsman with his chest (as was admitted by Mr Evra)
    b) He struck Mr Sam Bethell, a groundsman at Chelsea, on the side of his head
    c) He subsequently, ie after the previous incident had begun to calm down, ran back to confront Mr Bethell again (as was also admitted by Mr Evra)
    d) Then became involved in a further physical altercation with Mr Bethell.”

    3)to ‘in moscow we made it three’, attempted assault is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, he threw an object into a crowd of people (he didn’t hit any child) its not attemped assault, whilst Evra was assault even if that fat pr*ck did provoke him. And the FA can prove it because Evra admitted it (see previous quote).

    The ban was fair and you should stop whining. You United fans are usually pretty funny but this was just self-righteous dribble. Moral high-ground? there is no moral high-ground in football, and its just blind (and really funny) of you to think so.

  9. Ryan says:

    We should keep a running counter of how many chelsea, arsenal and livershite fans respond to our blog posts with jealous rants. It seems like every post now we get a whiney arsenal or chelsea fan.

  10. Ryan says:

    I didn’t actually read what ChelseaR wrote the first time around. It is pretty funny how completely devoid of logical thought Chelsea fans are.

  11. Malino Ubah says:

    Let’s kick sam bethel out of football.

  12. Scott the Red says:

    Blah blah blah – you think posting a load of points that did not counter any of the points I made is ‘effective’?

    Christ, go and cry in to your empty trophy cabinet, little rentboy.

  13. Mic says:

    So Evra gets into a scuffle with a (potential) racist and gets a 4 game ban, Drogba and Carragher could easily take the eye out of a man, woman or child and they only get a 3 match ban? Just because they got lucky and didn’t seriously hurt anyone doesn’t make the coin throwing acceptable at any level.

  14. Kings says:

    Fuck off you rent boy cunts. Bethall is a racist, fucking S.O.B cunt.

  15. Jonny says:

    Why didn’t Man United appeal? If they were really in the right then its at least worth a try?

  16. Scott the Red says:

    Jonny – if you’d taken time to read the article the answer is quite obvious. Within this four match ban are two cup games. If United were to appeal, then the ban could be set back, meaning Evra would miss more league games, possibly the Chelsea game.

  17. suhayl says:

    Guys fuckin wake up…. the ban is fuckin extremely harsh…evra maybe shouldnt have reacted to that fat bastard prick. but he did….game or 2 game ban would have been sufficient.

    Anyway this is the fuckin FA..and those twats were gonna come down harsh. The only saving grace is…he will miss a period of easy games ( 2 cup games and 2 lower table teams) And NOT the BIG games coming up against the rboys etc…when we will need left back pat.

    So as utd have said along with Scott….we dont like it but will have to accept it. WHY?????? because this is the FA…..if we appeal…they’ll take there time and could possibly impose a heavier verdict, which has been done before on appeal. Or they could drag their feet for a month or two. and still deliver a 4 or even 3 match ban. However then that verdict would come in feb etc. When its crunch time with big games and titles on the line,

    so we’ll take it and lump it now instead at a worse time with “bigger” fixtures……… comprende

  18. phillyb says:

    I think time and again the fa prove themselves to be stupid, inconsistent and hypocritical. Comparing this to throwing a coin at a crowd of people?

    The coin throwing incident annoys me greatly. When an FA spokes person was asked how the fan who initially threw the coin should be treated they said all fans throwing missiles on the pitch should be banned for life.

    Now I don’t know about you but iv always been taught that to retaliate makes you actually more wrong the the person who did it first. Drogba (and the thick bin dipping c1nt) both retaliated like little children. And if you look at it what they did was more unjust and more dangerous.

    Law of averages says if you throw a coin in to a crowd of people you are more likely to hit, and therefore hurt someone. If your throwing in to a crowd your doing it nondescriptly and even the original coin thrower was aiming for one person. Not a random mass of people.

    I agree with the fa, if you throw something other than a football on/off a football pitch you should be banned from stadiums for life. The fans, the groundsmen, the security, the match officials or the players. IT should be one rule for us all. But sadly it never will be.

    Anyway football is full of karma, you only have to look at Chelsea starting a fight in extra time that saw one of the regular/best penalty takers being red carded, then losing due to a non penalty taker missing a kick drogba surely would have taken instead. So I’m not bothered.

  19. blah blah blah says:

    You’re an angry little man scott, shame you can’t write a decent article or I might take your insults personally.

  20. Scott the Red says:

    Blah blah blah – yeh it’s the success, it sends me mad. If only we could go trophyless like you lot, I might be a lot less aggressive.

  21. blah blah blah says:

    Ha ha! there it is, that’s a slightly funny united fan instead of a bitter senseless one, keep it up and maybe your next piece will be readable.

  22. Stephen says:

    blah blah blah, That isn’t as funny as watching Terry slip over and then crying his eyes out, now that was pure comedy.

  23. blah blah blah says:

    You know i’ve never heard that one before, what a clever boy you are Stephen! Its about as underground as that one about the heart and soul of your team leaving you this summer because he couldn’t care less about the club that developed him and instead just wants to play for Real.

  24. Stephen says:


  25. Kings says:

    Blah blah blah – At least Ronaldo doesn’t slap a fellow player or throws a coin into the crowd which could of possibly killed someone if it connected properly – silly bitch of a player. John Terry is a cunt and seeing him miss that penalty and crying his eyes out was almost as sweet as winning the trophy itself. Actually that and Peter Kuntyon going up to pick up his losers shield.

  26. Scott the Red says:

    Blah blah blah – you can attempt to wind people up as much as you like. Of course we’ll always have the last laugh though because
    1. We beat you to the title and European Cup last season. No amount of chat from you counter balances the fact we well and truly DID your team over last season, Ronaldo or otherwise. (Although you will note, ‘the heart and soul’ of our team missed in Moscow, like Terry, but thankfully we had other players with enough bottle to ensure we won)
    2. You’re spending your own time posting on a UNITED blog, confirming your sad little obsession with us. Cute.

  27. Stephen says:

    “You know i’ve never heard that one before, what a clever boy you are Stephen”
    Yes, and you will never stop hearing it rent boy.

  28. bossdem says:

    what a fat fucking racist twat that beth is. u can see it written all over his face! fat racist rent boy bastard!

  29. phillyb says:

    What a Millwall fan violent and racist? I won’t have it!!!


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